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Duo, Queen of Hearts (parts 1-5)


Duo waded through the people around him in the crowded bar. He was afraid. Shinigami, Gundam pilot, Death to all of Oz, was afraid. Oz was gone, the war was won. He had turned nineteen this day. None of his friends were there to celebrate. Trowa and Quatre had gone of together. Wufei, well no one knew where he was. The preventers had been trying to find him but he seemed to have vanished. Heero too. He had vanished so well even Relena the queen of the world couldn't find him. The braided boy could admit now that Heero's absence hurt most of all. He had l. . . l. . . //ok so I cant say the l word// Duo thought with anger, //I liked him. I more than liked him but he is gone and now it's time for me to get up on stage, sing my songs and then, what then? Where do I go when this job ends? Back to the street? Damn it but I hate this. Why did it have to come to this?//

 The annoying little voice in his head that was his conscience snickered at him, //because after the suffering you saw in the war, you won't steal money from just ‘anyone' any more. You got soft Duo. You got too picky and now you are all you have left. You sold everything else to survive, now it's time to sell the rest. It's back to blow jobs for you, but is that all they'll want now that you're all grown up?//

 "Heero." Duo whispered the name like a holy mantra. "Heero I waited for you, I waited but. . . it's too late now. Forgive me." with that he got up on the stage of the bar and turned on his famous grin. Luckily no one in the whistling, leering crowd could see his heart. Because in his heart it was raining. As it had been since the war ended, his beloved Deathscythe burned, and Heero disappeared. His smile covered his pain and he smiled and flirted and sang his songs in his high heeled black boots, tight black skirt slit up to his hips and raising up to just under his chest, and billowy, black shirt tied up the front. //Who am I now? I'm the best damn cross-dresser -soon to be prostitute- in the colonies//

 The door to the bar opened and a chill breeze of night air blew inside with a lone figure. The job was done. His target hadn't even had the chance to scream before the blood chocked him to death. That was easy. He hated when it was easy. It gave him no rush, no fun, no way to forget. That was why he had started this business, he became an assassin, to forget.

 Tonight especially he needed that rush of adrenaline, the automatic reflex of shutting of his soul to make the kill. Today was ‘his' birthday. ‘He' being the only person he regretted leaving.  And the pain of that separation would not leave his heart.

 As he sat down at the bar he fingered the golden, ‘lucky',‘Don't fear the reaper' coin He had given him and absently wondered what he was doing at that moment. Was he celebrating with the friends he made so easily wherever he went? Was he spending the day at home? Was he out flirting and dancing and grinning in a place like this one? His hand clutched the glass so tight it shattered.

 The man looked down at the blood and closed his eyes, not in pain present, but in a remembered pain. So much blood.

 "Sir? Sir are you ok?!"

 Hard, piercing eyes looked up at the barkeep and a hard, gun roughed hand took the offered towel and water to clean his hand.

 The barkeep winced at the sight of the stranger digging the glass out with his teeth. Suddenly though, the stranger stopped and his eyes shot toward the stage. Duo! Oh God in heaven don't let him take a liking for Duo! Lord knows what he would do!

 Duo grinned, oblivious to his peril and yelled out. "Ok! This is the last song of the night," an over enthusiastic fan tried to jump up an stage, Duo kicked him down, "Woah Dude, keep your pants on!" He laughed his maniacal laughter and started up his closing song for the night. "Bye bye baby, you better remember you're my baby! When, they give you the eye. . ." He grinned, spread his legs apart to stand spread eagle and rocked his hips to the music, really getting into the beat. He kicked one long leg out and fell to the stage where he promptly kicked another too enthusiastic client with his heeled boot. This went on until the end of the number when he  blew the audience a kiss and waved a slightly mocking ‘bye bye' to them. "With my baby, bye bye."

 When it was finally over Duo walked onto the main floor of the bar room and over to the bar itself. "Joey, Joey could you get me a beer p~lease man?!"

 "Comin' right up Duo." he barkeeps son smiled and sat the can in front of the braided boy. When he was handing it to him the boy whispered, "Duo, there's this weird guy over there watching you, you better not let him get you tonight, not for your first time. If you want I can get you your fee tonight and you can lay low until he's gone, He looks like a soldier, if he carries Oz's grudge against you. . ."

 Duo felt his heart go out to the kid who already knew so much about life's bad side. "Joey, where would you get the money?"

 "I've been saving up for emergencies."

 Duo smiled fondly at the kid. Little Joe could barely see over the counter top, "It's ok Joey. I'll be ok. Keep your money in case ‘you' have a rainy day ok?"

 "But Duo he really scares me! Dad too, dad isn't scared easy but this one scared him!"

 Duo fought to keep his fear down. So this was what he had felt. The dread in his belly all night. It was this stranger Joey was glaring at warily. Duo glanced over at the man who was staring openly at him. His hair was plastered against his head by the rain and hid most his face but there was something. . . Duo gasped as he realized what that something was! "H. . . Heero?! HEERO!!!"

 Joey yelped when Duo darted toward the stranger and hugged him. "DUO!" The child squeaked.

 "Don't worry Joey, it's Heero! He was my best friend, he IS my best friend! Oi! Heero man! What
are you do. . ." Duo found himself shoved onto the floor and the music was cut suddenly. All eyes
were on them. "Heero?" Then Duo noticed the blood, "Oi, Heero you're bleeding!" //damn it Duo he
knows that!// Duo jumped up and took the bloody hand, Heero tried to snatch it back but Duo
wouldn't let go, "Heero, I am going to clean this out, if you don't stop squirming I'll cut it deeper!"

 Heero stopped moving and glared at the American, "Why are you dressed like a damn woman?!
And I do not squirm. "

 Duo grinned, "No of course not." He started tending the wound and the music started again when
people saw everything was fine. Duo finished wrapping Heero's had then looked up into bright cobalt
eyes that he remembered so well. "So Heero, what are you doing now?"

 "Professional killer." He said simply, "you?"

 "Hey, you want a drink? Joey, get Heero here a drink will ya?"

 Joey went to the cabinet and searched, with the info Duo was about to spill it had better be a strong

 "You?" Heero repeated.

