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Article for the week of 6/30/07

Confessions of a Dislocated Texan

I love to play the waiting game

By, Ezra Mann

I simply love being compared like prices in the Sunday grocery store ads. “I just don’t know if I will listen to the guy with common sense or if I’ll give into the conspiracy hounds for half the cost.” One way or another we are comparing each other as if we each boasted a prefabricated label on a shelf. The best at this game could be none other than our honorable United States of America government. Whether it’s being told what’s good for us by congress or being denied our rights by the president; we seem to be doing less of a democracy and more of a checkout lane.
Because of this can’t decide one way or another, I’m for one guy and not the other politics, as a people we are expected to wait around until our overpaid elected officials get their heads on straight. Meanwhile while we wait in the run down lounge, some of the dumbest decisions come off the line and we of course must not question the infinite wisdom. Our only job function comes from our confusion of whether to pick a lesser evil and finally say eeny meeni miny mo when it comes to filling in the ballot. God forbid we actually learn about the candidates and make those we choose do the job they so gallantly promised. No, instead we play musical chairs with the house and senate every four to six years.
In 2008 the circus will come back in town and a few of us will get out and vote while the rest of the nation waits for the few to make the right choice. The issues won’t really be that important because we’ll be mesmerized by finger pointing, a lack of finance controls on election fundraising and the extreme right and left walking all over the middle. It’s like that Johnny Cash song where everything we know is out of place because we’re too lazy to start a new seating order. The next election may as well be titled “The Stupid and the Fear Mongers” because barring some unseen miracle; the ignorance will start all over again.
The more and more I look at how wonderful things are, the more I see that we might as well accept that it won’t get any better. I mean we might as well hand the rest of our jobs and careers over to India and China (and every other country in between), we’re too proud to pay the price to keep them here. We’d rather praise the all mighty dollar than provide each other with the most basic of needs. Sure, let’s take care of things overseas because everything back home can decompose in the mean time. We need to spread democracy in Iraq because it’s certainly too late to fix it here.
No, things aren’t any worse in history than they’ve been in the past, so we can go on letting ourselves be another small chapter. Think of it, while other nations give away education and health care for free, we’ll rob everyone here until we’re all idiots and can’t afford to defend ourselves. Our founding fathers would be proud to know that we’ve pretty much pushed off all of their recommendations and that we’ve decided that we know better than they did. God bless the flag, that waving symbol of freedom that someone better not burn. We may have lost focus, but at least we can still act patriotic.
So there you have it, the all so very fun waiting game. I love waiting instead of acting and that’s what makes this land so much better. I love waiting so much that I think I’ll wait until I’m not able to express my freedom of speech anymore. Heck, if a certain high judges had their way I wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. God bless the waiting game, home of the buy one get one free.

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