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Life's a Beach, and Then You. . . (part 2)


Standing, the boy smiled at his partner sprawled out on the sand at his feet. Reaching downward, Heero grasped at the extended hands and Duo pulled him to his feet. Wrapping his arms around the shivering pilot, the two made their back to the blanket in near darkness.

Reluctant, yet exiting Duo's embrace, Heero fumbled around in his bag for a minute, pulling out a flare gun. Aiming at the ground several feet in front of him, he pulled the trigger and sent the small bright cylinder into the sand, lighting up the entire area.

"Woah !" Duo exclaimed, smiling as he found them surrounded by the odd pink glow.

"Hn. At least now we can see." Heero smiled, reaching for his clothes, dressing quickly to ward off the cool night air, his attire disappointedly providing little warmth.

Trowa and Quatre, bags and blankets in hand made their way over to the two who were still scrambling for their belongings.

"Shame we didn't bring warmer clothing." Quatre mused "That flare gives off a nice light....kinda romantic." he smiled, taking Trowa's hand in his.

Duo shook his head, smiling as he glanced over toward his friends. "Is that all you two ever think about ?"

"Actually...." Heero started, taking a step towards Duo "I was just thinking the same thing myself." he finished, leaning forward to kiss him.

Quatre's eyes flew open, shock apparent in those baby blues. "Ummmm......Heero ? Duo ? Errr........" Quatre stuttered looking back and forth between the two boys ."Did we...uhh... miss something here ?"

Duo smiled, near laughter at the matching expressions on the faces of the two lovers.

"Apparently you did." Heero smiled, winking at Quatre, wrapping himself in one of the blankets.

"I think I'm all set here." Duo announced, slinging the strap of his bag over his shoulder.

"Lets go then." Trowa motioned, "It's getting colder out by the minute.", throwing his arm around Quatre.

Quatre and Trowa walked ahead, while Duo remained, waiting for Heero to extinguish the flare.

Standing along side each other, Heero bent down and picked up the small red stick, turning it flame end down into the cool sand at his feet, leaving the two standing side by side in total darkness.

Allowing his eyes a moment to adjust to the sudden darkness, the lights of the boardwalk at a considerable distance now the only glow, Heero reached for Duo's hand and pulled him closer. Bringing his free hand up to Duo's face, Heero moved forward, gently brushing his lips over Duo's, his tongue inching its way slowly in the other's mouth. "Mmm....Heero." Duo moaned, "I still can't believe this is happening." Heero stepped back "Me neither, Duo.", offering him a warm smile, planting one last kiss on his soft cheek.

Taking Duo's hand in his, squeezing it after their fingers had successfully intertwined, the two ran to catch up with the others.


"Looks like we're the last ones here." Duo smiled as the four made their way onto the blacktop, noting Quatre's Jeep was the only vehicle left in the huge parking lot.

"Yes, everyone else had the good sense to leave before it got cold." Trowa noted, placing his and Quatre's bags in the rear compartment, as the blonde started the jeep.

Heero and Duo threw their bags and cooler in the rear and climbed into the back seat, closing the door to prevent the any more of the cool night air from entering the vehicle.

"How soon till you get heat in this thing ?" Duo asked shivering, as he rubbed his upper arms, making a mental note to never buy a car with leather seats.

"A few more minutes, Duo." Quatre told him, adjusting the rear view mirror to glance at the two boys behind him. "In the meantime, why don't you two move closer together.....body heat." he smiled, watching as they scooted across the seat before re-adjusting his mirror. Looking over at Trowa, Quatre winked, a smile forming on his lovers lips.

Once the two were settled in the middle of the back seat, Heero brought half of the blanket he had wrapped around himself to cover Duo, his arm moving behind him to surround his waist. "Better ?" he asked, tightening his grip.

"Mmmm.....Much." he smiled, lids heavy as he reclined back against the seat.

Resting his head on Duo's shoulder, he closed his eyes.

"Tired ?" he asked, resting his head on Heero's.

"Uh-huh." he replied, snuggling more firmly into the softness of Duo's neck.

"Beach'll do that to you every time." Duo yawned, closing his eyes.


Duo woke to the sound of a nearby car horn. "What's going on ?" he asked, easing the sleeping boy's head from his shoulder before moving forward to pop his head between the front seats.

"Must be an accident up ahead…....bumper to bumper traffic." Quatre replied.

"What time is it ?" Duo asked.

"Nearly 8:30. We've been sitting in this traffic for almost an hour." Trowa added.

"Want me to drive for a while, Quatre ?" Duo asked "I'm wide awake now."

"Thanks, Duo. I'm fine." he smiled.

Reclining back into his seat, Duo glanced over at Heero. Watching the perfect soldier sleep always made him smile, but the vision affected him differently now as he was no longer forced to resist the desire to hold him. Moving his arm around Heero's waist, Duo brought him closer. Adjusting the blanket over them both, he laid his hand on Heero's knee and settled himself back against the cushioned leather seat.

Trowa turned around to face Duo. "So......what happened ?" he asked quietly, eyeing Heero.

"Not sure, exactly....I went to wake him up and he ummm...... kissed me." Duo shrugged, smiling widely.

"He was watching you all day." Trowa told him.

"I noticed." Duo winked.

"I was not watching you all day." Heero commented softly, opening his eyes to look at Duo.

Duo's eyes met with their sleepy prussian counterpart, a bit surprised that Heero was awake and at his assertion.

"Just most of the day." Heero smiled, causing Duo to do the same.

"Traffic ?" Heero asked as he moved forward and looked around.

"Quatre thinks there's an accident up ahead." Trowa told him.

"Hn." Heero replied. "Where are we ?

"Still about an hour from home at this rate." Trowa answered, turning to face the front again. "Might as well make yourselves comfortable.", bringing his feet up to rest on the dashboard.

"At least its warm in here now." Heero commented, loosening the blanket that surrounded them.

