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Article for the week of 3/17/07

The Colors Controlling Life:

Case File: Blue.
By, Puns McKenna


Yep, that's it. Blue…the color; the pigment; the shade; the spectral color. Blue is a mood color, or so they say.

A fascinating spectral hue made of coherent light. I could get into the exact reason why light shows up as blue, but I really don't want ta bore y'all. So let's look at the color that's said to have calming effects on everyone. Have you ever noticed how the color blue is everywhere? In our television shows; on our computers; clothes; cars; the sky; even in food.

Me, myself, I wonder if it's a conspiracy of some sort. Is mother nature, God, or maybe some corporation trying to control the masses with color coding? Are we having our minds altered, our thoughts provoked by some evil empire bent on world domination? I bet it is. I mean why else would blue be used everywhere? Maybe it is a conspiracy.

One where they use the color blue to lull us into a false sense of security. Then, when we aren't looking, they come in, swipe everything we think we own and replace it with imitations and false memories. Stop for a moment and think about this. Have blue things been mysteriously showing up in your life? Have you suddenly started craving blue foods? Be careful if you are. They're likely slipping mind control drugs into the blue Jell-O.

What's so powerful about blue? Is it just so appealing that it makes people stop thinking? Is it a voluntary submission to mind control? I can't really say for sure, but then I could be compromised too. Though I think you have to start eating blue foods first. I don't eat blue foods so for now I may be safe. Are you? Safe that is? Take my advice. Take stock of just how much blue stuff there is in your life. And if you start craving blue Jell-O or perhaps any blue food after reading this… Seek help.

The colors of our life are starting to take control. We must fight back. And be aware… Blue isn't the only color that is very common. The other rainbow hues are also there. What are they doing to your life? Should we all start living monochromatic lives? Can we really go black and white without losing some important part of ourselves?

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