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Here it is, the Fanfiction! ^_^ This is one of my favorite things about the world of anime on the internet, and here's the collection I have that has been donated by nice people! ^_^ Thanks, y'all! If you have a story you want to submit, see the guidelines at the bottom of this page and then email it to me.

General Disclaimer: None of these fantastic authors own the majority of the characters they're using. They're just fans having fun with some of their favorite characters, nobody's making money so please don't sue them! (Or V-Babe, for that matter!!!)

Explanation of stuff in parenthesis:
Angst-A sad story
Comedy-A funny story
Romance-A love story (also V-Babe's favorite fanfiction genre! ^_^)
Action-The story has a fight or other excitement
AU-This is short for Alternate Universe, and focuses on something that wouldn't normally happen in the series or a "what if this happened" scenario
Moderate Violence - These stories are more towards the upper end of my "violence limit". There are gunfights, some blood, or other incidents of violence that is slightly stronger than a simple fistfight or "magical girl" attack.
Songfic - The fanfic centers around song lyrics

**Be warned some stories contain spoilers**

Soul Calibur
Sunset at the Seung's - by Shade
Seung Mina is watching the sunset, but some(one) else soon grabs her attention
Hidden Emotions Come To Surface - by Shade
While Hwang waits for Kilik to show up, his thoughts turn to Seung Mina
Death of A Daughter-by Blue Wolf
Raphael seeks revenge for his daughter's death
From Ninja To Monster - by Blue Wolf
Will Talim be able to revert Taki back to her normal self when she is turned nto a monster?
A Girl Searching For Freedom - by AndrAia
(Action, Some Romance)
Seung Mina runs away from home to try to prove her independence
The Culinary Arts - by xingy and Mina
Hwang tries everything he can think of to avoid eating whatever it is Mina's cooking
Survivor-esque - by xingy
A parody of "Survivor"
When The Banister Comes A'Callin - by xingy
When xingy takes Hwang, Maxi, and Kilik and puts them at the top of a staircase, hilarity ensues. ^^ I highly recommend this one.
Hero - by xingy
(Action, Angst)
Seung Mina is being persued by unknown followers and needs all the help she can get
The Death Thread - by xingy
In this series, some Soul Calibur characters face rather amusing demises. ^^ Trust me, they're worth a read.
Voldo's Death
Ivy's Death
Hwang's Death
Edge Master's Death-My personal favorite! ^_^
Astaroth's Death
If Wishes Were Stars - by xingy
(Romance, Angst)
Seung Mina reflects on her feelings as she watches Hwang sleep
A Wish Come True - by Mina
A continuation of xingy's story "If Wishes Were Stars"
Field of Dreams - by Mina
A cute Hwang/Seung Mina story
Firelight and Moonlight - by Mina
Another of Mina's great romances. ^_^ This one features Kilik and Xianghua.
Warrior's Cross - by Mina
An account of Taki and the lonliness she might feel
Waiting for Daylight - by Mina
Xianghua admires a sleeping Kilik
Bottled Emotions - by Mina
(Romance, Angst)
Seung Mina tries to control herself as Hwang leaves for the Coastal Defense Force
Path of Fate - by Mina
(Just too cute ^^)
How Kilik and Xianghua might have gotten their first glimpse of each other
Silent Good-Bye - by Mina (Romance, Angst)
Maxi's about to leave his girlfriend behind to return to the ocean
The Wieght of a Mirror - by Mina
A very dark, very sad story about Kilik. Be warned: there is an implied suicide in this story (Neither Mina nor V-Babe are advocating suicide)
Ocean Tears - by Mina
Seung Mina misses Hwang while he's away with the Coastal Defense Force. Implied Suicide
Paradise - by Mina
Kilik and Xianghua spend some time on the beach together. Kawaii! ^_^
Patriot's Burning Soul - by Mina
(Romance, Angst)
Hwang's about to leave for the Coastal Defense Force, but something's holding him back...
Touching The Sky - by Mina
(Romance)'ll just have to read this one to understand why it's my favorite out of Mina's stories. ^^
Tryouts - by Rinny
I laughed out loud SEVERAL times while reading this!
Guys at the Club - by Iseoie
Kilik, Hwang, and Maxi head to the club to meet some girls
Warrior Talk Show - by Iseoie
The poor host is in over his head!
The Love of My Life - by Iseoie
(Action, Romance)
After working for Raphael Sorel for four years, Iseoie finds the love of her life and decides to leave with her love. Raphael, however, is determined to keep her as his minion.
Sibling Rivalry - by V-Babe and Kittifox
This is what happens when my sister and I have too much fun playing too many rounds of Soul Calibur II

