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Decisions, Decisions


Part 1

Heero sat in the living room, engaged in his favorite leisure activity: watching Duo. He was very good at watching without looking like he was watching; in the months since he had met the longhaired boy, he had made it into something of an art form. He was reasonably sure that no one else knew of his fixation on the other pilot. Especially Duo. Heero wanted to tell him how he felt, wanted to have a chance to touch the beautiful boy; but one look at the sensual vision that was Duo Maxwell, whether he was dancing, piloting, or just sitting on the couch watching TV like he was now, and Heero lost his nerve. The other boy would never want him, would never find him attractive. He was so plain next to the beautiful longhaired creature; so he contented himself with looking, and longing, and dreaming.

His next surreptitious glance at Duo almost made him moan; the longhaired boy had shifted his position on the couch and now sat, legs spread slightly and his shirt pulled up to reveal his flat stomach. He was so entranced he almost stared too long; he flicked his eyes away at the last instant. Heero had calculated the precise amount of time you could look at something without appearing to stare. His eyes came to rest on Wufei, who also sat in the living room, and was startled to see the Chinese boy was also staring fixedly at Duo! Heero glanced away, then glanced back; maybe he had been mistaken, maybe it was a coincidence. He looked again, and there was no mistaking it; Wufei was definitely checking out Duo. Quite obviously, in fact. With a lascivious look on his face that Heero didn't like at all. Wufei looked over at him, and Heero shot him a glare of death. Wufei smirked back at him.

Wufei, stifling a laugh, turned his attention back to Duo. The longhaired boy looked good enough to eat tonight, and Wufei had decided he would like nothing more than to do just that. He had been watching Duo more and more often lately, and every time he looked, Duo looked better and better. At first, the loudmouthed boy had just annoyed him. Then he had realized that he thought about Duo more and more often, and it wasn't just with annoyance. Then he had his first erotic dream about the longhaired boy, and he knew he had to do something about it. The more and more he got interested in Duo, however, the more he noticed how wherever Duo went, Heero was sure to turn up. At first, he thought maybe they were already together; after all, they did almost always share a room. But he watched, and watched Heero watching Duo; and decided that Heero just carried a huge torch for Duo. He snickered; Heero obviously would never make a move, so Wufei had no competition.

Duo stretched, and said, "Hey, do we have any beer left?" It seemed to be a general question, not directed at anyone in particular. He didn't expect the response he got.

Both Wufei and Heero jumped up, and Wufei said, "I'll get you one, Duo."

Not to be outdone, Heero added, "And if we're out, I'll go buy some more."

Duo watched in bemusement as the two boys raced each other, disappearing into the kitchen. He frowned as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. He had a few ideas, and a wide grin crossed his face. "Cool."

In the kitchen, Wufei reached the refrigerator first. Flinging it open in triumph, he looked in for the beer. There were several inside, of two different types. Wufei grabbed one kind, and Heero grabbed the other, and they stared at each other challengingly.

"What the hell are you up to, Chang?" Heero growled. He didn't like the way the Chinese boy was smirking at him.

"What does it look like? I'm doing what you don't have the balls to do, Yuy. I'm taking Duo," answered Wufei.

"Taking him where?" asked Heero, a bit slow on the uptake.

"Wherever he wants to go," laughed Wufei. "And after..." he leered, and even Heero understood. All of a sudden, he found himself face to face with Heero, the other boy's fist in his shirt, lifting him off the floor.

"Keep your hands off him," stated the Japanese boy, softly and dangerously. "He's mine."

Wufei snorted, and Heero dropped him unceremoniously. He stumbled, but pulled himself back up. "Why don't we let Duo decide that for himself?"

"Why don't we let Duo decide what for himself?" the American demanded from the doorway, having gotten tired of waiting for the two boys to return. "What the fuck is going on?" He took in the scene: Heero looking belligerent, Wufei looking smug, and both of them looking disheveled.

The two boys whirled to face the object of their argument, looking guilty. Duo suppressed a snicker. They were so kawaii... both of them. But he was supposed to be annoyed with them. Talking about him as if he were an object... "Well?" he demanded.

Heero and Wufei looked at each other, then back at Duo. Wufei recovered more quickly. He said smoothly, "We were just discussing your beer. There are two different kinds, and we were going to let you choose..." Heero snorted, and Duo raised an eyebrow.

"Do you disagree with Wu-man, Hee-chan?" Duo looked expectantly at the cobalt-eyed boy.

Both boys winced at the nicknames, but Heero said, "Yes."

Duo sighed at Heero's lack of loquacity. Wufei started to interject, but Duo gave him a look. Duo went on, "Do you think you can say more than one word at a time, Heero?"

Wufei snickered, and Heero shot him another death glare. "Wufei was saying..." he paused, obviously rewording things in his mind. Then all of a sudden, the words came tumbling out. "We both like you and Wufei said you liked him better and I said no and he said you should choose." Heero suddenly ran out of steam, and he fell silent. Duo tried not to giggle at the two boys glaring at each other; they looked like 6 year olds on the playground.

"Wufei? Do you agree with Heero's assessment of the situation?" Duo asked, as neutrally as possible.

"Well, I would have said it a bit more eloquently," replied Wufei, earning another glare from Heero and making Duo stifle another laugh, "But yes."

"So you two were fighting over me," Duo stated, trying not to smile.

Neither boy had an answer for that, but neither issued a denial either. This was going to be fun... "So now what?"

The two boys looked at him in confusion, then Wufei stated, "I'll ask you out on a date, of course."

Duo raised an eyebrow, and looked over at Heero. "What about you, Heero? Do you want to ask me out too?"

Heero nodded, eyes downcast.

"And I'm supposed to choose between the two of you, for a date?" Duo went on, enjoying this way too much. The two boys nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm not sure I can decide. How about this: I go out with both of you, and then I decide who I like better," he paused, then went on as he saw the twin looks of indignation that were showing on the two boy's faces. "Hey, I need more information to make a decision! After all," he soothed, batting his long eyelashes, "Both of you are soooo handsome and strong... I'd like to get to know both of you better before I decide!"

The two Asian boys looked dubiously back at the American, but they couldn't argue with that logic. After all, they both wanted Duo for their own, and wanted to make him happy. So if this made him happy... both boys were convinced that after one night with him, Duo would have no problem making a decision. So Wufei said, "I agree. It sounds honorable."

Heero said, "Ok. But who goes first?"

Duo thought for a moment. He pulled out a coin. "Ok, heads I go out with Wufei first, and tails I go out with Heero first. Deal?" The other boys nodded, and Duo flipped the coin. Duo caught it, and looked at it. "Heads! You're up first, Wu-man!"

Wufei smiled victoriously. "Well, of course, after one date with me, there will be no need for any others," he replied confidently. He stepped back as Heero balled up his fists obviously. "But we made a deal, and I will of course honor it," he finished gallantly. He stepped up to Duo, and took his hand gently, bringing it to his lips. "When will you grace me with your presence, Duo?"

Duo smiled, and said, "Tomorrow is Friday. How about then?"

Wufei bowed and said, "Your wish is my command, gorgeous. All I ask is that for the one night you are mine, and think about nothing, and no one else," he paused. "Of course, the same would apply to my rival."

"That seems fair," Duo replied, and turned to Heero. "And you can have me Saturday night, ok?"

Heero nodded, not happily. Wufei smiled, and it was decided.

Duo grabbed both of the beers and went back to the living room, giggling happily to himself, and deciding what to wear. This was going to be fun.

Part 2

Duo stood staring at the clothes in his closet accusingly. He was sure he had something to wear, but the clothes weren't cooperating. Wufei had told him to dress up, but that was all. Duo sighed, finally choosing black silky low-slung pants that he knew clung to him perfectly, pairing it with a tight red t-shirt and black boots. He left his hair loose, and put on just a bit of make-up. He wondered what the Chinese boy had planned for them. He looked forward to both his dates; he had always found both Heero and Wufei extremely sexy. He never could decide which boy he liked more, figuring if one of them ever expressed interest, that would make his choice. He had never dreamed that both of them wanted him; Duo intended to milk this for all it was worth. He grinned wickedly at himself in the mirror before stepping out of the room to meet his date for the night.

Wufei waited patiently for the longhaired boy, trying not to smirk as Heero stormed out of the room, in a bad mood as could be expected. He had to spend the night trying not to think of Duo and Wufei together, and what they might be doing... Wufei fully intended to sweep Duo completely off his feet, and there would be no need for the next night's date. A noise made him look up, and there stood Duo; looking more gorgeous than he had thought possible. The tight clothes accentuated the slim body, and the loose chestnut silk framed the beautiful face perfectly. Duo was a vision; and he was all Wufei's tonight.

"Hi," Duo said, shy all of a sudden.

"Hello, Duo. You look beautiful," said Wufei smoothly, taking Duo's arm gently and guiding him to the door. He opened the door with a flourish, and announced, "Your chariot awaits."

