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Teach Me With a Cherry on Top!


Duo let out an exasperated sigh as he regarded the empty, wooden cabinet where his jar of cherries and whip cream had once been present. He put his hands on his slim hips and shook his head in disbelief.

‘Oh, hell no! They just *so* did not go there again!’ he thought to himself mentally. He smacked his forehead with his right hand and let it drop away slowly across his face in an act of irritation. ‘Dear God. How many times must I go through with this?’ He slammed the wooden cabinet shut and stormed out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

Meanwhile, in said dining room, sat three, quiet pilots enjoying their morning café lattes. Quatre was sitting on one side of the table reading a "Harry Potter" book with great interest and fascination. Trowa was seated beside Quatre reading his newspaper "El Miami Herald". He had purchased it in Spanish in order to practice and keep up with his Spanish speaking skills. Wufei was sitting across from Quatre reading a book titled "Worshipping for Dummies". All three of the pilots looked up from their respective reading materials when they heard the slamming of a kitchen cabinet and loud, heavy footsteps coming their way. Wufei raised an eyebrow as Quatre and Trowa exchanged looks that had ‘Uh- oh’ written all over them.

Soon enough Duo’s livid, aggravated figure came into view as he leaned right in front of them with his arms crossed across his chest and his foot tapping impatiently on the tiled floor. "Alright, that’s it!!" He yelled at two specific pilots. Quatre jumped up in a startled gesture and held on to Trowa. Wufei quickly got up from where he was seated and left the room. He did not want to know the reason for the American’s screeching.

Duo went back to his yelling as soon as Wufei exited the dining room. "This is the third time you two little lovey-dovies eat my Maraschino Cherries and my Cool Whip without me even opening the jar first!! What’s up with that shit, man?!! You think you can just barge into the kitchen and take other peoples things without even asking? Well, hell no! You can’t!! Now you both better go out into the market and get me some more of my stash or else you’re gonna see Shinigami open up a can of whoop-ass on *your* asses!!"

Quatre and Trowa looked at each other as their mouths slightly hung open. They clumsily stood up from their chairs and held up their hands in surrender. Trowa dug into his pants and took out a little, white flag and waved it around in the air in front of Duo. They gradually made their way out to the front door without turning their backs on the braided pilot. Then, they were gone.

Duo rolled his eyes and let out another long sigh. Now he would have to wait before he could satisfy his craving. "Damn!" Oh well, he might as well go back up to his room and try to find something to do. After all of that yelling he was feeling a bit less stressed out, but now that Quatre and Trowa were gone and Wufei was off somewhere worshipping his Gundam, he didn’t have much else to do.

‘Whoa-ho, hold on a sec. You still got Heero typing away up there on his laptop. He wouldn’t mind a little bit of company. Besides, the worst he could do is ignore you or tell you to shut up or give you an "omae o korosu" and even those don’t really keep you away. Hmmm……go for it!’

So Duo turned on his heel and ran upstairs to Heero’s room. He noticed the door was shut. ‘Well, that doesn’t surprise me at all’. He grabbed the doorknob to give it a turn and open the door, but to his disappointment it was locked. ‘Aw, c’mon! It’s no fun if I have to talk to myself again!’ He inched closer to the door and placed his ear on it. He could hear the faint sound of water running through the showerhead. Duo clicked his tongue and shrugged. ‘Guess I’ll just have to wait until he gets out of there.’

A mental image of a naked Heero dripping wet under the shower, his hands caressing his own body with slick lather that ran down his perfect figure reaching every crevice, crawled its way into Duo’s not so innocent head. A shiver ran down through Duo’s body as he suddenly felt like being alone in his room.

Duo took only a few steps across since his room was directly in front of Heero’s and went inside. His room was nice and dark just the way he liked it. But after that sensual mental image that still lingered in his head of Heero and the shower, he figured he might be needing a bit of brightness for his next activity. He opened the black window curtains so only a few rays of sunshine could pour into his room. Afterwards, he threw himself on the floor on his hands and knees and began to search for his "Forbidden Box" as he liked to call it, right under his bed. When he finally got a hold of it he took it out and placed it on top of his bed. He got up from his position and jumped on top of his bed as well. He gathered up some pillows and placed them all under his head and his lower back as he settled comfortably.

He grabbed the "Forbidden Box" and rested it on his chest. His fingers found the small clasps that kept it closed and he opened them to reveal the contents of the box. Girly mags filled up the entire container. "Playboy", "Hustler", "Penthouse", "Exotic Asian Girls" you name it and he had it. Duo himself wasn’t exactly sure why he owned so many dirty, girly mags if he was more interested in boys than girls. The fact that he was bisexual, however, did mean that he could get off on tits and asses. And since he couldn’t get his hands on a particular sexy, male ass that was occupying the room right across from his, he had to settle with the printed, paper models.

Duo finally chose his most recent "Playboy" magazine edition to satisfy his…ahem…frustrations. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans so that his penis wouldn’t feel so constricted when it decided to wake up and greet the world. The braided pilot flipped through the pages of the magazine and settled on where he had left off the last time.

