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Making Love to Death (Part 15)



After dinner, Wufei excused himself, apologizing, as he had made plans for the evening before Heero's return, the remaining four left to decide on how to entertain themselves for the rest of the evening. Pretty much not agreeing on anything until Duo's suggestion "Hey, how about we go to a club. Ya know, music, dancing....drinking ? He smiled, pleased with his idea.


Trowa and Quatre quickly agreed.


Heero glared at Duo.


"Come on Heero, It'll be fun ! I promise I won't do anything on the dance floor you can't keep up with. Pretty please, Heero." Duo pleaded with Heero, that fake little sad puppy look on his radiant face.


Throwing his hands up in the air, "Fine..I'll go." Heero smiled.


Duo expression turned to one of pure satisfaction, "I'm that irresistible, eh, Heero ?" Duo asked jokingly, batting his eyelashes in Heero's direction.


"Yes, Duo, you are." Heero answered, his tone dead serious as he stared at Duo, the leaning forward, kissed Duo passionately on the mouth, his forceful tongue teasing Duo's for only a second, as he pulled away, leaving Duo open-mouthed and gasping for more.




The club was relatively empty when they arrived, looking down at his watch Duo noting the hour. "It's still early for places like this, at least we'll be able to get a table." Duo smiled, making his way across the empty dance floor to a table in the corner, the others following his lead. Taking everyone's drink order, Heero made his way to the bar, crossing the room slowly.


"I'm really happy for the two of you Duo. Seems like everything is back to normal." Quatre told the smiling boy.


"Huh ?" replied Duo turning toward Quatre, hearing Quatre's voice, but not his words, his gaze transfixed on his lovers sexy form leaning against the bar across the room.


Quatre smiled "I said that I'm really happy for both of you. Everything seems back to normal, Duo."


"Thanks Quatre, things are better than normal." Duo beamed, the dreamy look in his eyes confirming his words.


Heero returned and giving everyone their respective drinks, sat beside Duo, taking in their surroundings.


The small room was painted black, as were the ceilings and the floor, a wooden dance area having been carved from its center. Scattered throughout the space, a handful of purplish track lights hung from the rafters of the 20-foot high ceilings, giving the room a very comfortable feeling. The edges of the room were littered with small tables, large areas separating them for privacy, each round table seating no more then 4 persons. Heero felt oddly at ease in the room, noting that usually when the others dragged him to places such as this, he spent a good part of the evening waiting to leave.


Trowa and Quatre were involved in what Heero read to be an intimate conversation, Quatre holding his chin in his hands, elbows on the table, his eyes looking deeply into Trowa's, the two smiling regularly at each other.


Duo pulled his chair closer to Heero, taking his hand in his, slowly entwining their fingers "Everything okay, Heero ?" Duo asked, bringing Heero's hand up to his mouth, gently placing a kiss on the back of it.


"Yeah Duo...everything's fine." Heero told him, but Duo could see that he was uncomfortable.


Remaining silent for some time, Heero spoke "Duo ?" he started, his hesitation confirming Duo's suspicions. "Aren't Trowa and Quatre afraid that someone from school will see them like this?" realizing the inference Duo would draw from his almost too frank words, Heero continued "I mean....not that they *should* be embarrassed, it's just know....." he stopped, knowing that Duo knew what he meant.


"Ahhhh...." Duo smiled, "I just assumed you knew, Heero. This isn't the type of place where anyone we would see from school would be any kind of threat. Get my drift, Heero ?" Duo smiled.


Heero looked around the room and noticing the absence of females, smiled and put his free arm around Duo, brightening the smiles on both of their faces.


Lost in heavy conversation for quite sometime, the four were quite surprised when the music started, noting that the small room was now full, the sounds of voices filling the space. Duo recognized the first song and grabbing Heero by the hand, his sexy body already moving to the fast-paced music, tried to pull Heero up and onto the dance floor.


"Duo...Can't we wait for something a bit slower ?" Heero asked.


"Come on one is going to be watching you. Besides, it's really dark in here..good time to practice." Duo told him.


Allowing himself to be pulled from the chair by Duo, the two made their way onto the dance floor.


Heero moved awkwardly at first, eventually settling into the rhythm, though most of his attention was focused on his partner. Duo moved as if possessed by the music, his body gyrating almost erotically with every thunderous beat, as he grinned toward Heero noting the effect his seductive movements were having on his lover.


Duo noting the song was coming to an end, asked Heero "That wasn't so bad, Heero, was it ?"


Heero smiled "You dance….very well, Duo."


Duo smiled mischievously at him.


At the songs end, Duo took Heero's hand, preparing to leave the dance floor, Heero pulling him back hearing the soft melody of the upcoming song.


Gathering Duo tightly to himself, Heero's arms surrounded his lovers waist, Duo' arms coming to fall around Heero's neck, his hand laying gently on Heero's shoulder.


"Mmmm......" Heero whispered toward Duo's ear, "This is my kind of dancing, Duo."


