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Chance (Epilogue)


Yes, the epilogue. In going along with my story, this is my promise to you that I will no longer continue "Regret". Hell, I didn't even want to write a sequel! Trust me, this wasn't called "Chance, the reluctant sequel" for nothing ^,~ I liked how "Regret" ended but, well, I had no new ideas and too much time on my hands. This story took me two weeks while "Regret" only took me one. You can see the difference. Oddly enough, "Regret" was better written. Anyway, on with the last chapter. Please tell me what you think of my fan-fic. Trust me, I enjoy flame mail as much as fan mail ^,~ Arigato and sayonara!

In Life and Death

AC 205

Heero stepped out of his house and looked down the hill towards the city, his prussian eyes lightening with a smile. As he entered the crowded streets, people stopped to say hello or paused briefly just to wave him as he passed. The occasional, "Good morning, Yuy-san," could be heard as those who knew him brushed by. Heero nodded and waved back to friends and general acquaintances alike as he made his way towards the office building he worked in. At the front desk sat a slightly plump woman of a moderately young age.

She smiled at him brightly and waved to him with the flitter of her eyelashes, "Kon'nichi wa, Yuy-sama."

Heero smiled back as he pressed his identification card into her hand for her to scan.

She turned it over a few times in her hand and nodded, "Yup. It's still you. Are you having a good day, Yuy-sama?"

"As good as can be expected."

The girl gasped and flushed in embarrassment, "Oh, I forgot! Today is.. oh, gomen ne! It's been five years, hasn't it?"

"Yes." Heero took back his card and pressed on through the main doors, "Are the others here?"

"They're waiting for you in your office, Yuy-sama. Would you like me to buzz them and tell them you've arrived?"

"That won't be necessary, thank you." Heero waved to her in passing and headed to the elevator. The ride was short. His Preventers office was located fairly centralized in the building. He unboarded the elevator and walked down the hall, his door beckoning him. The knob turned and he stepped inside, not at all too surprised to see his three friends occupying his space.

"Don't take this the wrong way but Quatre, Trowa, get a room."

The said pair did all but ignore him, the blonde turning to smile at the Japanese man, "Heero, I expected you here much sooner."

"I got caught up at the front desk."

Wufei held up both hands, "Say no more. I think we've all been there before."

Quatre nodded, "So, how are you feeling?"

The age old question and seemingly the most popular of the day, "It's been five years. Hearts mend. The loneliness remains but I'll survive. I've got you three still though. And you?"

"The same." Trowa responded, flipping a remote control in his hand.

Wufei tilted his head towards Quatre who seemed to understand what was being implied. The blonde jumped off the desk from which he had been seated and reached behind a cabinet to produce a small bouquet of flowers. He handed them to Heero he had to strongly resist the urge to roll his eyes, "Wha-"

"Read the card." Wufei prompted.

Heero complied.      

"To Five years in flesh and another in memory. Happy Tenth Anniversary"

Heero smiled dimly, "Ah. I see. So, you guys knew that was today as well. Ironic isn't it? The day I lost him was the same as the day I found him."

Wufei nodded and put a hand on his shoulder, "He'll never be lost to any of us as long as we remember him in our hearts. Death can sometimes make love stronger."

Trowa avoided looking at the two. Wufei spoke from personal experience. It had been the death of his wife that had made him realize the feelings he felt within. No one is granted a second chance, but at least Heero and Duo had been lucky enough to find each other long before death fell upon them. Trowa stood and handed Heero the remote he had been holding on to, "We have another present for you, Heero. We found it a while ago and were waiting for the right time to show you. Today just felt like the right time."

Confused, Heero took the remote in hand, "What's this for?"

Wufei produced a black tape from behind his back and pressed it into Heero's other hand, "This." He walked to the door and motioned for the others to fallow, "We'll leave you alone for a while. There's still work to do today but.. well.. we can cover for you till you're ready."

Heero watched them leave, his heart warmed by their compassion. His hands carried the tape to the VCR and his fingers found the appropriate buttons to play whatever was recorded within the black shell. What was shown before him was nothing less than startling. There stood Duo, a broom in hand, dancing and singing through the rooms of their safe house some ten years ago. Judging by the angle it had been taken from, this had to be surveillance footage. It caught every movement nonetheless, every change in expression of the lively boy's face and every swing of that braided tail. His voice was caught to perfection, it's sound forever etched into both memory and the black tape.

"I know it's up to me to fulfill my own dreams. So, to that smile of your that lives on in my heart, good luck and goodbye."

Heero found himself laughing at the irony of it all. Duo, did you know that I'd be playing this on the anniversary of your death when you sang this? You couldn't have. But listen to you… perhaps you had your own guiding voice. Chance, in what little he said when we did speak, told me things that have changed my future. I'm certain of it.

"Believe in the shinning tomorrow"

A wetness reached his cheeks and rolled down to settle in the part of his lips. Heero licked it away, the flavor vaguely reminding him of a rainstorm. I believe Duo. I've never doubted. We were given a chance to be together and even though that time has passed, your memory lives on. Ai shiteiru, Duo. In life and death. his hand clutched the cross around his neck and stroked the engraved underside of the smooth metal.

"Grab on to my hand and carry on."

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