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Mercury Rising (parts 7 - 12)


part 7

I woke at dawn feeling no better about what had happened the night before. I made the decision that it would be best if I stayed out of Duo's way for the next few days. I imagined there would be some kind of confrontation between us about what I had seen and I really didn't want to talk about it.

What Duo did was his business and if mentioned, I would surely have let him know that I thought it an inappropriate thing to do out in the open. I could see my comment taking things in a nasty direction.

Yes... it would be better to just avoid contact with him until all of this blew over.


Duo didn't show up for breakfast the following morning. I attributed his absence to one of two reasons. He either was sleeping in or he was trying to avoid me. I figured that the party had probably lasted well into the morning hours and that he was most likely nursing a hangover to boot. But I hoped it was the latter; since I was still no where near ready to face him.

Cynthia had come to the same 'sleeping late' conclusion and mentioned it over breakfast. I was glad she had; it gave me the perfect excuse for me to skip my morning swim; citing that my presence out there could disturb his needed rest. I decided that I'd take a trip into town today. There were some things I needed to pick up but above all I just needed to get out of the house; before Duo showed up.


I opted instead to take the 30 minute drive to the mall. Crowded places and shopping weren't high on my list of desired entertainment and so I rarely ventured there. It required a fair amount of concentration to determine when I'd last been here. I grimaced as I recalled it. It hadn't really been that long ago; it was only the previous summer in fact.... while trying to escape from last summers help. I was beginning to sense a pattern here; and it was one that I found I highly disapproved of.

While the two instances were as different as night and day, my reaction to them was the same; I ran.

I ran from that girl because I disliked her and I was running from Duo because I liked him... and because of what had transpired the night before. The word coward instantly came to mind; but I wrote it off and settled on chalking it up to my total lack of social graces and inability to rationally deal with and confront my emotions. It wasn't that much of an improvement over my initial thought.. it might even have been worse.

I took the escalator up to the food court and ordered a large container of Boardwalk fries and made my way over to a table in the corner. My recent discovery required some thought and I decided this was probably a good a time as any to give it some. I dipped a fry into the small cup of vinegar and popped it into my mouth. How was I going to change this?

It was too late to worry about what had transpired last year, but there was still this year to deal with; as well as some kind of general lifestyle adjustment that was needed. I looked around the large open space, finding that mine was the only table that was occupied by a single person and for a moment; I wished Cynthia were here with me. I wasn't sure what it was that I would say to her or how I would even begin to describe my dilemma. I inwardly smiled as I realized that she was probably very much aware of my numerous inadequacies and more than likely had a few words of wisdom to offer me on the subject.

I finished my fries and stopped at Staples on my way out to pick up some computer supplies before heading home to speak with her.


I entered the house at around 2 to find a note on the kitchen table. I picked it up and read it.

Went out for a while.
Duo was here twice looking for you.
Be back before dinnertime.


// So much for him wanting to steer clear of me. //

I set the note back down on the table and headed straight up to my room. Cynthia would be home in about three hours. All I needed to do was to avoid Duo until then; until I had a chance to speak with her. I was fairly confident that I could pull it off...... until I heard a knock on the door.

// Or maybe not. //

"Heero? You in there?"

Tenacious.. it's the only word that came to mind.

I stood and opened the door.

"There you are. I've been looking for you all day."

"I went to the mall."

"Can I come in?"

I blushed a bit, but stepped aside to allow him to enter. He sat on the edge of my bed and looked up at me, handing me the stack of CD's he'd borrowed. "I wanted to return these. Thanks."

"No problem." I took them from him and walked around the bed to return them to the CD rack.

"Listen....." he began.

I froze.

// Please don't say what I think you're going to say. //

"About last night..."

// ...... //

I turned toward him and he looked.... hesitant. "I'd rather not talk about it if you don't mind." I continued putting the CD's away.

"Okay. But I just wanted to apologize."

I didn't look up at him. "Accepted."

"You don't even know what I'm apologizing for."

I looked over at him; he'd risen from the bed and was facing me with his hands on his hips. "Whatever it is, I accept. Is that all you came here for?"

"You are a piece of work, Heero. You know that?"

He was angry... and perhaps hurt.. I couldn't see the expression on his face; I didn't want to.

"I don't even know why I bother trying to talk to you."

I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was crossing the room to exit and found myself wishing he would... and as fast as humanly possible.

He made no attempt to hide his anger. "Aren't you going to say anything?" he spat out.

// Definitely pissed off.. //

I let out a sigh and turned toward him. "I reacted poorly last night and I should probably be apologizing to you." I couldn't tell by his expression if I'd said the right thing.

He took two steps forward; bringing him closer to where I stood. "I can understand your reaction. I should have been more discreet."

I was shocked by what he'd said and I merely nodded.

And then he grinned at me. "You were pretty damned embarrassed."

"I don't get out much."

He laughed and I felt myself smiling.

I smiled because I was relieved that the whole thing was pretty much history and because I found that Duo's laugh just affected me that way; a lot of what he did affected me that way.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I don't know why I asked that or even if it was appropriate.... I just really wanted to know. I hoped he would answer me.

"Umm... no."

I nodded.

"I was a bit tipsy." He looked over at me. "No lectures please." he winked.

"Then why were you kissing him?"

He looked a bit surprised. "Like I said, Heero, I was feeling pretty good and....." he trailed off; like he wanted to say something else, but decided against it at the last minute.

"And?" I asked him.

He looked up at me. "And he was there......"

I nodded to let him know that I understood. I really didn't though and he somehow sensed that.

"I guess that's never happened to you... that you find yourself with someone cause the person you really want isn't there."

"Can't say that it has."

He smiled again. "I should be going."

I nodded again and followed him toward the door. "Maybe next time you should invite that person... the one you wanted." It seemed like a logical solution to his dilemma and I wondered why he hadn't thought of it himself.

He looked at me; the expression on his face more serious than I'd seen it since he arrived. "I did. You didn't seem interested."

He turned to leave. I watched him walk down the hallway and descend the stairs; my jaw pretty much slack the entire time.

// Did he mean what I think he meant? //

I closed the door to my room and sat on the very edge of my bed. I replayed his words; over and over and over. There was no other meaning I could pull from them as many times as I repeated them.