Duo stepped outside and almost gasped when he saw the huge black limo parked in front of the house. "Wow! You did this for me?" Duo was nearly bouncing as he ran up to the limo. The driver, dressed all in shiny black, opened the door smoothly and Duo crawled inside eagerly.

Wufei followed him in, delighted with Duo's reaction. The longhaired boy's excitement was contagious, and he found himself grinning at Duo's antics. The other boy was everywhere, playing with every switch and button, opening the sunroof, and changing the radio station. Eventually, Duo was standing up, sticking his head out the sunroof, his hair streaming behind him.

Finally, still giggling, Duo plopped back down into the limo, completely exhilarated. "This is great, Wu-man!"

Wufei had never seen Duo look as beautiful as he did right now. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes sparkled. This was how he wanted to make Duo feel, forever. He wanted to give him everything, make him happy and laughing all the time. He knew full well his short life had not contained much happiness. "I am glad you like it, Duo," he said quietly.

Duo gazed back at Wufei, just noticing how handsome the Chinese boy looked. He was dressed in a simple white suit that emphasized his coal black hair and ebony eyes. He looked elegant and incredibly sexy. Duo felt himself react to the other boy; his confident aura and exotic looks were a big turn-on. He watched as Wufei slid closer, suddenly feeling a bit nervous and not quite as in control as he had before. Wufei raised his hand up to brush a strand of hair from Duo's eyes, then used one finger to trace the line of Duo's jaw ever so lightly. Duo stared back at him, lost in charcoal depths, and swallowed. Wufei was just leaning in to brush his lips against Duo's when the limo came to a stop.

The driver announced that they were at the restaurant, and Wufei cursed silently. So close!

The restaurant was candlelit and romantic, and Duo enjoyed it thoroughly. Wufei looked so sexy in the low light, and he was being a true gentleman, holding the chair for his date and ordering for him. The food was excellent and the service was exquisite, and Wufei made sure Duo was thoroughly spoiled by it all.

Wufei watched the longhaired boy, loving the way he seemed to savor everything, happy that he was happy. He knew he could sweep Duo off his feet, make him forget about Heero. He watched Duo finish off dessert, smiling back at the violet-eyed boy.

"That was incredible, Wufei," Duo sighed, sitting back happily. "I've had a wonderful time."

"Oh, we're nowhere close to finished, gorgeous," answered the Chinese boy, signaling for the check. "The night is young, and so are we!" He paid the considerable bill without letting Duo see it, and led the other boy back out to the waiting limo.

Duo settled back against the soft leather, and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Dancing," answered Wufei. "If that's ok with you."

"That would be great!" exclaimed Duo, nearly bouncing. "I love to dance."

Wufei had suspected as much, and he said, "I bet you're incredible at it."

Duo smiled and shook his head, and said, "Naw, I just have fun."

But Wufei couldn't wait to see the longhaired boy move to the music, see that sweet body writhe, feel him against him.

A judicious bribe and the limo's status got the two boys into the club quickly. Duo grinned as they walked by the line of waiting people. He could hear the pounding beat from inside the club, and he couldn't wait to get inside. It had been far too long since he had gotten to go dancing at a place like this.

Wufei slid his hand into Duo's and guided him through the crowd to a free table. He watched the longhaired boy's face as he took in the flashing lights and glitzy surroundings. He loved the look on Duo's face; he was enjoying himself thoroughly. Duo never did anything halfway, that was certain. He had a strong urge to keep that look on Duo's face permanently.

"Shall we dance?" Wufei said in Duo's ear, over the sound of the music. Duo nodded happily, and they made their way out to the floor.

Duo noted with satisfaction that no one seemed to take undue notice of two boys dancing together, then threw himself into the music with abandon. He happily noticed that Wufei kept up with him, moving to the music, matching his moves.

Wufei was having a wonderful time, watching Duo and dancing next to him. The music wound around them, and he moved closer and closer to the longhaired boy as they moved to the beat. Soon, their bodies were brushing against each other occasionally. The Chinese boy watched Duo carefully, to see if he objected to the contact.

Duo was getting into it, thrusting his hips, letting the dancing become more sexual. He caught glimpses of Wufei as he danced, and he thought that the other boy looked great this way, more relaxed and uninhibited. Not to mention damn sexy. He caught Wufei looking at him, and he threw the other boy a wicked grin, gazing at him from underneath his hair. Duo raised his arms above his head, pumping his hips to the music, and he let his body just brush against Wufei.

Wufei bit back a moan as he felt Duo's lithe body against his. Beat by beat, thrust by thrust, their bodies made more contact. Chocolate brown eyes met violet with a challenging glance, and they started to grind.

Duo let his body press fully against Wufei's, and when he felt the other boy, all lean muscle and hardness against him, he let the Chinese boy feel his desire too. Their hips moved in concert, young bodies moving as one, locked perfectly together.

Wufei had been worried that Duo would think he was coming on too strong when he pressed his erection against the other boy, but he couldn't help himself. The longhaired boy turned him on so much, and he couldn't hide it anymore. But when their bodies ground together, he could feel that Duo was as hard as he was. Of course, feeling Duo's desire made his own passion rise higher, and he put his hands on Duo's hips, emboldened. He still watched Duo's face carefully. He didn't want to scare off the beautiful boy. He wanted Duo so badly; he was so close. He wanted to see that pretty face entranced with passion, for him. The expression he saw on Duo's face was straight out of his fantasy; the longhaired boy smiled wickedly at him, licking his lips sensually.

Duo laughed to himself; he loved the way the Chinese boy was looking at him, the lust evident on his exotic face. Nothing made him feel more alive than to be wanted by another beautiful boy; and he could tell that Wufei wanted him badly. Duo felt a thrill of anticipation run through his body; at that moment he decided he would sleep with Wufei tonight. He decided to make the other boy suffer a bit first, though. He moved so his legs straddled Wufei's and slid down the other boy's thigh as he danced.

Wufei almost moaned as he felt Duo grind against him. It was all he could do to keep from ravishing the other boy right there on the dance floor. His whole body ached with need to claim Duo; the need emanated from his aching cock and suffused his body with lust. Taking a chance, he slid his hands down, from Duo's hips to that perfect ass he wanted so badly. It felt as good as it looked, firm and rounded.

Duo threw back his head and moaned as he felt the other boy's hands on him; he was ready to surrender right there, right then. He put his hands on Wufei's shoulders and pressed even closer, letting his face come within inches of the other boy's. He stared deep into ebony pools.

Wufei held his breath; would he be so lucky as to have a chance with the longhaired boy? An inch away, Duo's lips waited invitingly. Unable to close his eyes, Wufei moved that last distance, and pressed his lips to those heartbreakingly perfect ones. He felt rather than heard the soft whimper that Duo made as their lips touched. Duo's lips parted for him, and he slid his tongue inside gently, barely able to believe he was finally kissing the other boy.

Duo moved his hands so they wrapped around the back of Wufei's neck, and held on tight. His mouth was locked to Wufei's, and their tongues sparred gently. Duo whimpered again, addicted to the drug that was sex, losing his mind with the rising tide of hormones. He craved the feeling of a hard body against him, hard with desire for him, heated by lust. His arousal pulsed, wanting satisfaction, and Duo knew he had to get out of there now, or he would soon be arrested for indecent exposure. He needed to feel the other boy's naked flesh against him, and he needed it now. He drew back and moved his mouth to the other boy's ear. "Wufei..." he whispered. "Let's get out of here..."

Part 3

Duo moved his hands so they wrapped around the back of Wufei's neck, and held on tight. His mouth was locked to Wufei's, and their tongues sparred gently. Duo whimpered again, addicted to the drug that was sex, losing his mind with the rising tide of hormones. He craved the feeling of a hard body against him, hard with desire for him, heated by lust. His arousal pulsed, wanting satisfaction, and Duo knew he had to get out of there now, or he would soon be arrested for indecent exposure. He needed to feel the other boy's naked flesh against him, and he needed it now. He drew back and moved his mouth to the other boy's ear. "Wufei..." he whispered. "Let's get out of here..."

Wufei shivered as he felt Duo's hot breath on his skin, and he realized the meaning of his words. Not trusting his voice to say anything intelligent, he nodded. His heart pounded as realization set in; he tried not to jump to conclusions. Maybe the longhaired boy just wanted to make out. But the insistent hardness against his own told him otherwise. He knew that Duo wasn't inexperienced; the other boy loved to drop flirtatious hints. He always liked to state that he wasn't a tease; he always followed through. He was about to find that out firsthand.

They made their way out to the limo as quickly as possible; Duo touched Wufei as much as possible on the way. They were both panting with desire as they slid inside the limo. As soon as the door shut, Duo was all over Wufei.

Wufei felt himself pushed back on the seat with the longhaired boy straddling him. He let himself be pushed, letting Duo press his body against him, letting Duo do whatever he wanted. He slid his hands down the other boy's back, tangling his hands in the silky hair, caressing the smooth contours of Duo's body.

Duo attacked the Chinese boy's mouth savagely, pouring all his passion into a torrid kiss. He started to rock his hips against Wufei when he felt the other boy's hands on him. He felt Wufei moan into his mouth, and that turned him on even more. This was it, what he craved; hot, urgent, undeniable lust that needed to be satisfied. Now.

