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Triangle of Deception (part 1 - epilogue)


Part One

Heero stared at the laptop in disbelief. His new mission directive stared back at him. He had always thought that he would do anything, any mission assigned to him, no matter what the danger. But this was... unacceptable. Not now, not when he had actually admitted to himself how he really felt...

Zechs Marquise sat at his desk, the light from the computer monitor the only illumination. His azure eyes locked on the image on the screen. He knew it was irrational, dangerous, obsessive... but he couldn't help himself. He stared at the latest surveillance pictures of Heero Yuy. He was having the boy followed, but not for the safety of OZ. Ever since the battle in Antarctica he couldn't get the teenager out of his mind... those cobalt eyes, that slim body haunted his dreams. He wanted Heero badly, and Zechs always got what he wanted. It was just a matter of time.

Dr. J sat cackling at his own computer. He congratulated himself on his genius. Using the Lightning Count's weakness to get information they needed... it was just too perfect. He just hoped Heero would be able to carry through on the mission, and not get some stupid idealistic notion in his head about love or some such nonsense...

Duo watched Heero across the room. Whatever this new mission was, it was troubling the other boy. Duo felt he could read Heero pretty well; after all, it was sort of a hobby of his to stare at the beautiful soldier. Lately, Heero had been different; he had almost joked a few times and Duo could swear that Heero was starting to respond to his flirtatious advances. He figured that Heero, even if he did return Duo's feelings, would have a hard time showing it, or acting on it. So he hoped, and flirted, and dreamed; he hoped that someday he could coax Heero out of his shell so he could show him how he felt.

Heero could feel Duo's eyes on him. He was reasonably sure that Duo had feelings for him; the longhaired boy wasn't exactly subtle. He had finally managed to admit to himself at least that he had feelings beyond friendship for Duo. How he was supposed to act on them was another matter; but he figured that he would come up with a way sooner or later. For some reason he thought he had time; now, with this mission...

Zechs stared at the images on his screen: a succession of spy shots of the cobalt-eyed boy. Somehow, he would arrange to meet up with Heero when he was alone; away from the braided pilot, 02. They did seem to always be together; Zechs' blood boiled at the thought that there might be something going on between the two boys. But none of his operatives had been able to confirm this. He needed to get Heero alone; then he would seduce the boy. At this point, Zechs no longer cared about the war that separated them; he wanted only to possess Heero Yuy. He would do anything to get what he wanted. Staring at the pictures of the boy had aroused him; he slowly unfastened his pants and slid his hand inside to tease his hard length. He moaned softly, never taking his eyes off the images on his screen as he pulled his erection free of his pants, stroking roughly.

He stroked faster, starting to thrust his hips in rhythm. He stared at the pictures of Heero, swearing as he reached the peak of ecstasy that he would claim that lithe body. He stroked faster, panting, and he climaxed quickly; pumping his hot need onto his chest, gasping. Heero would be his.

Dr. J read Heero's confirmation. It had taken 5 minutes for the boy to confirm, exactly twice as long as it usually did. He smirked; he knew Heero would do whatever he asked. The boy was trained perfectly; he had seen to that himself. No romantic notions could possibly be left after his training. Heero would do what was required.

Duo watched as Heero confirmed his mission, and sat staring at the screen for a long moment. He decided to break the tension in the room. He jumped off his bed and bounced over to the cobalt-eyed boy.

"New mission?" he asked as he leaned over, trying to read the screen. He jumped back as Heero slammed the laptop shut abruptly. But he had seen enough. "No!" he cried.

Heero glared at Duo; this mission was the last thing he wanted to discuss with the other boy. "It's not your problem, Duo," he growled.

Duo stood, trying to assimilate what he had seen, trying to remember the details. He had a photographic memory. It came in handy sometimes. "They want you to do what?" He demanded, though he already knew the answer.

Heero stood up, facing Duo, eyes blazing, inches from the other boy. "What does it matter to you what I do? And with whom?"

Duo felt like he had been slapped. He snarled back at Heero, "So you'll just whore yourself out for J, then, is that it? Have you done this lots of times before?" Duo couldn't believe he was saying this; his anger was out of control. All he could think of was Heero in Zechs' arms...

"None of your damn business, Duo," Heero yelled back, shame driving his own anger, striking back the only way he could think of. "I'm sure you've done the same."

For some reason, this hurt Duo even more. "You think I'm a slut, do you?"

No, Heero's heart screamed. "Well, you do act like one sometimes. And that hair..." Heero didn't know where the awful words were coming from.

Duo gasped. How could Heero say that? Blinking back tears, he swung blindly, throwing a punch at Heero's face.

Heero reacted instinctively, blocking the punch easily and grabbing Duo's wrist, stopping the motion. Unfortunately, he only stopped the motion of Duo's hand; the longhaired boy's body followed through, and, off balance, Duo fell against Heero. Heero's other hand automatically came around to hold Duo at the small of his back.

They stared at each other, breathing hard, for a long moment; then Duo started to pull back. But Heero didn't want to let go. He found he really liked the way Duo felt in his arms. In fact, the slim boy's body felt so good against his that he was very rapidly becoming aroused. "I... I'm sorry, Duo," he stammered. "I didn't mean that."

Duo was forgetting to be mad, forgetting everything except how it felt to be pressed up against Heero. He could feel the hardness of the other boy's body against him. He stared at Heero, confused. "I'm sorry I tried to hit you, Heero." Heero felt incredible against him, lithe hard body and incredibly strong arms that he knew could bend steel. Heero's strength had always turned him on; the sensation of the other boy holding him was too much, and he was getting hard too.

Heero was trying to fight his body's response when he felt Duo's answering arousal. He looked in wonderment at the violet-eyed boy. Could Duo feel the same? He let go of Duo's arm and wrapped his other arm around Duo as well. He pulled the other boy even harder against him, grinding their erections together. Duo gasped, and Heero moaned; Heero slowly pressed his lips against Duo's, and the longhaired boy opened his mouth to him.

The kiss seemed to last forever; when they came up for air they were gasping for breath. "Duo..." Heero whispered, not letting go of the other boy.

"Heero..." Duo took a deep breath. "I don't want you to go on this mission. I want you."

"Oh, Duo..." Heero's heart leapt at hearing those words from the other boy. "I've wanted you for so long. But I have to go. The information is crucial. I've never done anything like this before, I promise."

"Heero! I didn't mean that!" Duo cried. "It just hurt so much, to think of you with him..."

"I understand. They haven't made you..." Heero trailed off, unable to finish.

"No! Never," Duo answered.

"Good," Heero said, unsure why the thought of Duo with someone else made him feel so angry.

"Do you have to go?" Duo knew he was whining, but he couldn't help himself.

Heero nodded. "You know I do. But I can handle Zechs."

"The problem is him handling you," Duo answered as he let his hands travel over Heero's perfect body. Duo couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to touch the other boy all over. He certainly did.

Heero moaned from Duo's light touches. He fantasized so many times about this... "You'll just have to trust me."

Duo's hands had found the hem of Heero's tank top and were sliding underneath it. His fingers played over the rippled muscles, the silky skin...

Heero took a shuddering breath. "Duo, do you know what you're doing to me?"

"Does it feel like I know what I'm doing?" teased the longhaired boy as his fingers found Heero's nipples, brushing against them lightly.

"Duo..." gasped Heero, helpless. His body ached with unfamiliar feelings. He dropped his hands, running his hands over Duo's firm ass appreciatively. Duo moaned and thrust against Heero when he felt the hands. Heero liked the sound of those moans, so he did it again.

"Heero," murmured Duo, rocking his hips against Heero's erection. "We need to get these clothes off." He lifted Heero's shirt over his head and pulled at the waistband of the spandex.

"Duo," moaned Heero as Duo's hand slid inside his shorts, "Are you sure? If you keep," he stopped, unable to speak as Duo's hand found his rock hard erection, then gasping out, "If you keep doing that, I won't be able to stop."