I was stunned. He wanted me.

part 8

I talked myself out of the frenzy his statement had caused and sat on my bed; peering out the window to see him just entering the pool gate. I looked down at my hands to find them trembling slightly. "Well shit."

I laughed out loud at my reaction; gripping my knees tightly to still both hands. I tried but was unable to recall any other instance that caused me to have a similar reaction.

"What now?" I asked myself. The question didn't require much in the way of thought and I wasn't about to give it much.

There were only two facts that were relevant. One: I lusted after Duo; Two: Duo wanted me.

It was pure logic that dictated my next course of action. I stood and entered the bathroom, running a comb through my hair with little noticeable results and brushing my teeth.

I then exited the house and it wasn't until I was on the path to the guest house that I reminded myself that I had little experience in dealing with people one on one.... and even less with sexual situations and here I was ready to tackle both without hesitation. It just wasn't something I did. I paused my step and realized that I'd allowed my hormones to take over and that I was thinking with my dick so to speak.

I nearly laughed out loud; it was high time I gave my brain a rest.


Duo answered the door with a wide grin. As much as he remained a mystery to me in so many ways; I could instantly tell that he knew precisely why I was there.

"Come on in." he smiled. "Something to drink?"

He headed for the kitchen and I closed the front door, following him into the small darkened room. He was standing in front of the refrigerator, the dim light from inside it highlighting his form; bent at the waist and peering into it. I allowed myself to admire the view for as long as it lasted.

"I have beer and ummm... beer." he told me, turning to face me. "I need to go shopping." he noted with a smile.

"Water is fine."

He got two glasses and added ice to both and turned on the faucet to fill them. I took the glass as he offered it. "Let's go sit down."

I nodded and followed him into the living room, seating myself at the opposite end of the couch. He grinned at me and moved closer; sliding effortlessly over the smooth leather surface. "Don't worry I won't bite...." he smiled. "... not unless you ask nicely."

I gave him a wide eyed look and he laughed nervously. "I'm kidding....."

Somehow... I didn't believe him.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"I dunno, Heero. What did you come here for?" His tone was very serious.

I wondered if he expected me to say it aloud. I thought it was pretty obvious, but he remained silent and so I spoke. "I thought you wanted to kiss me." It sounded ridiculous as I said it.

He regarded me carefully. "I do. Is that what you want? Why you came?"

I nodded; trying to remain outwardly calm despite the fact that my insides were churning.

"You don't have much experience, do you?"

I think I might have been trembling. "It shows that much?"

He chuckled. "Yeah. Don't worry, we'll start out nice and slow."

He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me toward him; stopping as soon as our thighs met. He leaned in; just letting his lips touch mine. "Just relax, Heero. I promise this won't hurt."

The next thing I knew, his mouth was pressed tightly against mine and his lips parted. I followed his lead and opened my mouth slightly, shocked as I felt his tongue slip inside of it. I must have flinched because he pulled back. "Everything okay?"

I nodded and his mouth was on me again, his tongue moving roughly against mine inside my mouth this time. It didn't take me long to get the hang of it and I reached up and buried my hand in his hair, pulling his mouth closer to mine and moaning as I deepened the kiss.

The sensations went right to my groin, bringing me to a full state of arousal. This was a fairly new experience for me. I had engaged in kissing only once before, but it was nothing like this; it paled in comparison.

Our hunger was equally matched and there was no clear victor in the battle our tongues engaged in. Duo pulled back minutes later and laid his head back against the sofa. "Wow.." He was grinning. I couldn't help but join him.

"So I did okay?" I asked.

He turned toward me. "Oh yeah... more than okay."

"Then why did you stop?" I didn't want to; it didn't seem to me that he did either.

He smirked. "Oxygen."

"Ahh...." I mused, relaxing back onto the couch beside him.

I closed my eyes and thought about the kiss we'd just shared and the kiss I'd seen Duo and that guy engaged in. I could still see a vivid picture of the two; Duo's knee bent and in between his legs as his hips pressed the others body against the wall. As incredible as the kiss we just finished was; I knew there was more... and that he was holding back with me. I didn't want him to.

"I want you to kiss me like you kissed him."

He looked over at me; apparently surprised to hear those words coming from my mouth. I was a bit taken back that I had the nerve to say them. Duo seemed to have this weird effect on me.... I decided I'd worry about it later. I'd fantasized too many times about this to let this opportunity pass. "You said that you wanted it to be me."

"I did, Heero... I still do."

He stood and took me by the hand; pulling me into the hallway. I had barely made contact with the wall when I felt his mouth and the full weight of his body suddenly pressed against me. It felt so much better in real life and I reached out, wrapping my arms around his waist. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and his knee hit the wall between my legs as he thrust his pelvis against mine. I could feel the bulge and heat of his erection on my hip and was fairly certain he could feel mine on him as well.

He shifted his weight and rubbed his erection against me as he moaned into my mouth. I gasped and pressed mine to his thigh in much the same fashion.

The sensation was incredible and I knew if we continued like this for much longer I'd come in my pants. I broke the kiss against Duo's will and pushed him back with my two hands on his chest. The both of us were flushed and panting heavily. He looked beautiful like this; so erotic....... and I was fast losing control.

"I want to make you come, Heero." he whispered, rubbing his hand over my arousal. The sensuality in his voice alone made me shiver. I leaned my head back against the wall again and closed my eyes. His hand started to stroke me through my jeans; one finger teasing just the tip of my arousal and I could hear myself moaning. It was slightly embarrassing. I must have blushed.

"It's okay, Heero... just go with the feeling." he told me softly. "I like hearing you moan."

Unlike me, he knew exactly what he was doing. I was totally helpless and in dire need of release. I reached down between us for his cock, stroking it slowly but with a firm touch as he was doing to me; shivering as my hand moved over his hard flesh.

I was about to come when his he removed his hand and pulled mine away, thrusting his erection against mine and kissing me roughly. I tightened my grip on him and pulled him toward me, grinding my length into his. We lunged forward with equal desperation; rocking our hips upward with a pounding rhythm and pulling back simultaneously as we prepared to climax. It hit me first and I let out a shrill cry, pushing the length of my pulsing cock against the heat of his. His body shuddered moments later as he began his release, his voice loud against my ear as he groaned in pleasure.

