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Duo's Lesson (part 3)


Heero stood for several minutes inside the small room going over what Duo had told him. Heero smiled as he recalled Duo's comment about what turned him on, pleasantly surprised that Duo preferred males, the tingling in his groin proof of his delight.

Heero smiled as he thought about the braided boy, "Go with the flow." He told himself, moving his hand slowly over his spandex-clad erection.

Several minutes later, Heero emerged from the bathroom.

"Well ?" Duo asked, though he could tell by the look on Heero's face that he had successfully completed his mission.

Heero blushed slightly "You should have warned me."

"Warned you ?" Duo asked.

"About the mess." Heero smiled, pointing to the large wet spot on the front of his shirt.

Duo laughed. "So was I right ? Did you enjoy it, Heero ?"

"Aa." Heero smiled. "So I do this when ?" he asked.

Duo stood "Whenever you want, Heero." he laughed "Better than willing it away, ne, Heero ?" Duo smirked.

Heero nodded. "It was an enlightening experience.."

Duo grinned, "Yeah, and it's about time too."

Heero smiled, "So…..that is what you were doing last night in your sleep ?" Heero asked.

Duo blushed "Ummm....yeah….something like that."

"What were you dreaming about ?" Heero asked, making his way across the room.

"That's my little secret." Duo winked.

"Hn" Heero mumbled, reaching into his closet for a clean shirt. "Were you boinking someone ?" Heero asked, his tone about as casual as if he was asking Duo about the weather.

Duo laughed loudly "Boinking ?!" Duo snickered. "As a matter of fact I least I *almost* was.....until you woke me up."

" thinking about that definitely turns me on." Heero told him, looking seriously at Duo, his face slightly red as he felt himself harden in the unforgiving space of his spandex.

Duo was speechless.

"Does it bother you, Duo ?" Heero asked.

"Ummm...not exactly, Heero, sure as hell surprises me though." Duo managed to say, trying his hardest to keep his hormones under control, unable to turn to face Heero lest he see the bulge in his skin tight jeans, a vision they all too willingly offered.

Heero crossed the room and sat down on the bed, his fingers lightly touching himself. "Mmmm.......want to watch me, Duo ?" Heero asked "Just to make sure I'm doing it right ?" his voice uncharacteristically deep and sexy.

Duo turned around to look at Heero, his eyes widening at Heero's words and the sight of Heero sitting on his bent knees in the middle of his bed, stroking himself through the flimsy black fabric, his gaze fixed on Duo, his naked chest rising and falling gently as he rubbed his still growing erection.

"Uhh.....Heero ? What are you doing ?" Duo asked, his eyes virtually glued to Heero's crotch.

"I'm going with the flow. Isn't that what you told me to do ?" Heero told him, his breath heavy as his fingers moved more rapidly over his arousal.

"In case I forgot to mention this, Heero….'s usually something you do in private." Duo told him, making his way across the room to sit on his bed, his eyes still riveted to Heero, unable to pry them away.

"Hn. I've decided that you watching me would turn me on more than if I did it alone. Don't want to watch, Duo ?" Heero asked, smiling as he followed Duo's line of sight......a perfect beeline.

Duo remained silently enthralled.

"You look like you could use a little relief yourself." Heero smiled, noting the considerable bulge all too visible in Duo's tight jeans. "Seems this is turning you on as much as it's turning me on." Heero added.

Duo looked into Heero's eyes, the clear cobalt filled with lust. "How I could I not be turned on, Heero ? I mean…..just look at you." Duo practically moaned to the erotic boy across the room, his eyes filled with incredible yearning as he watched the object of his lust and desire touching himself in a way Duo too often dreamed he could.

"Yes, Duo." Heero moaned " Just look at me." taunting Duo as he slid the black fabric slowly down his thighs, the sight of his naked arousal causing Duo to moan more loudly, his eyes closing slowly.

Heero watched Duo's reactions carefully from across the room. "If you close your eyes, Duo, you won't be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong." Heero told Duo.

"You seem to be doing everything just fine." Duo told him, his voice even.

"Please, Duo……I want you to watch me." Heero pleaded, his fingers wrapping tightly around his thick shaft as soon as he was certain that Duo had opened his eyes.