Duo smiled as he wrapped his hand around Heero's cock. "Do you want me to stop?" he said as he stroked the hard flesh. A strangled moan was his only answer. "Because I've wanted to get in your pants since I first met you, and now that I have I really don't want to stop."

Heero smirked and brought his hand around to the front of Duo's pants, teasing the other boy's arousal through the cloth. "The first time we met, you shot me." Duo moaned and tightened his grip on Heero's cock. Then Heero unfastened Duo's pants and reached in to caress him.

"I was..." Duo moaned as Heero stroked, "Trying to shoot Relena, really..."

"Hn. Pity you didn't succeed, then," laughed Heero. She stalked him still.

Then Duo kissed Heero, hard. Tongues clashed and the outside world was forgotten as they rid themselves of their remaining clothing. Finally, naked hot flesh met, and both boys explored each other. Mouths, hands, bodies melted together as they forget about everything but each other.

Heero growled and pushed Duo down onto the bed, following him down and straddling his hips. Duo moaned and arched up against Heero. Heero captured both of Duo's hands in one of his and pinned them above the longhaired boy's head. Duo struggled, not because he wanted to be free but because he wanted to feel Heero's iron strength holding him down. Heero used Duo's helplessness to his advantage, attacking his neck, kissing and biting gently. Heero's free hand ran down Duo's lithe body, caressing him and driving him wild. Heero loved Duo's responsiveness; the other boy's erotic moans made his cock ache for satisfaction.

"Heero! Oh god, Heero... feels so good..." Duo was overloaded with sensation, lost in his very own fantasy come true. Heero on top of him, pinning him down, touching him all over; the other boy's rock hard erection pressed against his own. He longed to feel Heero's cock deep inside him, to become one with Heero.

"Duo..." murmured Heero, intoxicated by the longhaired boy's body, "I want you. I want to be inside you. Will you let me?"

"Oh, please, Heero... yes... do it, I want it hard and fast..." Duo gasped as Heero shifted, sliding between his legs and spreading his creamy thighs. "Yes..." Duo spread his legs for Heero.

Heero said, "We need..."

"Lube," they finished together. Heero found some lotion and was quickly back, kneeling between the violet-eyed boy's welcoming legs. He looked at Duo, spread before him, and ran his hands up the inside of Duo's thighs.

"You're beautiful, Duo," He whispered, then set to work preparing his soon-to-be lover. Soon, Duo was thrashing, loving the feel of Heero's fingers inside him but wanting more. And Heero couldn't wait much longer. He spread some more of the lotion on his throbbing arousal, then positioned himself. "Are you sure?"

"Heero!" Duo almost screamed. "Do I look sure? Do it!"

Heero smirked and held Duo's eyes as he entered him. Duo's violet eyes widened as Heero's hardness invaded him; his mouth opened and he cried out, "Yes... that's so good... more..."

Hearing Duo's cries made it more difficult for Heero to hold back; but he did, entering Duo slowly, and pausing to let Duo adjust when he was fully inside him.

Duo started to squirm, so Heero pulled out, slowly, waiting until Duo started to complain. Then he drove back in, as hard as he dared, burying his cock inside Duo, deep and fast.

Duo cried out, "Heero! Oh god, yes, more, harder, faster, yes!"

And Heero started to pound. Over and over, he drove into Duo, pinning the other boy to the bed with his savage thrusts, Duo encouraging him every time to go harder, deeper, faster. Heero had never felt anything like Duo; tight, responsive, hot, the other boy's body gripped him like they were made to go together. He never wanted it to end; but the friction of Duo's heat stroked him perfectly, and his completion approached, inevitable.

Duo gripped the headboard, screaming at the top of his lungs, oblivious to anything other that what Heero was doing to him. Heero's cock fit inside him just right, brushing the perfect spots, filling him completely. Riding a wave of ecstasy, Duo almost lost his mind when Heero started to pump his dripping cock. Excruciating passion got even better; he couldn't have held back if he'd wanted to. With an even louder scream of Heero's name, Duo climaxed, his body clenching and pumping out his need.

Heero groaned as he felt Duo's completion; finally he let go, forgetting everything else except the feeling of Duo's body, and filling the other boy with pulse after pulse of his hot desire. "Love you, Duo," he gasped as he nearly passed out from pleasure.

Sated at last, the two boys collapsed, and Heero held Duo tightly. Catching his breath, Duo whispered, "Heero?"

Heero answered faintly, "Yes, Duo?"

Duo was almost afraid to ask, but he had to. "Did you mean what you said? About loving me?"

Heero raised himself up on an elbow with effort. "Of course, Duo. I love you. You don't have to say it back, you know."

Duo pulled Heero back down, holding on to him tightly. "Of course I do! Because I love you too!"

They both laughed, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Part Two

Heero woke before Duo. He looked down at his sleeping love, then regretfully slid out of the bed. Regardless of their newfound love, Heero had a mission to complete.

He quickly got his things together, without waking Duo, then placed a gentle kiss on the longhaired boy's forehead. "I love you," he whispered, and he was gone.

Duo opened his eyes as Heero left. Looking around the room, Duo realized Heero had gone off on his mission already. Duo sighed with resignation; he had known that Heero would follow through with his mission no matter what. But it still hurt. He knew now that Heero loved him, and nothing he did with Zechs would change that; but Duo had to know, had to see. He decided to follow Heero. He needed to know. Even if it was bad.

Zechs' eyes widened as he read the coded message. Could it be true? Could Heero Yuy really want to meet with him? And for what reason? The message said, cryptically, the meeting would be mutually satisfying. Zechs knew full well it could be a trap, but he couldn't resist. His obsession with the Gundam pilot was too strong. He answered, agreeing to the meeting, and then cancelled all his other meetings.

Heero walked into the restaurant, trying not to feel nervous. He felt ridiculous, dressed like this; but it was part of the mission. Dr. J thought that Zechs was harboring an obsession for him, and tonight he had to look like a fantasy. He gave the maitre d' the prearranged code name; he was informed that his party was waiting for him. He walked behind the man, taking deep breaths and feeling like he was betraying Duo.

Zechs looked at his watch; precisely 7pm. He looked up from his wine to see Heero walking toward him. This was the first time they had been face to face since Antarctica, and the boy hadn't exactly been dressed to impress. Tonight was a different matter. He had to remind himself to close his mouth; the boy was literally poured into brown leather pants that clung to him perfectly. Zechs tried not to drool as his eyes swept over the gorgeous boy; a white silk shirt, tucked into the pants, completed the simple outfit and nearly left him breathless. The shirt hung open to show off the boy's smooth chest, and the cobalt eyes blazed at him from underneath messy bangs. Heero stalked up to the table, unconsciously graceful. Zechs rose smoothly, offering the boy a chair.

"So nice of you to join me, Heero. Please sit down." Zechs purred, wondering if Heero's look was intentional or not. Either way, it had had the intended effect; score one for the younger boy.

Heero took a deep breath as he approached the table; he forced himself to look at the longhaired man standing there, welcoming him. He knew all the facts possible about Zechs, knew he wasn't much older than he was, knew his background. He had to admit that Marquise was beautiful; but in a cold, icy way that only reminded him of how much he missed Duo's sexy beauty.

"I'm glad you agreed to see me, Lieutenant," Heero said coolly.

"How could I refuse such an intriguing offer from such an appealing young man? And, please call me Zechs," purred the blond man.

Heero nodded his head, acknowledging the compliment. "I think you know why I'm here, Zechs."

"I do have my suspicions," replied Zechs. "But do we have to get to business right away? This restaurant has exquisite food, and the evening is young."

Heero sat down finally, resigning himself to playing the blonde's games. He really had no choice. He needed this info, and Zechs didn't really need him; but that remained to be seen.

Heero let the other man order for him; Zechs ordered in perfect French of course, and the waiter didn't seem to have a problem serving a very obviously underage boy champagne. Heero had to admit that the food was very good, and he found himself relaxing somewhat.

