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Article for the week of 6/15/09

Confessions of a Dislocated Texan

Just let me know when we aren’t for sale
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

In this dreary reality that most of us have finally accepted is a recession, we again find ourselves searching for any miracle that will be our financial salvation. The government is usually the almighty we look on high to dig us out of our self inflicted turmoil, but the more we actually examine this omnipotence, the more we question the divine wisdom.
Once upon a time we could just let old Sam wipe away our debt ridden sorrows by borrowing good programs into ruin or from nations with a glowing dictatorship, but that may just not be enough to float our ignorance anymore. Hell, bankruptcy was even a sweet shortcut to deliverance, but that’s not so much cutting us a solid nowadays which leaves us wondering how can we escape or where it all started. It’s rather insurmountable to think that our D.C. daddy has been spanking us all along, when all we ask is to brush it under the rug.
To be fair, we really should pay off all this inconvenient debt, but it does seem interestingly convenient for companies pumping out this credit to have sway over a system that never should have been connected to it in the first place. Yet, this is too much to think about when it’s so much easier to blame one political leader/party for a problem they have all put dirt under their nails from.
Yeah, it is pretty hard to swallow that both the fat elephant and ass in the room receive significant contributions and then are somehow obligated to keep these venomous entities in place. Sure it kind of sucks that people who might actually pay back money they borrowed are treated the same as the deadbeats, but who’s really keeping score when you have nothing wrong with your accounts. Move over poor dog, the rich dog’s moving in.
When you really think about it, why bother talking about it in the first place if things are so unchangeable. Short attention spans will never go out of style, which leads many of us to forget to hold the leaders of our society accountable.
Why, the Federal Reserve has a striking resemblance with most theme parks where it would just be bad taste to ruin the fun and make them keep track of all this flowing currency. If these guys can have free reign then credit card companies should be able to as well because that hole just never seems to get deep enough. We don’t have to take care of each person’s share of the national debt right now when there are plenty of people breeding future shoulders for the responsibility.
Let’s face it people, the good old USA and a lot of other places are for sale and unless you are well off enough you are too. Corporate America owns quite a few that you trust to represent you and the deep pockets will use whatever they can to keep robbing you blind.
Lying openly even under scrutiny only goes so far when you are being examined by other habitual false monkeys. The most vulnerable are often the sweetest targets and I’ll believe that the system is getting reformed when this criminal activity is actually prosecuted. Then again, whatever, keep making those minimum payments for the rest of your life and live long enough to milk it for what they think you are worth.

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