He stepped back after a few awkward minutes and gave me a sly little grin. "Feel free to use the bathroom."


Once inside the small room, I locked the door and leaned against the wall, looking down at the dark wet spot on my shorts before closing my eyes.

There were a million things going through my head; the first being a replay of what had just happened. I wasn't surprised by it; it was what I came there for.. at least the kiss was. The rest was a bit unexpected, but not unwelcome. The second thought was to clean myself up and get out of the bathroom and I did that in haste; allowing my third and final thought to turn to reality. I wanted more; the very idea made me hard again.

I knew enough about Duo to know that I was going to get it.

part 9

I was fairly hesitant as I made my way back to the pool the following morning; not really knowing what, if anything, to expect. We'd parted the night before after watching a movie or two and there was nothing mentioned about what had happened once I'd exited the bathroom. He didn't seem to be uncomfortable over it and I certainly wasn't going to be the one to bring it up. I had enough trouble reconciling what had happened and hoping things wouldn't be weird between us this morning.

I entered the pool area at precisely 9:30 as I had every morning for the past few weeks and as was expected, there was no sign of him. I took a few deep breaths and relaxed a bit; seating myself on the lounge chair and setting my mug down on the table next to me. I'd finished my coffee and had just taken off my shorts and t-shirt and was about to enter the water when Duo came out.

He smiled as he made his way toward me and sat in the chair beside me. "I'm a little surprised to see you out here."

I seated myself again and looked over at him. "I'm always out here at this time." I knew that he was aware of that and wondered if he thought that last night's events had changed anything... if I was planning on avoiding him because of it. He had to have noticed I did that; it was a typical reaction of mine. But not this time.

He leaned back into the chair and stretched his legs out; crossing them at his ankles as he looked over at me. "No regrets?" he asked with uncertainty.

"Hardly. You?"

"Uh uh." he smirked. "You handled it well for your first time."

Being that last night had been full of 'firsts'; I wasn't sure which one of them he was referring to and decided to ask. "First time what? Kissing you? Giving into my lust? Coming in my pants?" I nearly laughed out loud.

"All of the above." he chuckled.

"Ahh.. I'm sure I'll handle it even better the second time." I didn't mean to imply that I planned on seeking out someone else, but rather that I was very much looking forward to taking things further with him. I hoped he took it the way I meant it; his reply didn't give me the clear indication I was looking for.

"You planning on making a habit out of it?"

I sensed that he did.... make a habit of it... casual sex that is. He was far too comfortable last night with the situation for me to think otherwise. "A habit of giving into my sexual urges or a habit of fooling around with you?"

"Either. Both."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Haven't given it much thought. Last night was a spur of the moment thing." My response was only slightly misleading.

"And this morning?"

It was unlike him to play games. I thought I'd made it fairly clear that I was interested in continuing our explorations. I looked over at him. "Just say what you want to say, Duo."

He stood and seated himself in between my legs on the end of the lounge chair. He rested his hand on my knee and looked up at me as he moved it upward on the inside of my thigh; stopping just short of the hem my bathing suit.

I cocked my head. "Is that a question?"

"Uh huh."

I reached down to guide his hand up into the wide opening at the leg of my swimming trunks and spread my legs; wrapping his fingers around my already substantial arousal. "Then that would be your answer."

He shifted so that he was up on his knees between my legs and stroked me slowly while using his other hand to unfasten his dungaree shorts; folding the fabric down to let me see that he was equally as excited. I moaned at the stimulation his hand was providing me with and at the sight of his still partially clothed hard cock right in front of me.

He looked down to where he'd exposed himself and then back up at me. "I think we should go inside." He squeezed once before releasing his hold on my erection and stood; not bothering to re-fasten his jeans as he made his way toward the guest house.

It took my brain only a few seconds to register that he'd left and I immediately followed him into the house.

He was waiting just inside the entrance and closed the door behind me as I stepped inside. "Bedroom?"

I nodded and walked behind him into the room, standing in its center while he crossed it to draw the curtains. "You might want to take those off." he suggested as he made his way toward me. I slid my suit down and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it as I looked up at him.

He was busy checking me out; his eyes wandering slowly over my naked body. This was a new experience for me but I can't say I felt uncomfortable by his scrutiny. Not to sound vain or anything, but I had a decent body and was fairly well-endowed; I could tell that he was pleased by what he saw.

I reached out to tug at the folded down fabric of his shorts; revealing a bit more of his erection. I was anxious to see him in the nude.

He smiled and removed them; standing unadorned in the center of the room for me to see. "So... I take it that you've never had anyone go down on you before."

I couldn't help but smile; he already knew the answer to that question. "No. I have no objections though."

He grinned. "Course not."

I seated myself on the edge of the bed as his eyes directed and watched as he knelt on the floor between my legs; spreading them wide with both hands. He kept his eyes focused on mine as he lowered his head, letting his tongue flick out to taste the liquid that had formed at the tip of my arousal. The very idea made me shiver; the sensation causing me to let out a low moan. He smiled and his eyes told me he was amused. "You're in for a real treat." he whispered, lowering his head and tracing the full length of the underside of my cock with his tongue. I had no reason to doubt him.

It felt good.... so incredibly good and I gripped at the comforter beneath me with both hands, eyes still on him. "At this rate, I'm going to come before you even start." I told him. I think he thought I was kidding and let out a low laugh before swiping his tongue over my head using more pressure than he had before. It wasn't just the touch of his mouth on my highly sensitive organ; watching him was as much as or more of a turn on for me.

I moaned. "I'm not kidding." I told him in a deadly serious tone.

He looked up at me. "I know you're not." and with that he took me fully inside the warmth of his mouth causing me to cry out. "Oh God... Nnnn!!!" The things he was doing to me, the way his tongue circled the ridge of my swollen head; seeing that sexy mouth of his taking me inside of it and the pleasure on his face as my body reacted to his touch. He was bringing me to heights of pleasure I'd not yet known and it was more than I could bear; I could feel myself on the edge of climax just a minute or two after he'd taken me in his mouth. I buried my both hands in his hair and groaned. "Unhh.. DUO... STOP!!!"

