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Duo, Queen of Hearts (parts 6-10)


When Duo learned that Heero was his fiancé he was truly shocked! He was going to marry his angel? They told him about Heero fighting with them, about the war and Wing gundam, but Duo couldn't remember, he remembered the war, yes, and all of the other pilots, every detail was crystal clear, but he couldn't remember Heero Yuy. This made his angel sad. He didn't want to hurt him, and so he tried harder to remember, but it hurt to try to think about him. Like an electric fence had been wrapped around his memory and turned on only at the thought of Heero. The doctors called it selective Amnesia. Duo called it a pain in the skull. Heero. . . well, Heero didn't talk much now that he was awake. Duo had the feeling it would have been different if he had remembered him, but. . . Gods it was hard! Duo felt like himself still, but part of him was missing. "Why can't I remember!" He yelled to the dark room.

    "Don't try to remember if it hurts you."


    The boy stepped out of the shadows and gave Duo what he supposed passed as a smile for his
angel. "I never want to hurt you."

    "But I want to remember!" Duo felt tears rising in his eyes. "I need to remember you."

    Heero held the other boy as he cried out his frustration. His heart was still Duo's, as was his soul.
He would stay by his heart no matter how much it hurt sometimes, knowing that all of their special
times weren't there anymore.

    Duo acted as if he had read Heero's mind. He stopped sobbing and blinked up at the silent boy.
"Tell me." He said quietly, "Tell me how we became a couple, and how you proposed, tell me about
our life."

    Heero nodded and eased Duo more comfortably into his embrace, "Well, after the war. . ."

    After Duo had fallen asleep to tales of their past, Heero's thoughts turned to the here and now.
The braided pilot still loved him, he was sure of that. And he still loved his braided American with all
of his heart, but the loss of Duo's memories had hurt both of them. They needed to get to know each
other all over again. Heero was more than willing. He was looking forward to it actually.

    The hard part would be Duo's legs. The doctors hadn't told Duo yet, but his legs were paralyzed
from the thigh down. He would have to be told soon, and they would get through this mission as they
had every other mission, but this would be hard. Duo was so active, so alive, how could he live the
rest of his life in a chair? //I'll help him. That's how. We will be all right.// Heero smiled at the boy
sleeping in his arms and kissed his head softly. //We will be together.//
     Duo sat up in bed and starred out the window longingly. He saw a basketball court in the school
across the way, every morning he watched the neighborhood kids playing. He wanted to join them so
much! He wanted to be out of the bed and moving again!

    He saw Heero crossing the parking lot with an armful of roses. Duo smiled, Heero. The name still
held no past for him, but it was becoming more and more the center of his future.  He was so
romantic! Something told Duo he hadn't always been, but now. . . every day he came he brought
something to show Duo how much he was loved. Sometimes is was as simple as a torn old manga
that he would read to him, or a ribbon for his braid. Other times it was elaborate, like the armfuls of
flowers  around the room that he kept fresh, always tucking one into Duo's hair with a soft smile.

    A knock came lightly on the door and Duo smiled. "Heero!"

    Heero walked in with a quirked grin on his lips, "How did you know it was me?" He asked before
he kissed his love and tucked a thornless rose behind Duo's ear.

    Duo smiled and kissed Heero back, it was a light, shy kiss, but it was a touch, that was enough for now.  "I saw you from the window." He looked out and smiled, "There's  a basketball court down there, when I get out, you wanna play a little one on one?"

    Heero's smile faltered and Duo frowned, "Heero? Heero what's wrong?"

    "I. . .  Duo. . ."

    "What is it?" Duo was starting to get worried, Heero never stumbled over words.

    "The doctor called to speak to me last week."

    "Yeah? And?"

    "Duo, your legs are paralyzed from the thigh down."

    "Yeah but it's a temporary thing right? They said it. . ."

    "It's permanent Duo."

    The color drained from the American's face and he shook his head in frail denile. "No! They. . .
they said it would go away! They told me it was temporary!"

    Heero caught Duo's shaking shoulders and held him to his chest. He knew no words could
compensate for Duo's loss, so he only held him, offering his strength to the shaking boy.

    "I. . . Heero. . . how. . . how can you still want me then? Knowing that I'm only half whole?"