"I'm still chilly." Duo replied "It's the hair." he smiled "Takes forever to dry."

"Anything I can do to warm you up ?" Heero asked, his voice soft as he began rubbing Duo's upper arm.

"You don't really want me to answer that, Heero." Duo smiled mischeviously back at him.

"Actually…. I do." his other hand moving under the blanket to rest on Duo's knee, squeezing it.

Turning toward him, Duo found himself lost in the prussian gaze, as Heero brought his hand up to caress the side of his face.

"Kiss me ?" Heero whispered. Not waiting for a reply, he brought his mouth to Duo's, his tongue moving across his lips asking entrance. Opening his mouth, the two tongues moved together inside of Duo's mouth. Pressing further against the boy's pouty lips, Heero shifted his upper body to lean against the body beneath him and began moving his hand over Duo's thigh, his touch growing more urgent with each of Duo's moans.

Pulling back slightly, Duo whispered "What are you doing, Heero ?" his breath coming in small puffs.

"I'm keeping you warm." Heero told him, still rubbing the inside of his thigh, each of his strokes bringing his hand that much closer to Duo's growing erection.

"A little *too* warm." Duo gasped as Heero's hand casually brushed against his arousal.

"Mmmm......*too* warm ? Don't think so.", he moaned, recapturing his mouth, his hand now resting on the bulge in Duo's shorts before moving his palm over it, smiling into the kiss as Duo gasped into his mouth.

Turning his head, Duo whispered "Nnnn.....not a good idea, Heero.", his body reacting as would be expected as Heero applied more pressure, his open palm moving over the entire length of his erection. "Heero." Duo moaned.

"Yes ?, his voice barely a whisper, his fingers moving to unsnap Duo's shorts, unzipping them, reaching in to free the trapped hardness. "Mmmmm......" Heero moaned, his fist surrounding Duo, the boy breathless as Heero began to stroke him. "Bad idea ?" Heero asked seductively. Shaking his head from side to side, Duo moved his body forward into the glorious touch of Heero's hand, letting out a loan moan, the mere thought of what was happening sending shivers down his spine.

Brushing the hair from lovers face, he turned Duo towards him, enjoying seeing the pleasure he was bringing him so clear on his face. "I've wanted to see you like this for a long time.", his fingers moving over Duo's lips, his mouth open slightly, his eyes now looking into Heero's. "Can you come quietly ?" he asked, his fist moving more rapidly over his shaft as Duo nodded emphatically. "Nnnn.....Good." Heero growled, the prospect of bringing Duo to climax turning him on all the more, as he moved his thumb through the slick moisture at the tip, causing Duo to moan...........apparently more loudly than he realized.

Turning at the sound, Trowa blushed as he surveyed the scene in the back seat, returning his gaze to the front windshield as fast as humanly possible.

"Everything okay, Trowa ?" Quatre asked, noting his lover's movement, Trowa nodding his head in response.

"You two okay back there ?" Quatre asked, adjusting the rear view mirror, the faces two boys in the back seat now visible. "Uhhh......never mind." he apologized, glancing over at his wide-eyed lover, before fixing his mirror.

Duo was for the most part oblivious to the exchange, Heero on the other hand was slightly embarrassed, however not quite embarrassed enough to persuade him from bringing his new lover to climax.

Returning his gaze to Duo, Heero began moving his fist more rapidly up and down, his thumb sliding over the sensitive head, each stroke making Duo's breath heavier, his hips heaving into the touch.

"Heero..." Duo moaned, "Mmmm..." Feeling the beating of Duo's member in his hand, Heero tightened his grasp and pumped with fury, as he watched his lover come for the first time, his seed spilling out over his hand. "Beautiful, Duo." Heero moaned as he gazed into his amethyst eyes, half-lidded with pleasure, his body shuddering under Heero's touch, still releasing into those five fingers that hugged his manhood, his mouth open, silently gasping. Collapsing into Heero's embrace as the tremors began to subside, Duo looked over to Heero, his lover still mesmerized.

"Mmmm...that was nice, Heero....a little kinky maybe, but nice." he smiled, moving forward to kiss him.

"You looked incredible, Duo.", bringing his mouth down. "Really incredible." he whispered, applying a rough kiss his lover's mouth. Letting out an appreciative moan, Duo returned his kiss with equal urgency and moved his hand onto Heero's lap. Delving into the front of his shorts, Duo captured his arousal, his fist grasping it tightly before moving up and down it's length. Blindly adjusting the blanket, Heero thrust his hips forward, groaning into his lovers mouth, Duo's hand moving effectively over it's sensitive tip, threatening to send him over the edge, aroused to a new height from watching Duo reach orgasm just moments ago.

Tongue tease quickening, Duo adjusted his strokes to the near frantic rhythm of Heero's hips. Pulling back from the kiss Duo moaned "Come for me, lover.", his other hand moving up to stroke Heero's face, as the first wave of ecstasy hit, groaning into Duo's mouth, covering Duo's hand and his own chest with the first of his warmth, his body convulsing in time to the motion of Duo's hand, gasping as each stream was expertly coaxed from him.

Releasing Heero's mouth, Duo looked down at his sweaty lover, breath heavy, eyes still shut tight, his cock still twitching in Duo's motionless hand. "Hey lover.", moving his hand gently down the side of Heero's face, the boy opening his eyes to look up at him. Duo was quite taken back by the amazingly sexy look in those prussian eyes, they were more heart-stopping than in his fantasies. "Mmmm....I could get used to that look on your face.", bending over to kiss him. "Real used to it." Duo purred, happily noting the wide grin on Heero's face.

Sneaking a sideways glance into the rear of the vehicle, Trowa noted the action was over and turned around "Anyone hungry ? We thought we would stop to get a bite to eat."

