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Article for the week of 2/7/06

Has Nuclear Proliferation Gone Too Far?
By, Grey Events

Iranís refusal to bow to international pressure regarding its nuclear program has prompted concern and outrage around the world.
Nations in opposition are concerned at the prospect of an anti-Israeli Iran becoming nuclear capable, and outraged at being ignored. Meanwhile supporters of the Iranian position are concerned at the prospect of another Middle Eastern nation being invaded and outraged at what is perceived as Western nations attempting to dictate terms to an independent state.
Iran remains defiant, alternately claiming its program is to explore options in energy generation and still making almost blatant moves towards the manufacture of weapons grade nuclear material.
International tension remains relatively low through a storm of rhetoric from both sides. Though a theocratic dictatorship Iran is seen as a stable nation, at least limiting the possibility of weapons falling into the wrong hands as with the fall of the Soviet Union.
The United Nations continues to apply pressure impotently, succeeding only in bringing breaks to the petty name-calling, a rare success for the organisation.
Despite the failure of continuing diplomatic overtures, or perhaps because no one has definitively ended these moves, diplomacy is seen as the key to diffusing the situation, rather than committing military resources of nations that are already over committed.
For the moment efforts focus on dealing with the intense Iranian anger. Key to this may be moving them from the Kids Nuclear Table, despite the lack of confirmed nuclear weapons for fifteen years.
Nevertheless Iran remains vocally indignant about being a potential nuclear power and yet is still ranked behind Paris Hilton.
The vapid hotel heiress acquired a matching pair of thermonuclear devices several years ago for undisclosed reasons and is reportedly considering some sort of augmentation, which may refer to the weapons.
No one argues that Ms Hilton belongs at the table, preferably for as long as she can be kept there, however Iran sees their presence at the table as a deliberate slight.
All the same there is no sympathy from otherwise vocal allies, as they too have been forced to sit next to Ms Hilton.
Israel has only just moved to the grown upís table, though their support was never counted on.
Even North Korea, vocal supporter of the Iranian desires outside the table issue is withholding support, instead beaming smugly with diplomatic patience in contrast to the initial single brief temper tantrum thrown at learning Paris Hilton had been nuclear capable longer than they by a mere four months.
It is possible that Western nations, hardly unsympathetic to prolonged exposure to Paris Hilton, will use this as a key bargaining point, possibly developing another nuclear table and explaining itís for the non-blonde kids, or something else that the insipid girl will believe.






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