    Heero glared at Duo in a way that sent ice through his veins, "Never. Never say that again!"

    "but. . ."

    "You are as whole as any one down there on the court!" He forced Duo to meet his gaze, "Look
at me! You are my strength Duo. You are my heart. Never say that you are any less than anyone
else. Do you hear me?!"

    Duo's eyes were wide, but he nodded.

    Heero clutched him close, "Gods Duo I don't know what I'd do without you."

    Duo snuggled into Heero's chest and smiled, "Same here Heero."
     Heero bought Duo's wheelchair that night. It was one made for sports and activity, not like the stiff hospital ones. Duo had grinned when Heero helped him dress and lifted him into it for the first time.
"Cool wheels!" He chuckled and practiced a quick wheelie.

    They had taken a run around the hospital and the Heero lifted his love back into the bed and
kissed his lips. "How do you like it?"

    Duo answered him with another kiss.

    When Heero arrived the next day he reached into his bag and pulled out a black racing flag with
'Born to Die' printed on it in big white letters, a pair of leather batting gloves, and a bumper sticker
that said 'Don't Fear the Reaper' Duo laughed at the references to his war days and 'I am Shinigami'
claim and had Heero put the flag and sticker on his wheel chair. Duo told Heero to stand on the
chair's back bar and he took the two of them on another ride through the hospital halls.

    The nurses smiled as the pair sped by. They had both changed during their trials but they still loved each other so much. It was inspiring.
     When Heero came to take Duo home the last day of his stay in the hospital, he couldn't find the
braided boy anywhere! Duo's chair was gone! He searched through the white halls until the sound of
laughter brought him to the children's ward. He opened the door and stepped inside. There was Duo. In his wheel chair surrounded by children reading a book and giggling and laughing with them.

    "Then he'll ask for a cookie, and if you give a mouse a cookie. . ." Duo finished and the children
laughed as he performed a few tricks in his chair.

    "Duo are you going home today?" One asked.

    "I don't want you to go Duo!" another cried.

    "Don't go Duo!"


    Duo smiled and shook his head, "I'll come to visit, I promise, but I have to go home now."


    "Why Duo?"


    Duo grinned, "I want to try this give a mouse a cookie thing!" He grinned.

    The children all giggled. Heero, still by the door facing Duo's back, smiled.

    "And," Duo continued, "I have an angel waiting for me."

    "Really?!" One little girl asked.

    "A real angel?"

    "Does she have wings?"

    Duo shook his head, "'He' doesn't have wings, but he has a heart this big." Duo held his arms far
apart and smiled as the children laughed. "And he gave it all to me."

    "Yeah?" A boy asked.

    "Is it a special heart?"

    Duo's laughter filled the room and the children all smiled at him, "Yes. It's the most special heart in
my whole world. Because it's his for me."

    One of the girls giggled, "Is he your boy friend?"

    The other echoed the question and Duo nodded, "Yes."

    Heero smiled when he realized the children weren't going to judge for their love, they were all
smiling at Duo with the same love they had shown before. "Duo."

    The boy spun his chair around and Heero caught him up in a firm embrace. "You disappeared on

    "I had to say goodbye to my friends here." Duo smiled and turned to the kids, still in Heero's arms.
"This is my angel you guys." He smiled and leaned his head against Heero's shoulder.

    The children all greeted him and Heero nodded, "Ohayo."

    "Are you going to marry Duo?" One of the girls asked him.

    "Hai." Heero smiled.

    "Who'll be the mommy and who'll be the daddy?" A boy asked innocently.

    Heero grinned at Duo, "Do you mind being the mommy?"

    "Not at all daddy." Duo grinned and the children started laughing again. "Bye guys." Do waved as
Heero sat him back into the chair, "Well come visit soon ne Hee-chan."

    "Hai." Heero smiled and wheeled him out amid a chorus of goodbyes. "I've loaded your bag and
checked you out."

    "Free at last!" Duo grinned.

    Heero smiled and kissed his Duo, "I love you."

    Duo smiled and strained up into the kiss, "I love you too Heero."

    "You know, I promised you a dog when you were hurt."

    "A big, fluffy one?"

    "Hai." Heero smiled.

    "And we can call him 'Rugs'."

    Heero stared at his boyfriend, //I never told him about that conversation before. . .// "Duo are you
starting to remember?"

