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Article for the week of 11/23/06

Home cooking or Take-out…

By, Puns McKenna

As a gourmet cook, I often wonder what the appeal of take-out is. Now don't get me wrong. From time to time I actually enjoy a take-out meal. But I just can't wrap my mind around the concept of eating take-out all the time.

Here we are getting to the time of year when everyone starts to remember the home cooked meals of their youth. And I'm seeing more and more people going to the national chain greasy spoon's in order to get that "home cooked" meal. Have we as Americans forgotten how to cook?

Let's look at this from an economic standpoint. (I can hear the groans. Don't worry I won't talk economics long.) Greasy spoon chains and fast food joints make millions of dollars selling their "healthy" and not so healthy food items. From loose meat sandwiches with vegetables to grilled ground cow with super salty French-fries. And why do you think that is? Because millions of people frequent them.

Is it because the food is just so good, or is it because we're just that lazy? Personally, my opinion is the latter. Now, is there anything wrong with that? From a general standpoint, it ain't my life, so I don't have a say. But you know, for me the best food in the world is the food it takes more than an hour to prepare and cook. Sure I can whip something up that will feed an army in a matter of an hour. But the true enjoyment comes from the meal that I can take my time with. And believe it or not, meals that take more than "open a box and reheat" to prepare. They have to be some of the most filling, satisfying meals I know of.

So back to my point! Why do most people prefer a take-out meal to a home cooked one? Convenience! It's easier to go to the local take-out joint, grab a mass produced burger or sandwich. Take it home and eat it. It's all a personal choice, isn't it? Do I stay home, take the time to prepare a hearty home cooked meal? Or do I stop by the local take-out joint and eat something that someone else has cooked?

Take-out is a good break from cooking, but in the opinion of this reporter. Nothing beats a Home Cooked meal most nights.


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