"Anywhere is fine with me." Heero told him, looking at Duo for a moment before continuing, "As long as it's a drive-thru.", Duo's cheeks flushing as he imagined the attention the two sticky and disheveled boys might attract entering a restaurant.

Trowa smiled "Wendy's okay ?"

They both nodded, Duo adding "Ohhh…Cheese fries."

"I think I've had enough junk food for one day, Duo." He smiled, "And so have you."

"Fluffernutter sandwiches are not junk food ! They have some nutritional val……" he started, Heero shaking his head from side to side at him. "Fine." Duo stuck out his tongue, "They taste really good though."

"If you like gooey, sticky sweet things maybe." Heero told him.

"I do !" Duo smiled, "You would too if you would just try one."

"They really are quite good, Heero." Quatre added, "Even Trowa likes 'em."

"Okay, enough about the fluffernutter sandwiches. How far is Wendy's ?" Heero asked.

"Just another mile or so." Trowa replied.


Taking the bag in through the window, Quatre handed it to Trowa, who immediately handed everyone their order.

Reaching forward to grab the two Caesar salads from Trowa, Duo handed one to Heero. "See, I do eat healthy food every now and then." He smiled, tearing open the packet of salad dressing.

Ripping the top off of the small foil packet, Heero squeezed it onto his salad, the bulk of it missing the salad and covering his fingers instead. Duo smirked as he eyed his partner, a slight shift in his facial expression as he watched him bring his fingers up to his mouth.

Swiftly grabbing his hand, Duo brought the dressing covered fingers to his own mouth, looking into Heero's eyes as he brought his tongue out to lick the creamy substance from them. Closing his eyes as Duo brought the first one into his mouth, Heero moaned. "I could have done that."

"Yes, but it wouldn't have been half as much fun." he smiled, continuing to suck each long finger clean, the movement of his tongue suggestive as it made its way over the tip of each one, Heero's thoughts shifting to a variety of other things he wanted Duo to do with his tongue.

Hesitant, Heero removed his hand from Duo's grip, "Eat first." He smiled, shifting in his seat, happy to note that Duo was doing the same. "Does food always have this effect on you, Duo ?" Heero asked quietly.

"Ummm…no, not unless it's on you." He winked.

"I'll keep that in mind." Heero smiled, squeezing what little dressing was left in the packet onto his salad.


Pulling into the driveway, the four boys collected their belongings and headed for the house. Once inside, Heero felt obligated to offer some form of mild apology, "About the car episode, Trowa...." He started, Duo now making his way to over to Heero's side.

"Don't worry about it, Heero." He smiled, "We've all been there." Trowa grinned, a slight blush forming on his cheeks as he recalled the event.

"Been where ?" Duo asked.

"In your predicament… the backseat." Trowa smiled toward him.

Duo blushed and turned to Heero, "You told him ?!?!" he asked, a bit shocked.

"No, Duo, they ummm…....saw us." Heero told him, smiling as Duo's jaw dropped open, his face turning several shades darker. "Oh…geez." He muttered, walking away from the pair.

Several steps later, Heero had made his way to his side. "How come I didn't see them…..seeing us ?" Duo asked.

"You were a bit……..distracted." Heero smiled, taking Duo's hand in his. "Let's go upstairs, koi."

"Gonna distract me again ?" Duo asked playfully, as they started to climb the stairs, pretty much stunned by the evil grin on Heero's face as he turned to look at him.

Looking down at his watch, Heero turned his attention to Duo, "Hmmm…..Only 9:00. I'd say I plan on distracting you oh….3 or 4 more times before the night is over."

"Mmmm…..I like the way you think, Heero." Duo smiled, as he began bounding the stairs two by two, dragging his very happy lover behind him.


Once inside their room, Heero dropped his bag by the door and relieving Duo of his, took both of the boys hands in his, bringing them to surround his waist, Duo pulling him close.

"Pretty convenient that we share a room, isn't it ? Heero whispered, backing up, stopping only when his lover's body met with the wooden door behind him, Duo only nodding in agreement.

"Very convenient indeed." Duo added, bringing his mouth down to Heero's, invading it roughly with his tongue, grinding his erection into the considerable bulge in Heero's shorts, pushing back against him, shivering as Duo shifted his hips, their arousals rubbing against each other, moaning into his mouth.

"Mmmm…Duo…shower first." He whispered, breaking the kiss, still holding both of Duo's hands in his, kissing each fingertip as he looked into his lovers eyes, lust and amethyst…….the perfect combination.

"You first, Duo." Heero told him, releasing his hands "Will give you a chance to dry your hair while I shower.", Duo nodded as he stepped forward to make his way to the bathroom. Heero moving to the side to allow him to pass, watching as Duo made his way across the room.

Gathering several items, Duo made his way into the bathroom and closed the door behind him.


Falling backwards down onto his bed, Heero smiled as his body hit the softness, gazing up at the ceiling, his hands coming to rest behind his head, his grin widening as he thought back over the day's events.

Hearing the shower, Heero turned to look at the bathroom door, his vivid imagination taking over as he pictured Duo naked under the running water, his hair loose from its confines, clinging to his naked form, streams of warm water sliding down his well-toned frame, his soap covered hands moving over his body. Heero sat up 'This is going to be a long night.' he smiled shaking his head from side to side before lying back down, his eyes closing.


In the shower, all too similar thoughts were making their way through Duo's mind, each minute detail of the day alternately causing him to smile or shudder, both of which Duo took tremendous delight in, part of him still not believing that Heero was now his lover, the others succeeding in convincing him that it was indeed true.

The boy whom he had fallen in love with from almost the first moment they met was outside that door….ready, more than willing and undeniably able to make his every fantasy come true. Glancing down at his bodies reaction to his thoughts, Duo smiled, ignoring his aching erection and hurried through his shower.

After rushing through the process of towel drying his hair in the small room, Duo dressed as he always did, donning a simple black t-shirt and a pair of loose black sweats. Brushing his teeth in record time he entered the bedroom, a large white towel still wrapped around his shoulders.