    "Huh? No, why?"

    "I. . . never mind." Heero smiled and kissed him again. //maybe his memory of me isn't all lost.//
"When should we get our dog?"

    "Now!" Duo grinned. "Lets get a puppy!"
     Trowa and Quatre stared at the giant mop of hair in Duo's lap when Heero carried him into the
apartment. "Hi guys! Meet Rugs! Hee-chan bought him for me!"

    "Heero?" They stared at the spandex-clad boy in the doorway. "You bought him a beast!"

    Duo smiled and picked the ball of fur up in his arms, it was as big as large beach ball! "He's just a

    Trowa faced the perfect soldier, "You did ask how large it will get didn't you?"

    "How big could it get?" Heero shrugged. He didn't care, his eyes were locked on his Duo and the
joy that covered the boy's face.

    Trowa and Quatre shared 'The Look'. And retired to the couch to sleep.

    Heero lay Duo and Rugs on the bed and helped Duo undress for bed. "I'll bring your chair in
tomorrow ok?"

    Duo nodded and smiled as Heero drew him up to spoon him against his chest. "You know Heero,
you're sweet, like my own personal cookie." He yawned with a smiled.

    Heero kissed his neck and smiled against the warm skin of his love. "And if you give a mouse a
cookie. . ." He buried his face in the boy's hair and smiled.

    Duo turned to face his and brushed his lips against Heero's "He'll want a kiss." He smiled.

    Heero gladly complied.


<Part 7>
     A month had passed since Duo had been checked out of the hospital. Heero came back home from the store to find Duo and rugs in the park playing with the neighborhood kids. The braided boy was laughing, his head thrown back and eyes sparkling. Heero wished he could freeze the moment in time and tuck it in his pocket to re-live whenever he wanted.

    Duo was so alive. The lose of his ability to walk had hurt but he was taking to his new situation

    The mothers of the children came out of the house nearby and snatched them up with mutterings of 'time to go home' and Heero watched Duo's smile slip. One woman walked up to him.

    "Hai?" Duo asked with a smile.

    "We would appreciate it if you would stay away from our children." She told him.

    "Why? We were only playing, rugs wouldn't hurt a fly, would ya boy."

    As if answering Rugs barked and wagged his tail.

    "Your dog isn't the problem."

    Duo still smiled, "Well I promise you, crippleness isn't catching."

    "It isn't that."

    He still smiled, "Then what?"

    "We don't want our children playing with a . . . homosexual, especially a drag queen. You
understand. They are young. Impressionable, it wouldn't be responsible."

    The smile faltered a bit and Heero ran to his loves side. "Duo?"

    "Ohayo Heero!" Duo grinned, but it didn't reach his eyes.

    Heero glared at the woman who had stolen Duo's laughter. "You have a problem with his job?"

    "I. . . it's just th. . . that. . ." She stuttered, "It isn't something that my children should be exposed

    "You think being gay is contagious? Has he ever worn a dress while they were playing, or told
them to do anything wrong?"

    "Well no but. . ."

    "I think you are the problem here. We both risked our lives when we were the age of your
children, fighting so that they would know peace. Duo is the most honorable man that I know and if
you think that your children could find anyone better to play with, I think you suffer from delusions."

    The woman walked away in a huff.

    "Heero." Duo took his hand when the boy moved to stop her, "It's alright."

    "No it isn't! This woman is treating you like you're less than her because of her closed mindedness.
That isn't alright Duo. You're five times the person she is!"

    Duo smiled and nuzzled his hand lovingly. "I only need you to believe that Heero. Only you."

    Quatre came walking across the street with Trowa close behind. "Duo! Heero! What's going on?
We saw all of the children go home, is there a lock in going on?"

    "The mothers think it would be best if their children didn't associate with a former drag queen."
Duo said simply.

    The blond looked at his friend, concerned. "Duo. . ."

    "Look, it's ok! I've had to put up with this stuff before, it's nothing new."

    Heero knelt in front of Duo's chair, "Duo, let's move away from here. We can go somewhere and
start fresh."

    "I'm not made of glass guys. A few insults wont break me."

    "But they hurt." Quatre insisted, "They must hurt."

    Duo shrugged, "You get over it."

