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Article for the week of 7/17/07

Confessions of a Dislocated Texan
By, Ezra Mann

Patience can kiss my aspiration

I often wonder why we call our nation a democracy, when we seem to be getting less and less democratic about it every day. Heck, Iím not even sure if we can call America a representative nation any more. The only thing we seem to represent is the selfish idea that individualism should be prized over everything else. The only elections we participate in are the ones that elect a party spokesperson who spews out the already prepared rhetoric for the day. Hell, maybe weíve been eating so much processed food that our brains have shriveled up to the size of Tanya Hardingís brain cell.
But wait, Iím not being patient enough for the promised results to form into that desired outcome. Iím supposed to sit here and wait until a group of people argue over a failing conflict in a nation that cares more about us leaving than we care about the real problems here at home. I shouldnít complain and take it like a good patriot and listen to the occasional speech that talks about what good we could be doing. All this talk is supposed to help, not actually taking action. Taking action would be anarchy to the system that we so lovingly worship.
Once upon a time it seemed at least ignorantly feasible to dream of one day becoming the leader of the free world. Now I canít help but laugh when I think of anyone, even if they arenít another old rich white man who dares say they dream of being the Commander in Chief (Or Chiefette). Yes, I salute you Mr. or Madame President; youíve worked so hard to become the ultimate figure head of single-minded politics. Wave your burn proof flags for someone who can ignore congress and the House of Representatives when they donít bow down to your magnificent knowhow. No thanks; I think Iíd rather serve as Fecal Sergeant for a Michael Jackson press conference.
Now thatís not fair you might say; you still havenít sat around long enough for justice to ring true. Right, Iím supposed to allow the people in charge to walk all over my freedoms as they give to those that are their close and personal lackeys. Pardon the justice system, because it can sit out while authority lets the criminals piss on whatís left of our structured society. Never mind the fact that we could use the 10 billion a month wasted to force our political ideas on someone else for things like free/affordable health care and education. Letís not move and let things spiral where they may.
Iím starting to wonder why I once thought it was stupid when someone said love it or leave it. Maybe we can only love something so royally screwed up for so long before we donít want to stick around. Heck, looking at some of our brethren democratic nations that we try so hard to be different from, I beginning to think that they are now more on the ball than we are. But donít let someone tangled up in what weíre supposed to swallow hear me, theyíd think Iím a traitor. Theyíd want me to shut up before other people started to think the same way.
So here I am, being impatiently patient. Here I am making my voice heard instead of following what I am supposed to do. Watch out for me, I might actually make a difference because Iím not going to stick around and wait for lives to be ruined. Iím not going to ask you to follow me because I donít have time to waste. If Iím told one more time to be patient, patience can kiss my aspiration.

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