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Over the River and Through the Woods (parts 15 - 19)


Part 15

It had taken us about an hour to reach the designated area, stopping several times along the way to check our bearings. It would have been far easier to fish in the Adirondack River, but this small out-of-the-way lake offered us more of a chance of actually catching something. We were planning on it for our lunch.

We had set all our gear down underneath a huge white pine several hundred feet off shore and spread out the sheet we'd brought, leaving it folded in half. "And now to go and find some bait.."

Heero looked at me with his eyes wide. "Isn't there something in the tackle box we can use?"

I shook my head. "Nope. Live worms are best for this kind of fishing... night crawlers if we can find em." I informed him. "Gonna help me?" I asked, taking my empty coffee cup in hand.

He wasn't exactly thrilled, but followed me to the edge of the lake and crouched down beside me about 5 feet from the shore.

"Take a stick and start digging." I told him. "They like moist soil.. not wet. Best bet is to start digging in shaded areas where the ground is loose."

We had succeeded in finding only several night crawlers, regular earthworms making up the rest of our paper cup 'o bait. "That should do it." I announced, standing and walking with Heero back to our stuff and sitting cross-legged on the sheet.

"Wanna eat first?" I asked.

Even though we had used sticks to dig, the act of picking up the actual worm was done by hand. Heero looked down at his hands and cringed a bit.

I smiled and reached into my backpack, pulling out a container of Wet Ones. I opened the lid and offered it toward him. "I thought of everything." I winked. He took several, as did I, the two of us carefully cleaning our hands and setting the used cloths aside.


By the time we'd finished eating, it had begun to rain. It was really more of a drizzle, but the dark clouds were without question headed in our direction and we opted to put on our rain gear before heading back to the edge of the lake.

Now barefoot and donned in bright orange plastic that reached only mid thigh, we found and seated ourselves on a relatively flat boulder at lakes edge and Heero sat the tackle box down between us. The rain was coming down a bit harder now, the sound of the large drops hitting the surface of the water with enough volume to call attention to it and force us both to pay the event its due respect.

I sighed as I watched and listened, turning toward Heero who seemed equally rapt by the scene. "Isn't it wonderful?" I asked him, smiling toward him.

We had both grown up without this, never having had the chance to appreciate the awe that accompanied experiencing nature first hand. Neither of us had taken the things that life on Earth offered for granted, despite that we had settled here shortly after the Eve Wars had ended. Engaging in it so fully was something I was sure I'd never grow tired of and I was fairly certain I could speak for Heero as well on this; we jumped at every chance that was presented to us.

"It is." he responded, breathing deeply through his nose. "Smells wonderful as well."

I inhaled in much the same fashion. He was right. It did.

I couldn't help but wonder if everyone took the time to enjoy things like this or even if they took notice of them at all. The two of us were by no means a standard to judge normalcy by; I never bought into that whole label [1] thing anyway. We often found ourselves engaged in activities that one might consider odd, never once noting others indulging in them. I shrugged off the thoughts.

"Ready to fish?" I asked, opening the tackle box.

Heero tied the hooks onto both lines and I baited them, piercing each of the worms in several strategic places.

"That's gross." he commented as he watched me.

"Yeah...." I agreed, looking down at the mess on my hands and the poor worm speared, dangling and squirming on the hook and then back up at him. "...but the fish seem to like it." I winked, handing him his pole.


No more than 10 minutes had passed after we'd cast out than Heero got his first bite, reeling in a decent sized small mouth bass.

The next 40 minutes or so were equally as productive and by 10:00, we found ourselves with more than enough food for lunch. I secured the last fish onto the one of the hooks that traversed the thick metal chain laying at the edge of the lake and Heero packed up the tackle box.

It was pretty much pouring by now and the sound of thunder that was previously heard in the distance approached. The heavy clouds were poised directly above us, blocking out what little light there was there earlier.

"We should wait a while before heading back." Heero advised as he stood.

I nodded in agreement and we took the tackle box and poles and made our way back to seek shelter under the huge pine. We took off our raincoats before seating ourselves on the edge of the sheet as we were both fairly wet; our feet and lower legs pretty much covered with mud. "Did you bring the towels?" he asked.

"Yup." I reached for my pack and unzipped it, pulling out two small towels and handing one to Heero. Luckily, the hood of the raincoat had a wide enough brim that little of my hair got wet and I concentrated my effort on the lower half of my body; wiping away the water and a decent amount of the mud.

The old pine we had chosen to sit beneath provided total shelter from the weather while furnishing us with a perfect view of nature's fury. The latest crack of thunder brought with it a flash of lightening and a series of strong wind gusts. I crawled back onto the sheet, seating myself next to Heero; who was leaning against the tree's trunk with his legs stretched out and his eyes closed.

"Tired?" I asked, smiling as he opened his eyes.

"Mmhmm..." he replied, crossing his legs at his ankles.

It had been an unusually early morning and I was up to taking a rest as well. "Mind if I join you?" I asked.

Heero spread his legs and I settled myself in between them, reclining back against his chest as his arms moved to hold my mid-section. I focused my attention straight ahead and from my vantage point, watched the storm as it raged over the lake.

I was safe and warm and without question had the best seat in the house.


It was impossible to sleep with weather conditions such as they were, though I was able to lapse into a fairly numbed state in between the claps of thunder. Heero didn't flinch as the booming sound roared and shook the ground beneath us; tightening his grip on me as my reflexes kicked in and I jumped with a start in his arms.

I broke our silence several minutes later to let Heero know what had been occupying my thoughts. "How do you think the tent is holding up through all of this?"

Tarps were one of those things that we had mutually decided we needed to leave behind due to lack of space. The tent was *supposed* to be waterproof; I could only hope the manufacturers claim was valid and that any tests conducted on it were done so in torrential rain.

"It's pretty well protected. I'm more concerned about the ground water."

I nodded. We had placed the tent under a thick canopy, similar to the one we sought protection under now. "We should have dug a trench around it before we left."

"It's too late to worry about that."

"Yeah." I replied, placing my arms on his at my waist and squeezing them. I closed my eyes again and relaxed, focusing on the sound of the rain splashing on the surface of the lake. Heero's voice brought me out of concentration a minute or two later. "We should stop at the showers on the way back."

I inwardly smiled at how much we thought alike; I had the foresight to pack everything we'd need. "I figured we would.... even brought a change of clothes for us both."

He bent down and kissed the top of my head. "You think of everything." he mused, pulling me closer. It was then that I felt the clear beginnings of his erection pressing into the base of my spine. I shifted to acknowledge its presence and opened my eyes; craning my neck to look up at him. "Ummm.... not everything... I didn't bring the lube." I winked.

He smirked and kissed me. "I did."

The sudden tingle in my groin replaced all else and I let out a low moan, letting Heero know that I approved of whatever thoughts he was having. He worked his right arm free and slid it between my legs, finding out for himself just how I was being affected by our little discussion.

He traced the outline of my growing arousal through the worn fabric of my denim shorts; that one finger that trailed lightly over my sensitive flesh fully hardening me in a matter of seconds. "What do you want?" I asked in a near whisper.

He pushed his hips forward and it didn't take more than an instant for me to note that he was now equally as hard as I was. I shivered and inquired again. "Hmm? What is it that you want, Heero?"

"You." he whispered seductively in my ear.

I laughed.

"That much is obvious. Care to be a bit more specific?"

"How specific?" he moaned, shifting his touch to something that seemed to reflect his desires more accurately

I reached down with both hands and unfastened my shorts and took his hand in mine, guiding it inside. My lack of underwear facilitated his quest and he wrapped his fist tightly around my shaft, running the padded tip of his index finger through the moist slit.