    Heero brushed the bangs from Duo's eyes. "Duo, please. . . we can go to Earth. Start a new life

    "Earth?" Duo asked, "Where could we go on Earth?"

    "Relena could let us stay with her while we look for a place of our own."

    Duo didn't know why, but the mention of Relena made him feel very possessive toward Heero. "I
don't know Heero. . ."

    "It would be just you and me. No past, only a future."

    Duo smiled, "I have to admit you make it sound wonderful."

    "Then you'll come?"

    He nodded and hugged Heero close, "Anywhere you want to be, I'll go."

    Quatre smiled at the two, "Trowa and I should be getting back to L4, we only wanted to stay until
we were sure that you to were ok again."

    The braided boy glowed with happiness as Heero scooped him out of his chair and held him close, "Heero makes everything ok."

    Heero's chest hurt at Duo's confidence in him. //I was the one who caused him so much pain. I
couldn't make it ok that time. Maybe now I can make up for it.//

    "Koibito?" Duo asked as Heero sat in the grass with him and held him close. "What's wrong?"

    "Nothing." He sighed and leaned back against a tree.

    "You're lying."

   Cobalt met Violet and Heero found himself at a lost, "I. . . I can't forget."

    "Forget what?"

    "I couldn't help you. I was right there and I couldn't stop him."

    "You couldn't stop a bullet Heero."

    "But. . ."

    "Shh, listen. You are the reason I can keep living. You give me the strength to keep going even
when I hurt. When I feel helpless because I can't remember things, or when I try to stand and then
realize that I never will again., you are always there to catch me when I fall and help me up again.
You couldn't stop his bullet, but you stopped him from killing me. You gave me a reason to live."

    "Duo." He almost sobbed as they embraced. "Duo. My Duo."

    "My Heero." He smiled. "We'll go to Earth and make a brand new start ne? Just you and me and

    At the mention of his name the puppy bounded into their laps and knock both boys to their backs.
Slobbering kissed all over their faces.

    Duo laughed and pushed the mutt away then turned to Heero and grinned, "Well aren't you going
to kiss me to? It seems like such a waste to let Rugs have all the action."

    Heero chuckled and captured his lips in a promise of their life to come. Together.


<Part 8>

    Relena ran out of the palace when the private shuttle she had sent them landed. She threw her arms around Heero and smiled at him, batting her eyes. Duo sat in his chair with rugs on his lap, trying to keep his anger down. she had invited them to stay in her home, he wasn't about to ruin that. Heero seemed to want to stay, so he would stay too.

    Still when Heero pushed the Queen of the world off of him, Duo couldn't help but smile. Rags jumped off his lap and started pawing at the women who had landed on the floor and Heero ignored her angry cries and went to hug Duo.

    "You ok?"

    Duo smiled  and nodded. "I am a little tired though."

    Heero instantly picked him up out of his chair and asked to be shown to their room. When
Relena's servants tried to put them in separate rooms, Heero growled his disapproval. They quickly
decided one room was just fine.

    He lay his precious burden on the bed and went to get a cool cloth to wipe the moisture from his
brow. He still wasn't quite well and the trip had taken more out of him than Duo cared to admit.
"How is that? Better?" Heero asked softly.

    "H. . . hai." Duo smiled and accepted Heero's kiss, pulling him down to rest beside him. "Stay with
me Heero. Please?"

    The perfect soldier nodded and settled Duo against him. Spooned him up against his body.

    The American smiled and closed his eyes in contented peace, "I love you Heero."

    "Me too."  No longer was he unable to say it, this was just a game they played now.

    Duo chuckled and drifted into a peaceful and healing sleep. Heero soon followed him into a land
of dreams, were Duo could still walk and they had never been apart.

    Heero was awakened by a knocking on the door. "What?"

    Relena peeked inside and her smile vanished when she saw the two boys curled up against each
other. No matter that they were fully clothed. she didn't like it at all. "Dinner is ready I came to bring
you down to eat."

    "And Duo?"

    "I sent a servant to fetch him, I didn't realize you to would be sharing a room."

    "Relena," Heero warned, "I brought him here to get him away from the hate. Don't you dare hurt
him. If you do there will be no where you can hide where I won't find you. And I will kill you. I

    "I understood the first time."

    "Obviously not since you're already treating him like dirt."