 Duo lowered his eyes //well maybe he'll be my first. That's how I wanted it anyway.// "'mawhore." he


 Duo bit his lip, "You are a professional killer, I am a professional fuck."

 Heero grabbed the drink from Joey and tossed the whole huge glass down in one drink.

 "Heero? Heero you ok? That was powerful stuff man are you. . .? EEP!" Duo's eyes went wide
when Heero grabbed his collar and pulled him to his feet.


 "Heero. . . you, you heard me right . . . I sleep with people for money, I give. . ."


 Duo faced Heero as he always had, without flinching. "Heero, I know you might be mad but. . ."

 //Mad?!// Heero thought. //Mad, Duo doesn't begin to describe what I am! I am hurt to high Heaven
and mad as Hell! Damn you! Damn you for giving what should have been mine to them! Damn you
for that!// That thought made him set Duo on his feet again. //what did I just. . . it's true! I want Duo!//

 "Heero? Heero! Man, snap out of it."

 The still short Japanese boy glared up at Duo (who had gained well over a foot), "Why?"

 "I had to eat Heero, and singing just doesn't cut it. If it's any consolation this will be my first night
selling more than my voice."

 "Steal." Heero offered silently offering thanks to every God he knew of that Duo was still untouched
by such perversion.

 "I. . . I can't."

 "Why not?!"

 "The war is over Heero, people are rebuilding their lives and I can't bring myself to steal from them."

 "What about your life?"

 Duo grinned and sat on the bar, his feet on the stool, "Hey this is living. I can breath."

 "In that outfit?"

 He smiled, "So you noticed huh."

 Heero turned red and looked away. //Oh gods I said it out loud.//

 "Joey can I have another over here?"

 The child smiled at him and nodded, bringing a tall glass over to set it beside Duo. Then he looked at
Heero. "You are Heero Yuy."


 The kid smiled, "Duo talks about you all the time. Duo talking about love is a scary thing." He
looked Heero up and down and smiled turning to Duo, "You're right, he does have a killer ass."

 Duo spit his beer out and turned several different shades of embarrassment.

 Heero stared at the wide eyed, blushing ex-pilot in shock. //he likes my ass?//

 Joey smirked and walked into the back room, leaving Duo to explain his comment to Heero.

 "Anou. . . ah. . . kid's today heh? What they say."

 "Is it true?" Heero asked, looking him in the eye.

 "Wha. . ." Duo blushed, "You do have a really nice butt."

 "The other."


 "He said you talked about me and . . ."

 "Oh. . ." Duo said as comprehension dawned on him.

 "Yes. Oh." Heero mimicked.

 "I ah. . . that is I. . .  Kuso."

 "That's no word for a lady to say." A man beside the bar said.

 "For the hundred and twenty third time! I am NOT a girl!" Duo looked at the drunk with a comical
exasperated expression on his heart shaped face.

 "One of your admirers?"

 "The baka comes in here every night, gets drunk, and then calls me a girl. It gets old."


 "Who're you callin' -hic- cow girly?"

 "I said ‘baka' not ‘vaca'."

 "Wha. . .?"

 Heero growled and took Duo's arm. "Where is your room?"

 Duo gasped at the unexpected move and pointed to the back room of the bar, "u. . . up the stair
back there, third door on the left." He had hardly finished the answer when Heero dragged him
toward the stair way."

 "Duo?" The bartender asked.

 "It's ok, Joe." He smiled even though he didn't feel it. Heero was. . . was he hiring him? //well I
wanted him to be my first.// Duo thought sadly, //but not like this.//

 Heero closed the door to Duo's room behind him and stared in shock. "It's clean!"

 Duo fidgeted and avoided Heero's gaze, "Well I need to keep it clean for my. . . costumers'


 "Well, what do you want?"

 "I want to talk to you, baka!"

 Duo looked up, a spark of his old humor back in his eyes along with relief, he wasn't hiring him, their
relationship was still untainted. "Heero Yuy -wants- to talk?! Call the news men and stop the press!"


 "You act more human now. You've changed since the war ended, Heero."

 "So have you."

 Duo lowered his gaze again and smiled half heartedly, "Well, this life can do that to you."

He quickly changed the subject, "Are you with Relena now that you've come back?"

 "Why would I be with her?"

 "She's nuts about you, man, and she did offer you a job."

 "I have a job."

 That made Duo smile again, "Heero the hit-man."


 "At least you got rid of that damned lap top."

 "It's in the truck." he admitted.

 Duo shook his head, "Heeeero! You have to get off that thing! Live real life for a little while, ne?
Where are you staying?"

 "In the truck."

 "No you aren't, you are staying right here with me."

 "What about your. . ."

 "Like I said, I haven't started yet, I was going to tonight but I can put it off for a while. Come on,
Heero, we'll be roomies! Just like old times."

 Duo's smile sent warmth shooting through him and Heero found himself nodding, "Fine."

 The braided American whooped with glee, and hugged Heero tight, then dodged back quickly as if to
avoid a fist.

 "Duo." Heero glared at him.

 "Can't be too careful, ne, Heero?"

 "Hn, baka."

 Duo just grinned. His heart had come home.

<Part 2>

 Duo kicked the door open and struggled with the bags in his arms. "Oh, shit, they're gonna fall. Heero? Heero!"

 The bags fell only to be snatch mid-fall as Heero slid under the falling packages.

 "Oi, thanks, dude." Duo wiped the sweat from her face.


 "Oh, come on, man, I know you're dying to ask what I bought."

 Heero frowned, and sat the bags on the bar that separated the living room/bedroom from the tiny

 "Well, since you asked. . ." Duo grinned.

 "Hn, baka." Heero muttered and sat back down by the laptop.

 "I got us some movies, the vid place is going out of business, and some ice cream, and some
whipped cream, and some. . ."

 "Did you get anything that wont give you an instant sugar high?"

 Duo thought a bit. "Anou. . ."

 "Next time I'm shopping."

 "Well Joe and Joey usually feed me."




 "Do you want to see my new outfit?"


 "You'll hate it!" Duo said grinning.