"Actually..." I moaned as I relaxed back onto his chest. "I really don't care. Do with me what you will."

He reached forward to delve further into my open shorts and I let out a small yelp; causing Heero sit back up "Ummm.... as long as I don't end up on my back. It's still a bit sore."

"Knees?' he asked hopefully.

I chuckled and rose to my knees, turning to face him. "Knees work. As does you.... flat on your back..." I told him, kissing him and slipping my tongue inside his mouth for only a split second. "....with me.... riding you... bareback."

He moaned and I climbed up onto his lap. "So, what's it gonna be?" I asked, rubbing my arousal against his. "Or... if you prefer I can just keep doing this..." I moaned, grinding my hips into his. "Mmm..... that could definitely do the trick."

He looked up at me with obvious surprise.

"I'm joking!"


"Love it when you 'Hn' " I purred.

His hand reached behind me, traveling up the underside of my thigh and sliding up into the leg of my shorts. "Mmm... love it when you do that too."

"And this?" he asked, teasing my entrance with one finger.

"Ohh.. Definitely like that."

"Is there anything you *don't* like?" he asked, quizzically.

The lake was more easily accessed from the main road that winded its way through the park than from our campsite. It was very possible that we could find ourselves with visitors; though the inclement weather decreased the likelihood of that happening. Fortunately, we had situated ourselves in a rather secluded area and even if we did have company, we would be aware of them long before they even knew we were here.

I nodded and removed his hand from inside my shorts and stood, looking down at him. "I don't like my clothes..." I told him, taking my time to rid myself of my shirt and then my shorts and tossing them on the ground. "..... I don't like yours even more." I finished, taking my place back between his legs and on my knees

With both hands I reached for the hem of his shirt and he lifted his arms high, looking up at me as the fabric passed over his head. I added to the collection of my clothes that sat beside him. "You gonna take those off?" I asked, eyeing his shorts. "Or do I have to do it for you?"

He continued to stare at me, raising his hips up off of the sheet just enough to allow me to divest him of those as well. I grinned as I held them out at an arms length, dropping them onto the pile. "I think that just about takes care of everything I don't like."


"Again with the 'Hn' " I chuckled, straddling his thighs and climbing up on his lap. "I think you're going to have to translate that one for me." [2]

"There's no translation available for that one." he replied, pulling me flush up against his chest and stretching his body upward to capture my mouth in a fierce kiss. The kiss needed no interpretation; I was about to get pounded into the ground.... actually he was going to be the one literally on the ground, but the basic premise remained the same.

His grip on me loosened as he reached toward the pile of our clothes, searching briefly and retrieving the small bottle of astroglide from the pocket of his shorts. He clicked the cap open and handed it to me, taking in my reaction as he assisted me in squirting some out to cover the fingers of my right hand. Closing the cap, he sat it down on the sheet and took my hand in his, using them to spread my thighs and guide our hands to my entrance. I moaned as he teased the puckered flesh surrounding my opening and pushed one of my own fingers inside of me.

I leaned forward and rested my forehead against his, giving Heero total control as he expertly manipulated my hand. I felt him add a second finger, increasing the stretching sensation; it wasn't enough, I wanted more. I moved further down his legs and looked down, spreading my legs wider so that I could watch as well as feel the touches. "More..." I commanded, tensing slightly as he added two more slick digits and drove the four deep inside me. I closed my eyes started thrusting down onto them, nearly oblivious to the storm that continued outside.

Before I could protest, the fingers were gone and Heero had lowered my bottom down onto the ground between his legs and was in the process of shifting out from underneath me. He reached for the lube again and coated his shaft liberally, stroking himself for longer than required. Wiping the excess gel from his hand on the sheet, he refocused his attention back to me. Taking both my hands, he lie back down on the sheet with his legs bent at the knees and pulled me toward him. "Climb on board."

Being an invitation I would never refuse, I did just that, straddling him on folded knees and taking the base of his cock in my hand. I looked straight into his eyes as I lowered myself down onto him with a steady groan; loving the feel of his thick heated flesh pushing its way inside and penetrating me.

Once seated, his hands reached for my hips and gripped the soft flesh tightly, lifting his hips up off the sheet. I pushed down and ground myself into his bodies upward movement. "Too damn good." he moaned, lowering himself back to the ground and releasing my hips.

Both of his hands reached up for my face, pulling me down into a savage kiss. Our tongues moved quickly against one another's inside his mouth; the two of us groaning as he jerked his hips up off the ground again. I broke the kiss and laid a hand on either side of his head and began riding him in earnest; watching his reactions as I did.

He had that 'fuck me' look written all over his face; eyes gone dark with lust and an almost blank euphoric stare as he looked up at me. He looked so incredibly fucking gorgeous; I couldn't wait to drive him over the edge. I concentrated my efforts on doing just that, letting his cock nearly slip from within me and rapidly taking its full length back inside.

"I'm gonna make you come hard." I warned him, gritting my teeth as I dropped down to impale myself again. With one hand I sought out the lube and squirted some out to coat my fingers. Arching my back, I pushed his legs further apart and slipped my hand in between them. "Hard and fast." I corrected myself with a deep growl, pushing one slick finger up into his entrance.

He reacted by arching his back and thrusting his hips up. "Ohhh fuuuck..." he moaned, rolling his eyes up into his head and closing them tightly as his face twisted in ecstasy.

It wasn't the easiest position to maintain, but I sensed that there wouldn't be much need to remain in it for any extended period of time. I was only a few good strokes away from climax; thankful that Heero had yet to take my erection in hand; I wasn't it that much of a rush.

"Definitely a fuck." I concurred through clenched teeth as I ground my hips down into him, simultaneously shoving my one finger inside him as deep as I could. He spread his legs wider and fisted the sheet beneath us with both hands for leverage and began thrusting upward. I rose up off of my knees to give him room to move, moaning as he impaled me with as much momentum as possible.

"Do it, Heero!" I cried out, gasping as his hand surrounded my cock. "Oh Christ!" I screamed, watching as he stroked me and I started my release, covering my chest and his hand with my seed. "Harder, baby. Don't stop!" I pleaded.

I could feel the muscles in his thighs tense and shifted my attention to watch him as he prepared to climax; frantically ramming himself into me as my finger sought out and hit his prostate. "Unnh.... yesss..... DUO!!!!" he screamed. I felt every twitch of his cock as my channel constricted around his length and each shot of thick warmth as it left him to fill me; totally taken by how he looked in this his moment of rapture.

His body continued to shudder beneath me until he had fully emptied himself, his hand finally relaxing and letting go of my now flaccid member. I slid my finger out from inside of him and bent over his chest, moaning softly as I brushed his bangs away from his face. "Mmmm... that was yummy." I told him with a smile. He opened his eyes to look up at me and nodded, immediately closing them again and letting out a contented sigh.

I climbed off of him, seating myself along side of him and looked out over the lake. "Looks like the storm is over." I mused.

He didn't respond and I reached over to my left and grabbed the container of Wet Ones, cleaning myself off. I turned back toward Heero to offer him one.

He was fast asleep.


[1] "labels are for cans." one of my all time favorite quotes by michael stipe. its from an interview he did for out magazine regarding his sexuality and his resentment of the fact that he was being pressed to declare himself either homosexual or heterosexual. it's a great quote and is applicable to so many things....... too many things.