    "Mmm. . . Hee-chan?" Duo blinked an looked up at Heero then followed his gaze to the door.
"Oh, Ohayo Ojousan."



    "You remember?"


    "You used to call me that whenever I found Heero and you were there."

    He scrunched up his face as if trying to recall then sighed an slumped, "I don't remember, it just
came out."

    Heero kissed him softly, "Don't strain ok. It will come."

    The queen of the world glared at their play and turned to leave.

    Just then Duo looked around the room, "Where's Rugs?"

    "No dogs are allowed in the palace, he is in the kennels."

    "But. . ."

    "Everything has it's place here, you should keep yours as well." She glared before leaving.

    Duo looked sadly at the door and bowed his head. "Why does she hate me? What did I do?"

    "It isn't you, Duo, it's what I did she's angry at. I chose you over her and she just doesn't get it."

    "Why did we come then Heero?"

    He shrugged and helped the other boy into his chair, "I thought the familiar surroundings might help.
We spent a lot of time together here as pilots. Usually we spent all of it trying to get away from her,
but they were good times." Heero smiled , "I wouldn't have admitted it, but you were my best

    Duo smiled and started to wheel to the door, "Lets go eat. I'm hungry."

    "You're always hungry."

    "I'm a growing boy!"

    "No wonder you had trouble paying Joe's rent, you probably ate him out of house and home."
Heero teased.

    Duo made a face, "Yeah but with his cookin' he should have thanked me."

    "Better than yours."

    "Are you saying I can't cook?"

    "You burned instant mac and cheese."

    "Well if I remember your story right, someone distracted me."

    "I was hungry."

    "Now who's appetite is too big."

    "Mmm, but you're my favorite meal."

    Duo smiled and pulled Heero down for a deep, hungry kiss. "You know, since the accident, we
haven't. . ."

    That stopped the Japanese boy in his tracks. "I wasn't sure that you wanted to. . . you don't
remember. . ."

    "But I know you now."


    "And if I have to sleep beside you without touching you one more night I think I might go nuts."

    "Are you sure Duo?"

    He smiled and nipped his lover's ear tenderly, "Definitely."

    "Well in that case. . ."

    "Ah ah ah," Duo scolded, "First, I'm hungry."

    Heero groaned and Duo laughed, "Race you to the dinning room!" He laughed and took off.

    "Hey! You have wheels! no fair!"

    "You sound like Wu-bear." Duo chuckled rolling backyard so he could see Heero's expression,
"Injustice! Dishonor!"

    Duo slammed up against something and frowned, reaching up to feel what he had hit.


    "Oh yeah, that to!" He grinned and turned around, "Wu-man! What are you doing here?!"

    "I am working for the preventors, there have been a few threats on Relena's life."

    "Wonder why."


    "W~hat?!" He grinned.

    Heero watched the two banter back and forth and he walked up to stand beside Duo. Resting a
hand on his shoulder.

    "Why are you in that thing Maxwell." Wufei looked at the chair and frowned, "It is dishonorable to make play of something so serious."

    Duo's smiled faded a fraction and Heero growled warningly.

    "Get out of the chair Maxwell."

    "I can't." Duo said quietly.


    "He can't." Heero glared at the startled boy.


    "I. . . that is. . ."

    "He was shot and it damaged his nerve center. He can't use his legs anymore."

    Wufei  just stood there, aware that he had made a horrible mistake but unable to think of how to
apologize without hurting Duo's already bruised pride.

    Duo, of course, came to the rescue. "Are we going to eat or are you just going to let me waist
away here?"

    "Hn." Heero started to comment but Duo silenced him with a kiss.

    "Enough about my appetite ne Hee-chan."

    "H. . . hai." Heero said, dazed.

    "Maxwell? Yuy? When did you?"

    "Heero was killing people in my neighborhood so we hooked up again. . . or so he tells me."

    "Wha. . ."

    "He has also suffered from selective amnesia. He forgot me."

    "I wonder why he 'selected' that."

    "What are you implying?"

    "Well you weren't very kind to him before."

    "I was a soldier! I couldn't. . ."

    "You couldn't even say 'thank you' or 'sorry' once in a while?"

    Duo groaned, "Come on lets not get into this. I may not remember Heero in the past but I know
how much both of you like to argue and I wanna eat sometime this century!"