Wufei's mind was overwhelmed, but his body had no problem; his hands tightened on Duo's ass possessively. He needed to take Duo, take him hard and fast. He reluctantly removed one hand and raised the opaque partition between them and the driver. The driver got the message and started to drive around town as instructed; thankful for the soundproofing between them.

Duo broke the kiss, pulling back just enough to gaze into Wufei's dark eyes. "Want you, Wufei," he panted, overcome by need. "Want you inside me."

Wufei looked at Duo's beautiful face, cheeks flushed with desire, and lips red and swollen from the kiss. His hair flowed over them both and his lithe body wriggled enticingly. How could he refuse? But, "Here? Now?"

Duo nodded, whispering, "I've always wanted to do it in a limo." He grinned then, and said, "Got any lube?"

Wufei smirked, "Would I go on a date with you without it?"

Duo tried to look wounded. "Do I look that easy?" he joked.

"No, not at all," Wufei answered seriously. He didn't want the other boy to have the wrong idea. "I really like you, Duo. I hoped, of course, but you're just so incredibly sexy that I couldn't help but bring some. I hope you're not offended."

Duo laughed. "Not at all! I was kinda hoping you liked me like that."

"How could anyone not?" Wufei answered, marveling at the beauty that was Duo.

Duo smiled, almost shyly. "Aw, Wufei... you're so sweet... and so sexy..." he paused. "So what are we waiting for?"

"For you to get your clothes off, gorgeous," purred Wufei.

"Thought you'd never ask," laughed Duo, and pulled off his t-shirt and threw it across the limo.

"Better," murmured Wufei, letting his fingers trail over Duo's smooth chest, down to the button of his pants. He looked up at the longhaired boy for permission, then unbuttoned it. Then he carefully unzipped the silky pants, confirming his suspicions that Duo had worn nothing underneath.

Duo threw his head back, his long hair brushing the floor of the limo, as he felt Wufei unzip his pants and reach inside. He took a shuddering breath as the other boy's fingers brushed along his length before wrapping around it. "Oh god..." he moaned as Wufei carefully drew his hard length out of the pants. "Yes..."

"I want to see all of you, Duo," Wufei said almost reverently.

Duo nodded, and quickly slipped off his boots and socks before getting off Wufei's lap to wriggle out of his pants as fast as possible. He couldn't stand in the limo, but settled for kneeling in front of Wufei.

The Chinese boy feasted his eyes on Duo's beautiful nude form. Duo was perfect, lithe and slim and perfectly muscled. Almost hairless, his body was a work of art, and his arousal glistened with his desire. As much as he would have loved to stare at Duo for hours, his trapped erection pulsed, reminding him it needed attention. "You're incredible," he breathed, then moaned as Duo started to unfasten his pants.

Duo pushed Wufei's thighs apart so he could get closer, and settled between them. He unfastened the white pants, eager to get to the hardness beneath. Then he unbuttoned Wufei's black silk shirt so it hung open. He caressed the golden skin before returning his attention to the pants. He pulled at them, and Wufei got the message; he lifted his hips enough so that Duo could pull down the pants and the boxers beneath. Duo pulled them down to mid-thigh, revealing the Chinese boy's straining erection. "Mmm," Duo purred, and put his face down to Wufei's cock. He was nuzzling it against his cheek, looking up at Wufei and getting ready to take the hardness into his mouth when Wufei stopped him.

"D-duo," the dark-haired boy gasped. "Need you. Can't wait." Truthfully, as much control as Wufei had, he didn't think he would be able to keep from climaxing if Duo had taken his cock into that beautiful mouth even for a minute.

"I love a man who knows what he wants," murmured Duo. "Where's the lube?"

Wufei handed him a tube, and Duo smiled up at him. "Ready?"

"I've never been readier in my life, sexy," moaned the Chinese boy. "God, I want you."

"You got me," Duo replied, and started to smooth the gel on the other boy's rock hard cock.

Wufei let his head fall back against the seat back as Duo caressed his length with the lube. He looked back to see the longhaired boy straddling his thighs, positioning his body over the erection that awaited him. "Duo! Don't you have to..." his words dissolved into a throaty moan as he felt his cock enter the other boy. Duo was guiding Wufei's arousal into his own body, lowering himself slowly.

Duo grinned at the other boy. "What? Prep? Don't need it. I like it this way." As if to illustrate, he let his body lower more quickly, driving Wufei's cock deeper into him, and he groaned. "Oh, yeah... that's it..."

"Duo..." panted Wufei, nearly all the way inside. "You're so tight... don't want to hurt you..."

Duo lowered himself the rest of the way, letting out a moan of his own. "Don't worry, Wufei. Just fuck me. Please..." he begged, needing to feel the hard length impale him again and again.

"If you insist," groaned Wufei, and thrust his hips upward into the tight heat.

"Oh yeah... just like that..." Duo raised himself slightly to give Wufei room to thrust, holding onto the back of the seat, resting his head on Wufei's shoulder. His hair flowed over them both like a silken bath.

Wufei found a rhythm that worked, and Duo met each thrust. The limo was filled with soft moans and the squeak of the seat cushions as they rocked together. He lost himself in the wonderful feeling of a tight hot body surrounding him. Duo's sexy voice drove him higher.

"Oh yes, Wufei... fuck me... god, you're so goooood..." the longhaired boy got louder with each thrust.

Soon Wufei was pounding into the other boy as hard and fast as he could, given their position. He gripped Duo's hips, holding him as he drove his cock into the yielding body. "God, Duo... you're incredible..." The tight channel that gripped him was stealing his control, and he knew he couldn't last much longer. He needed to hear Duo scream his name in ecstasy. He moved one hand between them, seeking out Duo's erection.

Duo's moans turned to a keening wail as the other boy's hand wrapped around his aching cock. "Oh, fuck... Wufei... you're so good... I'm gonna come... nnnnn..." With a final scream, he climaxed, spraying hot liquid between them and his muscles contracting around Wufei.

"Yesssss," groaned Wufei as the tightening friction of Duo's body took him over the edge. His mouth hung open as he continued to thrust, filling the other boy with his seed. "Duo..." He forced his eyes open to look at the beautiful boy he had just claimed. Suffused with passion, Duo was ethereal, flushed and glowing and sated. He caught the other boy in his arms as Duo slumped onto his chest, exhausted from pleasure. He held Duo tightly, still deep inside him.

They finally disentangled enough to get dressed, and the limo took them home. The driver wouldn't forget this night for a long time.

Part 4

It was Wufei's turn to be disgruntled the next day, when it became obvious that despite last night's events, Duo fully intended to fulfill the agreement to have a date with Heero as well. Heero had fumed all night, especially when Duo and Wufei had come home late and suspiciously disheveled. At least they had slept in separate bedrooms; this safehouse had enough bedrooms so no one had to share. Not that Heero had ever minded sharing a room with Duo. Glimpses of Duo's half nude body in the moonlight were more than worth the longhaired boy's messiness and snoring. Heero was also nervous. He had never been on a date before; he had no idea of what to do. He couldn't dance, didn't trust himself trying to order in a fancy restaurant; so he turned his nervousness into creativity. By the time the two boys dragged themselves out of the obscenely large limo, Heero had a plan. And a headache.

Heero was up early the next morning, preparing.

The next evening, Duo stood once again in front of his closet, trying to decide what to wear. He decided he could get used to being wined and dined every night by gorgeous boys. The night with Wufei had been amazing, but he still wanted to see what Heero would be like on a date. Last evening had fit his image of the Chinese boy; sophisticated, suave and experienced. He had no idea what to expect from the cobalt-eyed boy. He was still trying to get his mind around the fact that both boys wanted him. He knew he would have to decide eventually, but for the moment he was just enjoying himself. Life was good.

Heero had said to dress casually, with comfortable shoes, so Duo picked out a pair of well-worn jeans and a tight black t-shirt, with some hiking boots. He put his hair in a loose ponytail, grabbed his black leather jacket and bounded down the stairs. Not his most fetching outfit, but he knew he looked great in black. He came down the stairs to see Heero waiting for him in tight blue jeans and a blue tank top. Duo took a second to mentally drool over the other boy's well-muscled physique before he spoke. "Hey, Heero! Looking good! Where we goin'?"

Heero looked up at the longhaired boy and tried not to stare. The jeans hugged his long legs and tight ass in all the right places, and the black t-shirt rode up over the flat stomach. Duo's hair looked lovely in the ponytail, looser than his braid yet out of those gorgeous eyes. He tried to remember how to speak. "It's a surprise," he stated, opening the door for Duo.

"I love surprises!" Duo beamed. Just before the door shut behind him, he called out, "Bye, Wu-man!" to the Chinese boy, who had thought he was hidden behind the drapes. No answer but a scowl from him. Duo giggled to himself as Heero opened the door of a Jeep for him.

Mystified, Duo tried to see what was in the back of the Jeep, but Heero said, "No peeking. You'll ruin the surprise."