The two moved in slow circles on the dance floor, eyes closed, bodies swaying only slightly to the gentle rhythm, totally absorbed in one other, the end of the song coming way to soon to please either of them. Grasping Duo's hand firmly in his, they left the dance floor, rejoining Trowa and Quatre at their table.


"Duo" Heero leaned forward to whisper in his ear in a low sexy voice "I have this incredible urge to kiss you."


The intensity of his voice and knowing Heero wasn't likely to do such a thing in public, Duo asked aloud "Want to go for a walk, Heero ?" as if the suggestion was his.


Getting up to leave, Duo told Quatre and Trowa "Would you mind ordering us both another drink ? We'll be right back. Thanks." he smiled as Heero led him outside.


Walking briskly around the corner, hand in hand, the two turned into the alley behind the club, it was more of a well lit yard, but far enough from the eyeshot of unwanted glares.


Heero released Duo's hand from his and standing several steps away from Duo, looked into his eyes.


Duo saw an unfamiliar look in Heero's eyes. Heero had only had two drinks over the course of several hours, Duo noted, yet his eyes were glassy.


"Heero ?" Duo questioned.


"Yes, Duo ?" Heero replied, still in an almost trancelike state, staring intently at Duo.


"Is everything okay ? You look kinda weird." Duo asked, a little uncomfortable with the way Heero was looking at him.


"Everything is just fine, Duo." Heero told him, his posture and gaze remaining unmoved.


"Ummm.....Heero....snap out of it." Duo told him. "You're scaring me !!"




"I'm going back inside, Heero." Duo turned to walk away, Heero grabbed him firmly by his wrist, squeezing his hand more tightly around it as Duo tried to break free of his grip.


"Owwww! This isn't funny, Heero. Let go of me." Duo yelled.


Heero released his grip and took a step toward Duo who was now rubbing his injured wrist.


"I didn't mean to frighten you, Duo." Heero offered, continuing "...or hurt you. I'm sorry, Duo."


"What was hell that all about, Heero ? You looked like a zombie for christsakes !" Duo asked emphatically.


Heero looked into Duo's eyes "I don't know exactly. I was just thinking...about you, Duo.....and then I felt the all of my thoughts. Then you turned to leave......and I got angry..." Heero told him, his face puzzled by the experience.


"Do you feel okay now ?" Duo asked.


"Yes, I'm fine, Duo." Heero smiled.


"Let's just go back inside and forget about it, Heero " Duo replied, turning to leave the alley.


"Not so fast, Duo. I still didn't get my kiss." Heero softly told him.


Duo was all smiles as he walked toward Heero "Did you know that I love you, Heero Yuy ?"


Duo could see a tear in Heero's eye as the cobalt-eyed pilot brought his mouth roughly down onto his, Heero's tongue forcing its way inside his mouth. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, the vibration sending a shiver down both of their spines.


Pulling Duo closer to himself, Heero broke their brief, but intense kiss. "It was fear, Duo....what happened before......I was......petrified." Heero told him, his eyes filled with that very emotion.


"Fear ? Fear of what, Heero ?" Duo asked with concern, hardly believing this was an emotion that Heero was even capable of.


"Fear of losing you Duo." Heero replied cautiously, his gaze turning downward, unwilling to face Duo's reaction.


"Heero....." Duo whispered, lifting Heero's chin so that there eyes met "You are never going to lose me, you understand me, Heero ? ......never. That isn't going to happen again......ever. I promise." Duo's voice was filled with unreserved compassion.


Heero stood looking in Duo's eyes, trusting his words, knowing he was foolish to ever doubt what they had together. "I know Duo, It's just that things are going so well, *too* well......its almost too good to be scares me, Duo." Heero finished.


"We deserve to be deliriously happy, Heero !" Duo smiled "Don't try to analyze it."


Heero reached into the pocket of his jeans. Opening his fist before Duo, Heero looked cautiously into his violet eyes, his question answered by Duo's small nod. Holding the chain out before him, Heero moved behind Duo, clasping the golden latch around his lover's neck. Duo turned to face Heero. Heero smiled softly at the shining cross as it lay neatly on his lover's chest once again. Duo's hand reached down to hold the crucifix, "Thank you, Heero."


"I love you Duo Maxwell." Heero whispered, "I love you so much that it hurts.


Duo moved on Heero, pinning him to the brick wall behind them, his one hand holding Heero's wrists high above his head. Heero groaned loudly as their bodies touched. Pressing his body into Heero's with considerable force, Duo's longing for his lover increased, feeling the bulge in Heero's very tight jeans, meet his own.


"Mmmm.....something I can do for you lover ?" Duo questioned the passive boy. Not waiting for Heero's reply, Duo brought his mouth to Heero's, his tongue gently enticing Heero's to join his inside his mouth.


"I want you, Duo." Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, the words causing Duo to squirm above his lover.


"You can't have me, Heero, it's not midnight yet." Duo whispered sexily, breaking the kiss.