[2] *giggles and pokes dan*

[3] an idea used in this fic was directly taken without prior consent from the first and only person i've ever seen write this into a fic. *blows lightly into your left ear* that cool ya down? *g*

Part 16

I couldn't help but smile at the sight. He looked so... well, he looked so many things, but I won't go into those. The one that caught and held my attention was naked and I acted on it; covering his exposed mid-section with a towel after I had taken a moment to appreciate it. I put my shorts back on and laid down with my head on his chest and my arm around his waist; destined to join him in sleep.


I'm not sure how long we'd been out, but I woke to the sound of voices.. loud ones. I immediately readjusted the towel that had slipped off of Heero and looked around, finding three young girls about 100 feet off to the left of us; giggling as they made their way to the lake. I nudged his ribs with my elbow and called his name. "Heero.... get up. We have company." It took him all of about 2 seconds to respond, his hand grasping the towel tightly as he sat up with a start.

"I fell asleep." A fairly obvious statement.

"Yeah... so did I."

He looked down into his lap and then up at me. "Thanks for the towel." he blushed. "That could have been a potentially embarrassing situation."

"You're welcome, but don't be so sure it wasn't. It fell off while we were sleeping." I told him with a wide grin.

He blushed further and laid back down, covering his eyes with his forearm.

I pulled his arm away and leaned over him. "Probably the best eyeful they'll ever get." I smirked, giving him a quick peck. "Ready to head back?"


Heero waited until the girls had left our line of vision before getting dressed, now able to see the humor I so readily found in what had happened. I'm not convinced it would have bothered me quite as much had I been in his situation, but he tends to be a bit more modest than I am. I wondered if his thoughts regarding the shower had changed and decided to come right out and ask him.

"We're still gonna take a shower, right?"

He looked confused. "Why wouldn't we?"

"The girls. You think they were just here to fish?"

From the look on his face, I had to assume he hadn't taken into consideration the fact that the three could be camping down here as well and possibly sharing the showers. "Heero?"

He looked toward me. "One of us will stand guard outside while the other showers."

I nodded and finished packing up our things, folding the sheet while Heero went to retrieve our fish from the water. I followed him there once I had completed my task; quite surprised to find him talking with our visitors. I stayed out of view and watched the interaction, though too far away to hear the conversation.

Several minutes later, Heero made his way toward me with bucket full of fish in tow. "They're not staying overnight. Just fishing." he informed me.

I let out a sigh of relief. "Good. Did they see anything?"

"I didn't ask....."


We made a quick pit stop at the showers, putting Heero's plan into action just to be on the safe side. I took a fairly short shower, considering I'd thoroughly washed and conditioned my hair. Heero had a book to occupy himself; I knew he'd understand.

I was perturbed at the thought of someone invading our private paradise. I realized that I'd no right to think of it like that, but that is exactly what it had been the past four days. We had only two days left of our vacation here and I wanted them to continue along the same vein; not having to constantly look over our shoulder. Actually, thinking back over the trip so far, I saw that we had been careless.... and without justification. Someone could have shown up at any time.. I stopped my thoughts and blushed. "Geez....."

I shared my thoughts with Heero after he finished his fairly standard 7.5 minute shower. He was in agreement that we should keep any outdoor activities confined to the evening, when darkness would provide us adequate cover. He was also quick to point out that the hammock was secluded enough that we needn't fear being caught in the act.

I didn't totally agree with him on that issue, but let it go considering we had done *the act* twice already that day and was relatively certain I wouldn't need to get into the discussion until tomorrow.


We made our way back to camp, careful to avoid any particularly muddy areas. While the storm had passed and the early afternoon sun was blazing hot, most of the journey back home was through areas heavily protected by a dense canopy; not allowing the sun to dry the ground beneath it. This brought my thoughts back to the possible condition we may be about to find our campsite in.

"Doesn't seem like this water is going anywhere anytime soon."

"No it doesn't. Does it." he replied, side-stepping yet another huge puddle that all but blocked our path.

We approached the site with only the smallest hesitation. We had already accepted the inevitable and were prepared to deal with it.. and deal with it we did.


Heero set the bucket down beside the fire ring and I removed my backpack, looking around for a dry place to set it. Taking one of the damp towels from inside of it, I dried off a small corner of the picnic table and sat the pack down.

"You wanna give me a hand with this?"

I turned to find Heero on his knees just outside the tent, which was still standing and more amazingly looked completely dry. I took several paces and bent down beside him to peer into it. The inside of the tent was wet.... very wet... I think flooded would be a more accurate description.

"Oh Shit."

He grinned, handing me one end of the sleeping bag. "We'll wring it out as much as we can." he told me, crawling inside to gather the rest of it. Once he had his end in hand, we carried it from the tent and laid it on the table; each of us on one end, twisting the thick fabric to remove a decent amount of water.

"Down to the river?" I asked. It was the most logical place to get the job done, the warmth of the rocks and the rivers full exposure to the sun giving us the only chance of having it anywhere near close to dry by nightfall.

Heero nodded and the two of us picked it up and walked toward the river; bending to lay it down on the rocky shore. I stood and looked over at Heero who still crouched down and was staring off into space. "We should unzip them." I announced, "They'll dry faster that way.

"Yeah." He smiled as he looked over at me.

I returned the smile and knelt to assist him in completing the task; laying the two out flat and directly in the sun.


Since Heero was without question a far better chef than I was, I offered to start straightening out the tent while he cooked lunch. He had readily agreed. The truth was, I wanted nothing to do with cleaning the fish; I hoped he understood that my idea of 'cooking lunch' included preparing it as well. He didn't.

"Give me a hand with these first." he told me as I was about to enter the tent.

I turned to find him holding the bucket of fish up for me to see. "Fishing was your idea."

I cringed.

I enjoyed the sport of fishing and I enjoyed eating the fish.. it was all that stuff in between that I just couldn't deal with.

"Do I have to?" I whined.

Yes, I whined. It's a mostly effective tool and I use it sparingly, but this was one of those times I felt it would be well worth the humiliation and disparaging comments I knew would be forthcoming from my lover.

"You're whining." he noted. Bright, isn't he?

"Can't you just sprinkle some salt and pepper on them and wrap em in tin foil?" I asked. My voice was slightly less nasal, but still pleading.

He just looked at me.

"I've seen them do it on those cooking shows you're always watching."

"Did you bring any tin foil?"

"Yeah. It's in the tent." I grinned. "Want me to get it?"

"Sure. I'll give it try."

"Cool!" I intoned, reaching inside and pulling out the Ziploc bag which held the shiny flattened rectangle sheets. I rose and crossed the site. "Still dry too." I smiled as I handed it to him. "Salt and pepper are in the bag under the table." I peered underneath the picnic table. "And they haven't floated away yet either." I winked heading back toward the tent.


There was very little else that remained unscathed. Any food that we hadn't tucked into zippered plastic bags or stored in the cooler was inedible. Luckily, I'd put the cooler in the tent and the weight of the food and Heero's backpack which was sitting atop it had held it upright. I started my chore by getting rid of the garbage, leaving mostly our soaked clothes to be dealt with. Taking them out and seating them on the bench, I began wringing them out one by one, then took a handful down to the river and laid them out to let them dry.

After nearly an hour, I had just taken the last batch down, when I heard Heero behind me. "Hey. How's it going?"

I turned and looked up at him. "Good. This is the last of it." I told him with a smile. I looked out at all our stuff scattered by the shoreline.

He nodded and offered me a hand. "Let's go eat."


Lunch was delicious; the tin foil idea had been good one, even though it had been borne out of my unwillingness. Neither one of us minded picking the meat off the tiny bones and there were no dishes involved; leaving us more time to finish getting our campsite back in some semblance of order.