Gundam Wing
The Letter - by VidalenaZ
(Mild Angst)
Duo writes a moving letter to the other pilots
The Angel of PeaceCraft - by Lady Tempest
(Mild Romance)
A cute story that makes me think of the ending to "Endless Waltz"
The Duo Saga-by Nova Girl
(Action, AU, Some Angst, Moderate Violence)
Something's very wrong with he a traitor or a victim of circumstance? Throughout the story, Duo makes some interesting discoveries. A worthwhile read for Duo fans!
Part 1: A Gundam Traitor?
Part 2: Help From A Mysterious Source
Part 3: The Truth About Duo's True Family Comes Known
Part 4: The Rescue of Duo Maxwell
Part 5: The Mysterious Gundam
Duo's Survey On Life - by Nova Girl
What Nova Girl did is take one of those E-mail surveys and fill it out as though Duo had written it. Amusing!
Classified - By Becca
(Action, AU, Angsty moments, Romantic Moments)
The year is AC 198. Not only do the Gundam Pilots have to find out the mysteries of why their gundams have re-appeared, but several other questions remain. What is this secret organization Battre ou Touer trying to accomplish? What about these two mysterious gundams that have suddenly appeared? I HIGHLY recommend this one!
Chapter 1: Rumors
Chapter 2: Gundams Returned
Chapter 3: Meeting Kitsune
Chapter 4: I'm Your Friend
Chapter 5: Ookami Unmasked
Chapter 6: Sad Reunion
Chapter 7: Saved By The Enemy
Chapter 8: Sorrow for Kitsune
Chapter 9: Ookami's Weakness
Chapter 10: Kitsune's Solitude
Chapter 11: Never-Ending Sorrows
Chapter 12: For A Better Future
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - by V-Babe
The cast of Gundam Wing struggles with the eternal question...

Sailor Moon
The Dragon's Heart and the Maiden's Smile - By White Luster Soldier
(Action, AU, Some Romance, Moderate Violence)
About the same time something happens to the constellation Draco, the sailor senshi find themselves face-to-face with a new threat. Could the two be related?
Chapter 1: Legend
Chapter 2: Legends Reborn
Chapter 3: Awakening of the Heart
Chapter 4: Anger of the Body, Anguish of the Soul
Chapter 5: The Path Back to the Heart
Chapter 6: Endgame, Sacrifice
Full Moon: Rage of the Wolf - By White Luster Soldier and Torn Angel Fighter
(Action, AU, Moderate Violence)
After the battle against Sailor Galaxia, the senshi realize their troubles are not over.
Chapter 1: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Chapter 2: Seek and You Shall Find
Chapter 3: The Truth is Stranger than Science Fiction
Chapter 4: An Angel's Mischief
Chapter 5: Gaia's Chosen
Guardian's Duty - by V-Babe
Sailor Pluto contemplates the lonliness of her position as the Guardian of Time
Sadness and Heartbreak - by V-Babe
Molly visits the spot of Nephlite's death and contemplates what happened