"Heero…." Duo whispered.

"Yes, Duo ?" Heero whispered back, his hand moving slowly up and down his erection, the pleasure of his actions reflected perfectly in his face, as he stared into Duo's eyes, enjoying the lust Duo's violet orbs returned.

"You're torturing me, Heero. Did you know that ?" Duo asked, his voice raspy.

"MmmmHmmm." Heero told him, rubbing his thumb lightly over his sensitive tip.

Duo shifted slightly on the bed, his tight jeans making his erection ache all the more.

"Who were you dreaming about last night, Duo ?" Heero asked, running his fingertip slowly across his moist slit, first assuring his actions were captivating the boy across the way, closing his eyes once he was assured he had Duo's undivided attention.

Duo reluctantly let his eyes move upward to focus on Heero's face.

"Was it me, Duo ? Am I the one that made you moan in your sleep ?" Heero groaned, rubbing the precum over his swollen head. Moving his hand downward, Heero grasped his shaft and began moving his hand more firmly up and down it's length. "Was it, Duo ?" he moaned, opening his eyes to look at Duo.

Duo only groaned his name in return.

"I thought so." Heero smiled, increasing the intensity of his strokes. "Now I'm moaning for you, Duo." Heero told him, closing his eyes as he threw his head back, applying more pressure to his touch.

Duo dropped his hand down into his lap, his fingers moving slowly across his still trapped arousal, gasping as they met with the sensitive tip, his hand opening to rub his palm methodically up and down it's length.

Heero opened his eyes, groaning loudly as he watched Duo touch himself lightly, his violet eyes still watching Heero pleasuring himself.

"Mmmm……Duo, keep touching yourself." Heero groaned.

Duo stood and unfastened his jeans, sliding them down the entire length of his legs, his boxers following suit, his hand immediately capturing his stiffness, before sitting back down, his attentions once again directed toward Heero.

Heero watched as Duo diligently gratified himself, clearly more experienced than Heero. Duo was nearly naked sitting on the bed, his one hand expertly handling his erection, his other fondling his balls as he watched at Heero satisfy himself at his own insistence. The very idea, let alone the overwhelming vision was more than Heero could bear, as he let go of his last thread of self-control.

"Uhhh…Duo….." Heero moaned, "I think I'm going to ......." his hips moving forward into his hand, his fist gliding effortlessly over his slick erection more rapidly.

Duo watched Heero as he prepared to reach his climax, the erotically twisted look on his face did nothing to detract from the sheer wonder of this beautiful boy, his half-lidded eyes and open mouth arousing Duo all the more. "Heero." Duo groaned, tightening the grip he held his stiff manhood in.

Groaning loudly, Heero's body suddenly hunched forward on the bed, his body jerking wildly as he shot the first of his milky fluid onto himself, then focusing his gaze on Duo, nearly screamed the boys name in pleasure as he watched Duo's lusty reaction to his final moment of ecstasy.

Heero gasped loudly, pumping rapidly until he was thoroughly empty and satiated, easing himself down onto the bed, his gaze still on Duo as he spoke, watching intently as Duo stroked himself. "Duo, tell me what you did to me in your dream ?" Heero whispered.

Duo closed his eyes, his hand moving faster over his length, the vision of Heero's naked form lying spread out on the bed remaining with him. "Mmmm…..All kinds of things, Heero " Duo moaned.

Heero smiled "I want to know Duo, tell me what you did…..what you want to do to me ?" Heero pleaded, his fingers running through the puddle of thick liquid on his chest.

Duo opened his eyes as Heero brought his slick fingers to his newly aroused member, coating it liberally with his own still warm seed. "Unnhhh…Heero." He groaned, "I want you…want to kiss you, my tongue……touching you…everywhere, Heero ….Mmmmm." Duo moaned, "Ughh.....I think I'm losing it, Heero."

Closing his eyes once again, Duo threw his head back, his thumb moving rapidly over his sensitive head, heaving into the touch, as he gasped, releasing the first of jet of warmth onto his shirt, the thick white liquid running down to coat his hand, still furiously pumping his twitching cock, each thrust of his hips sending another stream from his shuddering body. "Damn you, Heero !" Duo screamed, collapsing onto the bed, his arms outstretched, the last of the violent tremors making their way through his prone form.