 Heero groaned. Duo turned around and showed Heero the black dress. It was actually more like
two pieces of dress-shaped cloth held together by a few cloth straps that connected front and back.
When he turned it around Heero reassessed his observation. It was a piece and a half of dress
shaped cloth. The back would start a bit below the small of Duo's back.

 "So? What do you think."

 "Where's the rest of it?"

 Duo grinned and his violet eyes flashed, "This is it."

 "You aren't wearing that."

 He laughed and placed it in his chifforobe, "So, did ya kill anyone today?"


 "Ah, another one?"


 Duo laughed, "What did he do wrong?"

 Heero shrugged and used the computer to place his fee from the clients account to his.

 "How much did his death contribute to the Heero-Yuy-foundation?"


 "Two thousand?"

 "Two million."

 Duo spit out the pop he was drinking. "Two million dollars?!!"


 "Holy shit!"

 "God had nothing to do with it." Heero closed the laptop and stood, "Close your mouth, your tongue
is getting dusty."

 Duo complied, "How'd you get someone to pay that much?!"

  Heero yawned, "It's a peaceful time. Hard to find assassins. We charge what we want."

 "I chose the wrong profession!"

 //You're just realizing that?! Damn it, Duo, do you know the Hell I went through when I saw you in
that damn dress?! When you told me you were a prostitute?! Do you know how much I want to take
you away from here? But I can't. I have you with me, that's all that matters. I. . . I can't risk losing
what little part of your life I have a place in.//

 "Heero? Yo, Earth to Yuy." Duo frowned, "Heero. Snap out of it. I was joking. Heero?"


 "Man you spaced out on me for a second there."

 ". . ."

 Duo rolled his eyes, "Well, it's six o'clock. I have to shower and," Duo raised his voice to a falsetto
and gave a girlish wink, "pretty myself up."

 "Hn. Baka."

 "You know it, baby." Duo tossed over his shoulder.

 Heero stiffened. Had Duo just called him baby?! "I'm going down to get a drink." Heero called
through the bathroom door.

 "Ok. Tell Joe I'll be down at eight."


 "And, Heero."


 "I'm wearing the dress."


 Duo's laughter floated through the room and Heero glared at the offensive strip of material in the
open chifforobe. Without a second thought he snatched it from the hanger and hid it between the
mattresses. He nodded then went downstairs. //Duo you are NOT wearing that in public while I'm
  Duo emerged from his shower to find his dress missing. "Heero!" He looked around for a little and
then sighed and put on his make-up and braided his hair. "Two can play at this game Yuy!"
  The crowed suddenly went wild! Heero looked up and promptly fell off of his chair. Duo was doing
his routine in his very small towel and nothing more! "Duo! Omae wa koruso!"

 Duo smiled at him from stage and waved.

 Heero bounded up onto the platform and grabbed the Braided boy down. "Duo!"

 "Hey! Everyone I'd like you to meet my roomie Heero. He's the reason for the. . . special show

 The audience cheered, and Heero glared at Duo.

 "Where is my dress Hee-chan?" Duo asked in a whisper.

 "Between the mattresses." Heero growled.

 "If you don't go get it I'll finish the whole act in this towel, and you know these darn things just don't
stay up."

 Heero glanced Down at the towel then back up at Duo then bolted for the room to retrieve the

 Duo chuckled and looked out at the audience. "One minute please." He walked backstage and took
the dress from Heero, quickly slipping it on.

 The groans of protest were heard throughout the bar and Duo smiled his apology. "Sorry, fellas,
Hee-chan didn't appreciate my first outfit."

 Off stage Heero ground his teeth. //Duo, I am going to get you for this one.//

 That night when Duo stepped into his room, Heero was standing over his laptop with a frown on his

 "What is it, Heero?"

 "One of your fans just sent me a mission to kill someone."



 Duo stared for a moment than fell to the floor laughing. "Oh, that is rich!"

 Heero glared.

 "Gomen, Heero. But you are the one who hid my costume."

 "If you want to flaunt yourself in front of those drunken idiots, go ahead then! It isn't as if I care!"
Heero growled.

 Duo's eyes widened and he turned swiftly to walk into the bathroom and slam the door.


 "I'm washing my damn hair, ok, Heero?!"

 Heero sat on the bed they shared and held his head in his hand. //damn it. I didn't mean to. . . I
mean. . . god, I hope I haven't pushed him away for good! Damn my temper!//
  Duo stood in the shower with tears running over his face mixing with the water. //Damn, why does
Heero have to be so. . . so cold?! Why do I have to care about him. Damn bastard!//


 "I'm washing my damn hair, ok, Heero?!" Duo said in a choked sob.

 There was a few minuets of silence and then Heero kicked the door in.

 "Damn it, Heero! There goes my deposit!"

 "Duo, I will not let you lock me out like that!"

 "Why not? You've been locking me out for five years!"

 Heero's eyes flashed, "I was a soldier, I had no choice!"

 "And what is your excuse now?! My profession? Do I embarrass you? Hm? Your friend the
queen?" Then Duo just started to laugh.

 Heero was afraid he was losing his mind. "Duo? Duo! Snap out of it!"

 "N. . . no, Heero, it's just. . . I just realized, now you know two queens!"


 "Queen of the world and Queen of the night life!" Duo's laughter slowly turned into tears and he slid
down into the bath tub and cried.

 "Duo." Heero climbed under the spray fully clothed and pulled the shaking boy into his arms. "Duo,
I'm sorry! I didn't mean too, I mean. . . I didn't want. . . Oh, Duo."

 Duo held Heero tight, refusing to let go, "I'm sorry, Heero. I'm so sorry I couldn't be more, I tried!
But no one wanted to hire an ex-pilot and known thief, this was all I could do It's all I knew. Heero,
I'm sorry."

 Heero felt his own tears falling over his cheeks. "I don't care, Duo."


 "I don't care if you are a queen a coroner or a cop."


 "Ok, maybe a cop I'd have problems with."

 Duo smiled and Heero's heart rose at the sight. "Heero, I. . ."

 "But, hooker I can't handle."

 "Oh." His face fell.

