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Chance Meeting: Dancing Queen (part 3)


Heero's head snapped up. What the hell was Duo doing here? That was unmistakably the braided baka's voice, though he couldn't see him yet.

Heero tried not to react to the fact that someone else was arriving, someone he knew quite well. Someone he wanted to know even better.

Slowly, he turned around to regard the newcomer. Duo came around the corner, just out of reach of the man behind him. The man spoke up, "Look, boys, we got us a special treat tonight. Double the fun."

Heero stood still in shock; the world threatened to disappear around him. Standing in front of him was a wet dream come true. Duo was dressed to kill; a tiny skin-tight purple skirt barely covered him, riding so low on his hips that his hipbones and lower abs were clearly visible. The skirt only came down to Duo's shapely upper thighs, and seemed ready to ride up even higher at the slightest provocation. An equally tiny cropped tank top barely covered his chest, leaving a large expanse of flat stomach on view. Duo was wearing high-heeled sandals that made his long legs look even more delicious, and over the outfit he wore a black leather jacket from which dangled many charms and chains. The complete effect was breathtaking, but even all that paled beside the fact that Duo's hair was loose. The amazing chestnut mass cascaded over his shoulders and down his back, surrounding Duo with what appeared to be a golden halo. Duo's hair framed his beautiful face; a face that was only enhanced by a small amount of expertly applied makeup.

Heero made a mental note to ask Duo later how he had gotten so good at dressing as a girl; then he realized that Duo was staring at him too, perfect mouth hanging open.

Duo was speechless for once. He had received the mission just as he was returning to the safe house, and there was no indication it was to be a joint mission. Dress up, dance, make out a little, then run. It wasn't anything he hadn't done before. Not that any of the other pilots knew about some of Duo's specialized skills. Heero was an expert hacker, Quatre was an empath, and the scientists used them according to their abilities. It was no different for the longhaired boy. Duo was well aware of his appearance, and used it when he needed to. Not that he was proud of it; but he did what had to be done. There were limits, though, and the scientists knew well how far he would go for the cause.

Now, standing in front of him, was a new twist: Heero, the source of his wet dreams and fantasies since he'd first laid eyes on the spandex clad pilot. Not only was Heero here to see Duo in all his cross-dressed glory, but Heero was dressed up as well. And not just dressed up; dressed to knock your eyes out and drain the blood from your brain. Sure, he had dreamed about Heero in almost every way, shape or form for months, but the actual reality of seeing Heero being deliberately provocative was too much. To Duo, Heero was equally drop-dead gorgeous when he was covered in grime or stepping out of the shower, clad only in a towel. There was just no situation in which Heero didn't look incredibly sexy, without even knowing it. Then, to see the Japanese boy like this... Duo decided that even his overactive imagination hadn't been up to the task of imagining what Heero would look like if he were trying to be sexy. Because standing in front of him was a vision, a vision that was threatening to make his miniskirt even tighter.

The two boys stared at each other for a long moment. Duo was the first to break the silence, frowning slightly. "Hey, what's the deal? You didn't tell me there was gonna be somebody else here. I work alone. Ain't I enough for y'all?" Duo drew his words out, drawling slightly, completely unlike his normal voice.

"Now, now, boys, make friends! We want you to be very good friends," the man in charge said with unnecessary emphasis on the word very.

Heero scowled, seemingly unable to form words.

Duo realized what the man was suggesting, and it took all his control not to blush scarlet. Not that he didn't want to be "friendly" with Heero, in fact he wanted nothing more in the universe. But not with an audience, under these circumstances. But then another, more devious part of his mind piped up; this way he could touch Heero, and dance with him, and possibly more, all without retribution or explanation. It might be his only chance. It was pathetic, he mused, but it just might be worth it.

Heero also realized what the men wanted, and his initial anger turned quickly to desire as he contemplated the situation. He would be able to be close to Duo, to touch him, perhaps even kiss him... even the thought that Duo might be disgusted by him wasn't enough to quell his need. But he couldn't seem too eager; to both Duo and the OZ officials, that would seem odd. So he glared.

"Come on, boys," the man cajoled. "You're both so pretty, can't you make friends? Just one little kiss." The other men cheered their approval of this suggestion.

When neither boy made a move toward the other, the men shouted out encouragement. The man in charge said, "Oh, they're just a little shy. Joe, turn up the music. Come on, boys, dance for us." With that, he pushed Duo gently toward Heero.

Duo stopped about a foot from Heero, and the two boys regarded each other. Duo had never felt so torn. There was nothing in the world he would rather do than touch Heero, but he didn't want to seem too eager. Sighing, he put his hands on his hips and drawled to the other boy, "Well, honey, I guess we got a show to put on, huh?"