Together, we took the few items that were left in the tent out and the two of us began bailing it out; each with a small paper cup in hand. Dismantling it, we carried it down to the river and set it out amongst the rest of our belongings to dry.

"So, what now?" I asked, looking over at Heero, who despite it all was wearing a huge smile. "You're amused."

He looked up at the sky and over at me. "I think we better get to work on digging that trench."

"I'm afraid to ask."

"You should be." he winked, taking my hand. "Let's go."


Within a matter of 30 minutes, we'd dug a three inch wide ditch around where the tent belonged and had strung some rope under a pretty protected area to hang our clothes on. The wind had picked up quite a bit and we hurried to get everything we'd left by the shore.

"What about the sleeping bags?" I asked once everything but the tent had been taken care of.

"They're a lost cause for tonight. Just leave them there. We'll come back for the tent when the storm gets closer."

I followed Heero back up toward the site and paused at the picnic table, watching Heero continue to walk further into the site.

I knew where he was headed. "Ummm.....Heero? About the hammock....."

He didn't respond, but kept walking, stripping off his shirt as he approached the hammock. Rolling it up into a ball, he sat before shifting to stretch himself out. He tucked the discarded shirt under his head as a pillow and turned toward me. "You coming?" he asked.

I paused at the words and the deep tone in his voice. I glanced over at my half-dressed koi and mumbled the answer to his question under my breath. "No, but I have a feeling I'm going to be."

Part 17

I don't know whether it was all the fresh air, the unhurried and carefree nature of this vacation or the fact that we were so isolated that caused it; but both our normally more than healthy libido's were in high gear. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing; but at the moment, without the tent in front of it, the hammock was more exposed than before and I cursed my body and its reaction to seeing Heero laid out like that in it.

I approached in silence, waiting until I was standing just above him to speak. "About the hammock..."

He looked up at me. "What about it?.... Afraid I'm gonna tip it?"


Actually, I hadn't given Heero's impending revenge much thought of late. There had been too many distractions since that morning, I'd pretty much forgotten about it. I couldn't help but smile as the memory returned. "I'd forgotten all about that." I told him.

"I haven't." he winked up at me, taking my hand and pulling me closer. "But I've decided to let you off the hook." One hand reached up under my shirt and his fingertips lightly grazed over the lower half of my injuries. "How is your back?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, enjoying his gentle touches.

"Come here." he whispered, pulling me down so that we were face to face.

I opened my eyes just in time to see him close his and stretch his neck up to kiss me. I allowed it, granting his tongue access and free reign for only a minute before pulling back and standing upright. I shook my head in answer to the question in his eyes. "It's too open here... especially without the tent."

He looked around and then up at me. "And if we set the tent back up?"

The rational part of me had an immediate response for that. Unfortunately.... or fortunately; depending on how you look at it, that spark of rationality had no chance of surviving the lusty look in Heero's deep blue eyes or the mounting ache in my groin.

I'm assuming that Heero had a vague idea of what was going on in my head and stood, taking me by the hand and guiding us toward the river. I tagged behind him in silence until we reached the shore.

"Maybe we can use the fly [1] to give us a little more privacy."


We did just that; positioning and tying the 6X12 piece of green nylon to several trees so that it served as an effective screen. It made me feel a bit more relaxed about what we were about to do and I turned my attention back to Heero once we had finished the task.

"Better?" he asked.

"Much." I told him with a smile.

"Now where were we?"

He laid back down, once again tucking his crumpled up shirt under his head and reaching out for my hand. I climbed on top of his mid section, leaving each of my feet firmly planted on the ground beneath us. I had lost my erection while setting the tent back up and surely hadn't noticed Heero sporting one as we did so, but it was there now; and mine had fast returned feeling it beneath me.

"So, I'm about to find out exactly what you had in mind when you bought this, huh?"

"For the most part.. " he started, reaching up and resting his hands on my hips. ".. though I need to make some minor adjustments on account of your back."

His hands moved inward, both thumbs moving lightly over the prominent bulge in my shorts. "I've been wanting to do this since this morning."

"Then why didn't you?"

"Cause you wanted... what you wanted." he replied, looking up at me. "That's not a complaint." he finished with a smile.

I knew just what he was referring to: control. I totally intended to let him have it this time, shivering slightly as I thought about it. I probably didn't have much of a choice in the matter, not that I wanted one....

"Tell me what you want me to do." I whispered.

He reached up and held my back with both hands while he shifted out from under me; seating himself as I was with both feet on the ground and so that we were facing one another with our legs wide open as we straddled the hammock. He pulled me closer and I moved toward him until my thighs were resting on top of his and our bodies were as close as this position would allow.

"This is a good start." he informed me, leaning forward to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he attacked my mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside. I pushed my hips forward as we kissed, wanting to feel his hardness against mine. I moaned into his mouth when contact was made, as minimal as it was. The same thought must have been going though Heero's head because seconds later he pulled back from the kiss and reached for my shirt.

"Take it off." he ordered, watching me as I did so. His eyes traveled over my chest and downward and his hands moved to unzip my shorts and free my erection. He immediately did the same to his and brought our bodies flush against each other again; this time with more rewarding results and a well deserved gasp from both of us.

Just the tips of our cocks were touching, but it was enough; both were equally excited and slippery with need. I moved my hips so that they slid over one another and broke the kiss to look down in between us. "Still too much fabric." I informed him. I didn't wait for him to verbally agree and stood to remove my shorts; immediately resuming my position on Heero's lap. Both hands gripped my rear and he pulled me toward himself again with a greater urgency.

He knew exactly what he was doing when he'd invited me to join him in the hammock earlier, so it was no surprise that he had brought the lube with him. How he managed to conceal it and now be coating his fingers without my noticing was another story and not one I gave much thought to as two of his fingers entered me.

They had a definite purpose and within seconds he'd found my prostate; my screams alerting him as if didn't already know. He covered my mouth with his, spreading his fingers apart to stretch me further before adding a third.

I pushed away from his mouth with both hands flat against his chest and breathed out his name, followed by what he was surely expecting. "Would you just fuck me already..."

Apparently the answer was yes, because his fingers slid from within me and he began to rise, taking me with him. He maneuvered us both to a stand and lowered his shorts, careful not to let them fall into the mud below. They joined his shirt and my clothes at one end of the hammock and one hand gripped my shoulder pushing me down to sit.

Standing before me, his cock was at eye level and I immediately moved forward and took just the head of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue lightly over it to taste the sweetness at its tip. Having no patience for my tease, Heero buried his hands in my hair and pushed his entire length into my mouth; thrusting in and out several times before removing it. "On your stomach."

I looked up at him and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, positioning myself just as he'd asked. I felt his hand on me, working its way up the inside of my thigh, pressing outward to spread my legs wider. I opened them as far as I could, each one at the very edge of the hammock. "More.." he demanded; the pressure of his hand continuing until it finally registered what he wanted me to do.

I reached up and gripped one end of the 3 foot wooden bar at the top of the hammock with each hand and spread my legs to straddle the hammock letting the taut end support my upper body. "Like that?" I asked, looking over at Heero.

He was busy eyeing my position and nonchalantly coating his cock with Astroglide. If it wasn't so damn erotic it would have been almost comical.

"Earth to Heero?"

He remained quiet, but moved to sit on the hammock at my hips and then brought one leg to rest on either side of it. My body shifted down toward his as the hammock sunk slightly under his weight and I praised gravity as I felt the shaft of his cock push up against my entrance. "Mmm.... nice." I moaned, wriggling my hips.