 Heero smiled this time. "That's why I'm giving you enough to make sure you never have to sell
anything but your voice."

 Duo pushed him away and glared at him. "I don't take charity, Heero."

 Heero frowned, "Is that what you think?"

 "What else?"

 "I don't want anyone touching you but me!" Heero grabbed Duo to him again, "I love you, you damn
baka! Don't you dare try to sell away what is mine."

 "Y. . . you. . ."

 "Don't think you'll get me to say that again, it was hard enough the first time."

 "You do realize you've used up your word quota for the next two or three weeks in this conversation
don't you?"

 Heero laughed and shook his head, "Duo no baka."

 Duo pulled Heero's lips to his. "Heero no koibito."


 "You're soaked you know."

 "Maybe I should get out of these clothes."

 "That sounds like a good idea." Duo grinned and stripped Heero of his shirt.

 Heero touched his lips to Duo's in soft reverence that deepened into hard desire.

<Part 3>

Duo woke up the next morning with a smile and he snuggled closer to Heero's chest. They had spent the whole night in each other's arms but Heero refused to take him any further than heavy petting. The ex pilot had said he wanted their first time to be on their wedding night. Duo could barely breath. A proposal! From Heero Yuy!! "Pinch me, I must be dreaming." He sighed.

 A sharp pain in his side brought him back to real life.


 "You told me to pinch you." Heero flashed a small grin and Duo sighed and cuddled chest to chest.

 "As literal as ever." Duo smiled and kissed him tenderly. "Ohayo."

 "Ohayo." Heero breathed and placed a sleepy kiss on the other boy's lips.

 After some more petting and playing, Duo pushed himself up and gave Heero one last kiss. "I love
you." He smiled.

 "Me too."

 Duo grinned at Heero's reluctance to say the L- word and started to get dressed in a pair of black
jeans and a black T-shirt. When he reached up to brush his hair, Heero's hand stopped him. "Heero,
wha. . .?"

 "Let me." He breathed, his words sliding over Duo's neck in an exotic dance.

 Duo could only barely respond, "h' okay."

 Heero was very careful not to cause Duo any pain. Smoothing the brush softly though the bottom of
the luscious cascade and working his way up to the top. Duo fairly melted under the tender

 "Mmmm s'good." Duo mumbled and leaned back, resting his head on Heero's shoulder and kissing
his neck, "You know, I'll never get to rehearsal at this rate." He smiled.

 "Aa." Heero leaned into the kiss and held Duo closer.

 After half an hour that way, Joey came to knock on Duo's door and tell him they were all waiting for
him to come down.

 "Coming." Duo answered.

 "Not yet." Heero purred.

 Duo blushed and braided his hair quickly as he ran downstairs.

 Heero sat at the bar and watched the rehearsal. Duo was radiant even in his street clothes. He just
bleed joy and energy, no one could resist his charm. Not even the perfect soldier. Duo had wriggled
his way into Heero's heart and Heero had no complaints.

 A sudden ruckus in the back of the room called halt to the rehearsal and Duo's boss, Joe the
barkeep, through the opening act out the door and slammed it in the man's face.

 "Joe?" Duo asked from stage, "What happened?"

 "Idiot snuck crack in here, he knew that I won't allow that stuff in my bar."

 "But we open in five minuets! Where will we get an opening act? The guy was a jerk but he was also
damn good!"

 "I know." Joe frowned, "We could have a karaoke night."

 "But we do that every Friday, it's Thursday, people come in to listen, not to partake."

 "So what do we do?"

 Duo frowned, no plan was forthcoming.

 "Mission accepted." Heero said in his monotone.

 "Nanda?!" Duo's eyes were wide as saucers, "Heero. . . can you even sing?"

 "Well seeing as we open in two minuets we're about to find out." Joe said, "You don't have to do
drag, just get on some tight jeans and a black shirt and do your stuff."

 Heero had just enough time before the customers started arriving to ask himself what the hell he was
doing, then the music started and he was stuck.
  Duo sat at the piano, still in his street clothes, he saw Heero hesitate and started to play a song he
had sung enough times to know that Heero must have learned the words.

 The perfect soldier sighed at the song Duo was playing. It was the same song that had played over
and over in his head when Duo and he parted the first time. It was the song he had subconsciously
labeled as ‘theirs'.

<I don't need to fall at your feet,>

<just cause you cut me to the bone>
  He rocked his hips to the beat, and Duo smiled, he was really getting into this! //this is gonna be
<And I wont miss the way that you kissed me,>

<we were never carved in stone.>
 Heero blew the startled boy a kiss and smiled, a real smile, and shook his head no. It felt like Heero
was singing the song for them! Duo had to admit it sounded like their partnership.

<If I don't listen to the talk of the town,>

<then maybe I can fool myself.>
<I'll get over you, I know I will.>

<I'll pretend my ships not sinking.>

<And I'll tell myself, I'm over you,>

<Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.>

<Yes I'm the King of wishful thinking.>
 Duo watched Heero dance around the stage with a new perspective. //Is that how you really felt
Heero? Me too. We were so stupid, so lost. But now we're together, we've found ourselves.//
<I refuse to give into my blues,>

<that's not how it's gonna be.>
 Heero pushed his hands toward Duo and jumped back still moving to the beat as he did.

<And I deny these tears in my eyes,>

<I don't wanna let you see.>
 He wiped his arm over his eyes, vanishing imaginary tears and looked guiltily at the piano player,
then winked and turned away.

<That you have made a hole in my heart.>

<And now I have to fool myself.>
  Duo felt his heart break, //Heero I'm so sorry.//
<I'll get over you, I know I will.>

<I'll pretend my ships not sinking.>

<And I'll tell myself, I'm over you,>

<Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.>
 Both boys now had real tears in their eyes and Heero didn't bother to hide them this time.

 Duo had unconsciously started to sing the last verse with Heero, their voices melded perfectly as
their hearts. Joe and little Joey smiled at the magic they were witnessing.
 Heero took over solo again to sing. . .