He slid his mouth up and off my cock to look up at me as he reached in between my legs and rubbed his fingers lightly over my testicles. "I love making you come, Heero." he whispered, "You're so responsive." With that admission, he lowered his head to once again swallow me whole. I wanted the feeling to last as long as possible but Duo had other ideas. I reclined back down onto the bed in surrender and thrust my hips upward; driving my cock still deeper into the warmth. He moved faster and faster up and down my length until I could no longer hold back the inevitable; screaming out in undeniable pleasure as I climaxed inside his mouth.

I lay trembling and spent for only a minute or two before sitting back up and turning my attention to Duo. He was kneeling on the floor with his eyes closed, slowly rubbing the palm of his hand up and down his length.

"Tell me what to do."

He smiled before opening his eyes to meet mine. "You want to suck my cock, Heero?"

I did. He knew I did. I think he said it out loud for shock value; I didn't flinch, instead crawling down onto the floor and positioning myself between his legs. I removed his hand from where he was touching himself; replacing it with my own. His cock felt warm and heavy and I stroked it a few times; watching as my hand moved up and down its length. He moaned just the way he did in my fantasies and I could feel the stirrings of my own reawakening arousal. I brought my head down, licking the glistening head of his erection; tasting him as he had done to me.

He hissed and pushed my head down just enough so that I took only the tip of his cock inside my mouth. "Oh yeah.. now suck it, Heero. Mmmm.. just like that." I sucked roughly for a minute then ran my tongue through the slit; teasing it with light touches before lowering my head and taking more of his length inside. He reacted by letting out a deep growl and I lowered my head further still; tightening my lips around him.

I loved the way his arousal felt in my mouth and I took in as much of his considerable length as I could. "That feels so fucking good." he moaned. His words drove me on and I tried to take all of him in; gagging as I attempted it.

I could feel both his hands in my hair as his hips rose up off the floor a little. "Relax the muscles in your throat." he suggested. I did and was able to take him fully into my mouth and wrapped my lips tightly around the base of his cock. He let out a loud gasp and took my one hand; guiding it between his legs. I touched him there as he'd requested; using much the same motion I did when I touched myself.

This all seemed fairly natural despite the fact that I'd never done it before. I proceeded by imitating what Duo'd done to me earlier; sure he'd tell me if I was doing something that was not quite right or if he wanted me to do something different. That assumption wasn't wrong.

"Slow down, Heero." I did, but kept the pressure of my mouth constant. " Mmmm.. better."

I looked up to find him watching me; his blue-violet eyes half lidded and darkened with lust. I moaned and he groaned at the effect the vibration had; I did it again. He buried both of his hands in my hair. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he asked, lifting his hips up off the floor and pushing his cock further inside my mouth.

I was and I had hoped it was obvious. I sucked harder in reply; handling his balls more roughly at the same time.

"Oh yeah... that's gonna do it for me." he moaned.

As much as I wanted to make him to come, I wasn't ready to stop pleasuring him. I brought my head up, just leaving the tip of his cock inside my mouth and running my tongue over it with minimal pressure. "So you want to tease me, Heero?" he growled.

I nodded and sucked lightly on the head, drawing circles around it with my tongue. He forced my head down again and gasped as I took him every inch of him back inside my mouth. "Suck it harder...." he groaned; tightening his grip on my hair. "Nnn... now just the tip." I shivered as he spoke; the vulgar words he used as much as a turn on for me as I think they were for him. I did as he instructed and could hear his breath growing ragged.

I reached down in between my own legs and wrapped my hand around my erection; pumping myself as I concentrated on bringing him to climax. "Oh fuck, Heero.. keep doing that and I'm going to come..." That seemed rather obvious. I thought that was the whole point; my lips formed as much of a grin as they could with my mouth full of his cock.

I felt his testicles draw upward and prepared myself for the onset of his orgasm. My name left his lips with a piercing cry as it hit; immediately followed by his order. "Swallow it!" he growled out.

I gagged as the first shot of his release hit the back of my throat; willing myself to do as he'd instructed. It wasn't easy to keep up the frantic pace the thrust of his hips demanded while I tried to deal with the non-stop stream of his cum that flooded my mouth.

I wanted nothing more than to please him. I banished all other thoughts and actions; and focused on the only thing that mattered to me at the moment; his need.... and the fact that I was willing to do anything to accomplish it.

It was heady and unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

It was Duo.


We'd both pretty much collapsed down onto the floor after Duo had climaxed and his voice broke the long silence nearly ten minutes later. "Hey, Heero?"


"That night in the bathroom..."

I opened my eyes and looked over at him.. and the wide grin he had on his face. "What about it?"

He propped his head up on his folded arm. "It was me that you were thinking about. Right?"

I turned to look up at the ceiling and put my palm under my head. We were both lying there naked and had just exchanged bodily fluids; there was little to be embarrassed about at this point. "Mmmhmm. You knew?"

He grinned. "I heard you moaning my name."

"So the tease was intentional." It wasn't a question.

"Uh huh... and effective too."

I closed my eyes and smiled. "That's one point for you."

"I wouldn't bother trying to keep score if I were you."

It made no sense for me to ask him why. I think I already knew; so I didn't.

But I planned to maintain my mental scoreboard.

part 10

The following evening during dinner, Duo invited me over and I'd accepted without giving it a second thought.

We left Cynthia to clear the dinner table and he followed me upstairs and into my room. I had left my computer on while I ate as I was in the middle of downloading a particularly large file. I wanted to see if it had finished or if I needed to reinitiate the download. I sat at my desk and Duo stood behind me looking over my shoulder.

I probably should have been nervous with him up here in my room and standing so close to me, but I gave myself the mental advantage seeing as we were on my home turf... not that the guest house wasn't.

The file was only 85% complete after an hour and a half. I missed the T1 line I had back in Princeton and jotted myself down a note to call for cable access in the morning and stuck the post-it on the wall beside my computer.

"What are you downloading?"

It turned to look up at him. "A graphics program. GIMP." [5]

"Nice proggie." He smiled.

"So I've heard. Have you ever used it?"

"Fooled around with it a bit. What do you need it for?"

I explained to him what it was I was working on and that I wanted to play around and design a few characters.