I felt his fingers enter me again. "I'm ready, Heero.... just do it." I grunted, pushing back against the intrusion. I felt him move forward and bend at the waist, lifting me up a bit to slip beneath me. "Oh yeah......." I cried out as his cock came in contact with mine. He started rocking his hips slowly, adding another finger and driving the three deep inside.

I could hear his groans as well my own and hoped to hell he was ready to cut the foreplay and get down to business; it didn't know how much more of his teasing I could stand. I whimpered as he brushed my prostate again and sighed in relief as he finally withdrew his fingers.

"Didn't like that?" he whispered into my ear, running his tongue along the outer shell.

"Nnn... I liked it.. too much."

"But you want something else...."

I nodded and I felt him shift my hips to free his arousal and return to a seated position behind me. I heard a familiar click and braced myself, knowing what was going to happen next. I felt Heero's weight leave the hammock and he was once again hovering over me.

One hand reached forward and held onto mine, the other one guiding his cock to nudge my entrance. I arched my back and raised my hips high; giving him as much access as I could. He pushed his hips steadily forward; burying every inch of his thick hardness inside of me. "Is that better?" he asked. I felt his other hand reach forward and grasp at mine; tightly holding onto the wooden bar at my head.

"You already know the answer to that."

"Yes..." he whispered, backing himself partially out and pushing slowly forward to bury himself again. "...but I like hearing you say it."

I knew this to be fact.

"You want me to talk dirty to you, baby?" I asked, grinning as he moaned and thrust into me again.

"Mmmm.. that was nice... but I like it when you fuck me hard." His hands tightened their grip on mine and he pulled all the way out, ramming himself back into me. "Yeah...... that's more like it... " I groaned, pushing back against each of his determined thrusts. "...the harder the better."

I knew he was capable of more. It was clear that he was still holding back; I wanted to unleash it all and I knew just what to say to get it. I braced myself with both arms and legs and pushed my ass high in the air. "Fuck me like you mean it, dammit!" I growled.

There is no such thing as getting fucked too hard and if someone has told there you was, I'm here to dispel that myth.

He clutched at my hips and grunted as he began slamming into me full throttle. I screamed out at the varying degrees of agony and pleasure he wrought; urging him to do it again and again. "Oh Christ.... Heero... don't stop!!"

Little could compare to the raw power of Heero's thrusts and he pounded into me without mercy at my insistence. I knew that'd I'd be sore as hell when we were done.... it didn't phase me in the least. I continued to plead for more until I was just on verge of orgasm. "Now finish me!!" I cried out, surrendering immediately as he wrapped his hand around my cock.

I knew he was incapable of holding out for much longer and reveled in the way my muscles clenched around him with those few last meaningful thrusts. I could hear my name amidst his strangled cries as he held himself tight against me and shuddered his searing release.


I lay still for a few minutes with Heero's dead weight on top of me and then I groaned.

The next sound I heard was his laughter and then my own. "Want me to get up?"

"Umm...yeah.. up and out... out first preferably."

I could hear him struggling to oblige me. I knew he didn't want to move and he did so a little as possible. I could feel the hammock shift beneath us and his weight moving to the other end of it. "You can get up now."

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" I returned, almost chuckling.

I pried my hands off the wooden bar at my head and managed to turn myself around to face him before attempting to sit back down. My ass had barely hit the hammock, when I decided against sitting; instead grabbing the edges and straddling it to settle myself into more of a recline.

Heero looked rather amused and I made the assumption that he'd been watching me. "This too shall pass..." I informed him with a grin.

"And soon, I hope. The storm is nearly here."

I looked up to find the sun now totally obscured by heavy dark clouds. "10 minutes?"

He nodded and lowered his foot to the ground, using it to rock the hammock back and forth. I could easily have been lulled to sleep by the soft swaying motion and I kept my eyes open to prevent just that from happening.

Had it not been for the steady rhythm that he kept, I would have assumed that Heero had lapsed into sleep. "We should go." I informed him a minute or two later. "This feels way too good."

"Mmm... it does." he returned, opening his eyes.

I brought my legs over the edge; just letting the tips of my toes touch the ground and watching as they brushed back and forth over the damp grass.

"I take it the hammock is a keeper."

I looked over at him and smiled. "Yeah... both you and the hammock."

I put my shirt back on and stood and to finish dressing, fastening my shorts and throwing Heero's shirt at him. "C'mon, koi... it's gonna rain soon."

Neither one of us was particularly thrilled that we had to get up, but there was some solace in the fact that we'd already taken care of most of what needed to be done. All that remained was hanging the sleeping bags somewhere that would stay fairly dry and taking our few belongings and whatever clothes were dry and putting them in the tent.

Once he was standing, I made my way over and started gathering everything from the table and putting it into Heero's backpack. He had made his way over to where we'd hung our clothes and grabbed the dry ones; which was surprisingly most of them.

"Put all the clothes in my pack for now."

He did so and we returned everything to the tent in such a way that nothing vital was in danger of getting wet again. The sleeping bag was retrieved and laid over a line that was recently vacated by our dry clothes.

"Well.. that takes care of everything and we managed to beat the rain."

I watched Heero look around the site. "We forgot about the fly." he noted, making his way toward it. I grabbed him by the wrist. "I'll take care of the fly. You go get a towel and something to drink."

He cocked his head and I winked. "Just go do it."

He climbed inside the tent and I made my way behind it, easily removing the fly from where we had tied it up to use as a partition.

"What did you want to drink? All thats in here is Southern Comfort."

"Perfect." I replied, reaching to complete my task before Heero made his way back out of the tent. "Any cups left?"

I attached the third corner and quickly moved onto the fourth.

"I don't see any."

"Fine, we'll drink it out of the bottle." I called back.

I stretched forward and tied the last knot, moving back to admire my handiwork.

I turned as I heard Heero zipping the tent closed. "Well? Whadda ya think?"

He made his way to stand beside me and carefully took in what I had done.

He had yet to answer me and I offered him some additional information. "The top of the tent stayed dry before... so I figured the fly might be more useful elsewhere."

He smiled at me. "You figured right"

He put the folded towel down at one end of the hammock and handed me the bottle. He seated himself in the center and fully reclined, spreading his legs and beckoning me to join him. I situated myself between his open limbs and laid my head back against his chest; resting my arms on top of his at my waist.

We lay quiet for a few moments before I opened the bottle to take a sip and then passed it over my head to Heero. I heard him take a sip and replace the cap.

The rain had just started to fall and I could hear the sound of it pattering on the make-shift nylon roof above us.

"This is nearly perfect."

I tilted my head back to look at him. "Nearly?" I asked in surprise.

His one leg dropped off the side and eased itself down onto the ground and I felt the hammock begin to sway.

He bent down to kiss my forehead. "Now its perfect." he whispered.

It was.

[1] that's the piece of fabric that sits suspended over the tent to keep the tent dry in case of rain. it doesn't always do its job though ^_~

Part 18

I think it was safe to say that we were both planning on staying put for a fairly extended period of time. Aside from the fact that this was an extremely relaxing position; it was pouring rain and there really wasn't much else we could do. It hadn't taken long for the hammock to still, letting me know that Heero had fallen asleep. I reached over and brought his leg up, tucking it back in between myself and the hammock.

It had grown rather dark and the steady flash of lightning seemed more pronounced than it was earlier by the lake. Logic told me that being nestled as we were in this small protected area caused it to appear that way, but it was odd nonetheless; though not unpleasant. There was little more than the soft roll of distant thunder to accompany the bright bolts and I found that if I closed my eyes, the sounds took on a soothing melodic tone. I let them carry me into sleep.


