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^_^ I did UPDATES  as of July 31st^_^                                                            ^_^ I did UPDATES  as of July 31st^_^   UPDATES  It's a great big list of updates . . .of information _;

OK, Angelfire is messing with me . . .again, and reduced my allowable Mb from 50 to 20. So, like 16 fic files were deleted, making the links useless (those deleted were based purely on file size), and Author Links, Pocket Lint, Pocket Bishounen / Bishoujo, and the Nursery are down. I even had to take down my niece's page because there was just no more room. As it is, I've used up 19.98 Mb out of my meager 20 Mb. I'm trying to find somewhere to move all of the files, so I'll get them working ASAP. Also, some of the pics probably don't work either. I deleted most of those first to try and avoid taking down any fics, but it didn't work out that way.

Yes, that's right, yaoi FULL! VERY FULL! *snickers*    ::clears throat:: Yes, it is. ::smirks::

Okay, let's get a few things straight before we begin...I AM NOT the author of any fics archived here, these fics are all GW yaoi (boyxboy) unless otherwise stated, and, if you're here reading my half-hearted attempt at a warning, flames are simply rude and inappropriate behavior. Besides, if you haven't caught on yet about this site's content, you're simply not paying attention, and I can't help you there. A little FYI for ya', YAOI is actually an acronym meaning 'No Peak, No Point, No Meaning' (YA = yama nashi, O = ochi nashi, I = imi nashi). 



Now, here's a list of terms you may want to know:

If ye need know more, browse my impromptu Japanese glossary.

Ahem, just a few more things on my labeling: I stink at warnings, so I only give obvious ones (i.e. death). Yaoi is just given, k? A lemon is not necessarily PWP, but PWP is almost definitely lemon. A few fics border on the PWP/One-Shot Lemon line, as well as others border on the Extreme Nonsense/One-Shot Humor line, so just read the descriptions and you should be just fine. Oh, and 'series' means anything with more than one part or multiple sequels, and doesn't include *really* long one part stories. Gomen. The number assignments are as such: (1-Heero, 2-Duo, 3-Trowa, 4-Quatre, 5-Wufei, 6-Zechs, 13-Treize, and if it comes up, R-Relena, H-Hilde, N/9-Noin, and U-Une) After all that, and you're still here? Wow. Well, good, 'cause there's LOTS of *great* stuff here, so enjoy! 

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And finally...we'll do this once just to cover our butts: Oh, and this applies to ALL fics: All rights and privileges to Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing are trademarks and property of Sunrise, Bandai, Sotsu Agency, and associated parties. The characters of these works are used WITHOUT permission for the purpose of entertainment only. No work of fiction here is meant for sale or profit. I don't own them, I never will, I'm poor, so don't bother suing me, OK? Also, if you're under 18, I can't stop you from reading this without some effort on my part, so proceed at your own discretion and according to your own maturity level. Oh, and some of these stories are displayed pending permission *gomen*, so if you, the author, hate me for it, just ask me to take it down . . .nicely!