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Article for the week of 10/9/09

The Awesomest Fairytale Ever!
By Puns McKenna

Want to see the best fairytale ever? Then you have to watch The Tale of Despereaux. This movie is like a conglomeration of multiple different fairytales into one movie. We're not talking the Shrek nonsense where they have a conglomeration of fairytales interacting with each other in a normal day to day setting. No, this one is different. This movie has a variety of characters that bring to mind other fairytales, but don't actually push forth the interaction thereof. Princess Pea… the king that loses his queen… the unlikely knight in shining armor/hero. This story has it all.

A mouse… a rat… and soup!

Puzzled? Think I'm talking about Ratatouille? Well… hang onto the seat of your pants… put your seat backs and tray tables in the upright and stowed positions… and brace yourself, because this is going to hurt.

Okay, the bad movie puns aside, this movie rocks. You have a sweet little mouse that refuses to be timid. A rat that is not really timid… but not really like other rats he is forced to live with... and a fair young maid who wishes for the moon and finds it in the most unexpected of places. Best of all is the soup, though. The chef(s) who prepare it are the unlikeliest pair. Vegetables and fruits mingling with people is always strange, afterall. From brilliant, beautiful skies to gloomy rainless clouds this story is a timeless tale that will take you from the brink of pure joy to the brink of utter sorrow and back again. Everyone knows that fairytales don't end in tears, and this is no exception.

Can one mouse find his place in life? Can one rat find redemption? Can one town's soup bring a warm ray of hope? Follow the Tale of Despereaux. Joy, madness, danger, excitement, fortuitous happenstance… this story has it all. Cats that look mean and rotund, rats that live like pirates, People that mope around. Soup…and soup bowls that you can be jailed for having.

If you really enjoy tales of hope and self-improvement, finding yourself in this story is going to make your day. It teaches you lessons about humility, charity, looking for the happiness in the world is not wrong, and despair doesn't just affect you.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone. Stand on your head and look for the existential meanings. Ask yourself the Ultimate question. Bury yourself in popcorn, peanuts, snacks, and soda. But whatever you do, watch this movie. It is rated G, so even your beloved pets can watch it. It makes you all warm and fuzzy. So the only risk you have is the possibility that you'll turn into a giant staticky fuzzball when you reach the end, but that risk is slim. You really have to be kind of warm and fuzzy to begin with.

At anyrate… perhaps a $1.25… This movie will warm your cockles, butter your bread, and bring a sunny rainbow to your gloomy day.

Editor in Chief Note: Ironically, I had no idea Puns McKenna would review this and just happened to watch this for the first time via my Netflix this week. This movie certainly is one of a kind and I recommend it as well, floppy ears and all.

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