I woke sometime later, having no idea what time it was. It was nearly dark, but it had been that way when we'd fallen asleep at around 3:00. I listened carefully for a moment finding nothing but silence. The rain had stopped which meant that it was indeed evening. I stretched my arms up over my head to help me wake and noticed that Heero was no longer in the hammock. It was rare that his leaving didn't disturb my sleep; even if for a few moments. I sat up and yawned. "Man, I must have been tired."

"I'd say. You didn't move a muscle when I got up."

I turned to see Heero in the thick of the woods off to my right; he was collecting twigs to start a fire.


He smiled and made his way toward me.

"Gonna start a fire?" I'm not sure why I asked, it was quite apparent that he was going to do just that.. perhaps I was still half asleep.

"All the wood we have is wet." He looked up. "If we don't get one started soon, we'll be eating in the dark."

I stood and stretched again. "I'll give you a hand."


I had managed to scrounge up enough small dry branches to get Heero started and suggested that he do just that while I headed off to see if I could find some larger logs that weren't too wet. I returned about 10 minutes later with 3 decent sized ones and set them down beside the fire ring. "What's for dinner anyway?"

"Only the things in the cooler survived and whatever canned stuff we had left."

"Hot dogs?" I asked, wrinkling up my nose.

"Hot dogs." came his amused reply."There's a can of corn in there too."

It was better than starving, which was the only other option.


Dinner and its chores had taken about an hour and we were surrounded by total darkness by the time we had finished. Heero put several of the wet logs nearby the fire to dry them out and we seated ourselves at the table. The storm had predictably brought with it cooler air and it was cold sitting this far from the fire. "I'm gonna go put my sweatshirt on. Want yours?"

"Yeah... I'll bring the table closer to the fire."

While I was in there, I changed into the only pair of long jeans I'd brought with me. They were dirty, but dry. I looked quickly through the rest of the clothes in my pack. "Hey, Heero.. you bring any pants with you?"


I stopped my search and grabbed his sweatshirt as well as a towel, figuring he could cover his legs with it. I was a bit relieved to find that the air outside the tent was significantly cooler than that inside. We hadn't checked the sleeping bags, but I was pretty sure they were no where near dry enough to sleep in.


Heero was seated on top of the picnic table with his feet resting on the bench, poking the fire with a long stick. I threw his sweatshirt at him as I approached.

"What now? You want to play some cards or something?"

"Actually, if it wasn't so late, I could go for a nice warm shower." I hated idea of sleeping like this. The rain had brought a lot of mud with it and we'd been sloshing around it for hours. "But I'll settle for you brushing my hair." I looked hopefully over at Heero.

He nodded and I smiled before turning back to get my brush out of the tent. Heero was still seated on the table and spread his legs as I approached. I seated myself on the bench in between them. "It's gotta be a mess."

"It is. You should have braided it this morning."

I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the picnic table and let Heero do his thing. The entire process must have taken him nearly 45 minutes. Once the major tangles had been removed, it was nothing but pure pleasure and I spent the last 15 minutes moaning.

He gathered it and ran the brush through it one last time, tying the thin red ribbon back around it. I tilted my head back up to look at him. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for bed."

"That always relaxes you." he smiled. "Let's go."

I stood and used my foot to spread the logs out, so that the fire would die down gracefully and turned toward Heero. "You ready?"

He nodded and stood, taking my brush and the towel from the table. "You feel up to sleeping in the hammock?"

It sounded great actually. Without our sleeping bags, the ground would be exceptionally hard. "Sure. Don't think you'll be too cold?" I asked, motioning with my eyes toward his legs.

"I'll be fine. I have you to keep me warm." he winked.

We settled ourselves into the hammock as we had earlier and I laid the towel over my chest and tucked it down between Heero's legs and the hammock. "Okay?" I asked.

"MmmHmm." came the reply. "Night, Duo."

"Night." I closed my eyes and within minutes had drifted off to sleep.


Morning came with none of the standard fare. I wasn't naturally an early riser, but ever since we'd gotten here, I'd found myself waking several hours earlier than normal and feeling infinitely more rested. I wasn't sure what to attribute it to; but I liked it. I stretched slightly and was pleased to note that Heero was still behind me. "You awake, koi?"

No answer.

I reached my arms up and back and ran my fingers through his hair; letting them move lightly over his face until he stirred. "Morning."

It was rare that I got to wake him up, I wished I could see his face. I used the few experiences I had to picture it; smiling as I did. I could feel his body stretching and then his arms settled down onto my shoulders, his hands clasping together to rest on my upper chest. I covered them with mine and squeezed them. "Sleep good?"

"Very good. You?" His voice was still raspy; I smiled.

"Yeah. Real good."


"You think we could take a shower before breakfast this morning?" I inquired timidly. I hated to ask. The process was not like that at home; it involved more time and I knew how Heero felt about his a.m. coffee.

"One condition." he replied.

"Sure, name it."

"We take it together and you let me do your hair."

My smile must have been a mile wide. "You got it."


We packed everything we needed and were off in a matter of minutes. The journey seemed shorter somehow this morning, I'm guessing that it had become just that familiar.

"You think we'll do this again?" I asked as we approached the bathrooms. "The camping thing?"

"Why wouldn't we?" His reply echoed my own sentiments; it was nice to hear them. "Cool." I returned, reaching for his hand.

We made a pit stop and the toilets and walked the few hundred yards to the shower in silence. Once we had reached the entrance, Heero put his backpack down and took out a paper and pen. I watched as he remained squatting for a minute or two and looked down at the paper he held in his hands as he stood. "OCCUPIED"

"Good idea!" I chimed. It was... anyone that knew the condition of the shower facilities was aware of how little privacy there was. "How are we going to put it up?"

I watched Heero bend down again and unzip the small outer compartment of his back pack and take out a piece of gum. Unwrapping it, he folded it and put it in his mouth; tucking the foil wrapper back in his pack. I watched as he chewed it for a minute to soften it, then take it out and stick in on the door; slapping the paper onto it.

He turned toward me with an evil grin and took my hand to pull me inside.


I felt comfortable with the sign on the door.

It might have been a false sense of security, but given that we'd seen no one down here since we'd arrived, I put all my faith in Heero's idea. I set my pack down on the bench and started taking off my clothes. "So, I take it you have more in mind than a shower."

Heero had removed his shirt and was in the process of taking off his shorts. "What makes you say that?"

I suppose I could have been wrong; but somehow doubted it. "Wishful thinking?"

He looked up at me shook his head from side to side, letting out a low laugh.

"Tell me you're not having hentai thoughts."

"I'm not having hentai thoughts." he replied.

I let my eyes travel downward, seeing if I could confirm or deny his what he'd just said. "Okay. You're not..." I winked. "....but I am."

He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. "I can see that. I'm sure we can work something out."

I hardened further at his words and took notice that he was now partially erect. I smirked and pretended not to notice.

Taking my shampoo and soap out of my backpack and setting them on the shelf inside the shower I deposited a quarter and stuck my hand under the spray to check the temperature before I entered. "Still nice and warm." I commented as I stepped inside the stall. I moaned as the water hit me, backing up into it and wetting my hair. I moved from under the shower head as I felt Heero enter the small space; soaping myself up while he wet himself. We switched positions again and I rinsed the soap off while Heero covered himself with lather.

The mechanics of this was something we were well accustomed to having done this countless number of times; though the confining area did make our movements a little more restricted than usual. I tried to ignore how close we were and concentrated on washing my hair. I had just finished dabbing shampoo over the length of it, when I felt Heero's hands on mine.