Heero watched intently as Duo brought himself to climax, his eyes riveted to the face of his soon to be lover, even more beautiful in ecstasy. Heero sat watching Duo's chest rise and fall, hearing his heavy breath slow from across the room as his body stilled. "Please don't damn me, Duo." Heero told the exhausted boy, his hand stroking himself slowly. "I'm going to make you dreams come true……all of them, Duo." Heero whispered, extending his hand toward Duo.

Duo opened his eyes and sat up, quickly making his way over to Heero's bed, wasting no time taking Heero's hand in his, flinging himself on top of the panting boy. "Heero." Duo moaned, bringing his mouth roughly down onto Heero's, his tongue parting Heero's lips as he desperately forced himself inside Heero's mouth, swirling his tongue over every inch of his lovers mouth, deliriously tasting Heero for the first time.

Heero moaned as Duo reached down to remove his hand from his cock, quickly replacing it with his own, not missing a beat as he stroked Heero for all he was worth, his hungry mouth swallowing every erotic moan the cobalt-eyed angel offered him, anxious to bring his new lover to a thundering climax. "Now you come for me, Heero….just for me." Duo whispered into his ear, his grasp on Heero tightening as he felt the beating of Heero's passion in his rock hard member.

Duo brought his open mouth down to suck hard on Heero's neck, drawing the blood dangerously close to the surface of his lovers tender skin. "You're mine, Heero Yuy." Duo moaned, his fist flying effortlessly over Heero's hardness, the warmth of his lover's desire covering his hand and their chests as Duo groped roughly at him between their sweaty bodies, Heero gasping as Duo's hand gloriously coaxed his seed from him.

"Yes, Duo." Heero moaned, his body twitching uncontrollably as he violently climaxed under Duo. "Yours." Heero whispered.

Wetting his fingers with his essence, Heero reached his both hands upward to grasp Duo's tight rear, kneading the firm flesh roughly. "And you, Duo ?" Heero asked, trailing his one finger down the crevice of Duo's bottom, his hands spreading the round globes. Duo moaned, "Oh God, Heero.....yours.....definitely yours."

Duo felt Heero's fingers rapidly approaching his entrance. "Mmmmm...Heero, what are you doing ?" he moaned.

His voice raspy, Heero whispered "Just wondering how long until we get to this lesson.", sliding one slippery fingertip inside of Duo, as he thrust himself upward into his lover's groin.

Duo moaned loudly and shivered above him "Mmmm.....a fast learner......maybe tonight.." Duo replied, Heero's mouth reaching up to run his tongue over the outline of Duo's lower lip. "Yes..." Heero groaned, "Tonight I take what's mine." he whispered into Duo's ear, reaching forward to push the stray strands of hair from his partners sweaty face.


The two lay that way for some time, Heero's hand moving slowly up and down the length of Duo's spine.

"Heero ?" Duo asked, his finger drawing small circles around Heero's nipple.

"Mmm ?" Heero replied sleepily.

"What brought all of this on ? " Duo questioned, thought he wasn't sure it really mattered, as long as Heero continued holding him.

"You mean my sudden interest in sex or my feelings for you ?" Heero asked, opening his hands, his palms resting against the warmth of Duo's skin, furthering their embrace.

Duo smiled into Heero's chest. "Both." laughing lowly.

"I've always cared about you, Duo." Heero spoke, his words carefully thought out. "I think it happened the day we met." He smiled, kissing the top of Duo's head.

"You mean when I shot you ?" Duo asked, obviously surprised by Heero's response.

"Yeah." Heero laughed.

Duo smiled "And the sex thing ?"

"Your dream last night........I wanted it to be me." Heero told him.

"It's always been you, Heero." Duo whispered, looking up at his lover.

"I know, Duo." Heero whispered, guiding Duo's body upward, bringing his lips to Duo's, touching them softly with his, sliding his tongue into Duo's open mouth. "Heero" Duo moaned into the boys mouth, their tongues slipping rapidly over one another, their hungry mouths pressing more tightly together.