Duo's free hand reached down to the waistband of Heero's jeans, quickly unfastening the snap, then sliding the zipper down slowly, his hand reaching inside to capture Heero's stiffness.


"Duo....Mmmmm...what if somebody sees us ?"


Duo smiled "Don't care, Heero."


Heero pushed his hips forward into Duo's hand, his skilled fingers now sliding up and down Heero's entire length vigorously. Rocking his hips to intensify Duo's motion, Heero could feel his body begin to tingle, his orgasm near.


"Don't stop, Duo." Heero whispered into Duo's ear, his voice low and raspy, as he pushed his body forward into the warmth of Duo's hand.


Duo stopped.


Heero groaned at the loss, his muscles tightening, making his cock twitch in Duo's hand. "Do I have your full attention, Heero ?" He asked, his cheek pressed hard against Heero's, Duo's mouth only inches from Heero's very attentive ears.


"Mmmmm....Why did you stop, Duo ?" Heero questioned breathlessly.


Duo tightened his grip on Heero, "Do I have your attention, Heero ?" Duo asked again, this time more firmly.


"Yes Duo....yes you do." Heero moaned.


"Do you know that I love you, Heero ?" Duo growled toward his ear, his hand resuming its movement, Heero shuddered at the combination of his lover's words and touch.


Resting his head back against the hard brick wall, Heero faintly responded, "Mmmmm......Yes....I do, Duo.", the slight motion of his hips demanding more of Duo's touch.


"I-will-never-leave-you-Heero. Do-you-understand-me ?" Duo told him, his words coming through clenched teeth as he roughly handled Heero's arousal, his hand moving to accentuate his words, Heero gasping, the effect of Duo's intention crystal clear in his clouded thoughts.


"Oh God.....Duo...." Heero cried, his gratification just out of reach.


Knowing what Heero wanted and needed, Duo decided to stop teasing Heero, having made his point. Bringing his bent knee forward to press lightly against Heero's balls, Duo tightened his fist and slowly let his hand slide over Heero's length.


Wanting to touch Duo, Heero tried to free his wrists, still held above his head from Duo's grasp, unable to loosen Duo's grip, Heero sighed.


"Do you want to touch me, Heero ?" Duo asked seductively.


Heero closed his eyes, his hips now moving in small circles, "Please Duo....let my hands go." Heero whispered faintly.


"I asked you if you wanted to touch me, Heero ?" Duo asked again, his voice impatient at the lack of Heero's response, his body further pinning Heero's almost painfully to the rough wall behind him.


"YES !" Heero screamed "I want to touch you, Duo......please."


Duo released the grip on Heero's wrists, Heero' now free hands, immediately seizing Duo's tight rear, forcefully bringing the two closer, Duo's groping hand trapped between their bodies. Moving slowly in unison, Heero's tight grip on Duo allowing him to maneuver his lover to just where he wanted him.


Grinding himself into Duo's hand, Heero spiraled into ecstasy, Duo's name falling repeatedly from his gasping mouth, as he released his warmth in Duo's waiting hand. "Ohhhhhh.......Duo......Uhhhhh......"


Duo could feel himself near orgasm, his erection still trapped in his too tight jeans, the friction of the fabric and Heero's shuddering body too much to bear, Duo's began thrusting his hips against Heero's thigh, rubbing his hardness up and down it's smooth surface.


"Uhhh…..Heero..........Mmmmm....." Duo moaned, his body's uncontrollable spasms sending shivers through Heero's limp body.


"Mmmmmmm......Duo." Heero moaned, their appetites satiated, still locked in a loose embrace.


Stepping back moments later, Duo looked down at the two of them. "Ummmm......that was very messy, Heero." Duo laughed.


Heero smiled, "Messy indeed, Duo." Heero agreed, adjusting his shirt so that it fell over the wet spot on the front of his pants.


Noting that his shirt was too short to cover even the waistband of his jeans, Duo shrugged "At least it's dark inside."


Heero smiled and grabbed Duo's hand to make their way back inside, a brief visit to the men's room their intended first order of business.




Quatre and Trowa were on the dance floor. Heero and Duo's watered down drinks awaiting their return sat on the table, a small puddle of water surrounding each glass


"I guess we were gone a bit longer than we anticipated." Heero grinned at Duo.


Picking up his glass and swishing the liquid around a bit, Duo drank his entire drink at once, then wiping his lips with the back of his hand, turned to Heero "Wanna dance ?"




The 20-minute ride home was a pleasant one, Heero depositing himself in the driver's seat citing everyone else's inebriated state as the reason, though it seemed now they were more giddy than drunk.


Duo plopped himself down in the passenger seat, his annoyance at the console between them apparent, the small frown on his face causing Heero to smile. "Be patient, Duo."


Turning his body toward the back seat, Duo announced "Oh, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Heero is moving back in tomorrow. Seems he just can't get enough of me." Duo winked, his gaze turning to catch Heero's very wide smile at his assertion.


Quatre sat up straight "Really Heero ?" he questioned "That's great !' his face lit up.

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