Walking across the room to where Heero lay, Duo let his eyes wash over the body in repose, smiling at the vision, allowing his eyes to focus on Heero's semi-erect member. "Mmmm….Spandex hides nothing." he mused aloud, quivering as he made his way over to the mirror to reach for his brush.

"I was thinking about you." Heero told him, his voice surprising Duo, who had assumed he was asleep. Propping himself up on one elbow, he glanced across the room to see his lover brushing his long hair in front of the mirror.

"I can see that." Duo smiled, turning toward him. "Thinking about me always give you that reaction ?" He asked, looking into the mirror, eyeing Heero behind him.

Standing, he walked toward him "Pretty much, yeah.", wrapping his arms around his thin waist, placing a light kiss on the back of his neck. "Mmmm.....same here." Duo smiled. "Go take your shower, Heero."

"Trying to get rid of me already ?" Heero asked, his chin resting on Duo's shoulder, the two looking at each other in the mirror.

"Hell no, lover....." Duo smiled, his eyes wide." I just got you !"

Heero laughed and kissed the tender flesh beneath Duo's earlobe, giving it a tentative lick. "Technically.... that would be correct." he whispered.

"Technically ?" Duo asked, puzzled.

"Mmmm....certainly can't count all those months it took me to get the nerve up to kiss you." Heero told him, smiling at the shock on Duo's face.

"Months !??!?" he asked, hardly believing his ears "Geez.....Heero. Didn't you know that I *wanted* you to kiss me ?"

Heero stood "I'm not blind, Duo....of course I did....subtly isn't one of your skills." He smirked, "I just needed to work up the courage."

Duo smiled "Glad you finally did......Now about that shower ?" he grinned, removing Heero's hands from around his waist.

"Fine." Heero smiled, making his way into the bathroom.


Somewhere down the hall, Quatre and Trowa were involved in a somewhat similar situation.

Standing under the warm spray of the pulsating shower head, Trowa wet himself down, a good part of the salt water rising itself away, the odd feeling of tightness no longer as prominent. Moving back to allow his lover some time under the water, Trowa stepped behind the small blonde, drawing him into his arms as he reveled in the clear water. "Mmm... Trowa." he smiled, leaning back against his lover. "This is very relaxing. Nothing like a warm shower after a day at the beach." he commented, his eyes closed.

"I wonder how Heero and Duo are doing ?" Trowa asked, more wondering aloud than anything. His question receiving more attention from his lover than he anticipated. Turning around to face Trowa, not breaking their embrace, Quatre smiled. "If they're lucky, I think the scenario might be going something like this." he smiled, moving forward to kiss his emerald eyed lover, softly at first, the kiss growing more passionate as Trowa narrowed the space between them. "Mmmm....I'd say that was a fair assessment, little one" Trowa smiled, breaking he kiss.

"What exactly was going on in the back seat of the car earlier ?" Quatre asked, returning to wet his hair before filling his palm with shampoo, bringing his hands up to run the herbal gel through his hair.

Pressing himself tightly to Quatre, Trowa reached down to wrap his hand around his lover's arousal. "Mmmm..I believe it was something like this." He whispered, slowly moving his hand up and down over Quatre's length, the blonde gasping as he continued stroking him, grinding his erection into the base of his spine.

"Mmm...Trowa." Quatre moaned, his hands motionless, still atop his head, only a portion of which was covered with later. "hair first...." Stopping the movement, but not releasing his lover, Trowa allowed him to finish lathering his hair, moving forward to allow the clear water to rinse it, barely allowing him to finish the job before re-commencing his manual assault on his lover stiffness.

Reclining back onto Trowa, Quatre laid his head against the boys shoulder and gave in to the pleasure his lovers fingers were giving him, thrusting forward into the touch, the warm spray still caressing his chest. Sliding his hand down to rest on the boy's lower abdomen, Trowa moved his hips in small circles, increasing both the pressure and the motion of his hand on the captive flesh.

Bending down to kiss his lovers neck, Trowa began drawing small circles on the tender area below his ear, one of the many sensitive spots he was pleased to discover his lover had, now using this particular one to send the blonde over edge. "Unhhhh..Trowa." he gasped, heaving himself into his grip, releasing his seed into Trowa's hand, his lover behind him, his breath heavy on his neck as he thrust himself against his climaxing body, almost limp in his Trowa's embrace, his body shuddering, his lovers hand bringing forth stream after stream from his throbbing member.

Allowing only a moment to catch his breath, Quatre turned to face his lover, still staring into those dreamy green eyes, Quatre lowered himself to his knees before him. Guiding his thick erection into his mouth, the warmth surrounding every inch, his lover moaning above his as his tongue swirled around the tip before swallowing him whole once again. "Delicious, lover." Quatre whispered.

"Quatre...." Trowa moaned, his hands moving through the mess of blonde hair, pumping his lovers mouth with a slow steady rhythm as he neared climax. Bringing his hand behind his lover, Quatre ran his fingers down the base of his lower spine, one finger finding its way into the crevice of his lovers rear, pressing against the opening. Gasping at the touch, Trowa thrust further into Quatre's hungry mouth, his digit slipping inside, pausing before almost withdrawing it.

"Don't tease me angel." Trowa moaned, his hips moving back, a loud groan escaping as another finger was added, Quatre moving them more forcefully inside of his tight channel. "Yes...that's it." He cried, Quatre's mouth moving more quickly up and down his length, his fingers moving in time with his mouth, slamming into his lover. Bracing himself against the tile wall with one hand, Trowa watched as he filled his lovers mouth with his essence, the small blonde moaning as he swallowed his seed, his mouth still sucking him as he continued to draw the rest of the thick sweetness from him, fingers still thrusting into his tight bottom. Trembling as Quatre continued lavishing his dwindling erection, Trowa closed his eyes. "Mmmm...Quatre." He moaned, the blonde slowly sliding his fingers out of him, standing to kiss his satiated lover gently.