    They both glared and Duo laughed and wheeled by into the dinning room.

    "Heero are you insane?! Why did you bring him here?!"

    "Quatre has been with us for months, he deserved some time alone and this is the only other place
that holds memories from before. I thought it might help."

    "How is he?"

    "Duo is. . ."

    "Come on! As if I don't know you're talking about me out there!" Duo called to them, "Come in
here and eat!"

    Heero rolled his eyes and looked toward the dinning room, "Duo is still Duo."

    Wufei had to agree.


<Part 9>

    Wufei learned quickly how much Duo had remained Duo. No one else could get into so muck trouble or get on a person's last nerve so quickly! He was just stepping out for some fresh air, pondering this, when the wheelchaired American slammed into his legs, "I got it! I got it! Oh, hi Wu-bear."

    "My name is. . ."

    "Hold that thought." Duo cut his sentence short and detangled himself quickly lunging for the
Frisbee Heero had thrown. "Got it!"

    The Chinese youth rolled his eyes and growled at Heero when he walked into his sight range.
"Maxwell you are annoying as ever."

    "Thank you." He smiled and tossed the Frisbee back.

    Rugs intercepted it and Duo wheeled after him falling out of his chair to tackle the plastic toy from
his puppies teeth.

    "Duo!" Relena ran from the house to the fallen boy.

    "I'm ok ojousan." Duo smiled brightly.

    "I'm sure you are but that mutt isn't supposed to leave his pen." She glared.

    Her glare was met with two ice cold looks and Relena sweat dropped, "Well, it's the rules!"

    "He was lonely." Duo smiled at the puppy and hoisted himself back into his chair with his arms,
which had gotten very strong to make up for his legs. Rugs yipped and jumped onto his lap happily,
wagging his tail.

    Relena stepped down from those glares of the other two boys and stomped away angrily. "Fine."

    Duo smiled, oblivious to the silent battle and scratched Rugs behind the ears.

    "Maybe you two should begin looking for a new house." Wufei said almost to himself.

    Heero nodded.

    "What about in America?" Duo asked hopefully.

    "There is still a lot of anger toward Japan there, I don't know if I'd be welcome."

    "But there's a lot of great opportunities there."

    "Like what? Nothing good has ever come from America."

    "Did you forget that I'm from America?" Duo teased.

    Heero grinned and Wufei rolled his eyes, "That's another strike against them."

    "Hey!" Duo made an indignant face, "I resemble that remark!"

    Heero chuckled and Wufei almost jumped out of his shoes! "Heero!? Laughing?!"

    The perfect soldier met Wufei's eyes evenly, "A lot has changed."

    "Obviously." The Chinese man replied, "If you are in need of a home, I know of a place right here
on Earth, it is old and in need of some repair, but  I would gladly help you to fix it up. It had a lot of
personality, when I first saw it I immediately thought of Duo."

    "Where on Earth."

    "Er. . . anou. . . just Outside of New Hong Kong, a couple days ride from Sanq."

     Duo was grinning wildly, "I wanna see!"

    Heero nodded and thanked Wufei then walked Rugs back to the pens with Duo before they
headed back inside to their room.

    "What do you think about getting a house?" Heero asked as he helped Duo strip down to his
boxers and change into clean jeans and a new shirt.

    "I think that as long as you're with me, it'll be home." Duo wheeled his chair out of the room and
His perfect soldier followed by his side.

    Heero bent and kissed him softly, nibbling his way down his lover's collar bone. "I love you."

    "Mmm, I love you too."



    Heero searched Duo's eyes for some affirmation that this was the right thing to do, "Do you. . .
will you love me forever?"

    "No." Duo said surely.

    "Nanda?" Heero felt his hopes falling.

    "Much longer than that."

    The soldier glared and Duo laughed. "Duo."

    "Nanda koibito?"

    Heero went down on one knee facing his Koi. "Duo," He opened a black velveteen box to reveal
an engagment ring shaped as a wrapped around scythe.

    "Heero." Duo gasped.

    "Will you marry me?"

    Tears welled up in the American's violet eyes and Heero thought for a moment that he had made a terrible mistake, then Duo launched himself from his chair to wrap his arms around his love's neck,
"Hai! Hai Hai Hai Hai Hai." He accented each affirmative with a kiss. "Gods I love you!"