Duo slumped down in the car across the street from the restaurant. He watched as both men arrived, and waited until they were well into their first course before he drove away. He had done his hacking well; he was on his way now to break into the hotel where Zechs was staying.

Heero sat back at the table, looking with new eyes at his enemy. Zechs was actually a very entertaining man. He could almost forget he was the feared Lightning Count. And if he hadn't been in love with Duo, tonight might not have been such a chore for him.

They had talked, eaten and drank for almost 3 hours. Heero couldn't believe the time had flown so fast.

Zechs, also, had enjoyed his evening immensely, more so because he was anticipating how it would end. He couldn't get enough of watching the enchanting boy across from him. On the rare occasions Heero would let his guard drop, he could tell there was a very insightful, intelligent person underneath. How had he managed to survive the barbaric scientists' training?

Zechs leaned forward; the time had come. "Heero. I know why you're here, and I know what you want, so I won't make you say it. I'm willing to give you what you want if you give me what I want. I don't have to spell it out for you, do I?"

"No, you don't. One night, one time, and that's it, right?" Heero said bluntly.

Zechs smiled. He hoped that by the end of this night Heero might feel differently about him; but he would enjoy himself regardless. The information Heero wanted was virtually untraceable; there was a slight chance he would be caught, but he would take that chance. It was an acceptable risk for a night with Heero Yuy. "That's right." He leaned forward. "Let me emphasize this: I'm not into rape. You must be willing. You contacted me, and you are coming back to my hotel of your own free will. Right?"

Heero frowned and nodded reluctantly. "When will you give me the information?"

"When I am satisfied," Zechs paused to smirk, "that you are holding up your end of the agreement, I will provide what information you require."

"And I'm supposed to just trust you?" Heero complained.

"We're trusting each other," Zechs replied. "Shall we go?"

Heero agreed, and he followed the blond man to his hotel.

Zechs led Heero to his suite, trying not to smirk too much. He opened the door and stood back to let the cobalt-eyed boy enter.

Heero walked in, steeling his nerve. He could do this. It wasn't betraying Duo. He loved Duo. This was just his body. He took a deep breath. And stopped. The room smelled... familiar. Heero had always had a keen sense of smell; it had served him well as advance warning before. And he was sure that he had smelled this particular scent before. He just had to let his brain process the smell for a moment; he would be able to identify it.

Just as Zechs walked up behind him and laid a hand on his shoulder, his mind clicked: Duo. That was Duo's scent; a mix of his shampoo, soap and the longhaired boy's own body chemistry. Heero didn't know how it could be possible, but he was seldom wrong; Duo either had been, or currently was, in this room. He tried to look around without being obvious.

"Are you nervous, Heero?" Zechs purred from behind him. "This won't hurt a bit, I promise... in fact, I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I will."

Heero closed his eyes with the effort of carrying on this game while he knew Duo was nearby. He decided to play along. "I am a bit nervous, I have to admit. I..." was that movement from the closet? "I've never done this before." He hoped that Zechs wouldn't ask whether he meant sex or trading sex for information; if the blond man thought Heero was a virgin maybe it would be easier to pull off. But, if Duo was in the room, nothing was going to happen at all. Heero would make sure of that.

Ignoring for a moment the problem of how the longhaired boy had followed him in the first place, Heero concentrated on how to determine just where Duo was. He suspected the closet; it was the obvious place, and commanded a good view of the bedroom. Now how to get Zechs out of the room so he could check it out?

"What can I do to help you relax, Heero? Can I get you a drink?" Zechs said softly.

"Yes, I'd like that, thank you, Zechs," answered Heero, hoping that would give him enough time to check out the closet.

"Ok, then, make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back," said Zechs, gliding out the door toward the small kitchen.

Heero made as if to sit on the bed, then as soon as the blond man was out of sight, he went to the closet, sliding the door open silently. He looked in, and looked straight into Duo's beautiful face. Duo's beautiful, angry face. "What the fuck are you doing here, Duo?"

Duo answered, "What does it look like?"

"It looks like you're spying on me and trying to compromise my mission," answered coolly, though his heart was breaking to see his love so angry.

"How could you, Heero? After what we did, what we shared?" Duo cried.

"That's not fair, Duo. I told you it was a mission. I love you, you know that," Heero tried to reassure the longhaired boy.

"Not enough to make you refuse the mission," Duo said. He hated the way he sounded. He knew he was pouting, but he couldn't help it. He had followed Heero, he had to know, had to see for himself. He knew he was being childish.

Heero knew he had to get the other boy out of there, and he knew he was running out of time. Zechs could be back any minute. "Duo, please! You have to go!"

"No. If you have to do this, I have to be here," Duo said.

"You're being irrational. This is hard enough as it is, damn it!" Heero was getting frustrated. Then he heard footsteps. "Shit! He's coming back!"

Duo ducked back into the closet quickly, and Heero resumed his seat on the bed. Zechs stuck his head back in the door.

"I don't have much. Beer, white wine or scotch. What would you like?" Zechs asked.

Heero replied, "Beer is fine, thanks."

"Ok, I'll be right back," Zechs answered, and disappeared again. Heero breathed a sigh of relief and went back to the closet.

"Duo!" he opened the door again, and the other boy was standing there, arms crossed. "Look, Duo, I'll put him off somehow. I'll meet you in an hour, I promise nothing will happen."

"Promise?" Duo said, wincing at the whine in his tone. He had to get this under control. "We need to talk about this."

"Yes, we do, and I promise, Duo. Meet me in the park, remember the bench where we sat?" The longhaired boy nodded; they had been on a mission in this city before. "One hour. I'll get Zechs out of the room, and I'll leave. Ok?"

Duo nodded reluctantly. "One hour. Or I'm coming back."

"Fine. Here he comes," Heero said, and jumped back to the bed.

Zechs entered, carrying two bottles. He offered one to Heero. "You don't look so good, Heero. Are you feeling all right?"

Heero tried not to grin; that was it. He took the beer, taking a deep gulp, then clutched his stomach. "I guess I don't feel very good... maybe it was something I ate..." He had perfect control of many involuntary body functions, so he let his face go white. He knew it would make him look pale as a ghost.

Zechs noticed immediately. "You look terrible, Heero! What can I do to help?"

"I... maybe I just need some fresh air..." managed Heero.

"Yes, come here," Zechs took Heero's arm and led him out to the balcony. He looked with concern at the younger boy. "Feeling any better?"

Heero took a deep breath, and said, "Not really. I feel... sort of dizzy..."

Zechs felt Heero's head. "You don't look or feel well. Maybe we should do this another time."

Heero's acute hearing told him that Duo was slipping out of the room behind him. He needed to stall for just a bit longer. "I don't know... we had an agreement..."

"One that can be fulfilled another day. Neither of us would enjoy this if you're not feeling well. I told you I want this to be voluntary." Zechs was slightly suspicious; Heero did indeed look unwell, but...

"Are you sure? Can we continue this another time? I still want to," said Heero shakily.

"Contact me when you're feeling better, Heero. I'll be waiting."

Heero said goodbye, and took his leave.

Zechs watched him leave, wondering.

Duo made his way to the park, after watching Heero leave from the street outside.

Part Three

Duo approached the park bench, their prearranged meeting spot. He was torn between anger with Heero and happiness that the other boy had said he would meet him here. At the same time, his body ached to touch Heero again; one night in Heero's arms had convinced him he needed to spend the rest of his life there. So he was a mass of confusion; pounding heart, sweaty palms, butterflies in his stomach and arousal stretching his jeans.

Heero was waiting for him. Oh, god, it wasn't fair for a human being to look that good; especially when he was trying to be angry. Heero looked apologetic and handsome and perfect. He rose from the bench as Duo approached.

Heero ached as he watched Duo; guilt over his mission warred with love and lust. He wanted Duo, body and soul; but he knew he had to complete his mission. He needed Duo to understand; yet he knew if Duo had a similar mission he would have been enraged. It was a double standard, he knew it; yet as he watched his beautiful lover approach, hair loose and shining, hips swaying seductively, he knew he couldn't help himself. His cock throbbed in the tight pants; every cell in his body cried out with need to be joined once again with Duo.