"That was just a preview." the blonde groaned, his tongue tracing the outline of Trowa's open mouth before sliding it inside, inviting Trowa's to join. "Mmmm...I like you in this mood, koi." Trowa growled, grabbing the blonde's bottom, bringing his body tightly to his own.


Hearing the shower running, Duo eyed the bathroom door and made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

Opening the refrigerator and surveying the contents carefully, Duo reached inside. "Fluffernutter sandwiches." he smiled, taking two of the wrapped squares out before closing the door. Hesitating for a moment, Duo crossed the kitchen and opening the cabinet grabbed a small glass, returning to fill it with milk before exiting the room.

Making his way back upstairs, Duo sat the sandwich and glass of milk on the nightstand. Carrying a small wooden chair from his desk over to the dresser, Duo ppened his drawer and removed his blow dryer, grabbing for the cord and reaching behind the dresser to plug it in, Duo sat down. Turning on the small black device, Duo pointed it at his mass of hair, running his fingers through it as he moved the heat over one small area at a time, occasionally running the brush through the nearly dry area.

Sometime later, Heero re-entered the room unnoticed as Duo sat engrossed in the arduous task of drying his hair, the loud hum of the dryer so close to his ears drowning out all other noise.

Smiling at the sight across the room, Heero dropped his laundry where he stood and made his way over to Duo.

Having entered the mirrors view, Duo smiled as he watched him approach. "Almost done." He smiled, turning to look up at Heero, his fingers running through Duo's hair. "It's so soft." He whispered, leaning down to kiss him. Turning Duo's head slightly so that they could both look into the mirror, Heero brought his tongue out to meet Duo's, drawing it out of his mouth, the two watching as their tongues met in the space between their mouths. "Mmmm....." Heero moaned, retracting his mouth momentarily before bringing it down hard, thrusting his tongue inside to move against Duo's.

Moving down to sit on bent knees on the floor beside Duo, Heero looked up at him, still breathless from the kiss. "You make me lose control." Heero told him softly, Duo smiling down at the hazy look in those beautiful prussian eyes.

"Is that a bad thing ?" he asked, the words and the expression on his lovers face sending him mixed signals.

"No....not a bad thing." Reaching up for Duo's hands, Heero pulled him down onto the floor and captured his face in both hands, his thumbs moving over each of his cheekbones. "You're so beautiful, Duo.......did you know that ?" He asked, moving forward to kiss him, Heero's lips just grazing those of the boy before him, watching as Duo shivered as they met.

Taking one of Heero's hands in each of his, Duo stood, eyes still on one another and he guided him across the room. Pausing for a kiss, Duo pushed him back down onto his bed, his mouth almost desperate as it plundered Heero's, his body pressing downward, the two gasping as their arousals met. "Totally out of control." Heero moaned, as he grippedDuo's tight bottom, thrusting himself upward to the warmth and hardness of his body, roughly kissing his lover, lost in the heightening passion, pausing only to breathe.

Coming to a seated position on his lover's stomach, Duo took a deep breath, smiling wide-eyed at Heero, eyes half-lidded, stretched out below him.

"Mind if I take advantage of you ?" he asked, tugging at the fabric. Sliding his hands up under his shirt, he rubbed them palms open over his tight chest, stopping to toy with his nipples, hardening the tiny nubs, smiling as Heero moaned and wriggled beneath him. "Silence means approval." Duo smiled, pushing his shirt up to expose his naked chest. Duo took a moment to enjoy the view before pulling his shirt off the rest of the way, Heero shifting to allow it's removal.

Laying motionless with his arms still held high above his head, Heero unknowingly made himself a target for the mounting lust of his amethyst eyed lover. Moving on him suddenly, Duo grabbed Heero's wrists with one hand, pinning them to the bed above him, growling at the sight of Heero laid out beneath him, each well-defined muscle of his chest taut, eyes closed in sheer pleasure, mouth open in invitation, his manhood hard with desire.

His eyes jutting open, Heero stared up at Duo, groaning at the unmistakably predatory look on his lovers face.

Holding him there for several moments, Duo moved, groaning as he thrust his stiffness forward into Heero's.

"I've waited long enough for this.", bringing his lips down to his neck, sucking hard enough at the tender skin to draw blood to the surface, marking the submissive boy beneath. Moving his tongue over Heero's extended neck, he continued a trail of warm kisses, stopping as he reached his destination, his teeth sinking into his lovers lower lip, clamping down, sucking at the warmth that he had brought forth, savoring the taste of his lovers blood.

Whimpering beneath him, Heero turned to lift his head from the bed, pressing his mouth against his lovers as his hand moved behind Duo's head, his tongue forcibly making it's way inside the mouth he had just allowed to claim him.


Separating moments later to breathe, Duo sat on the bed, his thumb grazing the brightly colored bruise on Heero's neck. "Hurt ?" he asked, concerned, looking into Heero's eyes, smiling as he shook his head from side to side. "Good."

Sitting up beside him, Heero eyed the two sandwiches and glass of milk on the nightstand. "What are those doing here ?" he asked warily.

"Thought I might interest you in one." Duo smiled, making his way over to the edge of the bed.

Heero looked at him, puzzled "I don't like them, Duo.", certain he had made the point clear earlier.

Duo stood "Perhaps that's because they've never been properly presented." he smiled, untying the drawstring on his sweat pants, letting them drop to the floor to stand nude before his lover, his erection firming.

Heero followed every move his lover made, watching as he stepped out of the fabric at his feet, moving onto the bed to sit next to him. Reaching over to take one of the wrapped sandwiches in his hand, Duo eyed Heero, grinning at the confusion so obvious on his face.