Duo broke the kiss, gasping for air "So what now, lover?" Duo asked, his breathing still coming in short gasps.

Heero brought his hand up to caress the side of Duo's face, his thumb tracing the outline of his lovers swollen lips. "I already told you, Duo, tonight I'm going to take what is mine."

Duo smiled, hugging Heero more tightly "Ummmm….that's not exactly how it happened in my dream, Heero."

Heero's eyes widened. "You mean *you*.... ?"

Duo rose up onto his elbows and smirked down at his somewhat surprised lover, "Uh-huh." He winked "And you *did* say you were going to make all my dreams come true." Duo cooed, his fingers running through Heero's hair.

Heero smiled "Yes, I did."

Duo grinned "Good. Now that *that's* settled, I'm going to go take a shower." Duo informed his lover, rolling over to the edge of the bed and coming to his feet.

Heero grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him back down onto the bed. "Not so fast, koi. I just assumed..." Heero started.

Duo made his way over to where Heero lay. "Assumed that *you* would be top ?" Duo smiled wickedly, twisting his finger around a small lock of Heero's hair as he looked into his startled cobalt eyes.

"Is that what it's called ?" Heero asked, adding "And yes, I did assume that."

Duo smiled "That's what I call it, don't know if it has a technical name. And why did you assume it, Heero ?" Duo asked.

Heero shrugged his shoulders. "Why did you assume *you* would be top ?

Duo thought for a moment. "I figured I would be the seductor and you would be the seductee. At least that's how it always was in my dreams." Duo smiled.

Moving his hand behind Duo's head, Heero pulled him down, his lips capturing Duo's mouth in a bruising kiss, releasing him almost instantly. "But this isn't your dream, koi." Heero whispered. "It's real......very real." Heero moaned, turning on his side to rub his arousal against the inside of Duo's thigh.

Duo shivered as Heero's hardness grazed his leg. He had to admit, that it was Heero who had initiated this morning's events, as surprising as he still found it. "How about we play it by ear ?" Duo smiled, rolling off the bed again, pausing in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Hai." Heero replied, eyeing Duo slowly from head to toe as he stood leaning against the doorframe, then smiled at his naked lover.

Duo winked and turned and entered the bathroom. Turning on the hot water, Duo released his braid before the large mirror, smiling widely at his reflection. Crossing the room to enter the shower, Duo stopped, seeing Heero standing in the doorway, his arms folded across his chest, his eyes wide as he watched Duo's every movement.

"What, Heero ?" Duo asked.

"Nothing….it's just…." Heero's stare was frozen.

"The hair ?" Duo smiled, reaching for several strands, letting them fall through his spread fingers. "You like ?"

Heero nodded dumbly.

Duo grinned, and winking knowingly at the speechless boy, stepped into the shower.


Heero stood in the doorway for several minutes watching Duo's shadow dance against the sheer fabric curtain, taking in every delightful curve of his lover's lanky frame. Duo's soapy hands were gliding slowly over his smooth skin in a most enticing manner, arching his back his hands slid gracefully down his well-toned chest.

Almost certain from his teasing, that Duo was aware of Heero's presence, Heero purposefully cleared his throat, intent on removing any doubt. Duo paused at the sound, then smiling, reached down between his legs, moaning lowly at his touch and the pleasurable sensation he was certain he was causing Heero.

Closing his eyes, Heero's gasped, his body trembling in anticipation at the thought of the upcoming sexual exploration with one undeniably erotic Duo Maxwell.


Heero sat on the edge of the bed smiling, his body once again aroused by Duo. Laying back, Heero fell into a light sleep.


Duo re-entered the room clad in black jogging shorts and a black sleeveless t-shirt.

He smiled down at Heero. His feet were still planted firmly on the floor, his body fully reclined against the bed, looking as if he had almost fell asleep sitting up, his body tumbling mindlessly down onto the bed.

Rubbing the large towel over his hair vigorously with both hands, Duo paused and grinned at the vision before him, washing his eyes hungrily over Heero's remarkable body. "You think you're tired now ? Wait until tonight my love."


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