Duo walked up to Heero, and they stood staring at each other for a long moment. Duo tried to stay angry with Heero, but in the face of those cobalt eyes, he didn't have a chance. "Duo, I'm sorry..."

Duo cut him off. "I know, Heero. The mission. It's always the mission."

Heero said. "This is war. It won't last forever, Duo. We've both done things we're not proud of."

"You're right, Heero. But that was before we..." Duo trailed off.

Heero took a small step forward. "It changes nothing between us, Duo, you know that. No matter what happens."

Duo looked away. "I wish I could believe that."

Heero reached out, putting his hand on Duo's chin and gently turning the longhaired boy's face back toward him. "Duo, look at me."

Duo relented, looking deep into cobalt orbs. Heero leaned closer, pressing his lips gently, undemandingly, against Duo's.

Duo melted, opening his mouth to Heero, surrendering to the tide of desire. Their tongues met, hot and furious and desperate. The one time they'd touched had whetted their desires; their mouths locked and hands touched, sliding under clothes.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck, pulling himself closer to the other boy's heat. Bodies melded, insistent and hot; hardness met its twin as their hips ground together.

Heero slid his hands down to cup Duo's ass; squeezing through the jeans, he sent a shiver down the longhaired boy's spine. "Heero," gasped Duo, ending the kiss. He wanted Heero so badly; even though he hated what the other boy had to do, Duo couldn't deny his need to be possessed by him.

Heero looked around; there was no one in the park at this late hour. He couldn't risk taking Duo back to the safehouse; he was on a mission, supposedly alone. But he wanted Duo, badly. "Duo... need you..."

The longhaired boy moaned, thrusting his hips against Heero. "Here?"

Heero slid a hand between their bodies, squeezing Duo's hard length. Duo gasped. "Yes, here. Now," Heero answered as he unfastened his lover's jeans. He slid a hand inside, into the heat, gripping Duo's erection. "Want to taste you, Duo."

Duo moaned as Heero guided him back to the bench. His cock ached as Heero made him sit down, never taking his hand off his hardness. Duo sat back as Heero eased his jeans open just enough, then settled on his knees in front of the longhaired boy.

Heero looked up at Duo as he pulled the other boy's dripping erection free of the confining material. The longhaired boy shivered as his lover's mouth approached his cock. "Heero..." he breathed, anticipating that sensuous mouth on his arousal.

Heero breathed deeply, inhaling and memorizing Duo's scent; the musky smell of Duo's need inflamed his desire. Then he licked a slow line all the way from the base of Duo's cock to the tip. He teased the tip with his tongue, lapping at the slit and tasting Duo's excitement. He was rewarded by Duo's throaty moans and impatient thrusting.

Duo gripped the edge of the bench; he longed to feel Heero's mouth envelop him. The other boy's teasing tongue was driving him mad. "Please..."

Heero smirked and slowly took just the head of Duo's cock in his mouth, slowly increasing the suction. Duo tasted wonderful; the hard flesh was hot in his mouth as he toyed with the most sensitive spots. He lowered his mouth, taking more of Duo's length in. Heero loved the sounds that Duo made; that sexy voice drove his own passion higher. How many times had he dreamed of this, of having Duo moan his name? Too many times to count.

Duo closed his eyes, trying not to scream as the wet heat enveloped him. Heero was sucking on his cock, Heero was licking him, Heero was driving him insane.

Heero finally took all of Duo in his mouth. He relaxed his throat, and began to bob his head up and down, driving Duo's erection all the way into his mouth each time, keeping the suction tight. He could hear Duo's gasps of pleasure as he was driven higher. Changing tactics, Heero began using his teeth very gently, heightening the sensations.

Lost in a world of building ecstasy, Duo's head hung back, and his mouth was open; never had he felt like this, so wanton, so turned on, so deliciously dirty, in public. "Heero..." he groaned, hips thrusting up into the heat, never wanting it to end, but straining for completion nonetheless.

His name from those honeyed lips, that voice that drove him mad, made his own neglected arousal pulse; but Heero concentrated on his task, giving his all to please his love. He could taste Duo's salty need, and knew the other boy had to be close, and Duo was already trying to fuck his mouth. So Heero wrapped one hand around the base of Duo's cock, and he increased the speed of his ministrations, hand following mouth in a concerted effort to blow the violet-eyed boy's mind and body. His free hand snaked up Duo's body to find a nipple; tweaking it, he heard Duo's cry that signaled the end.

Inarticulately, Duo screamed, awash with pleasure. The combination of Heero's mouth and hands was too much; he couldn't even warn Heero, he just climaxed, pulsing over and over again, filling the other boy's waiting mouth with his creamy seed. It was too good, too intense, Duo was sure he would die. His hands were buried in Heero's hair, and he wasn't even sure how they had gotten there. Slowly, he regained his senses, remembering to breathe. "Fuck, Heero, that was amazing," he murmured. "Let me..."

Heero was standing up, freeing his own arousal from its confines. "No, Duo... let me just look at you... I want to..." Heero stroked himself, already very close from giving the other boy pleasure. He wanted Duo to watch him, wanted to cover the boy with his passion. He moaned then, looking down at the beautiful longhaired boy that held his heart and soul. Duo sat, pants open, arousal already returning, chestnut locks flowing, perfect face flushed with pleasure he had given him. Duo was everything he desired, wanted, needed. No matter what he had to do with his body, Duo owned him; love mixed with lust drove his hand as he spilled his need, shooting streams of heat all over Duo's chest and face.

As much as he wanted to return the pleasure Heero had given him, Duo was spellbound watching Heero touch himself. Indescribable beauty, unsurpassed perfection, Heero looked like the god he was, muscles bunched and sweaty from his desire. He wanted to see Heero's desire burst forth, wanted to feel it, needed to know it was only for him. As the hot liquid hit him, he whimpered, reveling in the pure raw feeling of it all. Symbolically, Heero was marking him as his; and Duo welcomed it, savoring the taste of Heero's love as it dripped into his mouth.

Heero nearly collapsed then, legs giving out as he sat heavily next to Duo, gathering the other boy in his arms, unmindful of the sticky mess they were making. He held his lover close, breathing deeply of their mingled scents, murmuring reassurances as their passion cooled.


Zechs' fist slammed down onto the glass table, shattering it. The broken surface disintegrated, taking with it the stack of photos that showed the two lovers on the bench, entwined and passionate.

The messenger winced, stepping back to avoid the shards. "Sorry, sir."

Zechs looked away from his employee, azure eyes burning with shame and anger. "He lied to me," he whispered. "I should have known..." Zechs was hurt and ashamed. He had let his feelings get the better of him, believed those cobalt eyes when they had deceived him. He should have known that his enemy couldn't care for him. Well, he would have his revenge, and Heero's body, too. He looked up again. "If you see those two together again, kill the longhaired one. The other one..." He looked down again, staring at the lovers in the crumpled pictures. "He's mine."

Part Four

Heero sat in the safehouse, reading the email message again. Zechs wanted to meet him again, and was pushing for a time. The message was terse, and Heero couldn't help but get the impression that the blond man was angry. Heero hadn't seen Duo since that night in the park; hadn't even dared to contact his lover for fear of detection. So he had nothing on which to base his suspicions; but he had finally learned to follow his emotions, and he had a feeling that something was amiss. He had no choice though; hoping he hadn't already screwed up the mission, he sent a reply, agreeing to meet Zechs that night.

Zechs sat waiting in the dark corner booth. He looked up to see Heero walk in, watching as the boy let his eyes adjust to the lighting and searched the bar. Heero spotted him, and walked over, trying to look casual. To Zechs, though, who had been studying the boy for months, it was obvious Heero was tense. He was still the sexiest thing Zechs had ever seen, though, and despite his anger at Heero's deception, he felt his body react to the boy. His eyes traveled involuntarily over the lithe frame, and he couldn't help the desire that rose in him, and the determination to possess that body at all costs.