Duo separated the two slices of bread and glanced up at Heero, almost laughing out loud as he saw the realization of what he was about to do hit his stunned lover.

Running his finger through the softened goo, Duo brought it down to his erection, covering the tip with it. "Still don't want to try it ?" he asked, continuing to remove most of the peanut butter and marshmallow fluff from the bread as he watched Heero's reaction, his eyes becoming more intrigued as Duo finished the task, rubbing the last of the sweetness over his shaft.

Putting the bread back down on the nightstand, Duo brought his hand to his mouth, taking his time cleaning each of his sticky fingers, his eyes never leaving Heero's, his lover aroused by his tease.

Laying back, Duo grabbed his pillow and placed between him and the wall, his long thin legs opening wide in seductive invitation. "Not hungry ?" he questioned, noting that Heero still sat motionless a considerable distance from him.

Snapping out of his thought, which for the most part was disbelief mixed with a inordinate amount of lust and an uncontrollable urge for fluffernutter, Heero grinned and made his way between Duo's legs.

Heero watched his lover's reaction as his tongue met with his erection, Duo gasping in pleasure, his eyes riveted to the erotic scene as his body moved into the touch. Licking down the length of his shaft, Heero moaned, each movement of his tongue now becoming more urgent as he raced to remove the peanut butter marshmallow mixture, anxious to taste Duo's flesh beneath.

Groaning loudly as Heero made fast work of his task, Duo brought his hands down to run through his hair, holding his head still as he moved beneath him, sliding himself in and out of his lovers sweet mouth. "Ugh...Heero.....feels so good." Duo moaned, watching as Heero brought his tongue out to swipe at the sensitive tip, hungrily gathering the moisture before bringing his mouth down to swallow every inch of his arousal, Duo thrusting upward into the exquisite warmth.

"Yesss... Heero." Duo hissed, Heero's mouth tightening around him with each thrust, his hand moving beneath his partner to grasp his bottom, Heero pushing him further into his mouth. Feeling the flesh within his mouth begin to twitch, Heero focused his attention on his lovers face, his eyes now closed, head thrown back, convulsing as he released, each violent shudder sending another stream into his waiting mouth. He savored every ounce of his lover's flavor, still hungry for more and he lapped at the tip, moaning deep in his throat. Releasing Duo from his mouth, Heero fell back onto the bed.

Taking only a moment to recover from his all too brief but intense encounter with Heero Yuy's mouth, Duo scooted down to where his exhausted lover lay, coming to rest on all fours above him. Brushing the hair from his brow, Duo brought his mouth down, licking small circles on Heero's neck, "Mmm.....*very* distracting, lover." Duo whispered, his tongue moving further down, tracing the lines of Heero's collarbone, backing himself up to allow access to more of his lovers skin. His tongue trailed over the erect flesh of each nipples, pausing to rake his teeth against them, smiling onto the tiny nubs as Heero moaned his approval.

Opening his eyes to watch the boy above him tease his way down his heated skin, Heero moved his hips upwards in a clear show of impatience. Ignoring his request, Duo continued to work his mouth over his upper body, licking each inch, his touch rough against Heero's skin as he made his way down, his tongue squirming inside of Heero's navel, drawing small circles around it, a preview of his intended desire, his lover groaning at the implication. "Please, Duo......" he pleaded, his eyes meeting with amethyst as the boy looked up at him.

"Please what, koi ?" Duo asked, "Please stop ?"

"No.....don't stop..." Heero moaned, his hips thrusting upward as he pleaded to Duo.

"Course not, lover.......I haven't even started yet." He whispered, moving further down Heero's body, his open mouth hovering just over the head of his dripping erection. Bringing his hand to its tip, Duo slid his finger through the moisture, his tongue darting out to taste him. "Delicious, koi." he moaned, lowering his mouth down onto Heero's rigid member, well prepared for the sudden thrust of Heero's hips as he buried himself in Duo's mouth, gasping as the anticipation ended.

Sliding his mouth upward, Duo let his tongue move around his lovers swollen head before engulfing him again, his mouth applying a moderate amount of pressure, increasing the pace of his strokes as Heero hips rose off the bed to meet his movement. "Uhhhh..Duo..." Heero moaned, as he began to thrust himself with more insistence into his lovers hot mouth. "Make me come." Heero groaned.

Shivering as the intense tone of his lovers voice hit him, Duo moaned his response around his Heero's hardness, unwilling to further delay his completion. Wrapping his lips around the base of his cock and humming loudly, Duo granted his lover his much needed release, sucking roughly as Heero's essence flooded his mouth, each stream swallowed, hungrily awaiting the next, his hands moving up to rest on Heero's abdomen, moaning at the glorious feeling as each tight muscle quivered beneath his fingers.

"Mmmmm...Heero." Duo whispered, crawling back up over his spent lover, his hand moving over Heero's sweaty face, fingers brushing over his closed lids, placing a light kiss on each one. Covering Heero's mouth with his, he slid his tongue inside, urging Heero's to move against it.....wanting him to taste his own seed inside, growling as Heero thrust his tongue with more force into his mouth, as aroused by the idea as Duo. "Turned on by that, koi ?" Duo whispered, Heero only nodding, "Me too." he growled, resuming their rough kiss, his hands running through Heero's hair, Heero's arms surrounding him, pulling him to lie on top of him.

Breaking the kiss, Duo gasped "You're distracting me again.", shifting his weight above Heero, rubbing his erection against its fast returning counterpart, smiling down at his lover. "Mmm.....perfect soldier indeed." he moaned, Heero grinning almost maniacally up at him, his now fully hard member pressed against Duo's.

"Some of us are not so perfect." He smiled, letting out a small yawn.

"Tired ?" Heero asked, his fingers moving up and down the length of Duo's spine.

"Mmm....tired." Duo whispered, closing his eyes, Heero's fingers almost lulling him into sleep.