"Oh, ok..." Duo complained mildly. He busied himself admiring Heero's perfect profile. As much as he had stared at the two boys, he could never decide which was more handsome, Heero or Wufei. Duo had always been a rice queen: he had always had a thing for pretty Asian boys. He wasn't sure he would ever be able to choose between them. But he would sure have fun trying...

Heero drove out of town. It was about an hour before sunset when he pulled the Jeep into a parking lot. Duo looked around. They were in an area that he had never seen before. It was green and cool, with lots of trees and hiking trails. Duo got out and looked around in wonderment. "This is beautiful, Heero."

Heero smiled as he watched Duo look around. It was late summer, and the weather was hot and muggy. As the sun set, it would cool to a comfortable temperature.

"Are we hiking, Heero?" Duo asked as he watched Heero get something out of the back. He got distracted for a moment by watching the other boy's ass. He was caught staring when Heero turned around, putting on a huge backpack.

Heero smirked when he saw where Duo's eyes had been. He had been worried about living up to Wufei, but it seemed he had the longhaired boy's undivided attention. He decided he couldn't compete with Wufei's finesse, so he was just going to enjoy the time alone with Duo. "Yes, Duo, but not very far. Is that ok? I wanted it to be a surprise."

"It's great! I haven't gone hiking in ages. Can I carry something, though? That looks awfully heavy," Duo offered.

"No, I'm fine," Heero answered truthfully. The backpack was well-balanced and the total weight was nowhere near his limit. "You relax and enjoy yourself, you deserve it." He led the way to the beginning of the trail they would take. It was called the Sunset Trail.

"Oh, Heero, you're so sweet," cooed Duo as he walked past onto the trail. He paused next to the cobalt-eyed boy and kissed him softly on the cheek. Then he was gone, walking up the trail.

Heero followed a minute later, his cheek tingling where Duo had kissed him. He hoped he didn't have a goofy smile on his face, but he couldn't help the way that simple kiss had affected him.

They hiked up the trail. It was a moderate climb, not too challenging but not boring either. Duo found he was enjoying himself immensely, pointing out various animals to Heero, and enjoying the cooling air. Heero was more talkative than Duo could ever remember seeing him. And Heero even smiled at him! Duo found himself watching Heero's muscles bulge under his clothes. The exertion made the other boy even more gorgeous.

After about half an hour, they climbed one last hill, and Duo almost gasped at the view. It didn't seem like a big climb, but they were quite high. The city lay in the valley below, and the sun was preparing to set over the opposite set of hills. Streamers of pink and purple had begun to stretch across the sky, and lights had already started to twinkle in the valley below. It was the best of both worlds, nature and man painting a beautiful tapestry of color. It was easy to forget this world was at war. There was a small grassy area occupying the place with the best view, and it was there that Heero put down the backpack. "Here we are."

"It's amazing!" Duo breathed, turning around to see everything. "How did you find this place, Heero?"

Heero looked off into the distance. He looked like a person who was remembering something he would rather not. "I was in this town a few times before."

Duo looked at Heero, not liking the look on the other boy's face. "Oh, Heero, don't worry about it. I think it's wonderful!" On impulse, he ran up to Heero and hugged him tightly. It was a big mistake. Heero's body against his felt so good that he didn't want to let go. He buried his face in Heero's neck and breathed deeply. Heero smelled great.

Heero stood still. Duo was in his arms at last, and he was almost afraid to hug back. Duo felt so delicate, so perfect in his arms, that he was afraid he might break him. He was overwhelmed with the scent of Duo, his hair, his skin. The heat of the other boy's skin seeped through his clothing. Slowly, he brought his hands up to embrace Duo, and he heard the other boy whimper softly. Oh god, this was perfect.

Duo melted against Heero. For a long moment, it wasn't even sexual. Then, two young bodies realized they were pressed together, and hormones went to work. Heero ran his hands lightly up and down Duo's back, and Duo pressed his lower body more firmly against Heero's. They could both feel the hardening of their bodies, and Duo whimpered again. "Heero..."

Heero realized what was happening, and pulled back reluctantly. This wasn't the way it was supposed to happen, even if his body wanted it.

Duo looked at him in confusion. "Heero?"

"Duo," Heero said hoarsely. "I have some things to unpack. We need to get set up before sunset."

Duo stared at Heero, then broke out into a big grin. "Can I help?"

Duo watched in amazement as Heero started pulling out stuff. They spread out a blanket, and Duo was instructed to sit down and watch. Within 10 minutes, Heero had assembled a feast fit for a king.

Duo was torn between drooling over the food that Heero was setting out and drooling over the other boy's muscular body. The few seconds that he had been in Heero's arms had given him a hunger for more of that hard, lean body against him. He had felt how much Heero wanted him, and it intoxicated him. He wanted more. He lounged back, leaning on his elbows, stretching so that even more of his bare torso showed. He also knew his still-hard erection showed clearly in the tight jeans. He saw Heero watching him from the corner of his eye, saw the cobalt eyes sweep over his body, saw him falter in his task for just a moment as he admired the view.

Heero tore his eyes away from the temptation that lay on the blanket next to him, and pulled out one last item: candles. He lit them, setting them around the perimeter of the picnic, at a safe distance. They cast a romantic glow, and Heero didn't want to ruin the moment by mentioning that they were also citronella candles that would keep the insects away. "All ready," he announced, handing a glass of wine to Duo.

"This is just amazing," breathed Duo. "You went to so much trouble for me!"

"You're worth it Duo," Heero declared, raising his glass in a toast. "To us," he offered, and Duo echoed, touching their glasses together gently.

Heero offered Duo dish after dish of his favorite food. Duo hadn't even known that Heero knew what he liked. The food was simple: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, all perfectly cooked. But the implication was not lost on Duo; he fully realized how hard Heero had worked to make this perfect for him. It was so different from last night's date with Wufei, but just as sincerely offered. Duo found he was enjoying this night just as much as last night. They ate, and watched nature's show; the sunset's colors intensified, then slowly faded as the city lights brightened.

Heero had never been happier; he knew he had Duo's total attention, something he had always wanted. He had been infatuated with Duo since he had first met the longhaired, exuberant boy; he had never even looked at anyone else. He was a virgin in every sense of the word; never even a kiss. But his body ached, ached for Duo. He hoped he would get to hold the beautiful boy in his arms once again. He knew he was competing with Wufei, and didn't feel worthy; but he was enjoying himself thoroughly. Even if this was all the time he got with Duo, it would be worth it.

The sunset dimmed; soon, the only light was from the candles. Glancing up at the sky, he said, "The show's about to start. Do you want anything else, Duo, or can I put these things away?"

"Show?" Duo asked in confusion. "Yes, I'm done. It was wonderful, thank you!"

"Tonight is near the peak of an asteroid shower. We can blow out the candles and watch them. There are supposed to be hundreds of shooting stars every minute," Heero explained.

Duo was amazed. "I've never seen an asteroid shower!" exclaimed Duo. "How cool!"

"I figured that," Heero answered. "Neither have I." He hurried to put away the rest of the dishes. When he was done, he turned to Duo. The longhaired boy looked heartbreakingly beautiful in the candlelight. Luminous violet eyes looked back at him.

Heero kept surprising him; who would have thought of an outdoor candlelight dinner, followed by a sky show? Duo watched Heero efficiently clean up, and had to admit to himself that there was more to the Perfect Soldier than he would have dreamed. Heero had noticed him watching, and looked back at him almost shyly. Heero Yuy, shy? Another amazing fact. Duo had to come to grips with the fact that Heero's hesitant earnestness turned him on just as much as Wufei's smooth charm. That was the moment that Duo knew he was going to have sex with Heero too. He moved closer to the other boy as Heero blew out the candles.

Heero produced two pillows and placed them on the blanket. He noticed Duo's scrutiny and proximity and tried not to blush. To cover his unsureness, he said, "We can lie back and watch the meteor shower."

"Great idea," replied Duo, with a note in his voice that indicated he wasn't thinking only about the sky. He let Heero lie back, then moved his pillow closer. So when he lay back, he was lying right next to Heero, their sides touching in a long line from shoulder to knee. "I'm getting a bit cold," he explained.

Heero blushed deeper from the contact. "Would you like a blanket?" he asked as smoothly as he could manage.

"No thanks. I'd rather you keep me warm," grinned Duo, snuggling closer. "So what are we looking for?"

Trying to ignore the way Duo felt against him, Heero directed him to watch a certain section of sky. Nodding, Duo looked up, casually draping one arm across Heero's chest. He snuggled even closer. "Mmm, Heero, you're so warm."

Heero's heart was beating faster as Duo's fingers traced a pattern on his skin. He had to force himself to concentrate on explaining the phenomenon of the meteor shower. Duo interrupted him.

"Oh! Was that one?" he asked excitedly.

Heero answered. "Yes. They last only about a second, but they are beautiful." Like you, he added to himself. Or he thought.

"Heero! You're so romantic! Do you really think I'm beautiful?" Duo said sincerely.