Heero slid into the booth, eyeing Zechs intently. He could tell for sure now that the older man wasn't happy. He took a deep breath and said, "Hello, Zechs."

"Hello, Heero." Without preamble, Zechs tossed one of the more candid photos on the table toward Heero. "I see you've been busy."

Heero looked down at the photo, cursing the fact that despite his precautions Zechs had obviously had him followed.

Zechs went on. "I hope you enjoyed yourself, Heero. You lied to me."

Heero looked at Zechs, trying to decide how to deal with the change in situation. "I never told you I wasn't involved with anyone."

"You pretended you were interested in me," accused Zechs.

"I wasn't pretending," Heero offered. It wasn't a total lie; he still needed the information.

"Don't make this even worse by lying again," growled Zechs.

Heero silently cursed. He had fucked up the mission; his involvement with Duo was distracting him from what he had to do. "What can I do to convince you?"

Zechs smirked, leaning forward. Heero would be desperate now, thinking he had botched the mission. "Two things." He watched as the other boy focused those deep cobalt eyes on him intently. He knew he had Heero's complete attention; he was offering him a chance to salvage his mission. "One: give me what I wanted originally. One night with you." He paused, torturing Heero. "And, one other thing. You tell Maxwell you don't love him. Break it off with him."

Heero's eyes blazed. How could Zechs ask this of him? He started to protest. "Do you want this information or not?" He knew Heero couldn't deny that. "Then those are my terms. And if you refuse," Zechs waited a beat, then delivered the final blow. "If you see him again, romantically... I will have him killed."

Zechs sat back and watched the emotions playing across Heero's face. He had instructed his employee to kill Duo at first, but then as his anger cooled he realized he could use this to his advantage; threatening Heero's lover would give him the perfect leverage against the boy he desired. "As you can see," he went on, indicating the photos, "I have many resources. Don't think I can't follow through on my threat."

"Bastard," hissed Heero, clenching his fists. He knew what Zechs was capable of; he knew Duo could take care of himself, but putting the other boy in danger was unacceptable. He couldn't take a chance. Looking at those ice-blue eyes, Heero knew that Zechs would do it.

Zechs waited, a cruel smile playing over his coldly beautiful face. "Well? Do we have a deal?"

"Fine," Heero managed. It was just temporary; he would make it up to Duo later. "I'll do it."

"Tonight. You'll do it tonight. And you'll come to my suite tomorrow night, ready to fulfill your part of the bargain," Zechs commanded. He watched with satisfaction, and the slightest twinge of guilt, as Heero nodded briefly, not meeting his eyes, and left without another word.

Heero finally managed to contact Duo, and they arranged to meet at the safehouse. It was obvious that Zechs was tracking his movements anyway, and he wanted the blond man to know he was doing what he was supposed to do. He waited anxiously for Duo to show up. The longhaired boy didn't show until after midnight. He hurried to answer the knock, letting Duo in with a mixture of relief and trepidation. He had to convince Duo, had to make sure the braided boy stayed away at least until the mission was over. His heart ached as he saw his lover; Duo looked more beautiful every time he saw him. This wasn't going to be easy.

Duo walked in; he had a bad feeling about this. He knew something was up; Heero had an odd look on his face, and with effort he restrained himself from jumping on the other boy immediately. "What's up, Heero? I came as soon as I could."

"We have to talk," Heero said in a flat tone.

Duo felt his blood turn to ice at that ominous statement. "About what?" He tried to match Heero's unemotional tone with marginal success.

"Us. It won't work," Heero replied.

Eyes wide, Duo stared at the cobalt-eyed boy. "But..." He trailed off, searching Heero's face for a clue to what was going on. "What did I do?"

Heero looked away. He couldn't stand to see the hurt in those eyes. "Nothing. It just won't work."

"It won't? Why not?" demanded Duo, unable to stay calm.

"There's a war. A relationship is a distraction. There is no room for distraction," replied Heero, still looking away.

Now Duo was getting angry. "You sure didn't seem to mind being distracted the other night," he shot back, and Heero tried not to wince.

"People say and do things they don't really mean in the heat of passion," Heero stated. He felt like he was driving a knife into Duo and himself at the same time.

Duo's mouth fell open. "You mean..." he trailed off, then found his voice again, a bit more shaky this time. "I love you. You said you love me. That wasn't true?"

Heero took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Duo."

Duo just stood there for a minute. He felt like the world had turned upside down. He couldn't think of anything to say. "Heero..."

Heero turned his back so Duo wouldn't see the tears that were about to spill from his eyes. "I don't think we should see each other unless it's absolutely necessary, Duo. It's for the best." He closed his eyes, trying desperately to keep himself from turning around, throwing his arms around Duo and professing his love. He clenched his fists with the effort of lying to the boy he loved. He had to protect Duo at all costs.

Heero thought he heard a small sob behind him, then the door slammed and Duo was gone, leaving nothing behind but his faint scent and a huge hole in Heero's heart.

Heero stood at Zechs' door, nervous and unsure. He rang the doorbell, and almost immediately the door opened. Framed in the doorway stood the muscular blond man, clad in nothing but blue silk boxers, a matching robe that hung open, and his flowing hair. He flashed Heero a lustful grin and stepped aside to let the boy enter. Zechs was obviously ready to enjoy Heero, and with a nervous swallow the younger pilot saw that the older man was already clearly aroused.

Heero walked into the room, and heard the door shut behind him with finality. He felt Zechs come up behind him, and felt the blond's hands caress his chest and ass.

"Let's not waste any more time, shall we?" Zechs purred, letting his hands and eyes walk all over Heero as he came around to stand in front of him. Zechs stopped in front of Heero, appraising him. "Get your clothes off. I want to look at you." And he settled in a chair to enjoy the show.

Part 5

Duo hadn't left his safehouse since he had run in last night, sobbing at Heero's rejection. He had thrown himself on the bed and buried his tearstained face in the pillow, body wracked with despair. He had trusted Heero, had given him his body and heart; only for the other boy to trample his hopes. Heero had just used him. He had drifted off to sleep, still fully
clothed, pillow soaked with tears.

The morning sun didn't help matters; only reminded Duo that he had a splitting headache and the rest of him felt like shit. He rolled out of the bed, carefully avoiding looking at himself in the mirror. He didn't need visual evidence to prove to himself that he looked like he felt. His hair was a matted mess, and his eyes were puffy from crying.

Everything reminded him of Heero; even taking his clothes off before showering reminded him of the way Heero had ripped his clothes off the first night they made love. Love, he scoffed to himself. How could he have been fooled by Heero? By those cobalt eyes... oh, those eyes that drilled holes in his soul and made him shiver with desire. Even now, standing under the lukewarm trickle that passed for a shower in this apartment, the thought of Heero had the power to bring him to full arousal, almost instantly. How could Heero lie to him? He thought he could read Heero like a book. Those eyes... the eyes that wouldn't look at him when he had stabbed him in the heart... Wait a minute. Heero wouldn't look at him. Heero always looked straight into his eyes when he told him things. He had said before that the eyes were the key to deception, that they were better than any lie detector test ever made. That he could always tell when someone was lying by their eyes, and Duo should learn that. Yet Heero wouldn't meet his eyes when he had broken it off with Duo... was Heero lying to him? Was Heero trying to give Duo a hint, consciously or unconsciously? Was it part of the mission? Duo's mind raced as he stood under the cooling water. Was it truly a signal, or was Duo's broken heart trying to grasp at straws? He thought back, to the way that Heero had professed his love; the other boy had looked directly into his eyes. But last night... Duo looked deep into his heart and found that he couldn't believe it; he truly couldn't believe that Heero didn't love him. Heero had had to tell him that, as part of the mission. Duo felt hopeful again; everything would be ok.


Heero's heart pounded as he stood before Zechs. This was it; there was no going back. Duo's life and the mission were on the line. He shrugged off his jacket. He could feel the blond's eyes on him like a physical touch. He couldn't meet Zechs' eyes.