Placing a gentle kiss on his lips, Heero rolled over allowing Duo to fall onto the bed beside him and stared up into his lovers eyes, "Sleep, Duo." he smiled, brushing several strands of hair from his face. "Stay ?" Duo asked, moving toward him, Heero's arms surrounding him to pull him closer. Settling down into the bed and pulling the covers up over them. "You need to ask ?" Heero whispered, closing his eyes.


Morning found the two still locked in their embrace, Heero rousing from sleep first by a faint knock on their bedroom door. He chose to ignore it for a few moments, spellbound by the vision of Duo still sleeping so peacefully in his arms.

Hearing the knock again, Heero eased himself from the arms and hair of his lover, carefully untangling himself from silken curtain which had fallen to cover them.

"Be right there.", he called, grabbing a pair of shorts from the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed, smiling as he looked down to find himself wearing Duo's shorts.

Opening the door, Heero looked around, puzzled when he found no one there. Looking down before closing the door, Heero smiled and bent to pick up a breakfast tray that had been left outside. There was no note, but he knew enough of the others' personalities to assure himself that this was Quatre's doing, smiling as he thought about their blonde friend.

Carrying the tray across the room and setting it on the nightstand, he set about his morning ritual. Returning several minutes later, Heero made his way back over to the bed to wake Duo, not really wanting to, the delightful smell of the warm pancakes and coffee urging him on.

Laying down to snuggle next to his lover, Heero brought his hand up to Duo's face, pushing several strands of hair from it. "Duo." he called, his voice soft and close to his ear, his hand still working to remove the rest of the strands obstructing his view. Bending down to place a small kiss on his cheek, Heero called again. "Time to get up lover.", Duo now stirring in his arms, lashes fluttering as he prepared to open his eyes. "Mmmm....morning already ?" he asked, peering out into the light, smiling as Heero gazed down at him.

Heero reached for the tray and sat it down between them. "Breakfast." he smiled as Duo eyed the tray. "You ?" Duo asked, stunned.

"No..." he started. "Must have been Quatre."

"Mmm..looks great. I'm starved." Duo replied, moving toward the edge of the bed. "Bathroom first." he announced, pausing to kiss Heero before making his way into the small room, hungry eyes following his nude form as it traveled across the room. Expecting the reaction the view gave him, but still finding it somewhat humorous, Heero laughed.

Making his way from the bathroom, Duo eyed Heero from the doorway, "You're wearing my shorts." He smiled.

Bending down and reaching into the pile, Heero grinned and threw his spandex shorts at Duo.

Catching them, Duo slipped into them and made his way back to the bed to sit beside Heero.

"You're right. Spandex hides nothing." Heero grinned, enjoying the flush he caused on Duo's cheeks, reaching forward to pull him closer.

Duo smirked. "Breakfast first, koi.", whispering as he moving forward to kiss Heero, his tongue easing into his sweet mouth," Mmmmm...then again." Duo moaned, pushing Heero back down onto the bed. "You look good enough to eat.", stifling Heero's objections as his tongue darted out to the soft flesh below his ear. Heero let out a low moan and angled his neck upward, encouraging Duo to continue, his lover applying more pressure as his mouth trailed downward, leaving a wet path in its wake.

"Mmmmm...." Duo groaned, looking down at the body stretched out next to him before shifting his gaze to the tray on the other side of the bed. Dipping his finger into the warm raspberry syrup, he smirked as he brought his hand to Heero's chest, covering one nipple with the sweet sauce.

Propping himself up at feeling the unusual sensation, Heero looked down at his chest before glancing over to find his lover grinning. Unable to control his smile, Heero shook his head from side to side "You and your food again.", he chuckled, lying back down.

"Now this is what I call breakfast in bed." Duo smiled, his tongue drawing small circles around the raspberry covered nub before licking it, barely touching the skin underneath, Heero moaning in response. "More ?" he asked, already moving across the bed to retrieve the small dish of syrup, drizzling a fine line down the center of Heero's chest before setting it down on the nightstand beside him.

"Mmm...gonna save some for the pancakes ?" Heero asked, eyeing the nearly empty dish.

"Fuck the pancakes." Duo groaned, bringing his mouth down to the deep red line on his lovers chest, his tongue pressing firmly against his skin as he licked his way down Heero's body, kneading the soft flesh beneath his ribs,his passion heightening as the taste of raspberries and Heero filled his mouth. Heero arched his back and groaned in displeasure as Duo's tongue came to an abrupt halt just above the waistband of his shorts.

"Duo ?" Heero questioned through soft breaths, moving his head forward to look down at Duo.

"Yes koi ?" Duo asked, his eyes moving to focus on Heero's face before letting his thumbs slip beneath the elastic band at his hips.

"You forgot the butter." he whispered, offering the white bowl to Duo, smirking as his lover grinned back at him, hand extended to accept the bowl.

"I take it the food thing doesn't bother you." Duo laughed.

"No, doesn't bother me." Heero replied, grinning down at Duo.

Sitting the butter down on the bed beside him, Duo brought himself up on all fours and climbed on top of Heero. Never taking his eyes off of his lover, Duo ran his hands downward over his chest, barely pausing as he met with the silky fabric, his fingers slipping into the band of loose elastic, as he crawled backwards over him, dragging the shorts down and off of Heero's legs, in awe of the raw appeal of his lovers nakedness.

"Shame to let these pancakes get cold, eh, Heero ?" he smiled, reaching over to remove one from the stack, grinning up at Heero as he wrapped the still warm pancake around his erection.

"Nnn..." Heero moaned, propping himself up to watch as Duo opened his mouth, preparing to devour the luscious treat before him. "Did Enigma put you up to this ?" he whispered.

"Huh ?" Duo asked, puzzled as he looked up at his lover. "Ohh..ENIGMA !!." he smiled, recognizing the name, obviously thinking about other things, he was after all hovering above Heero's cock, still shocked that he could allow the name to slip his mind.....even under these circumstances. "Don't' think so...", he grinned, his mind now wandering to several of the erotic things said author had allowed them to do.

