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Article for the week of 11/13/05

Product placement, and why I hate it

By, Cozmic

Okay, now who came up with the bright idea to place their products in a movie or TV-show first? Don't they know they're ruining the joy that is commercials for us!? I mean, seriously, if I wanted to see advertisement, I'd watch commercials, not a show based on fiction! That's right, I actually want that beer can to simply state “beer” and not Budweiser! Having it say Budweiser means I might get the idea that it's good to drink Budweiser, and I'd rather be brainwashed at specific times, as being brainwashed during a show influences my focus! And besides, product placement might lead to psychos thinking what happens is real, when we all know it is entirely fiction! I mean, it's no wonder our kids are so messed up they can't tell reality from fantasy, when they're being shown a packet of Frosties on TV! I say ban all product placement in TVs and movies! Better yet, ban all products in movies or TV-shows! That way nobody gets hurt! If you MUST clothe the actors, make generic clothing, that cannot be bought at a store. Because there is no way we're going to let them sell those clothes off and get even more money! No, those greedy Hollywood bastards have way too much already! While other people have none. And how many movies haven't been ruined by product placement? I mean, look at the latest Bond movies! Half of them are all about showing off his flashy Ericsson, a phone that isn't even real, but uses a real brand! And why can't I get rockets in my BMW? Not only is it advertising that distracts from the movie, it's FALSE advertising! The idea of MI6 being sponsored by Germans is preposterous!
In short, product placement is the reason this world is suffering so much, and should be blamed for everything! Including my crummy electronics test..






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