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Chance (part 5)



Duo didn't reappear for a long time. When at last he came back down the stairs his hair was dry and fully braided and he was dressed in his normal black attire. He smiled warmly at the others and skidded into the kitchen, "Did ya get me anything?" he asked, opening the door to the fridge.

Quatre shook his head, "There's nothing in there for you. I'm glad to see you've cleaned up though."

"Hm? Oh, yeah! You should have seen the mess. Dust everywhere! A good soaking did the job though."

"Soaking?" Quatre turned towards the boy with startled crystal eyes, "Duo, I thought you only used the broom."

"Broom?" he took a coke out of the fridge and snapped the top, "Why would I use a broom? A brush does fine. I'm almost afraid to ask what you use!"

Trowa looked up from his book, "I saw you use the broom. You were.. sweeping the living room."

Duo laughed, "Oh! I thought we were talking about my hair! Ha, well that makes a lot more sense! Yea, I-" he choked on his breath as realization struck him. Amethyst eyes flew wide in bewilderment and starred at Trowa, "You.. you saw me 'sweeping'?" he asked in a hushed voice.

Trowa nodded and stood with his book and moved into the living room, "You're quite the performer, Shinigami."

Duo ducked his head between his shoulders and followed the solitary solider, his cheeks red with embarrassment. "You didn't tell anyone else, did you?"

He shook his head and paused to note Heero sitting on the couch. Heero turned towards the two and knew instantly what they had been discussing. Duo's tell-all face.. well.. told all.

I really shouldn't say anything. He's embarrassed enough as it is. Heero's eyes sparkled with mischief, This would, however, be a good opportunity to see if Duo can ever be rendered speechless.

Heero stood up from the couch and walked towards Duo, an evil grin stretching across his face, "Duo?"

The said pilot popped out of his shell and looked eagerly at his colleague, "Yeah, Heero?"

"Nice legs."

Heero stood there just long enough to enjoy the reaction his remark had caused. Duo's face was redder than a balloon and in fact, it seemed his whole body had taken to the crimson color. His eyes were wide and his lips perused together in an unfamiliar look of both astonishment and utter embarrassment. Heero allowed his smile to spread and stepped past the shocked boy and retreated to his room to relocate his things.

"Trowa, if you see Wufei, tell him I'm moving my stuff to his room and to have his things out as soon as possible."

Trowa nodded and sat down on the couch. Duo, however, found moving as difficult as speaking. His hands balled into fists at his side, "Trowa.. you said you didn't tell anyone!" he hissed threw his clenched jaw.

"I didn't," he turned to his page and began to read, "We were all there to see for ourselves."

Duo threw his arms in the air in exasperation, "Well isn't that just great! The one time I- whoa, Heero's moving out?" Duo asked, his mind finally registering Heero's last remark.

"He and Wufei discussed switching rooms. Something about having to listen to you talk all night."

Duo frowned and looked up the stairs, "I don't talk _that_ much."

Trowa wasn't paying him any attention, he noted. The boy was completely engrossed in whatever novel or textbook he had in his hands. Duo sighed and looked to the top of the stairs forlornly.

This just isn't my day. I shouldn't blame Heero thought, even though he was the one who kicked me, pushed me, and made me pull a damn full body blush. It's probably all my fault, as usual. I'm the one who can't decide whether I should even be here. Guess it's only fair that Mr. Perfect doesn't have to share a room with The God of Doubt. Damn, I did it again. I'm frowning.

Duo took a deep breath and quickly replaced his grin, Can't let them see me frowning. It's better that they don't know things get to me like this. They don't need to know my doubts. How do you do it, Heero? How do you push away all your cares and doubts and continue to kill? You never doubt yourself, do you? I wish I could be that way. But then again, if you push away all cares, do you also close yourself off from others? Is that how you survive? Oh, Heero. Maybe I'm wrong but is that really worth it? Then again, maybe you've had the right idea all along and I'm just a reluctant soldier. Too proud to quit and too stubborn to die but not devoted enough to becomes a machine like you. I envy that devotion, Heero. I hope I can find that kinda stuff in me someday. I guess I just care too much.


Duo shook his head and turned towards Wufei, having not noticed the Chinese boy had even entered the room.

"Oh, I'm sorry Wu-chan. What were you saying?"

Wufei sighed, "I said that Yuy and I have decided to switch rooms. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this."

"Yeah, Trowa filled me in a bit. I'll try not to drive you away with my 'endless chatter' too."

Wufei shook his head and headed up the stairs, "By the way, what was the name of that song you were singing?"

Duo shouted in outrage and marched out of the front door, leaving Wufei to laugh at his retreat.

As night fell, Heero's anxiety grew. There was an inner conflict raging inside him, between his emotions and his reason. While reason told him that there was no way in hell that this Chance guy could tell him the future, everything unreasonable inside him screamed to hear more. He had been raised to trust his emotions and ordered to go by his instincts. This time, however, they had not met at the same conclusion leaving Heero with both nothing and everything. All he knew was that he had to speak with Chance again and for some odd reason, he felt the other man need to speak with him as greatly. It wasn't till the voice echoed through his now private room that Heero realized his waiting was over.

<"Heero, come in…. this is Chance.">


AC 205

Heero bit his lip hard as he waited for a response. He had to pick up the phone. This strange link just had to be there still. He still had so much to tell himself.

<"I hear ya Chance. Go ahead.">

He let out an inaudible sign and smiled, "So, do you believe me now?"

<"Yes. I believe you. Tell me how you are doing this.">

Heero wanted to laugh. If you only knew. , "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. It's better to not discredit what I say with your doubts of how my knowledge is possible. Just accept it."

<"You mentioned my future last night. You said something went wrong. Are you going to tell me what that is or are we going to sit around and play word games all night?">

"I'll tell you. I'm just a little reluctant. I don't know how much information is enough or too little or too much." Heero ran his fingers through his hair. He'd gone over it in his mind countless times but going through with it was something else entirely. Let's start from the most urgent and work our way down, "Before I begin, Heero, where is Duo?"

<"In his room.">

"Oh, so he's there with you?"

<"No. We switched rooms. He rooms with Wufei now. You don't have to worry about Duo overhearing anything.">

"WHAT!" Heero shouted. He didn't remember ever switching rooms with Wufei, "How. How did this happen. Why did this happen?!"

<"Trowa noticed I was brooding over something and asked me. I didn't want to tell him about you so I made up something about Duo keeping me up all night. Wufei offered to switch rooms.">

Oh no. This is all _my_ fault. "You had better pray to God that this doesn't change anything."

<"If your worried about Duo, don't. He'll get over it. I saw him earlier today. Despite still feeling sheepish about the broom thing, he seemed fine.">

He always seems fine. That constant smile is his mask. Haven't you realized that yet? When did I realize that? Back then, did I even know I loved him? _Did_ I love him? When did I realize I loved him? I can't remember. Damn.

"Heero, I need for you to tell me something. Is Duo your friend?"


"Is he more than a friend?"


"Heero, if someone were to tell you that ten years in your future you'd be more concerned over Duo's happiness than that of the world, would you believe them?"

<"What are you getting at? What are you saying?">

"Heero, this isn't hypothetical. Tell me. Would you believe them?"

<"Them or you, Chance.">


The line suddenly died on the other end, leaving Heero/Chance to a night of worry.

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