"Hn. I'm sure he's behind this." Heero replied, "Nevermind, just eat." he smiled, laying back down.

"Mmmmm...almost forgot the butter." Duo smiled, picking up the bowl. "Shall I butter you or the pancake?" he mused, already having made his decision, the dish tilted over the tip of his lovers erection dripping the warm yellow liquid down it's length, both boys moaning, Duo at the implication......Heero at the sensation.

Bringing his fist up to surround his lovers cock, the butter allowing his fingers to slide easily over its length, Duo moved his mouth over the tip, his tongue barely touching it, his lovers hips thrusting upward, his mouth moving down over the head, sucking him deep into his mouth. Sliding his mouth several times up and down his shaft, Duo removed his mouth, quite breathless, his own arousal aching with need.

"How do you feel about cold pancakes ?" Duo asked, Heero looking up at him, a bit frustrated from the disappearance of Duo's mouth.

Dipping his fingers into the dish, Duo sat between his lovers legs, his one finger poised at Heero's entrance, his eyes waiting for his response. "Hot sex and cold pancakes ?" Duo asked, not surprised by his lover's low moan and wriggling hips. Guiding just his fingertip inside, Duo was prepared to pause at first sign of discomfort. HIs lover only moaned and he continued to slide it fully into Heero's tight opening as he groaned his name in pleasure.

Duo shivered at the lust in his lovers voice. "I love it when you say my name like that." he hissed, another buttered digit joining the first, separating the two, stretching his opening further, impatience taking over the process as third finger thrusted between the two. "Ugh...Heero.." Duo moaned..."I'm sorry.....I need to...", his questing fingers brushing against Heero's prostate, tight muscles clamping down around his fingers.

Heero was at his lovers mercy, his thoughts were barely coherent as those fingers moved within him, the urgency in Duo's tone and his body's unrelenting need as he thrust himself downward, his raspy voice almost unrecognizable as he pleaded with his lover. "Take me"

", Heero" Duo groaned, drawing his fingers from him, bringing his slippery hand to work the make-shift lube over his erection, each stroke painfully reminding him of where he longed to be. Quickly positioning himself between his lover's legs, he pressed his knees against Heero's inner thighs, growling as Heero spread them further apart for him.

His intended target visible, Duo looked up, "I love you, Heero." he whispered, waiting for him to open his eyes before easing his cock inside, inch after inch now being surrounded by Heero's incredible warmth. "Ai Shiteru, Duo." he managed, his body reeling as his lover continued to fill him, gazing into those beautiful amethyst eyes.

Moving forward without pause until he was firmly seated inside of him, Duo gasped, biting down hard on his lower lip as his eyes shut tight, his cock beating inside of Heero's incredible tightness.

Heero raised his hips up off the bed. "Damn, Heero." he moaned, "Don't do that......" a wide smile forming as he looked down at Heero, his prussian eyed lover smirking as he watched Duo struggling for control.

"You think this is funny, don't you ?" he asked still smiling, shaking his head as Heero nodded.

"Looks like we may end up having warm pancakes after all." Heero grinned, shifting his hips back and then forward, watching the wide-eyed reaction Duo offered as Heero's muscles tensed around him.

"Not funny, Heero." Duo groaned, removing himself almost completely from him before plunging back inside, the tip of his erection slamming against his prostate, the whimpering coming from his lover a sign of his own nearing climax. Heero squirmed beneath him. "Uhhh....Harder DUO !!", his hips thrusting forward, impaling himself further on his lover's stiffness. "Please !!"

"Nnnnn.....too turned on......your fault...." Duo groaned as he moved rhythmically inside the boy, one intense stroke after another, reaching forward to wrap his fist around Heero's cock and pumping his lover's arousal in earnest, Duo drew him into his frenzied bliss.

"Taking you with me, lover." Duo cried as his body shuddered, releasing the first of his essence into his lover, his world narrowing to nothing but the magnificent boy beneath him and the earth-shattering realization that he was coming inside of his perfect soldier, his voice barely recongnizable as he cried out his name.

"Ughh...DUO !....yesss..", Heero groaned, spraying his hot seed over his chest, consumed by the intensity of emotion the union generated, moaning his lover's name repeatedly, hopelessly consumed by the raging firestorm that was Duo Maxwell.


It wasn't until lunchtime that the new lovers decided to leave their bedroom.

Hungry, they immediately made their way into the kitchen, breakfast having served their purpose well, though most likely not as Quatre had intended.

Glancing at the two as they entered, Trowa looked down at his watch "Good Afternoon." he smiled.

"Morning. Thank you for breakfast, Quatre." Heero smiled, the blonde nodding in response.

"Yeah." Duo added, "It was delicious." winking at Heero.

"So, what's for lunch ? I'm starved." Duo asked, peering into the refrigerator.

Heero tried not to watch his lover bend over as he looked inside the fridge. His incredibly tight and skimpy shorts had ridden up dangerously high, exposing enough of his sweet bottom to grab Quatre and Trowa's attention, not to mention his own.

Heero quickly made his way over to Duo and stood in front of his bent form. "Show's over." he announced, smiling as he reached behind him to tug at the legs of Duo's shorts, his lover immediately standing.

Quatre giggled "Not exactly." his eyes coming to rest on the substantial bulge in Heero's shorts.

Duo peeked over Heero's shoulder and blushed. "Ummm.....perhaps we'll just skip lunch for now."

Taking Heero's hand, Duo pulled him toward the room's exit. Heero jerked him back and grabbed the jar of cheez whiz from the table. "Mind if we borrow this ?." he called back to the grinning lovers as Duo dragged him from the room.

Bounding up the stairs two by two behind his braided lover, Heero laughed. "We really need to get some lube."

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