My artistic talents were almost non-existent, but I knew enough to be able to draw and save something resembling a human; which was all I needed to do to incorporate and test them in the game. He seemed to be interested in what I was working on even if he thought my idea for the game was daft. [6]

"You are making a game based on what?" It was so easy to tell what he was thinking by his animated disbelief.

"A future world where mankind has colonized outerspace." [7]

"Yeah... I got that part. It was the rest that confused me."

"The gundams?"

"Uhh. yeah.. those."

"They are huge machines made of gundamium alloy. They will be very useful tools in fighting the war that has broken out in After Colony 195." I stated it as if it was fact and turned to looked up at him.

He rolled his eyes up into his head. "OoooooKay then!

I ignored his remark and gave him a brief description of the 5 machines I'd envisioned and the five young boys who would pilot them. I had a good deal of the storyline worked out in my head and he just let me ramble on about it until I concluded my monologue. He finally admitted that he thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea and volunteered to help me with some of the graphics. I accepted his offer.

I figured now might be a good time to ask him what he was going to school for. I already knew from speaking with his friend Jay that they both attended The Cooper Union; and that the curriculum there was extremely limited. I ventured a guess rather than come right out and ask.

"You majoring in art?"

He chuckled. "I wish. Architecture."

"Ahhh..." I didn't know much about the field, but living in Princeton these past few years had made me more aware of the hidden but noble art; the influence of Michael Graves [8] quite prominent around town.

We discussed his schooling in more detail while waiting to complete the file transfer. He'd seated himself on the edge of my bed and I'd positioned my chair so that we faced one another. I tried to focus on what he was saying but I was too distracted by the fact that we were finally having a normal conversation with one another.


I didn't know what to expect when we got back to the guest house as Duo hadn't mentioned anything about what he had planned for the evening. I actually hoped that we would continue the discussion we'd started in my room. The little information he'd reluctantly divulged regarding himself had peaked my curiosity and there was a lot more I wanted to learn out about him.

We entered the living space and he seated himself on the couch. "So, you really are a computer geek."

I chuckled at the characterization; it wasn't inaccurate. "Yes." I sat in the chair across from him.

"It fits you." he noted. I took a minute to try to determine why he'd come to that conclusion. He continued. "Cynthia told me that you were an only child."

I smiled. "Yeah. What else did she tell you?" I shifted in my seat and brought the calf of my left leg to rest on my right knee. "Hope she didn't give any of my dark secrets away." I joked.

"Dark secrets, huh?" he winked. "She didn't mention those."

"She did tell you that I was anti-social though."

"She didn't have to. I kinda figured that one out on my own." He stood and looked down at me. "I'm going to have a beer. You want one?"

"I don't..."

"I know, you don't drink. I was just being polite. Can I get you something else?"

I shook my head and watched him disappear into the kitchen. I relaxed back into the chair and put my feet up on the coffee table; crossing my legs at my ankles.

He smiled at me when he re-entered the living area. "Make yourself at home." I hoped it didn't bother him that I already had.

"Cynthia didn't tell me anything about you." It seemed like a good way to approach the topic. I still wasn't sure how much she'd told him about me; nor if she'd volunteered the information or if Duo had asked her about me. I felt like I was at a tremendous disadvantage here.

I should have expected his response. I couldn't have predicted the seriousness of his tone though. "What is it that you want to know?"

I started by asking him about his family; if he had any siblings. His answer surprised me; as did his inference that he wasn't close with any of them. He didn't say it in so many words, but I got the general feeling that he didn't feel very accepted. I pressed on to determine if my suspicions were true; his sharp glance and abrupt change of the subject told me they were and that it was something he wasn't willing to talk about.

"Do your parents take off every summer?"

Now it was my turn to be on the defensive. "Pretty much."

He must have read something in the tone of my voice. "It bothers you."

It did to a certain extent; or at least it had.... I was used to it. "Not really."

There was an awkward silence.

"Cynthia is a pretty cool person."

I nodded and took his observation as a continuation of the conversation rather than him trying to direct it elsewhere. I think he understood that Cynthia was more like family to me than the one I actually had; I also got the sense that talking about her made him realize his loss that much more.

I'd changed the topic to something else that we may or may not have had in common; music. Like myself, he'd grown up surrounded by classical music and I wasn't surprised that he retained his love for it; it wasn't something that one grew out of.

Our discussions from that point on were kept light and they covered a wide range of subjects. We spoke at length about several topics; engaging in more than one fairly heated debate over the next few hours. All in all; they told me less about him than the things he didn't say during the first ten minutes of our encounter.

[5] GIMP: GNU image manipulation program. a fairly large and complicated cross-platform freeware graphics program. it was originally designed for linux and can be downloaded at

[6] *huggles steelsong and blows in her ear*

[7] i really hope i don't need to explain this......

[8] michael graves is a renowned architect who lives in princeton, nj and teaches at princeton university. not be technical here at all, he has designed some fairly outrageous buildings (including the swan and dolphin hotels in disney world) and everyday household objects as well.

part 11

The next morning, Duo was waiting for me when I arrived at the pool. I was pleased to see him there; if not curious as to the sudden turn of events. He was dressed in only his shorts today and had his hair pulled back in a loose ponytail instead of its standard braid. He appeared to be very relaxed; in body posture as well.

I set my coffee cup down on the table and sat in the chair beside him. "You going to swim this morning?"

He shook his head. "Just figured I'd watch you... if you don't mind."

I reached out for my cup and took a sip. "I don't. Sounds rather boring though."

"It's not."

I felt a more than a little self-conscious as I took off my shirt feeling his eyes on me. His face showed no expression though; it was more as if he was looking through me rather than at me. "Sure you don't want to come in?"

He shook his head and I stepped up onto the diving board and started my standard morning swim; exiting the pool 20 minutes later and drying off as I stood beside him; noting that he was still watching me.

I pulled the chaise lounge out into the sun and laid down; shielding my eyes from the strong rays as I turned and looked toward him.

"Wanna go inside?"

I wondered why he waited until I laid down to ask me, but accepted his invitation in silence, rising and following him into the guest house. It looked different this morning; more so than it had the night of his party. It had taken on part of him. I couldn't exactly place what it was that had changed; only that it had.... and drastically. There was an feeling of ease as I walked behind him and into the living space. A large wooden easel had been set up in the corner; several crumbled papers littering the floor around it. It hadn't been there the night before.