"Don't tell me you're getting shy now, pretty boy?" purred Zechs with a smirk. "Come on now, give me a show. You've made me wait long enough for it. I've been more than patient, considering your deception."

Heero closed his eyes, silently willing Duo to forgive him and still love him after this, and he pulled his shirt off.

Zechs' azure eyes swept over Heero's chiseled chest, golden skin and perfect abs. Such beauty, yet such a masculine body. Then he watched as the boy's hands started to unbutton his pants. He was so hard it hurt; he wanted Heero
more than he had ever wanted anyone. "Nice." He held his breath as the pants were unbuttoned.

Heero unzipped his pants slowly. His stomach churned and he chided himself. He had killed thousands, blown up whole OZ installations; yet he couldn't do this simple task? It wasn't as if Zechs was hideous; the man was beautiful. Heero forced himself to look at the blond man, trying to steel his nerves.

Zechs looked back at the nervous boy. He stood up smoothly and approached Heero. "You seem to be having problems with that. Let me help you..." He stepped closer, and reached out for Heero's zipper. He removed Heero's shaking hands and finished easing the zipper down all the way, revealing the black boxers underneath. Zechs gently eased the pants down Heero's slim hips,
brushing gently against the firm ass.

Heero closed his eyes, trying not to tremble from Zechs' proximity. He shivered from the other man's touch. All he could see was Duo's face, how he had looked the night before as Heero had driven a knife in his heart.

Zechs slid his hands up, over the smooth planes of Heero's chest, to circle around to the back of Heero's head. He pulled gently but insistently, pulling the boy's head forward. Zechs bent his head down and closed the distance
between them, aiming for Heero's mouth. He savored the moment, anticipating the moment that his lips would first touch the lips of the boy he had desired for so long. Softly, he brushed his lips against Heero's.

Heero forced himself to stay still although every cell in his body was screaming at him to push Zechs away, to run away. He shut his eyes tightly so he wouldn't see Zechs coming closer. Then he felt the other man's lips on his.

The first touch of Heero's lips was so soft, so sweet... Zechs closed his eyes as he pressed his mouth more firmly against the boy's. This was it, this was what he wanted... he couldn't stop now, he had to possess this boy. That was the only way to exorcise the demon that had taken him over. It should have mattered that Heero didn't want this, that he was only doing it for the
mission; but his body didn't care, it only knew what it wanted. And it wanted Heero Yuy, badly.

Heero tasted like heaven; his lips were soft and warm. Zechs ran his tongue along the closed mouth, teasing it open. Slowly, so slowly, Heero opened his mouth, and Zechs was finally able to slip inside. Zechs slid his hands down, over the boy's back, pulling him closer. The blond almost moaned when he felt the slim body against his. Heero was in his arms at last.

Heero braced himself; opening his mouth for Zechs, he let the older man's tongue slip inside. He felt himself pulled closer, pressed tight against the blonde's broad chest, felt the heat of the other man against his skin. He tried to remove himself from his body, to let it all happen without his participation. But he couldn't; he kept seeing Duo's face, kept remembering
how Duo's mouth, Duo's body, felt against him. His stomach twisted, his heart pounded. He broke the kiss, gasping for air. He couldn't do it! The hell with the mission, nothing was more important than Duo and his love. "No!"

Zechs drew back, startled. "What?"

"I won't do it. The deal's off." Heero scrambled back, pulling up his pants quickly. "It's just not worth the price."

Rage clearly showed on the blond's face. "You agreed. You can't back out of the deal now."

Heero pulled his shirt on quickly. "Watch me." He glared back at Zechs, daring him to try to stop him.

"You'll be sorry," threatened Zechs. "Better tell your pretty boyfriend to watch his ass."

"It's my job to watch his ass," Heero shot back. "You stay the fuck away." With that, he threw open the door and ran out. To find his Duo, and to see if the boy would ever forgive him. Not to mention that he now had to protect Duo
from Zechs' wrath.


Zechs threw his glass across the room as he grabbed the phone. "Follow him!" he screamed into the phone. "Don't lose him! And this time, kill the longhaired bitch!"


Heero sped across town on his motorcycle. He hoped he was in time, that Duo wasn't already gone. He had to make it up to Duo, had to convince the longhaired boy that he loved him and him alone. Not to mention keep Zechs
from killing them both.


Duo had finally pulled himself together and was just leaving his safehouse when he heard the unmistakable roar of a motorcycle approaching. Despite himself, his heart leapt into his throat, hoping against hope that it was Heero coming back to him. Though he didn't really believe that Heero didn't love him, he knew what was probably going on right now; he kept trying not to think about his Heero in another man's arms, another man's bed. But if that was what it took, to ignore the fact that Heero had been with someone else, Duo could do it. He loved Heero enough that he would try to put his feelings aside.

Looking down the road, he saw a motorcycle coming down the street. Dare he hope? Yes, it was Heero, Duo could make out the rider now and the motorcycle was pulling to a stop in the alley next to the building. Duo fought every urge to run to Heero, trying to preserve some dignity. He tried to steel his heart against hearing what he didn't want to hear. He walked over to Heero, trying not to show the excitement he felt in just seeing the other boy's gorgeous face emerge from the helmet as Heero pulled it off. No matter how mad he was at Heero, the mere sight of the cobalt-eyed boy was enough to make his heart race.

Heero walked toward Duo, trying not to run. Duo looked mad; he had expected that. But oh, god, he looked so good, and all Heero wanted to do was take the longhaired boy in his arms and hold him forever. But he knew it wasn't that easy. He had to convince Duo that what he had told him before was a lie, told for the mission; that he hadn't slept with Zechs; and that he would never
ever lie to him again. Not to mention the fact that there was quite possibly a homicidal blonde or one of his men on the way to kill them both.

"Duo," began Heero tentatively.

Duo stopped and crossed his arms, trying to stay mad. "Yes, Heero?"

Heero stopped in front of Duo. "I don't know where to start, and we don't have much time," he paused, searching for words. "Can you ever forgive me, Duo? I lied to you. I lied. I do love you, with all my heart. Zechs made me promise to tell you that I didn't love you, or he would have you killed. I couldn't take the chance." The words were spilling out now, as if Heero didn't want to let Duo speak before he was done. "He told me he would have you killed, and I believe him. So I told you I didn't love you. It was the
hardest thing I've ever done. It hurt so badly, Duo!" He looked into Duo's eyes then, so the other boy could see the truth and anguish in his own eyes. "I didn't do it, Duo. I couldn't. The only one I want is you. I left, told him the deal was off. He's probably on his way over here to kill you. Even if you don't believe me, even if you don't love me any more, we have to go. We have to get you to a safe place." He finished breathlessly, hoping that Duo believed him.

Duo couldn't pretend. "But Heero! What about the mission?"

"Fuck the mission. The only important thing is you." Heero said seriously.

"Oh Heero!" Duo threw himself into Heero's arms, abandoning all pretense of holding back. "I love you!" The only thing going through his head was, Heero didn't do it, he didn't sleep with Zechs, he didn't do it because he loves me.

Heero held Duo tight, almost crying with relief. He hadn't known what he would have done if Duo hadn't forgiven him. He had refused to let himself think past this point. "Oh, Duo..." He buried his face in Duo's hair, breathing his scent deeply. This felt so right, to have Duo in his arms.

They held each other for what felt like years, until Heero remembered that they had to leave, quickly. He pulled back reluctantly. "Duo. How fast can you get your things together?"

Duo smiled, indicating his backpack. "That's it. I'm ready."

Heero took Duo's hand. "Let's get out of here before Zechs shows up."

Just as he said those words, however, a black car came squealing around the corner, and slid sideways to a stop right in front of the two boys. A man jumped out, holding a small gun. Briefly, Heero considered running, but thought better of it. The man presumably was a trained assassin and would have no trouble hitting a moving target. Instead, he stepped in front of Duo,
shielding the boy with his body.

"Don't move," the man stated in a flat voice, training his weapon on the two boys.


