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Chance Meeting: 1+2 Style


Duo was browsing the aisles of the adult bookstore, bopping to the strains of Frankie Goes to Hollywood on the store's speakers, when he swore he could hear a familiar voice threaten to kill someone. No, it couldn't be, could it? Not in here, in a gay magazine shop. Not our Heero, Mr. Perfect Soldier, straight-laced, tightass Yuy? Damn, if it is Heero, he's sure got some explaining to do. Like how he's kept it hidden so long. Duo peeked through the racks of glossy magazines with titles like, "Bad Boys," "Hung like a Horse," and "Private Dick." Sure enough, Duo immediately spotted his dream lover, angrily staring down a decrepit looking old man who had obviously propositioned him. The old man backed off immediately, and Heero turned back to studying the shelves before him.

Duo started out gleefully to confront Heero, when he stopped abruptly. Duo had just realized that he was going to have some explaining to do of his own as to why he was in here. Thinking better of his idea, Duo turned to hide. However, Heero had chosen just that moment to complete his selection and turned to leave. The two Gundam pilots, capable of blowing up entire OZ bases and saving the world, stood speechless and stunned as they faced each other over a rack of assorted dildos.

Duo, of course, regained the power of speech first. "Hee-chan! Fancy meeting you here!" Then Duo caught sight of the magazine Heero had selected. Depicted on the cover were teenaged boys with very long hair, doing all manner of naughty things. The cover boy bore a striking resemblance to a certain braided American, except he was completely naked save for a very inventive strip of leather. Pointing, Duo crowed, "Why, Hee-chan! I didn't know you cared!"

Blushing a deep scarlet color Duo didn't know skin could take on, Heero shot back, "I could say the same to you, baka."

Duo stopped laughing abruptly and colored his own shade of crimson as he realized Heero could see the magazine he himself was clutching. Heero smirked; the title, roughly translated, was "teenage blue-eyed Japanese boys with messy brown hair."

They stared at each other a moment longer, each dreaming up and discarding various excuses. Then Duo began to giggle hysterically, and even Heero smiled slightly. Faced with absolutely no way to deny their feelings, which were obviously reciprocated, the two boys decided to accept the inevitable. They had been outed, if only to each other.

"I guess I won't be needing this," Duo said, returning the magazine to the rack. "And you definitely won't be needing that one, Heero. You can have the real thing," he added suggestively.

Heero put down the magazine and reached out to grab Duo's braid. He used it to pull the other boy close, and whispered, "Let's get out of here." 



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