"You draw?" I hadn't given much thought to the question before I'd thrown it out. He was a student of the arts, architecture in particular; perhaps a more idyllic form. It should have been obvious to me.

He didn't take my ignorance as such; responding to it with a question of his own. "Sit for me?"

I was confused at first, thinking he'd not heard what I'd said, but he clarified his statement. "Will you let me draw you?"

I nodded in appreciation of his more familiar laymen's terms and in acceptance of his request. "What do I have to do?"

He averted his eyes toward the couch. "Just sit there with your usual scowl on"

I looked up at him in surprise. "I prefer to call it a brood."

"Call it whatever you want.. " he winked. "... just do it."

I seated myself on the couch, trying not to concern myself with the position of my legs or where my hands fell to rest; adjusting them several times anyway.

"Don't try to pose."

I shifted a bit on the couch and looked over at him. "This okay?"

He had already brought the pencil down onto the paper; glancing at me out of the corner of his eye for just an instant and then focusing back on his work. "Yeah."

I sat and tried to distract myself by thinking about how I needed to change the GUI [9] on the program I was working on. The visuals were turning out to be the most challenging for me.

"Do think about me when you masturbate?"

My head shot up and I looked at him; recalling that evening he'd caught me doing exactly that in his bathroom. "You know I do.... or did you forget?"

He looked over at me and shook his head; continuing to move his pencil over the paper. "No. I mean since we've been fooling around."

"Oh. Umm... Yeah." My cheeks felt warm and I lowered my head and looked off to the side.

"Stay still. I can't draw you if you're moving."

I stilled and watched as he concentrated on the paper; his eyes darting up every minute or two to look at me.

"Why did you want to know?"

"Just curious. I'm almost done here."

Several more minutes passed and he took a step back to stare at his work before flipping the completed drawing over the top of the easel. "One more?"

"Didn't like that one?"

"No. It came out quite good actually. I was thinking of something a little more suggestive this time."

"How suggestive?"

"I want you to masturbate for me"

I was only marginally surprised by his request. "That's more than just a little suggestive."

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I didn't say I didn't want to." I stood and slid my shorts down, tossing them aside before looking up at him. "Should I take my shirt off as well?"

"Whatever you feel comfortable doing."

I decided I'd leave it on and kneeled on the couch, lowering myself back down onto my calves and parting my legs slightly. "Is this okay?"

He nodded and brought his pencil down to the paper, looking over at me. "Try to pretend I'm not here."

It seemed like an impossible order, but I figured if he could detach himself from the situation, which judging by his demeanor he had; then I could as well. I leaned back against the sofa and reached down to take my arousal in hand. I was already semi-hard from the thought of what I was about to do. I looked down to watch as I wrapped my fingers around my cock; closing my eyes as I gradually increased the pace of the strokes.

"Take your time, Heero." his voice warned.

I slowed my movements and reached up underneath my t-shirt with my other hand; teasing one nipple and then moving on to harden the other.

"What are you thinking about?"


"Good. What about me? What am I doing?"

I opened my eyes and lifted my chin. His eyes were still on his easel, his right hand busy moving the pencil lightly over the paper. I didn't know if I could say what I was thinking. It's not that I was embarrassed.. I couldn't find the words to describe it.. not the way I was seeing it. "You're touching me.. everywhere... and it feels really good."

"I like making you feel good." He looked up and flashed me a smile; immediately refocusing on his work.

I let my left hand drift down and reached in between my legs; just passing the palm lightly over my balls. The sac hardened and drew upward under my touch and I rubbed it more firmly; moaning as I did so.

"Do you ever touch yourself more intimately? When you are alone?"

I knew what he was referring to. My explorations hadn't taken me that far yet. "No."

"Do I touch you that way in your fantasies, Heero?"

I nodded and began thrusting my hips forward, sliding my thumb over the head of my cock and forming a wet tunnel around its head; pushing my hips up into it. "Are you almost done?" I asked. I wasn't quite sure of how much longer I could hold out.


I closed my eyes tightly and brought my hand up to push my shirt out of the way; holding it there with my upper arms. I slid my hand back down to my balls; moving my other rapidly up and down my length. "Duo..."

"You can come now, Heero."

I gasped and threw my head back; rocking my hips forward as I pumped myself more rapidly; crying out as my cock began to twitch and gasping as each hot stream splashed against my chest. I opened my eyes to find Duo very much captivated by my climax; closing them again as the last of orgasms tremors passed through me and let my body collapse down onto the couch.

In lay in a post orgasmic fog and looked over at Duo. He was still drawing; probably capturing the last moments of my climax. "Was that okay?" I was being facetious.

He looked up and winked at me. "Perfect. I'll be done here in a minute."

I laid back down. "I don't usually do requests, you know."

He let out a low laugh and turned toward me. "You do now."

I rolled over onto my side and bent my arm at the elbow; resting my head in my hand. I looked over at him. "You have this strange effect on me."

He looked away from the easel and at me. "Strange in what sense?"

It was a still a little foggy in my own head and I struggled to find the words I needed to express to him what it was that I felt. "I guess comfortable would be a good word to describe it."

"You feel comfortable with me?"

"No. I feel comfortable with me.... when I'm with you." I looked up. "Does that make any sense?"

He nodded and put his pencil down; flipping the first drawing he'd done back. "Want to see them?" he asked.

I stood and crossed the room; not bothering to put my shorts back on. He stepped aside and I positioned myself in front of the easel; looking at the image of me he'd captured.

"Wow." I was rendered otherwise speechless. I looked over at him. "It's... really, really good!"

He smiled and motioned for me flip the paper and I did; eyes wide as I viewed the second drawing. It didn't look as much like me as the first one did, but then again, I'd never actually watched myself doing what I was doing in the drawing. I looked over at him. "Is that what I looked like?"

"Nice, huh?" he winked.

I looked back at it and blushed; but answered him truthfully. "Yeah."

He walked toward me. "Don't be embarrassed, Heero."

I wasn't sure if embarrassed was quite the right word to use. I was looking at a fairly detailed drawing of myself jerking off and agreeing with him that I looked good.. even going so far as admitting to myself that I found it quite erotic. "I'm not exactly embarrassed."