Ronin Warriors
Green Eyed Monsters - by Karen
(Action, Mild Romance)
Who is this strange new person the Ronins have met? And more importantly, is she everything she appears to be?
Uli's Death - by Ryo
Funny stories of White Blaze terrorizing Uli. GO WHITE BLAZE!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Stay Out of My Kitchen! - by V-Babe
Cye deals with an unwelcome guest in his kitchen

Yu Yu Hakusho
Vixen Talk - by Kitsunemajic
(AU, Comedy)
The cast of Yu Yu Hakusho appears on a talk show!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
YYH Therapy - by Kitsunemajic
Yuki offers psychological therapy to Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kurama. (A must-read for my fellow Psychology majors - this is great!)
Untitled - by Kitsunemajic
Hiei gives Kuwabara a little talking-to. Funny!
A Weird Story - by Kitsunemajic
You have to read this one to believe it - it's hilarious! This one stars Hiei and Kurama.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Legend of Electron: Reikai of Time - by Kitsunemajic
(AU, Comedy)
Imagine the YYH characters acting out the first part of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! If you haven't played the game you can probably still understand it. Very funny!
Where Would You Be - by V-Babe
(Romance, Songfic)
This is my attempt at a Yusuke/Keiko songfic

Outlaw Star
The Game - by Background Bailey
The crew of the XGP is bored, so Aisha comes up with an idea to keep everyone entertained

Sonic The Hedgehog
Alternate Script - by Background Bailey
(AU, Some Romance, Slight Angst)
What would Shadow and Rouge have talked about if Eggman hadn't walked in on their conversation? This is based on the Gamecube game Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but if you've played Dreamcast's Sonic Adventure 2 you'll understand it fine.
College Days - by Kitsunemajic
(AU, Comedy)
Kitsunemajic said she sat down and thought "What if Sonic was in college?". She came up with a good fic!
In The Chao Doctor's Waiting Room - by V-Babe
The chao need their check-ups, but their owners are having a hard time getting along.

Shadow-by Sofia
(AU, Action)
There's a new student in Yugi's class, and Malik seems up to it a coincidence?
Chapter 1
NEVER let Ryou babysit - by Kitsunemajic
Apparantly when Ryou babysits, chaos ensues...
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
4th of July - by Nesha
A short, sweet AU starring Tristan and Serenity!

This is a series I'm unfamiliar with, so please don't flame me if I didn't do Karen justice when I summarized her fic...gomen, Karen!
Vermilion and Roses - by Karen
Is Claudia right to be worried about Rick? In the meantime, Lisa has to be the bearer of bad news...

A Funeral For Jessie - by Blue Wolf
Jessie gets an unexpected guest at her funeral

Never Too Far - by Nesha
(Angst, Moderate Violence)
A tragic tale starring Kikyou and Inuyasha

Skies of Arcadia
A Shameless Piece of Enrique/Moegi Fluff - by V-Babe
The title pretty much says it all. ^^;;; Full of spoilers!

Rebellion: The Crossover - by Kitsunemajic
The casts of Yu Yu Hakuso and Inuyasha team up to take over Cartoon Network! Includes cameos from other animes
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

You say you have a story you want to send to me? GREAT!!! Just please follow these guidelines:
1. It can be from any anime, manga, or video game you please, and characters you made up are more than welcome!
2. No swearing, including "cr@p" and other ugly words. If you include ugly words, I'll change them or bleep them (d#*$, s*%&, ect.) at my descretion.
3. Please no yaoi or yuri (gay or lesbian-focused fics) I'm simply not comfortable enough with it to read or post it.
4. Gore and excessive violence are NOT allowed (Weapons are fine, Blood is OK, graphic descriptions of something like organs spilling out of a wound are not)
5. Absolutely NO Lemons, Limes, or other fics centering around adult situations!
By the way: If you're not sure whether or not your story is OK, go ahead and send it to me anyway. I'm pretty lenient and will most likely post it unless it's absolutly outrageous.

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