Unnoticed in the shadows, Zechs watched the scene. He wanted to see, needed to watch it play out.

He watched Heero shield Duo. Was the boy crazy? He had to know that Zechs was serious, knew how furious he had made the blonde man with his rejection. Yet there he stood, facing down a gun and sure death for love. Zechs couldn't
believe it.


Heero stood in front of Duo, and whispered back to the boy. "I'm going to distract him, and when I do, you run."

"But Heero!" began Duo, but stopped when the man spoke again.

"Get out of the way, Yuy. I'm only after the longhaired one." The gun remained steadily trained on the two boys, since Heero was blocking a clean shot at Duo.

"Sorry, but I'm not moving. You'll have to take me out too," responded Heero, trying to edge himself and Duo closer to the bike. "Without Duo, life isn't worth living anyway."

Heero watched as the man appeared to be considering his options. He had no doubt the man had been instructed not to harm him, only Duo. Heero intended to use that fact to its fullest advantage.


Zechs watched incredulously as Heero said he would die for Duo. Was that was love was? Now he knew for sure that he had never been in love, and no one had ever loved him like that. No one had ever had that blazing look of absolute
loyalty in his eyes for him. He had never felt the need to die rather than live without someone. Even Heero.


Heero tensed, getting ready to charge the man. He judged the distance between the two of them. The gunman was sweating.


Zechs watched with an aching heart as Heero stood his ground. He knew now that no matter what he did, Heero would never feel this way for him. He thought that true love only existed in fairy tales, in movies, and that lust was the only true emotion. But here was irrefutable proof that love did indeed exist, and though it hurt like hell to admit it, he wanted to feel it himself. But not with Heero, Heero's heart was taken. True love was right before his eyes, and he was about to destroy it.


Duo's heart raced, frightened more for Heero than for himself. He watched intently, waiting for Heero's signal. A glint of light from behind the gunman caught his eye. "Heero! Look out!" he cried.

Heero was about ready to make his move when he heard Duo's warning. Then, a shot rang out. Instinctively, he threw himself back at Duo, pushing the longhaired boy out of the way. They ended up against the wall, Heero pressing Duo into the bricks with his back. "Duo! Are you ok?" he gasped.

Duo was panting, adrenaline pumping. "Yes, I'm fine! Are you hurt?"

"No!" Heero replied, and they turned to look at the man. Could he have missed his target?

The gunman lay on the ground, bleeding from a leg wound. He was injured, but still alive. Standing behind him was Zechs Marquise, lowering his gun.

Heero and Duo stared in amazement. "Zechs?" Heero managed to say, still protecting Duo with his body.

Zechs' face looked grim. "Don't ask. I changed my mind, but I might change it back again, so you'd better get the hell out of here fast. Even I won't stand in the way of true love. As ridiculous as that sounds." He tossed a small disk at Heero, who caught it automatically. "This is what you wanted. Leave town now, and don't let me see your faces again." He turned away, head down,
as he called for an ambulance.

Heero and Duo looked at each other, then decided to run now and ask questions later.

Zechs watched the two ride off into the night together, and he almost smiled.


They rode like the wind, all night, stopping for nothing. Approaching the border checkpoint, Heero steered the bike off the road to avoid it. They rode like the very hounds of hell were after them; Heero wasn't taking any chances that Zechs had changed his mind. Duo clung to Heero's back, ducking his head to keep the wind off his face. His braid streamed out behind them until he tucked it between their bodies. He clung to Heero so he wouldn't fall off the bike, and also to convince himself that this was real. The last few days had been such an emotional roller coaster ride that he almost thought he was dreaming. It was over; Heero was his, Heero hadn't slept with Zechs, they had escaped, they were alive, and had the information. And they were together. He tightened his grip on Heero, feeling the iron muscles beneath the shirt to reassure himself that Heero was here, he was holding on to him, he loved him. Talking was impossible, so Duo just held on, buried his face in Heero's neck, and was happy.

Just before dawn, Heero pulled off the road, hooked up his laptop to a cellular emergency phone, and hacked. As Duo wandered off to stretch his legs, Heero quickly uploaded the information Zechs had given them, diverted some funds from OZ, and set them up a reservation at a nearby hotel, along with a generous line of credit. He looked up, shutting down the computer as Duo returned. "Tired?" he asked.

Duo walked up to his lover. "A bit. But it's ok, because we're together."

Heero smiled at Duo. "Yes. We are," and he took Duo into his arms, and held him tightly. Heero never wanted to let go. "I'm so sorry for what I put you through, Duo."

Duo hugged Heero back, and pointed out, "If it weren't for Zechs, we wouldn't have gotten together."

"I just wish it could have happened another way. I came too close to losing you." Heero pulled back. "Let's go. I want to make up for lost time."

Duo grinned, and said, "I'm ready. Take me away, Heero!"

They got back on the bike and sped away.


Duo flopped down on the huge bed, sighing. "Oh, Heero, this is beyond perfect."

Heero locked the door behind them, and turned to regard Duo on the bed. "Happy, Duo?"

Duo sat up on his elbows. "Getting there. All I need now is a shower, some food, and you all over me, and life will be perfect."

"That can be arranged," Heero said as he approached the bed. He stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at the longhaired boy. Duo was grimy and sweaty, his hair coming out of its braid, and Heero still thought he was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He let his eyes roam over the other boy's body. "Mine," he whispered.

The way Heero was looking at him made Duo shiver. "All yours, Heero." Duo knew full well what Heero had risked for him; he knew now that their love was more important than the mission to Heero. Despite his cheerful exterior, Duo had always had a low self-image. Everyone either used him or left him. All his life, he had been on his own. If someone was nice to him, they usually had ulterior motives. So when Heero had said he loved him, then went to Zechs, he had thought it would be the same. Now he knew Heero was different, and he felt ashamed of himself for not trusting his lover. He intended to make it up to Heero, and spend the rest of his life with the boy he loved. "Forever."

Heero said, "Why don't you go start your shower, Duo? I know it takes forever to wash your hair. I'll order us some room service, then I'll join you."

Duo was up off the bed in a flash. "Sounds like a great idea, Heero! Hurry!"

Heero watched the longhaired boy go, and felt content for one of the first times in his life. He had made damn sure that no one would disturb them for a few days. They had so much time to make up for. He called room service, ordered enough food for a small army, telling them to leave it outside the door. Then he stripped off his grimy clothes and went to join Duo.

He stepped into the shower behind Duo, just as the other boy was rinsing the last of the shampoo out of his hair. Wet, the flowing locks went almost to the back of his knees. He slid his hands around to the front of Duo, nestling up behind him and under the warm water. It felt incredible.

Duo leaned back into Heero, his body reacting to the feel of the other boy behind him, wanting to feel his hands all over him. He was instantly rock hard, as Heero's questing hand found. "Miss me?" Heero murmured in Duo's ear.

Duo immediately dissolved into moans as Heero stroked his cock. "Ooooooh yeah..."

Heero squeezed out some liquid soap and proceeded to wash every square inch of his lover, thoroughly. Duo protested when the hand left his arousal, but he loved the feeling of Heero's hands all over him too. The hands touched him everywhere, possessing him, making him Heero's. Duo just leaned back, melting into the other boy's touch, surrendering completely. His erection ached, but the anticipation made it even sweeter. He knew that every touch made Heero want him even more.

Heero savored every plane and ridge of Duo's lithe body. Their two encounters up to now had been hurried, desperate moments; now Heero wanted to take his time to memorize his lover's body. Lingering strokes, feather touches, he found every sensitive spot. His own arousal pulsed, begging to be touched, but he just rubbed it against Duo's perfect ass. There were so many things he
wanted to do to Duo, for Duo; above all, he wanted to show the other boy how much he loved him.