"Turned on?"

I turned sharply to face him.

"I am." With that admission he took my hand and we walked toward the bedroom. He released my hand once inside and immediately unfastened his shorts, sliding them down his legs and stepping out of them. I couldn't help but notice that his cock was fully aroused. "It wasn't easy to concentrate on drawing you like that, you know." he told me.

"I was wondering how you managed."

"Just barely." he grinned, reaching for my hand again. "Indulge me?"

I nodded and let him pull me down to the floor with him; looking over at him once we had both settled onto our knees. "What do you want me to do?"

He smiled and lifted his arms over his head as he took off his shirt. "It's what I want to do.... call it one of my fantasies if you will."

He leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a small bottle of clear liquid. "Astroglide." he smiled toward me. "Don't leave home without it."

I smiled at his joke; understanding lube was a necessary part of his lifestyle... and apparently was for mine as well. I wondered what he was going to do... and exactly what role I played in it. I hadn't known him long enough to even consider having sex with him and he'd said it was something he wanted to do. I figured he was going to masturbate and wanted me to watch; I didn't have a problem with it. I'd pictured it many times and found myself becoming aroused again at the possibility that I might actually get to see him do it.

He backed himself up to the wall and leaned against it. "Come here."

I moved toward him on my knees and allowed him to guide me to sit beside him; pulling me closer and into a torrid kiss. I moaned as I felt his hand moving down my chest and in between my legs to let his fingers brush my entrance. He pulled back from the kiss. "I want to touch you......" he whispered. "..... the way I do when you think about me." I shivered and felt his fingertip pressing lightly against my opening. "Let me..."

I offered no resistance and he reached for the lube. I watched as he squeezed some out onto the fingers of his right hand and closed the cap. "Yes or no, Heero?"

My heart was racing and I was trembling slightly from both the thrill and nervousness of what was about to happen.

"It's okay if you're not sure..." I could tell he meant those words.

I took his hand in mine and guided it back down in between my legs. "I am."

"Good. Try to relax." he told me.

Another impossible order; the second one he issued in just the last half hour alone. I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing, enjoying the feel of his slippery fingers as they moved over the sensitive area surrounding my entrance. He didn't seem to be in any rush; I was thankful. I opened my eyes to find him watching me; and gasped at the sensation as he pushed the first part of his index finger up inside me.

"Does it hurt?"

I shook my head. "Just feels strange." I wished I'd experienced it before so that I could enjoy it more; but I think part of the reason that Duo wanted to do this was precisely because I hadn't.

"Not for long, Heero."

I had every reason to believe him as he slid the rest of his finger inside of me; gently easing it back out and slowly pushing it in again. "That feels nice."

"MmmHmm. Still more though."

I wondered what more there could be when I felt him slip a second finger in along side the first. There was pain involved this time; the tight opening stretching taut to allow the entry and I flinched slightly, but didn't pull away. I focused my attention on Duo and noticed that his left hand was wrapped around his cock and that he was stroking himself slowly as he moved his two fingers in and out of me.

"Is this your fantasy? To masturbate with your fingers inside of me?" It sounded weird as I asked, but I was curious if this is what he wanted.

He looked up at me. "That's part of it... the rest involves you getting off on me fucking you with my fingers."

I couldn't help but smile; he was so blunt and completely open about everything. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to attain climax like this or if he expected me to touch myself as well. I reached down and took my arousal in hand.

"Unh Uh. Hands off." he warned.

I removed it and watched as he moved his hand up and down his length. I derived a tremendous amount of pleasure from both watching him and from the movement of fingers inside me. He started driving them into me more rapidly, his other hand increasing its pace as well and I moaned as he did so. I was beginning to understand how I might be able to come like this.

"Mmm... feel good now?"

I closed my eyes and nodded, rising up a bit to let his fingers slip out and lowering myself to take them back inside.

He let out a low groan as I did so. "One more..." he whispered.

I shook my head no and he nodded. I had just started to find the sensation pleasurable and wasn't willing to give up the feeling; even if it meant missing out. "Next time." I told him.

He grinned at my assertion and stretched forward; his fingers striking something inside of me that sent a something akin to jolt of electricity through my entire body. "What the hell was that?"

He nearly laughed out loud and did it again. I gasped this time, pushing down as he drove his fingers deeper inside. "Don't care what it was..." I moaned, "... do it again." He was more then happy to oblige me, his own moans getting louder as I began moving around the two slippery intruders.

"That's it, Heero." he groaned. "Make yourself come."

My eyes moved between his hand as it stroked his cock and his face; watching him as he watched me. I began to thrust down onto them with as much force as I could, trying to make them touch that spot again and succeeding more times than not. "Is this what you wanted?" I asked breathlessly. "God Duo... feels so good!"

"Oh yeah... come on, Heero... let's go." His hand was moving frantically up and down his cock as his fingers pushed up into me with force at each of my downward thrusts. I totally lost it and my upper body jerked forward as my head snapped back as the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced tore it's way through me. I could barely hear Duo's cries above my own, but I was aware that he had reached his peak as well and that I was using uncharacteristically profound language as I begged and pleaded with him not to stop.

"Jeezus...." It was all I was capable of coming up with.

I opened my eyes a minute or two later to look at him; his eyes were still closed and his fist was wrapped loosely around his limp member. "Duo?"


"I'm going to go take a shower."

"Go ahead. It's your shower."


His words mildly pissed me off; okay.. more than mildly. I considered Duo at least a friend and felt certain up until now he viewed me in the same light. I assumed that we'd gotten past that whole 'I just work here and whatever you say goes' goes thing; I was apparently mistaken.

I turned on the shower and stepped under it not bothering to wait for it to temper. There was no guilt over what we'd just done or did in the past. We were attracted to one another and we engaged in sexual activity not under the guise of a relationship, but rather out of need and a rather strong sense of curiosity on my part.

I hurried my shower and passed through the bedroom, glancing over at Duo who was in pretty much the same position I'd left him in; though he appeared to be sleeping. I continued on into the living room and put my shorts back on; exiting the guest house minutes later. I looked back when I'd reached the gate and was a bit surprised to see him standing in the doorway. I turned to keep walking and ignored the loud slam of what sounded suspiciously like his fist against the wooden doorframe.