    Heero hugged him back tightly, eyes shut in a silent prayer of thanks. "Zutto."

    In the shadow of a tall potted fern, Relena glared daggers at the loving couple. //Damn you Duo Maxwell! I wont let you steal him from me!//

    That night Heero announced their engagement. Wufei and Sally both congratulated them heartily, each reminiscing on how they had always thought Heero and Duo were perfect for each other. Thinking back on Duo's first capture by Oz and Heero's suicidal rescue.

    "But Heero was the definition of suicidal." Duo laughed, "So I never thought that maybe he saved
me because he didn't want me to die."

    "Duo no baka, I would be killing myself as well." Heero kissed him softly and Duo was quiet for
the first time in Wufei's memory.

    Relena was silent too, but her silence disturbed him. What was she plotting at? Why hadn't she
screeched about the wrongness of male / male marriages? Something was in the air and it smelled of

    Duo and Heero seemed oblivious to her cold silence. Both were basking in the warmth of their joy and love, so Wufei took it as his duty to protect the young lovers. They were, after all, some of his
best friends. How many friendships could boast a war as the founding cement?

    As the evening progressed, he watched in amusement as Heero got sloshed trying to outdrink Duo
and Duo himself got only slightly tipsy. He help the couple up to their room, Duo telling Heero the
whole way up how he planned to thoroughly ravage him. The Chinese pilot laughed when they both fell asleep the moment he got them on the mattress.

    He sat the aspirin Sally had given him on the nightstand with some water and left to stand watch at their door. Neither were in any condition to fight for themselves.

    The night went with no trouble and in the morning Wufei was feeling very foolish. //Maybe I was
just paranoid but I could have sworn Relena had something horrible planned.//

    He peeked inside, both boys slept soundly.

    //Well I still plan on keeping a close eye on her, she's up to something.//
     Relena was up to something, but it was a much more subtle attack than Wufei imagined. She was
a woman after all. What better attack had she to use than one of words. Doubt was a horrible thing
to have in a relationship. She would give Duo more than enough to ensure he left Heero alone.

<Part 10>

Duo woke up with his heart pounding in his head. "Oh Gods." He groaned and reached for the remaining aspirin on the nightstand. "Nothing is more pathetic than an old queen with a hangover."

    Heero smiled from the bathroom doorway and moved to his lover's side, cradling him in his lap.
"We need a bath."

    The American cracked on eye open and smiled suggestively, "You offering?"

    Heero kissed him soundly and, carrying him to where he had the bath full and ready, dropped him
into the hot tub.

    Duo cried out in delight, "Bubbles!"

    Heero chuckled and climbed in with him, "Now what were you saying last night?"


    "About ravaging me."

    Duo grinned, "Oh, that."

    "Yeah, that."

    "Well. . ." Duo slid his hand under the bubbles to Heero's ass, pulling him closer and fingering his
tight opening at the same time.

    Heero groaned and thrashed against his exploring fingers and Duo felt shivers dance over his

    "Duo! Duo I never. . ."

    "Shh Hee-chan." Duo smiled. "I know."

    "How. . .?"

    "Call it an educated guess."

    Heero's breathing was hard and uneven, "H. . . how educated?"

    "Let me show you."

    "Wait, we have to. . . have to finish our bath. . . ungh!. . . the bed. . ."

    "We don't need a bed Heero." Duo cooed, "We can do this anywhere, all we need is you and me,
and. . ." He arched his back to press closer to his lover and Heero gasped.



    "Oh Gods that woman has the worst timing I have ever. . ."


    "I'm in the bath Relena." He called out, "Go away."

    To both of the boy's surprise she opened the door and walked right in. "Do you want me to wash
your ba. . ." Her eyes widened three sized when she saw Duo.

     Heero reached for his gun and cursed its absence.

    "How dare you try to take advantage of Heero in my house!" She shrieked at the American.

    Duo buried his face in Heero's shoulder to hide his grin. He whispered against  the other boy's
taunt muscles, "We have to get our own house."

    "Hn." Heero agreed.

    "I'm going to explode if I don't get inside of you soon."

    Heero choked and his eyes shot to Relena, "Leave."



    "This is my house!"