Their hard bodies slid together, slick with soap and water. Duo could take it no longer, and twisted in Heero's arms until they were face to face. He pressed his mouth to Heero's, tongue demanding entry. Heero accepted, and they stood for what seemed like an eternity under the warm water, mouths locked, as if their kiss would seal their destiny if only it went on long

Finally they parted, gasping for breath. Smiling, Duo reached for the shampoo and began to wash Heero's hair. Heero had never known that having your hair washed could be so sensual; Duo rubbed the length of his slick body against Heero as he massaged the other boy's scalp. Then Duo began to wash Heero's body, concentrating on the other boy's arousal until Heero could take no
more. He caught Duo's hands in his and pinned them up against the tiled wall of the shower. With his free hand he turned off the shower, and pressed the whole length of his body against Duo's, rocking his hips slowly against the
other boy. "I'm going to do everything to you tonight, Duo," he growled softly in the boy's ear.

Duo felt his knees go weak and he whimpered slightly at the promise in the sexy voice. "Bring it on," he managed to whisper back as Heero nibbled at his neck.

So Heero did. He grabbed several fluffy white towels and wrapped them both in them. Then, grabbing a bottle of lotion, he pulled Duo out of the bathroom toward the bed. Spreading out the towels, he gently pushed Duo down onto the bed, following him down. He ended up straddling the longhaired boy's hips, and, drawn like a moth to a flame, he bent to reclaim Duo's lips.

Duo reached up to pull Heero closer, running his hands over Heero's arms and back. He could feel the powerful muscles under the silky, damp skin. He arched up against Heero as the other boy started to kiss him all over. Starting with the neck, Heero kissed Duo, leaving no skin untouched. Making his way down, Heero heard Duo gasp as he teased at the pink nipples. Lower and lower Heero traveled, inching back on the bed, lavishing attention all over Duo's soft skin.

Duo felt like every inch of him was on fire. His skin was hypersensitive, every touch of Heero's lips and teeth sending high voltage sparks directly to the center of his aching need. That aching need that Heero's mouth was approaching right now... Duo couldn't bite back a growl of frustration as the cobalt-eyed boy ignored his arousal and began kissing his inner thighs.

Starting at the knee, Heero kissed upwards, spreading Duo's legs apart as he went, settling between them. He kissed and licked closer and closer to Duo's dripping cock. He could hear the violet-eyed boy moan in anticipation. He smirked; this was what he wanted, wanted to extend Duo's pleasure, wanted to make the other boy writhe underneath him.

Duo was losing his mind. Heero had kissed him everywhere, except where Duo needed him so badly. Duo amended that; Heero was now kissing him in one place he had never been kissed before. "Heero!" he gasped, amazed at the new sensation.

Heero had pushed Duo's legs apart and up; the sensitive entrance lay exposed to him. He guessed that no one had ever done this to Duo before; he wanted to give him new sensations. So, gently, he traced circles around Duo's opening with his tongue, letting the other boy get used to the sensation.

Duo blushed bright red as he realized what Heero was doing, then forgot why he was embarrassed as Heero got closer. He knew he was clean; it was just so new to him. It was unlike anything he had felt before, unlike anything he had imagined. Hot liquid sensation raced through him as Heero flicked his tongue over his most sensitive area, and his cock pulsed almost painfully. "Oh...
god... Heero..." he gasped, almost unable to form words.

Heero paused. "You like?" He didn't want to make Duo feel uncomfortable. Not everyone liked this.

"I like... everything," Duo moaned, almost shyly. Then he moaned louder, because Heero had begun again.

Heero licked gently at Duo, reveling in the gasps his slightest touch brought. He slid his hands up the inside of Duo's thighs, spreading his legs apart completely. He knew the vulnerability this would make Duo feel, and knew that the longhaired boy would get off on it. Gently, he dipped his tongue just inside, and Duo tightened up and screamed incoherently.

Duo thought he had felt everything, but what Heero was doing to him... it made him feel open and exposed and hot and it made him shiver with pleasure. He buried his hands in Heero's hair and lay back, trying to remember how to breathe.

Heero continued his assault on Duo, gently using his tongue; then he wrapped one hand around Duo's cock. The longhaired boy moaned again, and thrust his ass higher in the air, asking for more. Heero stroked, and Duo relaxed; allowing Heero access. The deeper Heero went, fucking Duo with his tongue, the more Duo thrashed, all the while asking for more. "Heero! I... I'm..."

Duo climaxed then, arching helplessly off the bed, completely overwhelmed, covering his own chest with pulse after pulse of ecstasy. He thought he had felt everything; but the added sensation of what Heero was doing to his entrance made his completion so much more intense. He collapsed back to the bed, shuddering still.

Heero crawled up the bed to lie beside Duo, holding his love tight. It was worth every ounce of frustration from his own unsatisfied need to know that he alone was the one to do this to the beautiful longhaired boy, that he could bring such rapture to the boy he loved.

"My god, Heero, you're amazing," mumbled Duo. "Do you know what you do to me?"

"I certainly hope so," he replied, using a towel to clean off the other boy. He held Duo close for a moment, until the longhaired boy began to squirm in his arms.

"Heero?" Duo whispered. "Please, need you inside me..."

"Thought you'd never ask," smiled Heero, and he kissed Duo. Running his hands over the other boy, he marveled at the silky smooth skin while he noticed that Duo's erection was already returning. Grabbing the bottle of lotion, he prepared Duo, until they were both panting again. He was so hard he thought his cock would certainly explode the minute he entered Duo's tight body. In
fact, Duo's begging was threatening to bring him off all on its own. The longhaired boy's sexy voice, demanding to be taken, set his blood on fire.

He kneeled between Duo's spread legs, ready to enter him, when Duo's voice stopped him.

"Heero?" Duo looked up at him. "Can we..." He trailed off, but by way of explanation turned over, raising his ass to Heero and looking back over his shoulder. "Please?"

Heero held back a groan at the sight of the longhaired boy kneeling submissively like that, legs still spread, asking to be taken from behind.

"God, Duo... want you so much..." Heero spread lotion on his aching cock, and rubbed just the tip up and down Duo's cleft.

"Then stop teasing, and do it!" Duo complained, but his voice turned to a moan as Heero pushed inside him. "Ohhhhhh...."

Heero pushed, and slid into his lover's body. The sweet heat gripped him, and he had to slow down to keep himself from climaxing immediately. It was too good, too tight... he paused, panting, fully seated in Duo. He wanted it to last.

Duo had other ideas, though; he squirmed and tightened his muscles deliberately. He wanted pounding, and he wanted it now.

"Duo..." growled Heero, and he was helpless to stop his body from starting a slow stroking rhythm.

Duo whimpered in approval, lowering his head to the bed, bracing himself. This was his favorite position.

Heero gripped Duo's hips, trying not to bruise but not fully in control of himself. Faster, he snapped his hips in and out of the other boy, building up speed and strength.

Duo buried his face in the covers, raising his ass as much as possible, and there it was, the perfect angle. The sheets muffled his screams, but just barely. "Faster..." he groaned.

Heero did as he was told, now slamming into his lover, all restraint gone. Duo loved every thrust, pushing back to meet Heero and bracing himself. Every pounding thrust felt better, pushed him to the edge. Both boys sounded like animals now, lost in a haze of passion and pleasure. Low moans and the sound of flesh on flesh filled the room. Nothing else mattered.

Heero knew he was close, so he tried to reach down to make sure Duo came first. But Duo's hand was already there, roughly stroking himself in perfect time with his lover's thrusts. "Now..." Duo gasped, his hand speeding up.

"Yes..." screamed Heero, gripping Duo's hips harder as he felt Duo's body tighten. Both boys froze, their completion almost simultaneous, their passion unmatched.

Heero felt as if he had blacked out; he couldn't even move, let alone pull out of Duo. Finally, his muscles unfroze, and he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Duo and hugging him from behind. Duo hadn't moved. "Are you ok?"

Duo groaned then, legs sliding out from underneath him so that Heero had to pull out. He was trembling, and Heero curled up behind him, cradling his lover.

"Love you, Heero," Duo mumbled, nearly asleep.

"Love you forever, Duo. Never again." They both knew what Heero meant, as they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

The End

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