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News article for the week of 3/5/05.

Criminals Do the Dumbest Things

Blind and Stupid.

By, Officer Mac.

Ok straight from the street, I was working an overtime detail tonight and a friend of mine pinched a car thief in the act. It ended up being a guy I had arrested before and from previous experience, I knew him to be a real stooge. Anyway, a citizen saw this guy break the wing vent glass on a extended cab Chevy Pick up. He called 911 Immediately. Luckily my bud was right across the street and was there in seconds, where he found this goofball trying to get the truck started after smashing the steering column cover open. He drug him out and slapped on the cuffs, Then my bud discovered that the would be car thief was not only stupid, but blind as well. The keys to the vehicle were still in the ignition. The vehicle was up for repo so not wanting to mess with talking to the repo man, the owner just left the keys in the ignition. The bad guy went to jail for the attempted theft as well as the 3 felony warrants he already had for his arrest. Here's one I wont have to worry about on the streets again for a while.

Events based on actual occurrences. Names have been changed to protect the ignorant.

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