Heero looked down into huge violet eyes, embarrassed that he had actually said that out loud. But he couldn't lie to the beautiful boy. "Yes. More beautiful than anything."

"Oh, Heero..." sighed Duo, and he leaned in to press his lips against the other boy's.

Startled, Heero gasped slightly, and Duo slid his tongue inside. Heero was too stunned to react for a moment; he had dreamt about this for so long that now that it was actually happening, he almost didn't know what to do. Not to mention the fact that he had never even kissed anyone before. But it wasn't that difficult; he opened his mouth and let his tongue entwine with Duo's, tasting the other boy for the first time. As he started to kiss back, he could feel Duo moan softly, and the other boy's hand wandered over his skin.

Duo was worried for a moment that he had jumped the gun by kissing Heero; but he couldn't resist the other boy's innocent charms any longer. The fact that Heero Yuy was innocent in any way was just amazing to him. He wasn't completely sure, but he would bet money that Heero was a virgin. Oh god, that incredible, hard body, never touched? Heero was like a new, shiny playground... all for him... Duo moaned again. The idea of Heero feeling his first passion with him was intoxicating. He wanted to show Heero everything. He wanted to touch him everywhere. He slid closer, turning on his side so that he could press closer to Heero. Raising himself slightly, he pressed his chest half onto Heero, molding his lower body to Heero's side, sliding one leg over Heero's. He rested on his elbow, looking down at Heero's gorgeous face, flushed with passion and gazing back at him.

Heero tried not to moan as he felt Duo against him; he could feel how hard the longhaired boy was, how his body fit perfectly against him. He whimpered, unable to vocalize how much he wanted Duo at this moment. His body was feeling so much, his mind was racing, but he really didn't know what to do about it. He had planned the date meticulously, but had never really thought past this moment; he hadn't allowed himself to. "Duo..."

Duo's lips curved in that wicked grin that made Heero's knees weak. "Yes, Heero?" he drawled out the other boy's name.

"I... I want..." Heero trailed off, raising a hand hesitantly to touch the shimmering glory that was Duo's hair.

"What, Heero?" Duo unfastened the tie that held his hair back, letting it fall loose around his shoulders. He suspected Heero had a fixation on his hair. He was right. "What do you want?"

Heero watched as the chestnut gold mass cascaded around Duo. Duo was so beautiful he was almost speechless. But his body's need gave him courage. "You," he said simply.

"Mmm, that's good, Heero," murmured Duo, lightly brushing Heero's hard nipple through his shirt, "Cause I want you too."

Heero's body arched as Duo touched his nipple, involuntarily gasping. "Oh, god, Duo..." It was finally sinking in that he would be able to touch Duo, to kiss Duo, to... he moaned loudly as Duo's wandering hand traced the outline of his erection through his jeans. He realized with shame that he was so turned on, he would be lucky to get his pants off before he came.

Duo seemed to realize it too, and he withdrew his hand. Unnecessarily, but just to confirm, he asked, "You've never done this before, have you?"

Heero blushed. "No. I've never done anything before."

Duo smiled gently. "But you have..." he paused, trying to put it delicately, "made yourself come, right?"

Heero blushed even more. "You mean... um, yes, I have, but only a few times. And I was thinking of you the whole time. It was messy."

Duo tried not to laugh. Heero was so sweet and uncertain! "Oh, Heero, I have SO much to show you..." and he did laugh, then, but it was a deep, sexy, promising laugh that made Heero's pulse race.

"So show me," whispered Heero, burying one hand in Duo's hair and pulling the longhaired boy down on him. Duo shifted, so he was straddling Heero's legs. He moved until they were lined up perfectly; then he lowered his hips to rock against Heero's. Heero moaned, thrusting his hips up instinctively. "Duo..."

"You like that, Heero?" Duo purred, and the other boy nodded helplessly. "You're gonna love this... I'm gonna make you feel SO good..."

Part 5

"So show me," whispered Heero, burying one hand in Duo's hair and pulling the longhaired boy down on him. Duo shifted, so he was straddling Heero's legs. He moved until they were lined up perfectly; then he lowered his hips to rock against Heero's. Heero moaned, thrusting his hips up instinctively. "Duo..."

"You like that, Heero?" Duo purred, and the other boy nodded helplessly. "You're gonna love this... I'm gonna make you feel SO good..."


Heero moaned again, almost beyond thought from the feeling of Duo's body against his. He willingly would have agreed to anything Duo wanted at that moment. Then he felt Duo sit back, and felt hands unbutton his jeans. The anticipation was almost too much for the inexperienced boy. He tried to control himself, but didn't know how. Duo's hand slid inside his jeans, and Heero knew he was about to lose it. "Duo! I..." then the other boy's hand wrapped around him, pulling the hard length free of the boxers, and that one touch sent the overstimulated boy over the edge.

Duo couldn't wait to touch Heero; from the bulge in the jeans the other boy felt huge. He wasn't disappointed; the cock he wrapped his hand around was one of the biggest he'd seen. Such a glorious arousal, untouched until now... Duo grinned, then realized that Heero was going to come in his pants if he didn't hurry. Quickly, he stroked, pulling the boxers out of the way; Heero's creamy seed splashed forth just as Duo got his mouth in position. He swallowed the offered nectar, milking every drop, savoring Heero's cries.

Heero groaned, gasping Duo's name, burying his hand in the flowing hair, perfect pleasure coursing from his arousal. The sight of Duo's mouth taking in his pulsing cock made it even better, if that was possible. His whole body arched, tensing with his climax. It seemed to go on forever; when he finally settled back to the blanket, he felt Duo snuggle against him. "Sorry," he mumbled, embarrassed to have no control.

"Oh, Heero, don't be," breathed Duo, holding the other boy close. "It's ok, we have all night..." Actually, Duo was flattered to have such an effect on the Perfect Soldier. The taste of Heero's passion in his mouth, Duo pressed his lips gently against the other boy's.

Soothed by Duo's words, he kissed back, letting his hands roam over the longhaired boy. Duo felt incredible in his arms; he couldn't get enough. He didn't feel so desperate now, and he could enjoy the feeling of touching Duo. He ran his hands over every inch of Duo he could reach. He wanted to feel more of the silky-smooth skin, though; he tugged at the hem of Duo's shirt, pulling it up.

Smiling, Duo sat up, and pulled his shirt off quickly. The night air was cool on his bare skin, but the sight of Heero devouring him with his eyes warmed him perfectly.

Heero almost couldn't breathe; he had never seen Duo look more beautiful. All that bare skin surrounded by the amazing hair made his passion rise again. He could feel his cock hardening again. "Duo..."

"Your turn," Duo purred, sliding the other boy's tank top up, exposing the washboard abs. "Let me see that gorgeous body, Heero."

Heero moaned softly, Duo's words and actions turning him on even more. He sat up, pulling off the shirt, then on impulse wiggled out of his jeans as well. He wanted Duo to touch him again.

Duo watched the perfect body revealed. He tried not to drool on himself as he realized that hard body was all his to touch. Heero looked like a greek god. His remaining garment, his boxers, bulged, his cock already hard again. Duo couldn't wait to feel that body against him. The sheer strength he knew Heero possessed turned him on. He wanted to drive Heero crazy, push the other boy so far into passion's grip that he lost control. He wanted to be pinned down and taken hard. His hands strayed to his own jean buttons as he watched Heero. Then Heero was watching him, so he rose up onto his knees and eased his own jeans down slowly. The way Heero was watching him so hungrily made him even more turned on. He slowly eased down his jeans, letting his hard cock spring forth; he wore no underwear. The cool night air on his heated flesh made him gasp softly; but the look on Heero's face was the best of all. He pushed the jeans down until he was fully revealed to the other boy; Duo swore he could feel Heero's gaze physically, so intense were those cobalt eyes. He put his hands behind his head, stretching his mostly naked body out in front of Heero, and whispered, "You like?"

Unable to even vocalize a response, Heero just growled and sat up, grabbing Duo as gently as he could manage, and pulled the boy hard against him. Duo moaned low in his throat at Heero's forcefulness. Heero felt Duo melt against him, and two mouths met, insistent.

Heero pulled back finally, gasping for breath, and said, "Duo... you're so perfect... show me..."

With a smirk, Duo got his jeans the rest of the way off, and reached for the waistband of Heero's boxers, the only thing remaining between them. "May I?" he said flirtatiously.

Heero nodded, and raised his hips so Duo could slide the material off him. He lay back, supporting himself on his elbows. He was slightly embarrassed to be completely naked in front of Duo; but he quickly got over that when he saw the way the other boy was looking at him. "You like?" he smiled, repeating Duo's words more hesitantly.

"Oh yeah," purred Duo with a decidedly lascivious tone to his voice. "Very nice. You're so big..."

Heero almost blushed, but then his hormones took over. "Duo..." he moaned, "I need you... need to feel you..."

Duo nearly pounced then; he crawled on all fours, along the length of Heero's body until they were face to face. He claimed the other boy's mouth once again. Both boys were finally unclothed, hot naked skin meeting at last.