"You agreed to let me do it." he reminded me. I hadn't forgotten and was quick to remove my hands and turn the chore over to him. I stood with my back to Heero, his still under the water. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as he worked the shampoo through my scalp; using his fingernails to thoroughly work it in. I didn't say a word as I'm sure my body posture let him know how much I was enjoying the attention.

The shower abruptly stopped and he leaned out, adding another quarter and immediately reconvening his actions.

I stood motionless as he completed the job; smiling as he put both hands on my shoulders and turned me toward him. We switched places again and I stepped back under the shower, bringing my hands up to remove the shampoo from the top of my head. Heero moved forward and wrapped both of his arms around me to help with rinse the soap from the rest of my hair; leaving his body pressed up against mine.

"Mmm... that feels good." I moaned.

I hadn't made it clear exactly what it was that felt good. It made Heero curious enough to ask. "What part of it feels good?"

"All of it..." I told him, reaching down with both hands and pulling his hips even closer to me. "..and all of you."

I let him finish my hair before opening my eyes. Our close proximity had a similar effect on both of us and I could tell by the look on Heero's face that he was ready to 'work something out' as he so eloquently put it. I backed him up into the corner and leaned in to kiss him, shifting my hips and brushing my arousal against his. The kiss ended abruptly and Heero turned me around, pulling me back to lean on his chest and taking my erection in his hand.

His strokes were firm as his hand snaked down between us to tease my entrance. I felt his one soapy digit penetrate me; its movements as relaxed as that of his other hand. I moaned softly as he touched me. I enjoyed the slow but deep push of his finger inside me; the pace of his seduction rendering it as close to torture as pleasure could get.

I was torn between my growing need to climax and the slow, but steady rise in intensity that Heero's hands provided. I forced my hips to remain still and leaned all of my weight back against him allowing him to bring me to orgasm at his chosen pace; I could feel the fullness of his erection as it stood trapped between us. Unlike my lover, this wasn't something I had developed much patience for. "Please, Heero..." I moaned.

He bent down and brought his mouth to my ear; just breathing softly into it at first. I gasped as his finger shifted to bring me one step closer. "Soon..." he whispered; stroking me with more purpose and striking that spot within me again. I let out a loud moan of pleasure and ground my hips back into his cock, coaxing a deep moan from him as well. He rocked his hips up into me, squeezing me with one hand and fingering me roughly with the other; holding onto me tighter as my body began to shiver. "Oh Christ, Heero..." I cried out.

I barely managed to remain standing as orgasm seized me; shuddering and trembling fiercely in Heero's grip as I came. I was midway through my own climax when I felt Heero's body tense behind me and utter a strangled cry. The heat of his release covered my back, dripping down in between my spread cheeks where his finger was still assaulting me. He hunched over slightly as he peeked and I pushed back to maintain the friction he needed to bring himself off. Allowing us only moments to recover, his finger slid from inside me and let go of my now limp member, wrapping his both arms around my waist.

We both let out a contented sigh and stepped back under the shower to clean up the mess we had just made.

Part 19

Today was our last full day here and we were out of food. Our predicament pretty much dictated what we would spend a good portion of the day doing. Seeing as we had done just about everything else; neither one of us really minded taking another trip into town.

As soon as we returned from the showers, I started the fire while Heero got the coffee pot ready. I emptied our clothes out of my pack and put into it with whatever I knew we wouldn't be needing any longer; figuring it would lighten our load tomorrow. I exited the tent and put my pack down on the bench.

Heero was still guarding the coffee, so I took a walk down to the lake and got our sleeping bags; laying them out on the picnic table. They would be in the sun for a better part of the day and would hopefully be dry by the time we got back.

"Hey, Heero? Think we can do dinner tonight without the pots and stuff? We might as well take up what we can today."

He nodded. "Good idea. We can take the fishing stuff too."

Pack now filled to capacity, I dressed; once again wearing the same scant little shorts I'd worn into town last time. I recalled the effect they had on Heero and was very much looking forward to a repeat of it; the expression he wore as I exited the tent told me he wasn't about to complain.


The hike back up took us about an hour and a half. We arrived at the trail head at a little past 10 and emptied the contents of my backpack into the trunk of our car. We had discussed our options on the hike up and decided that we would spend the afternoon reunited with civilization in one form or another.

Heero pulled the various brochures we'd picked up at the visitor's bureau from the glove compartment as I slid behind the wheel. I turned toward him as I turned the engine over. "So, which way are we headed?"

"It's either the museum or boating."

I made a face to show my displeasure at the choices presented; Heero smiled. "Yeah. We could take a ride to Lake George." he offered.

He handed me the brochure. I looked it over; it was more of the same... only 3 hours away. "I'll pass." I winked.

I put the car in drive and pulled out onto the road; heading back into Wells.



It's something I don't handle well.

There are two activities I usually engage in to ward it off. The first one is probably rather obvious; the second was eating. I actually enjoyed combining the two activities even more and fought off a vision of dragging al dente strands of linguine across Heero's Alfredo sauce covered body. It threatened to make my desires known to everyone inside the restaurant and I decided that that would be a bad thing.


I swallowed hard at the stern tone in his voice "Yeah, Heero?"


I sighed. "What? Are you reading my mind now?"

"No. Your expression."

"Wanna know what I'm thinking about?" I winked.

"I have a fairly good idea." he smirked.

"Your table is ready."

We followed the waitress upstairs and into the huge darkened room. "Sit anywhere you'd like."

I smiled and followed Heero.

The space was set up like a restaurant, but had the feel of being inside someone's living room. There were only 7 or 8 small tables scattered along the edges; the center of the room left vacant.

Heero paused at a small table in the very corner of the room by the fireplace. I took the chair against the wall and he sat across from me. I looked around the room. The fireplace was rendered inactive and the hearth had been filled with an odd selection of more than antique children's toys. "Pretty nice for a pizza place." I noted.

"Yeah." The sign outside proclaimed it as such and the menu offered little other than pizza and homemade desserts. We ordered a large pie with 'everything' on it and Heero settled back into his chair and looked at me.

"Now you can tell me what you were thinking about."

I grinned.

The table was fairly secluded and since it was just barely 11:00, we were the only ones there; the tablecloth nearly reached down to the floor. I clued him in. "You sure you want to know? It was pretty kinky."

"All the more reason."

I leaned forward and put my elbows on the table, resting my head on my upturned hands. "This is really out of character for you.... you realize that, don't you?"

I felt his foot on the chair between my legs... he'd taken off his sandal.

"Linguine." I told him.


"Yeah... and you.... naked and covered with cream sauce."

He moaned lightly and pulled his chair further under the table, stretching his foot out. I closed my eyes and pushed my hips forward. "Nnn.. not a good idea, Heero."

"It was your idea."

"Mm.... I take it back."

"Too late." He began moving his foot slowly up and down my length.

I looked up as the waitress brought our drinks over, smiling at her. Heero continued to stare at me while the motion of his foot brought me to full arousal; not acknowledging her presence. I pulled my chair back and away from his touch and he glared at me. "Behave." I smiled.

"I'm trying to." he told me, "You don't seem to want to cooperate."

I leaned forward, gently reminding Heero of the shorts I was wearing and how my shirt was incapable of hiding any evidence of his intentions. The waitress returned, setting the large pie up on a silver pedestal in the center of the table and putting a paper plate down in front of each of us.

"Enjoy." she said, walking away.

Heero removed his foot.