<I'll never more shed a tear for you,>

<I'll get over you I know I will.>
  Duo's solo followed and he sang back. . .
<If we don't listen to the talk of the town,>

<then maybe we can fool ourselves.>
  Finally their voices melding again and they both smiled through the tears.
 <I'll get over you, I know I will.>

<I'll pretend my ships not sinking.>

<And I'll tell myself, I'm over you,>

<Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.>
 <I'll get over you, I know I will.>
 Heero sang. . .

<You made a hole in my heart.>

<Never more shed a tear for you.>

<cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.>
Duo countered. . .
 <I'll get over you, I know I will.>

<I'll pretend my heart's still beating.>

<I've got no more tears for you,>

<Cause I'm the king of wishful thinking.>
Duo stopped playing and climbed up to stand by Heero. They took each others hands and sang
accapello together and slightly modified.
 <I can't get over you, I never will.>

<You made a home in my heart.>

<Now I'm through saying, I'm over you.>

<. . . >
  As they trailed off they embraced each other tightly and missed the applause they got. Each too
caught up in the others eyes. Their tears mingled as they kissed.

 "Heero. . ."

 "Duo. . ."

 "I'm so sorry." They both said together, then laughed and hugged each other again.

 "Hey you two!" Joe called up to them, "I don't run -THAT- kind of place."

 Duo flashed a V for victory sign and the crowed cheered again.

 Heero put his arm around the braided boy's waist and smiled, "Hn, baka."

 Duo grinned and whispered back, "Yeah but I'm your baka Hee-chan."

 "Hn." Heero smiled back and kissed away one of Duo's stray tears. "My koibito." He whispered.

 Duo thought he would drown in the joy he felt. //Oh Heero.//

<Part 4>

It was as if Duo was walking on air since that night. A week later he was still so happy he was glowing. Heero watched with thinly veiled admiration. //Mine.//

 ". . . ne Heero?" Duo finished.

 Heero shook himself from his reverie. "Nanda?"

 "I asked if you wanted to go to the movies with me tonight." Duo smiled, "I haven't been out in
forever and Joe gave me today off, my night is free for the first time in a year, so lets make use of it

 The perfect soldier couldn't help but smile. Hopefully Duo would never find out about the death
threat he had made to get this night free for the two of them. "Sure."

 Duo almost jumped for joy, "Honto?! Oh! Thank you Heero!!!" He glomped the stoic boy tightly.

 Heero wrapped his arms around the other boy to steady them before both ended up on the floor.
This made Duo even happier. The boy was almost giddy with happiness. Heero felt it deep in his
soul. Duo's mood's were contagious!

 "So what are we going to see?"

 Heero thought for a moment. "The Deadly Games, Lethal Opponents double feature is playing at the
mall theater."

 Duo shivered, "Isn't that that new one based on the book by Ana Mayle? You know, the one with
demons and vampires, and gory sword fights and. . ."


 Duo grinned and hugged Heero again, "ALRIGHT!!!"

 Heero just shook his head.

 As they waited for the movie to get started, Heero watched Duo toss the popcorn piece by piece
into the air and catch each kernel in his mouth. One missed and bounced of the tip of  his pert nose.
Heero caught it on the rebound.

 "Oi Heero babe! Good catch! Try this one." Duo tossed a kernel his way.

 It bounced off the immobile boy's forehead and Duo caught it giggling. This snapped Heero from his
shock. "Did you just call me babe?"

 Duo blushed and shrugged, "Well you -are- gorgeous."

 Heero gave him a look half way between a smile and complete loss. Luckily, before Duo could
comment the movie started.

 Half way into the show Duo was practically cutting of circulation in Heero's arm he was holing on so

 "Duo, don't tell me you, a Gundam pilot, are scared of a movie."

 "It's freaky Heero!" Duo insisted.

 "Duo, it's a fantasy/romance."

 "Yeah where the bad guys get their guts torn out through their throats!"

 Heero sighed and wrapped his arm more closely around the braided boy. //Thank you Miss Mayle.//
he thought happily.

 The heroine was face to face with Satan himself. four months pregnant and high on the blood of his
minions, she drew her sword and charged him. the screen went white with the sparks that followed
and Heero found himself with a lap full of Duo.  He could feel the affect -that- had on him. His groin
hardened immediately and he bit back a groan as Duo wriggled around to peak at the movie from
behind his hair. Despite his discomfort Heero chuckled at the childish behavior that his friend was
showing. When finally there was an intermission in the double feature,  Heero and Duo stood and
stretched their legs.

 Heero knew he had to get rid of the raging hard-on that was straining against his jeans. "I. . . I have to
go to the men's room." He said moving out of the theatre.

 Duo smiled and bounced long behind him, "I'll go with you," He smiled.

 Heero gave him an odd look.

 "I need to wash my hands, artificial butter." Duo explained.

 When they reached the bathrooms they were empty. Heero was walking toward one of the stalls
when Duo placed his hand right over the other boy's erection. The silent pilot gasped and turned
wide eyes to his boyfriend.

 Duo winked, "Can I help you with that?" He asked with an erotic smile.

 Heero gasped and licked his lips, "anou. . . Duo. . ."

 Duo smiled, "We don't have to go -all- the way Hee-chan." He led the blushing boy into the
handicap stall and press him against the wall. "I can. . . relieve you, with this." He ran his tongue over
Heero's mouth and Heero gasped at the sensation.

 "D. . . Duo we're in a public restroom!"

 "Mmm, so?" He asked as he unbuttoned Heero's pants and took his throbbing member into his

 "Duo. . . Duo th. . . this is illegal!" Heero gasped as Duo started to suckle the length of him. lightly at
first then harder. "Duuuuooooo!" He groaned and Duo reached up to place his hand over Heero's

 "Mmm." Duo smiled up at him. The vibrations that hummed warning made sent Heero over the edge.
He thrust hard into Duo's mouth a couple times and then the world exploded as his seed spilled out.

 Duo swallowed it all then looked up at Heero and licked his lips. "Mmm, to bad they don't sell that
drink at the concession stand." He grinned and kissed Heero's slack lips gently as he rebuttoned his
jeans. "We'll miss the second half of the movie if we don't hurry."

 Heero looked down at Duo's jeans, "y. . . but you. . ."