Heero looked into Duo's violet eyes, searching for a clue to how Duo felt about this situation. He was worried that his longing for the other boy was clouding his judgment, and he was reading more into Duo's actions than was actually there. Well, here goes nothing... "Why not?" he said, and stepped up until only an inch separated them.

Time seemed to stand still, tension built and everyone in the room held their collective breath.

Why not, indeed? Heero thought to himself. Because Duo will feel that you're hard as a rock, another part of his mind supplied. But he couldn't see a way around it.

Duo tried desperately to make his arousal go away, but being an inch away from the man of his dreams wasn't helping. Maybe he won't notice, Duo tried to reassure himself. Yeah, right. Well, at least he can't kill me right now, Duo thought. Duo took a deep breath and took the plunge. He pressed himself against Heero, wrapping his arms around the cobalt-eyed boy's neck. "Let's dance," he breathed in Heero's ear.

As Duo pressed up against him, both boys gasped simultaneously as their erections touched. The sensation of hard flesh rubbing together, and the significance of both of them being hard, began to have an effect on both boys. The music pumped out a slow, sultry beat, and they began to dance, moving slowly to the beat. Duo rocked his hips against Heero's, and both boys moaned softly at the friction.

Duo tried desperately to understand, to wrap his mind around the concept that Heero, his unreachable fantasy, was as aroused as he was.

Heero's mind grappled with the fact that one of his fantasies was coming true. Duo, his Duo, was wrapped around him and pressing his erection against him.

Above all, both wished that they were somewhere else, somewhere they could give free rein to the needs and desires that were currently raging though their trembling young bodies.

The music changed, to a harder, faster driving beat. Duo began moving against him, straddling Heero's thigh and sliding down it, rubbing himself against him all the way. The men cheered, appreciative of the show being put on by the two gorgeous boys. Little did they know it was no show, but genuine lust.

The dam had broken; the two boys abandoned themselves then, giving into desire and drunk on passion, and danced together. Their audience faded into the background as Duo turned around. Heero pressed against him from behind, grinding his arousal against Duo's firm ass, in a simulation of the act they both wanted so badly. Duo moaned and leaned back against Heero's strong chest, and the cobalt-eyed boy wrapped his hands around Duo, finally running his hands over the body he'd wanted to touch for so long. Heero slid his hands over Duo's nipples, which hardened visibly through the thin shirt. Duo arched against him, pressing his ass harder against Heero. Their hips swayed back and forth as they danced to the beat, bodies moving as one even as their hands roamed over each other.

Duo reached behind him, running his hands over the curve of Heero's tight ass as it thrust against him, savoring the feel of the powerful muscles. Heero's hands slid lower, over Duo's flat stomach and the hot skin bared there. Duo hissed and tightened his grip on Heero as the other boy's hands moved lower, getting teasingly close to his aching erection, which showed clearly under the miniskirt.

Finally, Heero's hands reached their target; Duo moaned out loud as Heero brushed a hand over the front of his skirt, lightly caressing the hard bulge that he found there. Duo thrust his hips against Heero's hand, wanting more contact. Heero wrapped his fingers around Duo's hardness and squeezed, nearly making Duo's knees give out. Then he spun the longhaired boy around so they were facing again. Heero then pulled the other boy hard against him and crushed his lips to Duo's.

Duo moaned in response to Heero's forcefulness, and opened his mouth, surrendering to Heero's tongue. He melted against Heero as the boy ravished his mouth. They kissed passionately, desperately; months of pent-up fantasies suddenly and utterly coming true. All the while they moved to the music, completely unaware of their entranced audience, who had even ceased their calls of encouragement because the two boys didn't need any. They just watched, slack-jawed, as the two boys discovered each other. It was more than they had dared hope for.

Deep into the feeling of Duo against him and in his arms at last, Heero almost failed to notice the soft beeping of the receiver in his ear. The beep was the signal for them to get out as fast as possible. Either something had gone wrong, or they had what they needed; the mission was over.

Apparently, Duo had heard the signal as well; their eyes met, silently conferring. Deciding the element of surprise and the relative inebriation of their hosts would serve them well, Heero grabbed Duo's hand firmly and raced for the door. They were out the door and halfway down the hall before the first shouts of disappointment could be heard.

Deciding against the elevator, the two pilots raced for the stairs. Behind them, they could dimly hear the men try to pursue, but it was no use. They emerged in the parking lot, barely winded, with no signs of pursuit.

The two boys paused, not having thought past getting away from the men. They realized they hadn't really spoken to each other during the whole mission, and they stood there awkwardly for a moment. Then Duo found his voice.

"We really should stop meeting like this, Heero."


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