    Duo, in a playful mood, decided to make Heero a little hotter. "I am so horny Heero." he ground
softly, rubbing against the shocked assassin's side.

    Heero gasped and his gaze shot from Relena to Duo, "Wh. . . what?"

    Duo grinned, "You heard me."

    "What are you telling him!" Relena yelled, "Duo Maxwell you get out of there right now!"

    If Duo had had use of his legs, in his present mood he would have stood and scared the prim
princess off, but he didn't and so he made do with sliding behind Heero. He wrapped his arms
around the other boy's shoulders to hold himself up and pressed his erection against his firm cheeks.
The American licked behind his ear and murmured, "You like it when I talk dirty ne Heero?"

    The Japanese boy jumped slightly and Duo grinned, "Oh yeah, you like that a lot."

    "Duo. . ."

    He licked his neck hungrily and nipped at his shoulder, "I wanna fuck you Heero. I want to feel
you come over and over while I fuck you like an animal."

    "Relena!" Heero growled, "Get out!"

    "Not until he does too."

    Duo licked his lips and blew into Heero's ear, stroking one of his nipples under the cover of the
bubbles. "Oh I don't want out, I want in." He rubbed his hard member against Heero's crack,
whispering over the tight little pucker there. A silent promise.

    Relena had no idea what Duo was doing, to her it just looked like he was hiding shyly behind the
other pilot and trying to hide his face. "Duo Maxwell get away from Heero!"

    He looked up at the woman innocently, "But Relena-sama, I can't use my legs. If I don't hold on to something, I could slip under the water." As he said that one hand traveled down to wrap around
Heero's penis, squeezing and pumping it just enough to get his excited.

    That caught her off guard, she hadn't expected Duo to use his disability to his advantage like he

    Heero closed his eyes as Duo sent delightful fire coursing through him.

    "Heero are you ok?" Relena looked worried.

    "WUFEI!" The Japanese boy screamed.

    The Chinese pilot rushed inside, "Heero what's. . . oh!"

    Duo grinned when Wufei's nose started to bleed and Heero glared at Relena, "Could you please
get her out of here?!"

    "I. . ."

    "NOW!" Duo was doing such wonderful things to him, he needed release, he needed Duo.
//Gods! I need!//

    "Wait I. . . what are you doing?! this is my house!" Relena fought as Wufei led her out and locked
the door before closing it.

    Heero pounced on Duo the minuet the door shut, splashing water and bubbles all over the floor.
"You are wicked."

    "I know."

    "That was a horrible thing for you to do to me."

    "I know."

    "I loved it."

    Duo grinned, "I guess I need to be punished now huh?"

    Heero growled and lifted Duo from the sunken  hot tub to the tiled bathroom floor.

    "Ah!! Heero! It's cold!" Duo wriggled and thrashed, exciting Heero even more.

    "Let me warm you up then." Heero sheathed Duo's erection in his hot mouth, swallowing him all
the way.

    "Ahhh!" Duo cried and arched again.

    Heero took hold of his fiancé's hips and started to pump them in time with his mouth.

    Duo was reduced to a creature of pure feeling. He writher and gasped and finally came, spilling his essence down Heero's throat. The other boy swallowed all of it and sucked on his loves member,
trying to draw out more of his delicious crème.

    "Heero! Maxwell! Open this door!" Relena pounded.

    Duo started to laugh and to the princess's surprise, Heero joined him. They kissed and murmured at the same time, "We have to get our own house."

    Heero stroked Duo's wet hair and smiled, "You're beautiful."

    Duo looked down then back up at Heero's face, "You're still horny."

    "I'm always horny around you."

    "That could be hard."

    "You have no idea."

    Duo chuckled, loving the fact that Heero's was playing with him. "I have a half hour cure."

    "Won't last ten minuets."

    "Let's find out."

     Relena kept pounding on the door screeching but from the moans and yelps the two boys were
making inside, she doubted they were listening. //You just wait Maxwell, you'll get what's coming to
you. I'm going to make you suffer. You'll wish the bullet had finished you off before I'm through with

    Wufei observed her hatred and that doubled his surety that something was going to happen. He
redoubled his efforts to find them a home. He had to get his friends out of her reach before it was too late. //But how do you escape the reach of the queen of the world?!//

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