 The braided boy smiled. "You can take care of me when we get home." He smiled and he and
Heero left the restroom together. Duo whispered into the the boy's ear, "I'll do a special dance just
for you."

 The assassin shivered and nodded. When they took their seats, Duo deliberately sat on Heero's lap.
"What are you. . .?"

 "This is more comfortable than that hard seat." Duo smiled.

 Heero relaxed and let Duo lay his head on his chest. They sat like that for the rest of the movie.
When it was over, they walked home hand in hand.

 //Home.// Heero thought. //This is the first time I have called any place home. But it isn't the
apartment that I think of as home, it's Duo. It's anywhere he is. That is my home.//

 "Oi Heero." Duo smiled, laying his head on the other boy's shoulder.


 "Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?"

 "You." He answered truthfully.

 Duo cuddled closer to him and smiled, all of his love for the Japanese pilot shinning in his eyes. "I'm

 Heero nodded and wrapped him arm around the boy's waist. "So am I."
  When they got back to the bar, the couple got some angry glares from Duo's. . . fans. They weren't
too happy about Hero stealing the boy from them.

 Joe watched the two walk up to their rooms and smiled. Duo was finally really happy.

 Once in their apartment, Duo kissed Heero firmly on the lips, pressing the startled boy down to the
couch. "Mmmm." Heero murmured against his love's lips. "Duo wha. . ."

 Duo brought his questing mouth to Heero's neck and licked the salty skin there with his moist tongue
eliciting a groan from the boy beneath him.
  A sudden knocking on the door brought them both out of their reverie Duo opened it to find a very
nervous Joey standing there shaking. "Joey wha. . .?"

 "Duo, Its Max. He's back and he's really pissed that you aren't singing tonight. H. . . he heard about
Heero and he started tearing up the place, dad is bleeding and. . ."

 "Shh." Duo looked back at the couch where Heero lay. "You stay here ok Joey, I'll deal with Max
and bring your dad up."

 Joey nodded and sniffled and Duo led him to the couch. "Heero there's some trouble downstairs,
watch Jojo for me."


 "It's ok Heero, nothing I can't deal with." Duo flashed a V for victory and then ran out the door and
down the stairs.

 Heero turned to Joey, "Start from the beginning." He ordered.
  Duo snuck out and back behind the bar out of Max's sight. He swore when he saw Joe, leaning up
against the back wall. His head was covered in blood, but at least he was still conscious. "Joe?"

 "Duo, God I'm glad you're here!" He gasped. "Max is. . ."

 "Joey told me." Duo whispered and patted the blood clear of the wound so he could see it better.
"You head for the stairs ok? Get up there and have Heero fix this up."

 "But D. . ."

 Duo laughed, "It's a good thing you're bald as a babies rear."

 Joe growled at the mention of his hairless state and Duo shoved him toward he stairs.


 Max looked up from the couple he was terrorizing when Duo stood up an jumped over the bar.
"Duo! They were lying when they said you had someone else weren't they pretty one? You haven't
left your Max."

 Duo sighed, "I was never -With- you to begin with Max, you know that."

 "Who is he?!!" The drunk raged, "Who is the son of a bitch who stole you from me??!!!"

 Duo glared at the huge man, hands on his hips, "You can't steal something that is already yours and
I have been Heero's since the moment I saw him!"

 "Heero is it?! Your own personal white knight?! What did he do?! Sweep you off your feet?!" Max
was getting very loud and most of he customers had run away. "Damn you! You're mine!"

 Duo ducked the punch that Max threw at him and the giant man slammed into the bar and crashed
through to the other side.  "You're going to have to pay for that you know." Duo informed him.

 "Slut! Whore! Damn you!" Max jumped at Duo again and once again the agile ex-pilot jumped out
of the way. Max staggered to regain his balance.

 "Call the cops." Duo said to one of the few patrons left. Then dodged another punch.  "Max! Stop
it! You'll hurt somebody!"

 "Where is he?! Where is your Heero?! I'll show you hurt!"

 The braided American got a dangerous glint in his eye, "Don't you dare threaten Heero." He said

 Max pulled out a gun and pointed it at Duo's head just as Heero came down the stairs. "Duo Joe is
fine he just. . . Duo!"

 "So you're his Heero!." Max growled, "If I can't have him you sure as Hell can't."

 Heero lunged for Duo just as the gun went off, but he was too late! The bullet ripped through the
braided boy and Duo fell to the dirty bar floor. Shock written over his face. "DUO!"

Heero pulled out his own gun and shot Max point blank in the head. then without even giving the
dead man a second look, he fell to his knees and held Duo to him. "Call an ambulance." He hissed at
the man who had just finished calling the police.

 "Wha. . ."


 The poor guy did as he was told.


 "H. . Heero?"

 "You're going to be ok. I promise, you're going to be ok. And then we'll get married and get a real

 Duo's eyes were glazed over as shock was setting in. "And a dog?" He asked.

 Heero felt tears prickling the back of his eyes, "Hai. Hai Duo and a dog. Any dog you want."

 Duo smiled weakly, "A big shaggy shepherd dog."

 Heero nodded and stroked his face, "Hai, we can name him Rugs."

 Duo nodded, "Rugs." and started to close his eyes.

 "No! Duo!"

 "wha. . ."

 "Stay awake ok, look at me!"

 "who're you?"

 Heero's heart fell. "Heero, remember? Your fiancé."

 Duo shook his Head, "Heero doesn't talk as much as you do."

 Relief flooded the ex-pilot and he sobbed raggedly, "Hang on Duo, help is coming."

 "Heero. . ."

 "Hai, Duo?"

 "I love you."

 "Me too."

 Duo chuckled weakly, "ne'er coul' say it." Then his head rolled back and he passed out from blood

 "Duo. Duo!" Heero tried to wake him up. "Duo damn it you aren't allowed to die! Shinigami can't
die! Duo!"

 The paramedics rushed in and placed Duo on a stretcher. Heero climbed into the back of the
ambulance with him.

 "Wit a sec. Are you family?" One asked him.

 "I'm his fiancé." Heero glared, daring the man to question him.

