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Thoughts from Nevada

Heat Wave or Global Warming… Is it Really up to us?

By, Puns McKenna

Everyone knows that summer doesn’t officially start until the vernal equinox, right? So why is it so bloody hot so often? It used to just be across the West that it would get super hot towards the end of spring. Now it seems, the entire US is getting sucked into the heat wave. With more than 80-100 degree weather in most places across the US, people are beginning to worry about real global warming. But I have a question about that. Is it really such a bad thing for the world to come out of the last ice age and go through its natural cycles?
Truth be told, we aren’t even remotely responsible for the heating of this planet. That has to do with the core, which is a Nickel-Iron blend, becoming more molten. And why is that happening? Hmmm… let me see. Oh yes! Because the planet goes through a cycle of heating and cooling that last millions of years. People say that we are raising the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with all of our driving around in fossil fuel burning engines. Now, are these people right?

Umm… Nope! We’ve been hearing for the last decade or so that this volcano and that volcano has erupted. Each one spewing hundreds of times the amount of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. So how could us piddly little humans be responsible for the elevation of carbon dioxide levels?

Maybe someone is driving around a new type of SUV? Is there a new Pinatubo sized SUV that I haven’t heard of? Now, wouldn’t that be something? Driving around your own personal volcano. And that leads me to another thought. If the planet is getting warmer, and it is. The warmer the core gets, the more vulcanization there is. How the heck is it that we are running out of fossil fuels? I learned a long time ago, like about third grade, that the way we get the fossil fuels…the petroleum products is through the vulcanization of the Earth.

So the planet is getting warmer… the core is heating… and the atmosphere is getting filled with more and more filled with carbon dioxide. Okay, so big deal. Mother nature at work. We’re circlin’ around space on a big living ball of rock that is constantly under construction. Should we get all up in arms because ole mama nature wants to make some changes to this rock we call home? I don’t think so. Besides, what the heck good would it do us? Mother nature could just call down some lightning and wipe us all off the face of creation if she wanted to.

Personally I don’t want to go messin’ with the lady in charge of our home. So I don’t know about y’all, but I’m just gonna sit back and swelter in the rising heat. Watch the smoke from the fires float by and wonder just how much hotter it’s going to be next summer.

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