Heero brought his hands up, running them over Duo's smooth skin, until he couldn't take any more. Growling, he flipped them over on the blanket, landing with one knee between Duo's legs, strong hands pinning the other boy's shoulders. "Now," he gasped.

Duo was almost reduced to panting by Heero's forceful behavior. This was perfect. "Anything," he moaned, spreading his legs wide. He fumbled with one hand, and Heero released his arm enough so that the longhaired boy could reach his pants pocket. He managed to get out a tube of lube just before Heero attacked his neck, kissing and biting softly, making him whimper. "Oh god, Heero..."

Heero moved so that both his legs were between Duo's spread thighs, and he ran his hands up the inside of those creamy legs. "Tell me what to do," he groaned out, trembling with need.

Duo panted; the anticipation was threatening to make him lose control too. He squeezed some of the lube out and reached for Heero's cock. "I do this," he said as he smoothed the gel onto the hard length, and Heero groaned. Then Duo lay back, looking up at the Japanese boy with hunger. "Then you do me."

Heero needed no further instructions; he could see Duo's entrance and instinct took over. "Duo," he moaned, and leaned forward, supporting himself on one hand as he guided his cock toward his target. "Tell me..." he gasped as he pressed the tip of his cock against Duo's hot opening, then tried again, "Tell me if I do something wrong..."

Duo spread his legs apart as far as he could. "The only thing you're doing wrong," he panted, "Is going too slow. Fuck me, Heero!" he begged, almost sobbing from the teasing pressure of the arousal pressing against him but not entering.

Duo's pleas made Heero's passion rise even higher, and he overcame his worries. He pushed, and the head of his cock entered Duo. Rendered incoherent now, he could only groan and gasp Duo's name as the hot channel engulfed him. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined anything this incredible. Needing more of the feeling, he pushed farther, and slid deeper.

Duo began chanting Heero's name as the cobalt-eyed boy claimed him. Heero's arousal felt huge as he impaled him, but he was going so slowly that there was no pain. Duo had to remind himself to breathe as he was filled; to him, this was the single best thing in the universe, being filled by a hot, hard cock, filled completely. He craved it. He wrapped his legs around Heero's back to urge him farther, deeper. "God, Heero... take me..."

Overwhelmed with new sensations, Heero inched deeper inside Duo. The feeling defied description, and even his well-trained mind shut down, unable to process so much pleasure. The few times he had been desperate enough to touch himself, it had never felt anything like this. So sharp it was almost pain, the feeling of being inside Duo took over. Finally, he could push no farther, and his thighs pressed against Duo. He looked down, unable to believe this was actually happening, fascinated by the way his erection disappeared into Duo's body.

Duo sighed as Heero buried himself inside; he wanted it hard and fast, but he knew Heero had no experience. The other boy was worried about hurting him; he had no idea that Duo could take being pounded as hard as Heero could give it. When Heero was fully inside him, Duo moaned, "Please, Heero. Do it hard. Fuck me hard. I need it so bad..." And he wiggled, contracting his muscles around Heero, knowing what effect it would have.

"Duo! Nnnn..." Heero's face clearly showed the effect, and he automatically pulled out and thrust back into the willing body beneath him. Duo squealed, and Heero cried out; it felt so good.

"Yes, that's it, do it, Heero, harder. Pound me," encouraged Duo, using his muscles again.

It was too much for the inexperienced boy; he started to pound then. Roughly, not gently, Heero thrust into Duo; but the longhaired boy loved it that way. To know he had driven the controlled boy crazy with lust, so the other boy lost control and just fucked him, was what he wanted. Duo gripped Heero's arms to keep from being pushed off the blanket, and just held on. And enjoyed. His cries got louder and louder as Heero pounded him.

Forgetting everything except what it felt like to thrust inside Duo's sweet body, Heero just felt. Duo's cries spurred him on, and his whole world was each thrust. He wanted it to go on forever, it was so incredible; but he felt his climax approach much too soon. "Duo," he gasped out. "I... I can't..."

Duo understood that the other boy couldn't stop himself; so he angled his hips, insuring that each savage thrust hit the right spot. He slipped one hand between them and stroked his own arousal. He gasped as his pleasure multiplied, and gasped, "I'm coming, Heero... give it to me hard..."

Heero couldn't have denied Duo anything; he thrust harder, and the smaller boy beneath him screamed his name. Hot fluid gushed between them, and he knew his lover had found his release. Then hot muscles clamped down on him even tighter, and he cried out as his climax hit him. "Duo!"

Both boys froze, their completion a shuddering tableau of ecstasy under the stars. What seemed like hours went by as their passion escaped their bodies. Finally breathing again, Heero nearly collapsed on top of Duo, rolling to the side at the last moment. Every muscle in his body was trembling, and he couldn't think straight. Duo lay back, breathing hard, trying to remember how to speak. The two boys lay side by side, sweaty sticky bodies pressed together, as their desire cooled.

"You're amazing," breathed Heero into the longhaired boy's ear. Duo snuggled against him.

It was a long walk back to the car.

Part 6

Duo woke up with the delicious smell of coffee and waffles filling his nose. He stretched languidly, savoring the warmth of his bed. Slowly, he realized he wasn't alone in the room. He opened one eye, and then the other. As the room came into focus, he realized there were two people other than him in the room. Heero and Wufei stood on either side of his bed, glaring at each other. Wufei held a steaming mug of coffee, while Heero held a tray that bore a huge stack of waffles. Duo smiled sleepily; he could really get used to this. "Morning, boys..."

Wufei sat gently on the bed next to Duo. He knew how much Duo loved his coffee first thing in the morning, with so much cream and sugar there was very little coffee in it. He held out the mug, so that the delicious aroma wafted to the longhaired boy's nose. "Good morning, Duo. I hope you slept well," he continued, burying his annoyance at the fact that Duo may well have been in Heero's arms the previous night.

Duo accepted the mug, lifting himself up on one elbow and sipping carefully. "Mmm, perfect. Thanks, Wu-man." He felt Heero sit beside him.

Heero figured that the way to Duo's heart was through his stomach. "Chocolate chip waffles, your favorite, Duo."

Duo sat up, turning toward Heero and the waffles. "Cool, I'm starving."

Heero placed the tray over Duo's lap. Duo set the coffee down and dug in. Heero and Wufei glared at each other across Duo once more.

When Duo finished, he sat back and grinned at Heero and Wufei. "That was great! Thanks!" Both boys looked expectantly at him. "What?"

Wufei spoke up. "Well, you've had dates with both of us. I believe we're waiting for your decision."

Heero nodded. "Not that it is necessary, after last night..."

Wufei interrupted. "Last night? What about the night before? What did you two do?"

Heero just smirked at him, and the Chinese boy was about climb across the bed to strangle him when Duo said, "Hold it!" He sighed to himself; he had been really enjoying this and had hoped he could string them along a bit longer. "You two are really impatient, you know that?"

Heero was instantly contrite. "I'm sorry, Duo. Take your time."

Wufei had to go him one better. "Well, can you blame us? You're so incredibly beautiful, any man would be anxious to have you!"

Duo smiled. This was more like it. "I think I need a bit more time to decide. You're both so wonderful..." He trailed off, looking at each boy in turn, and stretching sensuously. He let the covers slip down below his waist so they both could see he wore nothing. He could feel their eyes on him, and he absolutely loved it. Sitting here naked in the bed, with a hot pilot on either side of him, was giving him ideas. He smirked to himself. Heero and Wufei were practically drooling all over themselves just looking at him. They would agree to anything at this point. "Actually, I did have one idea..."

Heero took his hand and looked deep into his eyes, trying to ignore the raging erection in his spandex. "Anything, Duo. As long as I get to be near you."

Wufei snorted, but said, shifting to cover his own arousal, "I only wish to help you make the right decision."

Duo tried not to giggle with triumph. "I want us all to go out together." He let that sink in for a moment.

Wufei sputtered, "The three of us on a date?"

Heero said, "Wouldn't that be a bit, um, crowded?"

Duo started to pout. "Well, I just like both of you so much, I can't decide!"

Wanting to assuage the longhaired boy, both boys changed their tune abruptly.

Wufei said, "Well, I'm not afraid of the competition."

Heero said, "I'll do anything you want, Duo."

Duo bounced, happy again. "Great! We'll have so much fun!"

Heero and Wufei sighed, wondering what they had gotten themselves into.


That evening, Duo happily slipped into his tightest jeans and shortest shirt, brushing his hair to brilliance and leaving it loose. This evening was going to be fun, and he was planning how it would end; with something he had always wanted to do.

They were going to dinner and a movie; a traditional date, but in a nontraditional threesome. Duo was in heaven, a gorgeous boy on each arm. He hung on them both equally, flirting shamelessly. He really was enjoying this entirely too much. It only served to reinforce his feeling that he really couldn't choose between the two gorgeous boys.

They went to Duo's favorite restaurant, a seafood place. He insisted on sitting between his two dates, in a circular booth.

Wufei looked over at Duo, who was studying the menu intently. "Do you know what you want, Duo?"