[9] GUI= graphic user inferface. thats pretty much what makes the program look like what it looks like *g*

part 12

I'd gone immediately up to my room when I entered the house and headed straight for my computer; giving the matter no additional thought. It was several hours later when Cynthia alerted me that it was time for dinner. I closed out everything I was working on and made my way down and into the kitchen; mildly surprised to see Duo already seated at the table. Some of the anger I felt over his words had dissipated but I found myself treating him rather coldly nonetheless; noting that he seemed a bit more detached than usual himself.

As had come to be expected, Cynthia filled in the odd gaps of silence that seemed to pervade the meal. I excused myself early and retreated back to my room. I wasn't surprised to hear a knock on my door shortly after.

"Can I come in?"

"It's open."

He entered, remaining just inside the doorway. "What's up?"

"Not too much."

"Why did you leave like that?"

"I was done with dinner." I knew that wasn't what he was referring to.

"No. Before." He looked frustrated.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Dammit, Heero. That was just rude."

"So was your remark about the shower."

I looked over and his mouth was hanging open. "No comment?" I asked bitterly.

"It was a joke."

I glared at him. "It wasn't funny."

"Neither was your leaving like that."

"We were done weren't we?"

He didn't say anything, but I could tell by the slight change in his expression that he didn't like that very much. "I hope you're not expecting an apology."


"Anything else?" I asked. I'd placed my hand on the bedroom doorknob.

He looked down at it and then up at me. "No."

I waited until he left and closed the door behind him.

I watched him make his way through the yard and back into the guest house from my bedroom window. I could tell by the way he walked that he was angry. That made two of us.

I was certain that repercussions would follow.


Things were strained over breakfast the next morning. Cynthia had an appointment at nine and left shortly after we'd seated ourselves at the table. I'd seen the looks he was shooting me from across the table and once Cynthia had exited, I made a conscious attempt to not look up for any reason lest I catch his eye.

Neither of us said a word as we ate and I opted not to have seconds, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. I heard Duo rise and cross the kitchen to serve himself more coffee. I took the opportunity to stand, intending to take my dirty dishes with me to the sink on my way out. His hand moved quickly across the table and caught my wrist as I reached for them. The shock of his action left me with no choice but to look up at him.

"Don't ever do that again, Heero."

His face was twisted with anger; his eyes narrow. I pulled my arm back to try to break his grip; but he held on even tighter and ground out the warning a second time. "I fucking mean it, Heero. If you want to keep things going between us, don't make me have to tell you that twice."

I found myself nodding as I stared at him; able to see his anger quickly fading as I agreed. He released my wrist and I looked down at it before taking my dishes from the table as I watched him seat himself. I was only slightly confused by his actions; more by my own. I understood that he was pissed off that I left like that the other night after our escapade; but I found his reaction to it a little excessive... to put it mildly.

I walked toward the sink and had just set everything inside the it when I felt him behind me. I hadn't heard him get up nor cross the room. He pressed himself against me; forcing my waist to hit the countertop and reached around me with both hands. One arm rested on my shoulder and that hand held my chest tightly against his. The other clutched at my cock; moving roughly over it to harden me.

I gasped as he rubbed his erection against my bottom; managing to bring me to full arousal within seconds. I made no attempt to pull away; though part of me told me I should. I moaned his name instead and relaxed back onto him; closing my eyes and just allowing myself to revel in his touch. I didn't quite understand what the hell was happening; but I didn't want him stop.... I didn't think he was giving me much of a choice.

"I'm going to make you come whether you want me to or not." he growled into my ear.

I did want him to..... I needed him to.

"I could take you right here. I think you'd let me, wouldn't you?" he growled again. "Right here, Heero... right on the kitchen floor."

I couldn't dispute his claim at the moment. I nodded and swallowed hard as I felt him shift behind me; that action immediately followed by the sound of the lowering of a zipper.

"Duo..." I found myself highly excited by the force he was using against me. I didn't think he'd take it beyond where he knew my comfort level was; and hoped that he wasn't too caught up in the moment to read the signs as he had in the past.

"I will wait until you're ready to ask me, though." I felt relief wash over me as he ground out those words.

I let him pull me down to the floor; even assisting him as he struggled in his haste to remove my shorts.

"You'll be ready soon, Heero." he hissed into my ear. "You want me inside you.... we both know it."

More truth. I shuddered.

He reached down to line his cock up with the crevice of my rear and began stroking me again as he pushed me forward till I was on my hands and knees. I felt incredibly vulnerable like this; but I trusted him to keep his word. He began to move behind me; moaning at the friction he was creating as he rubbed his erection against me. I pushed back against him as I felt myself losing it. "Oh yeah.... come on, Heero. Come for me."

I cried out as his hand easily wrought the first of my release; throwing my head back as he started thrusting himself against me. His body began to tremble and I felt each hot splash of his orgasm on my already heated skin. He pulled me back to rest on his now bent thighs, keeping me sealed against him for the duration of our climaxes; holding me there until both of us regained our senses.

I climbed off of his lap and turned to face him once I felt his hold on me loosen. His eyes were still closed as he brought his hand up to his mouth, carefully licking it clean. I was totally mesmerized as I watched his tongue dart out and slip between each of his fingers to remove even the smallest traces of my essence.

I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing would come out.

His eyes opened slowly and he just stared at me for a minute or two. "Is there anything else we should talk about?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat. "No."

"Good." He leaned forward to kiss me lightly. "I'm glad we are beginning to understand one another."

I nodded.... even though I wasn't completely sure what the fuck had just happened.


It was as if the whole thing never happened; the argument, the anger and the episode in the kitchen... which still had me a bit confused. I almost hoped that Duo would bring it up so that I could clarify things a bit in my head. But when we met again at the pool that night it seemed to be the furthest thing from his mind; almost as if I'd imagined it.

He chose again not to join me and I was beginning to think that he actually didn't like the water; or at least not while I was in it.

I removed my shirt and looked over at him as he watched me. "Not coming in, are you?"

He shook his head.

"Why? You said you enjoyed swimming."

"I do. I have my reasons."

I shrugged and made my way up onto the diving board; trying not to think about his eyes..... and that they were taking in my every move.

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