We each took a slice and Heero picked the mushrooms off of his, licking the remaining sauce from his fingers. My eyes were drawn to his mouth as he did so. He looked up at me. "Aren't you going to eat?"

"Yeah." I picked up a slice and took a bite. The pizza was really good; brick oven baked, crispy and hot.

Heero finished his first slice and took another. I purposely avoided watching him remove the mushrooms this time.

"What do you want to do after this?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

There was nothing TO do. "We should just shop and head back to the site."

He nodded in agreement.


We'd each eaten three slices and Heero called the waitress over to inquire about dessert. She rattled off 5 or 6 different kinds of pie and we each ordered one as well as a cup of coffee.

"We should get a pizza to go." I suggested. "We can have it for dinner." We ordered one with chicken, tomatoes and onions this time and asked that she let it cool and put the slices into aluminum containers. She looked at us kind of strange, but agreed; taking with her the two slices left over from our lunch as well.

She returned several minutes later with our coffee and pie. As soon as she'd rounded the corner, Heero's foot found its way back onto my lap and he slid it in between my legs, pressing the ball of it against the base of my cock.

"Heero." I warned.

My words did little to dissuade him and he smiled as he felt me begin to harden beneath his touch.

"My shorts..." I reminded him.

"I've got it all worked out." he told me. "I want to see you come."

I took a deep breath and relaxed back into my chair, giving in to his touch. I watched him take a dollop of meringue off the top of his pie. He brought his finger to his mouth and his tongue flicked out to lick it from the tip of his finger as seductively as he could. My cock twitched and Heero smiled. "Like that?"

I nodded and reached down to straighten my arousal, taking his foot in my hand and shifting it so that it lay snugly along my length; pushing my hips forward into it. I started eating my dessert; trying to be as nonchalant as possible as Heero's toes concentrated their tease on the tip of my erection.

I moaned as I wrapped my lips around my fork, looking up at Heero. "Oh yeah..." I whispered, setting the fork down and closing my eyes. I slid my hands beneath the table and held onto his foot, rocking my hips into the increased pressure.

"Mmm.. keep going." he groaned. "You look great."

I whispered his name and closed my eyes, picturing his needy expression. He fully extended his leg and I lifted my hips up off the chair and lowered them again. "That's it.. come for me, baby." he moaned and I did; grasping his foot tightly and thrusting against it as I released. I opened my eyes to see the lust and hunger in his eyes as he watched me climax in my pants for him.

I grit my teeth. "Damn it, Heero." I ground out, trying to gain even the slightest control over my body's shuddering.

"Nice." he told me as he slid his foot down of my lap and onto the floor.

I grinned. "Yeah... nice and kinky."

"That too."

I backed my chair up and looked down into my lap and then up at Heero. "Umm......."

He grinned what could only be described as an evil grin and my eyes widened. "What?"

He leaned across the table, knocking my glass of Pepsi over and spilling the contents into my lap. I stood as the icy liquid hit me. "Shit!" I screamed and looked across the table at him.

"I told you that I had it all worked out."

I didn't know whether I should whack him or laugh. I sat down and burst out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. "Oh man... I owe you one."

"It would seem so."

Heero bent down to put his sandal back on, ignoring the waitress as she returned with our pizza.

"Ready to go?" he asked once she'd left. He took the food and I left two $20's on top the check and we exited the Screaming Eagle hand in hand.


We walked back toward the center of town picked up a bag of ice and some food at the market and put everything into the trunk.

I started the car and looked at Heero. "One more pit stop." I told him, backing out of the parking spot. "Saw a place with homemade donuts on the way here." I winked.

I turned on the radio and headed north, looking over several minutes later to find Heero staring off into space. "Whatcha thinking about?"

He turned to look at me, taking my hand and guiding it in between his legs. "The restaurant." I looked over at him briefly and allowed him to rub my hand over his erection. I turned my attention back to the road and slid my hand into the waistband of his shorts and lightly stroked his length. He moaned as I touched him, sliding his shorts down and letting them settle around his ankles.

"Mmm.. what has gotten into you today?" I asked, looking over at him again. He had reclined back and his head was resting on the headrest; his eyes were closed. I looked down at his cock as I held it in my hand; painfully hard and wet with need.

I released him and reached over to open the glove box; pulling out a tube of lube.

"Where did that come from?" he asked.

I smiled. "I thought it might come in handy after the last episode in the back seat."

"Ahh..." I knew he recalled that night.... I was out of commission for days.

I opened the tube and coated the fingers of my right hand, setting my hand down; palm side up on the seat beside me. "Come here...." I secretly sang the praises of Volvo's and their bench seats and the fact that Heero had insisted we buy one.

He moved toward me, drawing his folded knees up under himself and spreading his legs. I moved my hand upward to tease his entrance before slipping two fingers inside of him. "Knock yourself out, Heero." I told him. I glanced over at him again, watching as he wrapped his hand around his own cock, pumping himself roughly as his body rose and fell to impale himself on my fingers.

My body reacted to the sight and I shifted in my seat, adding a third finger and trying to concentrate on the road while Heero groaned in pleasure beside me. "Harder, Duo." he moaned, thrusting downward as I pushed my fingers still deeper inside of him. He leaned forward and gripped the dashboard with one hand; the other moving rapidly up and down his length. "Nnn... just like that.... don't stop!!" he groaned.

I could tell he was close to climax and I wanted to watch. I pulled the car off the road and reached over the steering column and threw it into park; replacing his hand with mine and immediately seeking out his prostate. "That's it, lover." I moaned, watching as he arched his back and gave in to my double assault. "Come on, Heero... come hard for me." I pleaded.

All I could think about was how he exquisitely erotic he looked like this and how stunned I was by his beauty even after all these years. I gasped as his muscles clamped down on my fingers. "Oh....Christ.. DUO!" he wailed shuddering as I drove one more slick finger up into him. He threw his head back as he started to come, covering my hand and the christening dashboard with his milky seed. I continued touching him until he collapsed down onto the seat and I slid my fingers from him.

He loosened my hand from around his cock and brought my fingers to my mouth, attentive as my tongue darted out to lick his essence from them. I moaned as he watched me taste him, leaning into his kiss as he covered my mouth with his to share the flavor. We were still locked in that kiss when I heard the sirens and glanced up to see the flashing red and blue lights in the rear view mirror.

"Shit!! Get dressed, Heero!"

Heero turned around and looked out of the back window, scrambling to pull his shorts back up. I grabbed a wad of tissues from the back seat and wiped his cum off the dashboard then shoved the gooey tissues under my seat. I looked in my side view mirror and watched as the two state troopers made their way toward us, one approaching on either side of our vehicle.

"You decent?" I asked, looking over at Heero. He was. I smirked and he grinned back at me, reaching for the lube and putting it back into the glove compartment.

I rolled down my window. "Something wrong, officer?"

The other trooper was peering into the passenger side and Heero opened his window as well.

"You boys okay?" he asked. "Car trouble?"

"No." Heero replied, "I was feeling sick, so we pulled over."

The officer peered into the car and looked across the seat at Heero. He was still a bit flushed and breathing heavy from our adventure and was fairly sweaty as well. "Feeling any better now?"

Heero nodded.

"It's a hot one today. Just keep that air conditioning running and take care of your friend over there."

"Yes, Officer." I replied. "I will. Thank you."

He tipped his hat. "Good day."

I rolled up my window and waited until they pulled back onto the highway before looking over at Heero... who was doubled over in silent amusement.

He looked up at me and I joined him; the two of us laughing like maniacs until our sides ached.

I pulled out onto the road minutes later; still giggling........ and in search of donuts.

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