Duo smirked to himself; he knew exactly what he wanted, but it was a bit too early to announce that. So he said, "Hmm... I think I want to start with oysters. Raw, of course!"

Heero groaned. He had an idea what Duo was up to, and he knew the theory of oysters as an aphrodisiac. "Duo..."

Duo looked over the top of his menu with his best innocent expression. "What, Heero?"

Heero looked back at the longhaired boy. "Nothing," he sighed, and went back to looking at his menu.

Wufei seemed oblivious to Duo's intent, or perhaps he didn't know the rumors about oysters.

Finally, Duo decided, and they ordered. The violet-eyed boy played it for all he was worth, blowing in Wufei's ear one moment and gripping Heero's bicep in another. Duo had charmed the waiter into bringing them a bottle of wine without any comment about their ages. Duo was happily tipsy, and got them another. Heero and Wufei had each had a couple of glasses, and were finally beginning to relax. Duo was so much fun that the two boys couldn't help but be drawn into the boy's good mood. Wufei even had to admit, if only to himself, that Heero had a dimension beyond stoic. And Heero had to admit, to himself of course, that Wufei was a very good storyteller when he got started. He had some hilarious tales about his ancestors that had Duo giggling helplessly, and even made Heero smile.

They finished the dinner, and made their way down to the movie theatre. Luckily, they weren't driving, because all three boys were a bit drunk. They walked into the theatre; Duo realized with glee that the only set of three free seats was right at the back. He dragged the two boys toward the seats, and settled between his two dates. He was glad the lights had dimmed because he was sure he was grinning like an idiot. What could be better than to be between two beautiful Asian boys? To be underneath them, his mind supplied helpfully, and he suppressed a giggle. Best not to let on too soon what he had planned. Not until they had stopped thinking with their brains at least. Which was the next part of Duo's plan.

The movie began, and Duo slipped one hand into each of his dates'. They watched the movie for a few minutes before Duo decided to make his move. He slid his hands down until they both rested on a strong thigh. He could feel both boys shift in their seats, reacting to the presence of his hand near their most sensitive area. Duo smiled to himself as he moved both hands, sliding up, toward his goal.

Two heads turned to look at him in the near darkness. Duo smiled and continued to move his hands upward. He heard a small intake of breath from Heero, and Wufei whispered, "Duo, what are you doing?"

"What does it feel like?" whispered Duo back. Then, he stopped his hands. "Unless, of course, you want me to stop..."

There was a long pause as both boys realized what was happening, and considered. Both boys wanted the longhaired boy for themselves, but they were also completely infatuated with him. One taste of Duo was far from enough, and only served to enhance their need for more of Duo's touch.

Heero whispered, "Don't stop, please." He looked away, slightly embarrassed until he felt the other boy's teasing fingers stroke his awakening length. Then he forgot to be embarrassed.

Wufei sighed and placed his own hand over Duo's, moving it up. "God, Duo..."

Duo smirked into the darkness, tracing his fingers over the hard bulges beneath his hands. This was it, this was what he really wanted: two boys, completely under his spell. Two hard cocks in his hands, hard for him. He was going to make sure no one was unhappy tonight.

Duo continued to play with Heero and Wufei, stroking them through their jeans, driving them insane with teasing friction. Soon both boys were thrusting up unconsciously, wanting Duo to intensify his touches, wanting more. Wufei took Duo's hand and pressed it more tightly to his hard cock, rocking his hips up. Duo responded by slipping his hand inside Wufei's loose pants and wrapping his hand around the hard length. Wufei moaned. Heero's pants were too tight to do the same, so Duo carefully unzipped them and before Heero could protest, he was shallowly stroking his erection, squeezing gently. Heero threw his head back against the seat and tried to breathe.

Heero looked over at Duo and locked eyes with Wufei, who also looked frustrated. They shared a long look, and Wufei finally nodded. So did Heero, and they turned their attention to Duo.

"Duo," whispered Heero in one ear.

"We know what you're up to," said Wufei, in the other.

Duo tried to decide how to play this. This was the crucial moment. He decided an innocent act wouldn't work, so he said, "It took you long enough to figure it out!"

"So you really want to do this," Wufei asked.

"A threesome? Fuck yes! I've always wanted to! And since you two are both so sexy... and hot..." Duo gave each of the boys a squeeze, "I was hoping you would both want to, you know..." he trailed off. It was out of his hands now. He just had to hope that the boys' frustration and need for him would overcome their pride. "Please?" He smiled as sincerely as possible considering both his hands were full of cock. "I promise neither of you will be unsatisfied."

Wufei considered. Duo turned him on so much, he couldn't keep from thinking about plunging his cock deep inside the sweet body again. And if it made Duo happy to have Heero there too... his desire overrode his pride and he found himself nodding. As long as Duo didn't stop doing that to him...

Heero was torn. He wanted Duo to himself. But most of all he wanted Duo. He wanted Duo to never stop touching him. And he had to admit the idea of Wufei being there too turned him on as well. He couldn't explain it, but the pure decadence of what Duo was proposing called to him. "Ok," he whispered, at the same time that Wufei agreed.

Duo grinned, triumphant. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get out of here!"

Part 7

The taxi ride back to the house could have been awkward, but Duo kept both
boys aroused so that they weren't thinking of anything other than getting
their hands on the longhaired boy. Duo himself was rock hard, from
anticipation of being ravished by Heero and Wufei at the same time.

They managed to get into the house without incident. As soon as Duo had
closed the door behind them, he found himself pinned to the door by two horny
Asian boys.

Wufei panted, "Well, Duo, you have us both at your mercy now. What are you
going to do with us?"

Heero growled, "Whatever it is, it had better be quick."

Duo grinned. This was going better than he had thought. "We need a bed. A big
one." He thought for a moment, then said, "I hope it's not TOO quick..."

Wufei said, "My room has a queen sized bed. Will that do?"

Duo grinned. "I sure hope so!" Then he was gone, leaving Wufei and Heero
staring after him. Then they recovered, racing after the longhaired boy.

When they arrived in Wufei's room, Duo was already standing by the bed,
grinning. "Why don't you two get those clothes off and get on the bed?" The
two boys looked doubtfully at each other, and Duo sighed. "Don't be shy. I'll
turn the lights down. Then you can watch ME."

"Ok, ok," grumbled Wufei, enticed by the idea of Duo putting on a strip show.
He quickly stripped off his clothes and sat on the side of the bed. Heero
followed suit, more reluctantly. He sat back on the bed, leaning against the

"You need to loosen up, both of you," Duo said, slipping off his shoes. "I
know just the thing." He went to the radio sitting on the desk and fiddled
with it until he found a station he liked. He moved to the slow, sexy beat,
shaking his head so his hair flowed around him. "You two ready?" even though
he could easily see how ready they both were; hard as a rock despite their
embarrassment, entranced completely by the sexy longhaired boy.

Duo began to dance sensually to the music, letting it move him, slim hips
moving to the beat. He pulled his t-shirt up, caressing his stomach, showing
off his flat stomach. He turned around, swaying his hips, as he stripped off
his shirt, letting it fall to the ground as he turned back around quickly. He
stretched back, arching his back, letting his hands roam over his upper body
before sliding back down to unbutton his jeans. He eased the zipper down
slowly, looking directly at his two lovers as he did it. They were watching
him raptly. Heero's hand stole down to his aching arousal. He saw Duo
watching, and stopped.

"No, Heero, do it. Touch yourself for me. Show me how I make you feel,"
purred Duo, and moaned as he saw the Japanese boy stroke himself. "Oh, yeah,
I like that, Heero. Wufei, play with yourself for me?" The Chinese boy
whimpered as he stroked his own cock, his reticence quickly being overtaken
by lust. "Oh yeah, I love to see you do that," breathed Duo as he rubbed his
erection through his jeans. He watched the effect this had on the two
watching boys. There was no way they were going to stop now.

Heero had to stroke himself very slowly so he wouldn't climax immediately
from the sexy show Duo was giving them. It was taking every ounce of strength
he had to keep from attacking Duo right then. A glance sideways at Wufei
showed the Chinese boy was just as enthralled as he was. Heero decided he
must be crazy with lust, because looking at Wufei aroused next to him was
turning him on as well. Wufei had freed his hair from its confinement and it
hung to his shoulders, coal black and lustrous. The dark haired boy sensed
Heero watching him and turned to look at him.

Wufei was losing himself in the scene before him; then he realized Heero was
looking at him. He turned to the other boy and they locked eyes for a long
moment. Then to his utter surprise, his eyes, seemingly of their own accord,
traveled lazily over the Japanese boy's body, lingering on the glistening
arousal he was slowly stroking. He had never realized how sexy Heero was;
well, that was wrong. He had noticed, but hadn't acknowledged the thought.
Now he couldn't deny it; and the desire that ran in his veins wasn't entirely
due to Duo any more. He bit his lip and decided not to question it for the
moment. The two boys turned back to the longhaired boy in front of them.