 "anou. . ."

 "Get moving." Heero told him, "I am not leaving his side."

 "ok man, take it easy."

 Heero growled and the paramedic busied himself with Duo's bandages.
  Heero waited outside the surgery. Quatre and Trowa had shown up an hour ago, but he had yet to
acknowledge the couple. He just paced in front of the door. When the doctor came out he almost
pounced on him. "How is he?"

 "You are."

 "His fiancé!" Heero growled anxiously, "How is he?!"

 "The bullet grazed the nerve centers in his brain." The doctor explained. "It wont affect  upper body
in any way. . . but there is a 50/50 chance that his legs will be paralyzed if he wakes, and a 60/40
chance of memory loss."

 "What do you mean, if he wakes?" Quatre asked.

 "He is in a coma."

 Heero's heart fell to his feet and he stood there, frozen. Duo, laughing, happy, his Duo, never
walking again? His Duo was in a coma?! No! Not his Duo!

 "Do you want to see him?' The doctor asked. "Your voice might help."

 Heero licked his lips and nodded. //Duo.//

<Part 5>

    Heero walked into the room, completely quiet, the boy on the bed, covered in wires and surrounded by machines that buzzed and beeped, that wasn't Duo. Duo would have had loud music on and been surrounded by his favorite mangas and maybe flowers that a fan had surprised him with. That was Duo. His Duo. And now his wonderful, beautifully insane Duo was laying in a coma because he hadn't gotten there in time. //Duo.//

    The doctor gave him a soft push forward, "talk to him, let him hear your voice. It might help."

    Heero swallowed passed the lump lodged in his throat and walked to Duo's bedside. He took the
boy's hand and in a choked voice he began to speak. "Duo. Hn, last time we were in a building like
this it was me shackled to the bed." He bit his lip and stroked the unconscious boy's hair away from
his face. "I told them they couldn't cut your hair. You would have never forgiven that ne Duo? When
I saw you for the first time, I couldn't tell of you were a boy or a girl with all that hair. Not until you
spoke. Wake up Duo, let me. . . let me hear your voice again."

    The doctor and nurses watched in silence. They had been informed of the boys prior life as
Gundam pilots when all of the scars and healed broken bones in Duo's body led them to ask about
his profession. It seemed so unfair that he would have gotten through the wars almost untouched only
to lose his ability to walk and maybe even to think for himself to a drunkard in a gay bar.

    The police told them that the man was dead. Killed by a shot fired strait at his face at point blank
range. They all agreed it was the other boy's work. He was so protective of Duo. No one could
blame him. The ex-pilot was silent again and the doctor ushered the nurses out then approached
Heero slowly.

    "He has a good change of living."

    "What kind of life could Duo lead crippled?"

    "As good a life as you allow him. People do a lot of things from wheelchairs. Even play basketball,
even dance. Don't give up on him Heero. I think you will be a key factor in his getting better."

    Quatre and Trowa moved toward the bed and looked up at the doctor in askance, "Do you
expect him to wake up doctor?"

    "As I said, I think Heero will be a key part in determining that. Where Duo is now there is no pain,
he is living inside of a dream, there has to be something out here worth coming back to for him to
wake up. I think for Duo, that would be Heero."

    "Duo no baka." Heero stroked the back of the boy's hand, "come back to me."

    "Maybe we should leave them." Quatre hinted. "I'm the one paying for his medical care you had
some forms for me. . ."

    Heero barely took note of the voices moving away. His whole being was centered on Duo. //You
have to get well Duo. You have to come home to me.//
    Heero became a regular at the hospital. People who worked there knew that under no
circumstance except the most dire, were they to disturb the silent angel who watched over Duo
Maxwell. The last nurse who had tried to talk to him had ended up a hospital patient himself and even
though the doctor had had a stern talk with the Japanese youth, it wasn't worth the risk.

    Quatre and Trowa stayed with Heero in Duo's apartment. Even though the stoic boy told them he
didn't need them, he was glad they were there. It would have been hard to live in Duo's home without
Duo, alone.

    Every day Heero spent by Duo's side. Only to be dragged away at night by one of the others. He
kept his work as a hit man up during the nights, but nothing meant anything to him anymore except
that Duo would be ok. Would wake up and glare at Heero for waking him so early. Anything but the
constant hum of the machines and the sterile white walls of the hospital room.

    Every one was surprised when Heero walked in the next week with both arms full of black roses.
He placed them in slim, black  vases all around the room and tucked the last one carefully  into Duo's
hair. "I. . . Duo. . . these are for you. One rose for every time that I couldn't say I loved you." Heero
stroked the pale cheek of his love and closed his eyes against the truth of his situation. "Please Duo,
wake up so that you can see them, and so that I can make it up to you."

    The next week Heero started bringing Duo a manga each day and sitting on the side of the hospital
bed, he would read them to the prone form. Occasionally stopping to ask Duo why the hell he read
that garbage, but every so often, smiling at a joke or guessing ahead at the plot.

    As days went by, Heero changed little by little. Duo's state was drawing Heero out more from his
shell. Without the pilots constant chatter, he was the one who had to talk. And for Duo, he did.

    "It stormed last night Duo. You should have seen the lightning! It turned the sky bright as day, and
the streaks it made across the sky reminded me of the thermal scythes you used in battle. There was
that one moment, I wanted to kiss you so badly! I wanted to hold you and watch the rain together.
When you wake up, we'll have to do that sometime."

    Quatre and Trowa stood silent in the doorway, listening, unwilling to break the moment.

    "Joe gave us permission to put a balcony on our apartment. Overlooking the park." Heero stroked
Duo's palm with his thumb. "I've started building it. When it's done, it will be perfect. There will even
be a small cover so we can stand out on it and not get wet if it rains. Can't have death catching a cold
now can we?"

    "Heero." Quatre finally said.

    The soldier spun to face the intruders and relaxed only slightly when he saw who they were.


    "How is he?"

    Heero turned to the boy laying on the bed and his face softened for his Duo. "He will come back."

    Quatre smiled softly and nodded, unwilling to tarnish his friend's hope. "Relena flew in last night
Heero. She is in the waiting room."

