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Article for the week of 9/7/09

Who will show children the joy of reading now
By Puns McKenna

For twenty-six years, the majority of my life, Reading Rainbow has been enticing children to pick up a book and step into an adventure. Now… in the blink of an eye… butterfly chasing LaVar Burton is being netted.

Everyone knows about the Reading Rainbow… that butterfly in the sky…Taking a look inside a book… and all that jazz. There's an ugly truth hidden behind that wonderful façade, however… Money… Money is the root of all evil, isn't it? The reason why the show is being cancelled is lack of funding. At least that's the public reason. Something tells me that it's Them trying to dumb down America. You remember how They all balked at the "No Child Left Behind" Act. Remember how big of a fuss They raised when tenured teachers finally got canned for not doing their jobs?

It's Them… I'm telling you straight! They want the children of today, who just happen to be the future of tomorrow, to be turned into mindless little autotomatos. They want the future to be easy to control. They want a world where the Matrix is a reality… not just some goofy movie that we watch and laugh at. The mutilation of Sesame Street was only the beginning. Taking out Reading Rainbow is the next phase of Their evil plan. Pretty soon They will turn all of our kids' shows into "happy" purple dinosaur hug me fests. You just wait! They will turn life on its ear and throw our freedom out the window.

This startling turn of events is truly sickening to me. Taking one of the greatest shows of the last twenty years and just flushing it out of existence in unconscionable! It's positively unthinkable that freethinking individuals would let this happen without a fight. Yet, it makes me realize one all-important thing. There are very few freethinking individuals left. This is why They are able to slaughter our wholesome educational TV and batter us with the sex and violence of Hollywood. This is a truly terrifying travesty of our times.

No more jumping into the books with LaVar Burton…. No more butterflies flying high... up in the sky. Books will become obsolete. Our youth will stare at television monitors, computer screens, and itty-bitty video game screens like mindless vegetables. To quote a famous tin can… "We're doomed!" That's it… They are taking control. They are taking away our future! Poor LaVar… I imagine he is as heart broken as the rest of us gentle book loving Americans.

If our wholesome television shows aren't sacred anymore, how can we tell what truly is anymore? Think of a world with no Reading Rainbow… no books… no inspiration for change. Say goodbye to the world of our youth and hello to the world of thumb sucking moronisism, Goodbye to an era of fun-loving adventure, and imaginative use of our brains.

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