Duo hadn't missed the look that had just passed between the two boys; his
heart leapt at the thought that they might be able to make this a threesome
in every sense of the word.  He had hoped he could loosen the two boys up
even more. He grinned and waited until he had their attention once again.
Then he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and pulled them
down, wiggling until they pooled at his feet. He stepped out of them and
continued to dance, completely naked and fully aroused. He danced for a few
more minutes, then decided he had tortured everyone enough. He stopped,
paused for a moment, then walked to the end of the bed. He kneeled on the end
before crawling on hands and knees until he was in between Heero and Wufei.
Then he stopped, sitting back on his heels and he smiled at his two lovers.
"Well," he drawled, thrilling at the situation once again, "what are we
waiting for?"

"You," both Wufei and Heero growled simultaneously, and suddenly there were
hands all over him.

Duo threw his head back, reveling in the sensation; this was better than he
could have imagined. It felt like far more than four hands touching him,
everywhere. He stopped trying to figure out who was touching him where, and
reached out. Soon, he found himself on his back between the two boys. A hot
mouth quickly claimed his, and he felt another mouth kissing him, trailing a
wet path down his chest. One hand spread his legs, another stroked the inside
of his thighs gently. Duo's whimper was swallowed by the kiss as he
relinquished control at last.

Wufei's mouth was the one busily heading for Duo's cock, and one of his hands
had spread Duo's legs. He realized Heero's hand was also there, and he took
the other boy's hand and directed him to caress the inside of Duo's creamy
thighs. With his other hand, he wrapped his hand around the erection in front
of him and gently stroked as he brought his mouth closer.

Heero lost himself in kissing Duo as he allowed Wufei to show him what to do.
Duo's inner thighs felt like silk, and as he brushed higher, he was rewarded
by Duo's whimper of desire. Then he felt a hand on his own cock, and thrust
into it helplessly.

Duo reached out his own hands, feeling until he had found two hard cocks
waiting for him. He stroked both the best he could; the angle was a bit
difficult but he managed. He felt both boys falter in their ministrations as
he touched them.  He smirked before another wave of pleasure overtook him as
Wufei's mouth enveloped his cock. He gasped but the sound was lost in Heero's
mouth. Then he felt fingers probing his entrance gently, and he spread his
legs more fully, surrendering to the two boys.

Heero pulled back and said breathlessly, "Duo... tell us what you want..."

Duo looked at Heero, then down at Wufei, who had paused in his work to
listen.  Duo grinned, squeezing the hard cocks in his hands. "I want one of
these," he paused, stroking faster, "In me. Now."

Heero and Wufei's eyes met; then Wufei reached across Duo and caught the back
of Heero's head, pulling him close. Their lips met roughly, tongues sparring,
while Duo watched with rapt attention. Then the Chinese boy pulled back, and
said roughly, "After you."

Heero was amazed but not about to argue. Wufei handed him some lube and
leaned up to kiss Duo passionately. Heero quickly smoothed some on his aching
cock, then kneeled between Duo's legs. He looked at Duo for confirmation,
poised to enter the longhaired boy's body.

Duo broke the kiss with Wufei, then looked at Heero with passion-filled eyes.
"Do me, Heero, please," he begged, sure he was going to die if he didn't get
fucked hard right now. Wufei reclaimed his mouth as Heero pushed into him.

Heero slid inside the heaven that was Duo, all the previous night's
activities rushing back at him. He tried to hold back, knowing that he had
nowhere near enough control to resist Duo's tight body.

Duo knew this, but he needed it hard and fast, right now. "Do it hard, Heero.
Hard and fast. I need it," he pleaded.

"Oh god..."groaned Heero, helpless in the face of such a request. He drew
back and slammed in as hard as could.

Duo screamed. "Yes, yes, that's it, fuck me hard, Heero!" He forgot where he
was, forgot all else except the feeling of being filled and pounded. Then he
felt a hand on his cock, and forced his eyes open to look at Wufei. "Oh
yeah..." he moaned. "I like this..." And he looked down at Wufei's straining
cock. "Let me suck you, Wufei..."

Wufei didn't hesitate; he swung his leg over Duo, straddling his chest, and
the longhaired boy eagerly took the boy's cock in his mouth. He moaned around
the hard flesh as Heero took him harder.

Heero was trying his best to delay his climax; then he saw Wufei in front of
him, and saw that Duo was pleasuring him too. He grabbed the Chinese boy's
shoulder and pulled him back, capturing his mouth in a savage kiss and
letting his hands roam all over his body. He still managed to thrust into Duo
at the same time. He knew he was close, though.

Wufei thrust into Duo's mouth as gently as he could manage; but the
longhaired boy knew exactly what he was doing, and took each thrust of the
hard cock into his mouth. Heero's kiss took him by surprise but he threw
himself into it, savoring the feeling of another pair of hands on him.

This was Duo's wildest fantasy come true; he watched Heero and Wufei kiss as
he was fucked hard, a stiff cock in his mouth.

Both boys knew that the inexperienced Japanese boy wouldn't last much longer.
So Wufei moved off of Duo reluctantly, so they could focus on Heero's

"Duo..." groaned Heero, reaching for the longhaired boy's cock.

"Let me," smiled Wufei, leaning down and taking Duo's cock in his mouth.

"Oh god," Duo just had time to gasp as he was doubly pleasured. Heero slammed
into him hard, and Wufei's tongue stroked him. It was too much, and Duo
climaxed, filling Wufei's mouth and clamping down on Heero's cock deep inside

Wufei happily swallowed all of Duo's seed, licking him clean.

Heero saw and felt Duo's completion; he couldn't have held back any more if
he had wanted to. Climax burned like fire through him, making him forget all
else except what Duo's body was doing to him. He filled Duo, pumped him full
with his hot need, and cried out his name.

Heero collapsed next to Duo, drained, while Wufei lay next to Duo on the
other side. They caught their breath for a moment, then Wufei got up and went
to the bathroom, returning with several warm moist cloths. He used them to
clean up his new lovers while they recovered.

"Mmm, Wufei..." sighed Duo. Then he turned to Heero as well. "That was
amazing, both of you. But I think we're far from done."

Heero smiled lazily, looking up at the Chinese boy. "Yes, I think Wufei needs
some help with a problem." And he reached out to stroke Wufei's cock, making
him moan.

"I'm patient," grinned Wufei.

"Well, I'm insatiable, or so I've been told," smirked Duo, and he rolled over
onto his hands and knees. "I'm ready for more..."

Heero handed Wufei the lube. "I don't think you should keep him waiting, do

"Absolutely not," smiled Wufei, putting the gel on his erection and kneeling
behind Duo.

Heero lay back and watched as Wufei slid inside Duo, and the longhaired boy
panted for more. He was content for the moment to watch; but his erection was
returning quickly. He leaned over and kissed Duo, who moaned into his mouth.

Wufei slid into incredible tightness; Duo's muscles were still tight from his
earlier climax. He gripped the slim hips before him and quickly built up a
fast pace of thrusts. "God, Duo... you feel so good..." His desire rose as he
watched Heero and Duo kiss.

Duo leaned back into each thrust, wanting Wufei's length deeper yet. "Yes..."
he said, then his mouth was taken by his other lover. He felt a hand snake
underneath him, and opened his eyes to see Heero smiling at him. His eyes
traveled down the cobalt eyed boy's body to see that he had fully recovered.

"Mmm, Heero, that looks good... can I have a taste?" Duo panted, licking his

"I thought you'd never ask," moaned Heero, and moved so that Duo could easily
reach his hardness while he could still stroke Duo. He stroked faster when he
felt the longhaired boy's talented mouth on his cock. "Nnn..." Duo
deep-throated him, and he stroked faster.

Wufei drove into Duo faster and harder, as the violet-eyed boy begged for
more. Soon he was thrusting with all his strength, and though Duo's slim body
rocked with each savage thrust, he still asked for more. Each thrust drove
his erection into the caress of Heero's hand, and Duo had to concentrate hard
to keep pleasuring Heero. All that existed in his world was pleasure, and
heat, and cocks. Life was good.

Duo was the first to surrender to completion; he moaned around Heero's cock
as Wufei and Heero took him over the edge. He gripped the sheets as he
covered them with his seed.

Heero felt the vibrations on his arousal and the wet heat on his hand at the
same time; the stimulation of Duo's mouth on him drove him quickly to
ecstasy. Groaning Duo's name, he filled the longhaired boy's mouth, his
second climax as intense as the first.

Wufei watched the two boys' releases; then he surrendered at last to the
ultimate pleasure. Screaming wordlessly, he thrust again and again, until
climax froze him, and he emptied himself into the willing boy in front of
him. He gripped Duo's hips hard, mouth open and muscles tensed; the most
incredible climax of his young life had rendered him speechless.

Sweaty, sticky, trembling and spent at last, the three boys collapsed onto
the bed. Neither spoke, but looked at each other as they panted, looking
deeply for any signs of regret on the other boys' faces. There was none; none
of the three regretted a moment. They crawled under the covers, cuddling
close to each other, uncaring who was where, and all three wondered if they
could make this arrangement permanent.

+the end!

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