    His eyes hardened at this, "She came to see me, didn't she. She couldn't give a damn that Duo is
hurt. She only came when she found out that I was here with him."

    Quatre lowered his head, unable to argue with the truth.

    "She can rot in that waiting room then, I came here to be with Duo."

    "Heero. . ."

    The fire in Heero's gaze shut Quatre up very quickly. He and Trowa left to break the news to
Relena and Heero picked up the latest manga that he had brought the boy. "This is a new one, it is
American, I thought you would like that. They call it the X-Men." He propped Duo into a sitting
position and sat on the bed beside him. "In Winchester New York lies Xaviers school for gifted
youngsters. A cover for a safe house for all mutant kind. In this mansion live the X-Men. People
gifted with extraordinary powers, fighting for a society that hates them. . . heh, sounds familiar ne

    "Heero. . ."

    The boy's eyes shot toward the door and focused on Relena. "Does he know what you are saying
Heero?" She asked, walking closer.

    Heero jumped from the bed and blocked her way, "Do you care? He has been here almost a
month now. Did you come before word got out that I was here too?"

    "I've been busy. . ."

    "You're lying."

    "Heero, only you could make me risk my political image as I am doing now."

    "What risk?"

    "What will the people think of me visiting the sick bed of a drag queen Heero? Especially when it
comes to light that he was a. . . friend, before this."

    "You were never Duo's friend. You barely tolerated him because you were jealous of the two of
us even before we knew what we had."

    "Heero, I. . . listen to me.  I came to give you one more chance. You could have the world!
Literally! You could be my king. I could give you children, a life worth living! What could he give you
that I could not!" She pointed to the prone figure in the bed.

    Heero slapped her hand down and glared at her, "Love, Relena. He gives me the rest of my soul.
That is something that you could never give my, because you don't have it. Understand? My soul
belongs to Duo.


    He pushed her toward the door and moved to sit with Duo, once more, "If you don't want to visit
Duo for Duo, then I suggest you leave Relena. Find a man you are not delusional about and have his
children and give him your world. I don't want it."

    "I've never hear you say so much in one sentence." Relena coaxed, trying to buy time.

    "Duo can't talk right now, so I'll talk for him." Heero picked up the comic and placed a light kiss
on Duo's still lips, "I'm back love. Now where were we?"

    The queen of the world watched the two boys until she couldn't see them through her tears, then
she left, leaving the broken shards of her dream and delusion to lie on the hospital floor.
     The weeks dragged on and Heero kept bringing Duo flowers, and sitting with him all day long,
every day. He brought Duo his headphones and music to listen to. That's when it happened.

    Heero placed the headphones on Duo's ears, "Here, Duo, I brought you your songs." He said and
turned the music on.

    Duo's body jumped in the hospital bed and the boy's hand shot up to his ears and tore the things
of in one, jerky motion. His head thrashed on the bed and he whimpered helplessly. Heero grabbed
his hand and the struggles stopped, Duo settled back down. "Duo, I'm here, shh, I'm here." Heero
looked at the headphones helplessly, what had happened?! He smoothed Duo's hair and kissed his

    Heero went to see the doctor that night after visiting hours ended. He told him what had happened
to Duo and then waited expectantly.

    The doctor smiled, "He is waking up. Slowly, but he is waking up."

    Heero nodded and waited for the doctor to explain more. Trying not to get his hopes too high.

    "He has been able to hear you lately and to tell times when you will be there. The nurse put his
music on after you left and he was fine. He didn't want it to interfere with his time with you. He
knows Heero. He hears you."

    Heero had tears running unnoticed down his cheeks when he left the doctor. Quatre and Trowa
caught hold of him when he almost collapsed in the hallway.

    "Heero?! What happened?! Is Duo. . . ?!"

    "He can hear me." He said softly, then hugged the two startled boys to him. "Gods! He can hear
me! He's waking up!"

    Neither of them could think of anything to say to that, so they hugged him back and laughed with
     Duo blinked, startled, he had had the strangest dream! He tried to turn his head but to do so hurt,
his neck was stiff. And his throat was dry! Slightly disoriented he tried to stand up, but something
was wrong! His legs buckled beneath him an he fell to the floor. Wait. . . this wasn't there apartment!
Had Oz. . . no! Oz was gone. What in the. . . "He. . . Heero? Heero!" He rasped past the dryness.
     Heero was pulled from his dreams when Duo's phone rang. He almost fell out of bed snatching it
up, "moshi moshi."

    "He's awake."

    The phone fell from suddenly useless hands. "Duo!" He threw on his clothes and sped off to the
hospital. Trowa looked at the phone sleepily then picked it up. "nani?"

    "Duo Maxwell is awake."

    "Quatre. . . get up." Trowa handed him the phone.

    Another dash ensued.
     When Heero walked in Duo didn't react, but when he spoke, tears welled in the boys eyes, "It's

    Heero hugged him tightly, "Duo! Damn it don't you ever do that to me again! You scared the Hell
out of me!"

    Duo looked at him and Heero felt something. . . some wrongness. . .



    "Duo, who am I?"

    "You're Heero."

    "What is my last name Duo."

    "You never told me."

    "Nani?" Heero felt his hope slipping. "When did you first meet me Duo?"

    The violet eyes looked confused at that question. "You talked to me in the darkness, you brought
me back." He smiled. "Arigato."

    "You. . . you don't. . ."

    Quatre and Trowa barged in the door. "Duo!"

    "Quatre! Trowa! When did you guys get here?!"

    Heero's eyes widened and he looked from the two who had just entered to the boy he loved.
"You know them?"

    "Of course! We fought in the wars together man! I thought you two were on L4!"

    "We came as soon as we heard you were hurt." Quatre smiled, "How do you feel?"

    "Oi, hungry man! This hospital food is killing me!"

    Trowa looked at Heero and frowned. "Heero?"

    "You know each other?!" Duo grinned, "Cool man, where'd you meet him?"

    Quatre looked startled.

    Duo blinked, "What?"

    Heero slid down the wall to sit on the floor, "He doesn't remember me." He choked out.

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