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Welcome to the opinion articles of the past...browse the links and be amazed.

david hasselhoff ghosts demand attention Cake or death. Reality TV. Who we've most ticked off. Oompa loompas. people despise surveys

vending machines in schools. Evil Supervillains gone? Jackson Trial. Clone Craze gone. Devil in deep doodoo. J.K. Rowling has gone too far.

True Love. Home Sweet Iowa. Sleaze Test. CORN. Sleaze Test on Celebrities. Worst Marketing ideas of year. Weird Halloween Costumes.

Olsen Twins may win Oscar. Secret Celeb relatives. Product Placement. Sugar Ban! French attempt reenaction, Beanie babies: Evil. 2005 top 10 x-mas.

Profits meet doom. Has Iran gone too far? French Toast. Zombie Diet Reaches Fad Level. Where's my hovercar? Burger King Mascot. Homeless Spies.

Tom Cruise not the only leaper. RPNN Double Opinion Feature. E does not equal MC2. Celebrity Eating Tips. Swedish Tech. Alien Telephone Network.

Wedding Planning. Bring on Nuclear Winter! We are nothing if not something and A sucker Born. College: The Lesson not Taught. Flag Burning Recipes. So you want to be a writer. Hell yes, Nitro Gas! What is good music? Warning to all Bath Tubbers. Swedish Weather...again. RPNN Extreme Face off: Cats in Catapults. Down with Reality TV!! Home Cooking or Takeout. Gingerbread Spies. Christmas Greeting Cards. Buyer Beware!. News will still be news. Fuzzy Dice. So you want to be a writer part II. Privacy and Politics. Colors Controlling Life:--Blue. War and Censor. Virtual Gun Control. Feeling Welcome in North Carolina. I love to Play the Waiting Game. Settle for the Unsettling. Patience can kiss my aspiration. How Russia and USA can better get along. Wire Tapping and Sales Associates. The lost art of camping. Fixing Sports Woes Congress could learn from Boy Scouts. The New Look of Battletech. Gargamel may be real global warming cause. Wordy Wars continue. Super Mario not always successful man-whore. O.J. Screw up supremo. Gay Wii ok, mmmmkay. Media and Gospel Music. Writers Guild Strike. Hooray for mental garbage!. Holiday Shopping. Fruit Cake is not that bad. Introducing the Sports Utility Voter! Naughty Weather Reports. Thoughts from Nevada. Light Bulbs, Scourge of the 21st Century. Why Obama will never be president. Horror Pops CD Review. Goodbye Instamatic. Barack Obama using girlscouts to win nomination. Fake Global Warming! Nation's silliest political minds! Mickey Mouse out as write in candidate. Damn the cookie Bribary! Ignorant are faithful 100 percent. Nostradamus out, YouTube in. Leprachauns angry with golfing world. Humor by candlelight. Low Riders..not quite classic. Goldilocks sues Hillary and Two Cats are Dumber than one. President Bush to rid world of Bees! Voting on the Road Again and Killer Mosquitos. Hummers way out of style. Incredible Hulk 08 movie review. Amy Winehouse cause of salmonella outbreak and entertaining myself. Oprah fails to prevent soccer riots. Viva la adult nap time. Heat Wave! Now you want to believe! Election Race card loses appeal. Late Dark Knight and Ninja Gaiden II (xbox 360) review. Hurricane plots. Five conspiracy related questions. The Next Big Bailout and Wet War Conspiracy. Farewell Opus and Doodling in the Sand. Abondonment in Nebraska! Xphile takes on elections. Cozmic's guide to fixing the economy. Blessed are We. Final Holiday Thoughts. Toy company goals in 2009. Hell's temp and campain promises. What's new for Dubya? Animals and their dirty habits in the wild. The latest in Hobo Fashion and the bumblings of language. America's miracle to win at 2010 olympics. Cats go to church, dogs are extremists. Waterfowl are now suspected as terrorists and body parts for goods may not go as far as it used to. Idiocies of a Misguided Presidency. Denying super villany of banking needs. Take that rose colored glasses! Dealing with the new pirates. Holiday Heroes gone political and Tea Prohibition could be in the works. Put those animals on steroids! Employees and chickens. Being a clown and viruses jumping from computers to humans. Alternate career choice for Jay Leno. When will we not be for sale. Prostitution and the job search. People too action figure happy. Zombies: Bum Rap…or perfect roles and Could getting old become illegal A tribute to Walter Cronkite. The secret lives of garden gnomes. Poverty teaches all kinds of lessons. Back to School....Again. Obama turns to convicted criminals for help. Reading Rainbow cancellation a dumbing down of the masses. Going to the moon and beyond, screw the prez, let's go anway. How much you want for me? Orbital City Conspiracy DVD reccomendation for Tale of Despereaux. France and the history of Halloween. Lawn maintainance fighting war on terror and humans are the new rat. In Memory of our good friend Dan Schulz (Albatross) In Memory of Jim Woodworth. Shopping during the x-mas season. Clipping coupons... good or evil? Celebrities-stay out of Haiti. Tea Parties suck now and suffering through poverty continues. Elton John losing edge and Blessed are the Geeks. Toyota cars speak for themselves and Self Absorbed Society here's your sign. Chuck Norris takes on China Google mess and looking for lazy lessons. Star Wars best bet for economic recovery and grow up with liquor laws. Looking for that promised world of tomorrow. Thoughts from Puns McKenna and Cats are controlling our leaders.

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