His eyes scrutinized the images before him. A young, pretty woman was sitting on top of her office desk. Her long, shapely legs were enclosed in black, shimmering pantyhose and they were crossed just so that her thighs were voluptuously visible. She was wearing a Navy colored suit with its matching thigh-high skirt and a black shirt. The model looked like your average businesswoman on a Monday. The next page showed her with her pantyhose off and her legs spread wide open revealing her slick, little cunt. Both of her hands were tugging down at her shirt by the bottom exposing her large, supple breasts with hardened nipples.

Duo felt his penis stretch and rise through the front of his boxers as he looked over the woman’s naked bosom. He licked his dry lips almost in an act of what he wanted to do to the model in the mag. Then he remembered that there was something that the model did not have that he preferred to have in his mouth. Specifically, that which belonged to a certain Gundam Pilot. Thinking about Heero in the position the model was in made Duo’s arousal twitch and he reached down to kneed at the hardness between his legs through his boxers. "Ahh…", a soft moan escaped from his lips as he gently stroked himself. He closed his eyes for a moment and quickly opened them again to stare at the woman in the magazine.

The model was now lying across the desk fully naked. A look of ecstasy fashioned on her attractive features as she slid the leg of the stocking over her bare pussy. Duo stuck his hand inside of his boxers and grabbed his cock so that it was positioned upwards. He ran his thumb across the sensitive head slowly at first, then he sped up as he kept thinking about Heero lying in the exact same pose as the model was doing. "Mmmmmm…..uh."

Duo couldn’t believe he was getting off more on his mental images than on the pictures themselves. In his wicked, twisted mind, Heero was the star of the show. A hot, strong guy he had grown to fantasize over. Taking hold of his fully erect manhood, he began to stroke the entire flesh from head to base in quick, rapid strokes. Squeezing the tip of his cock harder before he plunged his hand down to fondle the rest of it. " Uh, yes, uh…uh". His penis was aching from the sheer torture of it all and wanting to find release soon. Duo bit his lip from the pleasure and increased his strokes with all the strength and tightness he could manage without hurting himself. His hand easily gliding from the pre-cum his dick had begun to spurt. "Nnnnn!" With one last pull on his shaft, his body arched off the bed and his stored up semen shot out into his hand and on his stomach. He fell back onto his bed panting and sticky with cum and sweat.

"Wow, that was pretty cool," he said to himself. "I don’t think I’ve ever had such a powerful orgasm. Maybe I should think about Heero and his sexy ass more often while I do this. Of course it’d be better if he were to join me on a little exploration of each other’s body…..oh fuck me hard! Quit thinking so much Maxwell. You’ll only hurt yourself that way." He sighed slightly and buttoned up his pants.

He then swung his feet to the side of the bed and stood up. He turned around and took a look at the lovely sight on his bed…..or not so lovely. He wrinkled his nose in disdain and bent down to pull off the sheets. He wrapped the soiled covers in a bundle and strode out of his room heading downstairs to the laundry room.

Heero had finally stepped out of the shower and had gotten dressed in his usual spandex and tank top. As he bent down to finish tying his shoes, he realized that the house seemed way too quiet for that late in the morning. It was nearly Noon. "Hn", he mumbled. None of the pilots had any missions to attend to and Duo was always invading his room by this time, even earlier if he had the opportunity. He finished tying his shoes and stepped out of his room to try and find out why no one was engaging in their usual "conversations" even though he was never really a part of them, except when it dealt with a mission.

As soon as the Japanese boy was out of his room he noticed that Duo’s door was wide open. Looking around for a sign of the boy and failing to see any, he invited himself inside. ‘What the hell am I doing?’ he asked himself as he took in the view of the braided pilot’s room. Heero’s eyebrows raised in surprise at the tidiness of the area. He expected Duo’s room to be a pigsty, but it was actually well organized and clean. It even smelled like Duo and some other scent that he couldn’t quite pinpoint.

At last, his eyes landed on the American’s undressed bed and the pile of magazines that were scattered all over it along with the toppled box. A sense of curiosity compelled Heero to go and check out what kind of magazines Duo liked to look at. He went over to the bed and picked one of them up.

He eyed the front cover of a magazine titled "Hot Babes". He felt his pulse quicken a little as he took in the provocative clothing the girl on the cover was wearing. Her white t-shirt appeared to be soaked with water and her perky pink nipples were clearly visible through the transparent cloth. Heero swallowed and flipped open the rest of the magazine. His eyed widened as a series of pictures of naked, young girls came into sight on every page. Each one extending a sexual enticement.

His body started feeling warm all over and a tight ache was beginning to form in his groin area. When he became aware that his shorts were feeling too restricted he looked down at his crotch and came face to face with his spandex clad erection. He looked at his erect penis with a confused expression. At that moment, Duo decided to walk in.

As soon as Duo saw Heero within the confinements of his room he stopped dead in his tracks. "Heero! What are you….." his voice trailed off as his eyes accidentally gazed lower and he noticed the raging hard-on on his buddy’s crotch and one of his porno mags in his hand. He raised his violet eyes to Heero’s cobalt eyes and saw an odd look on the latter’s face. "Uh…..Heero? W-what are you doing?" He asked nervously. Trying to focus extremely hard at the situation at hand and not at the gloriously hard cock that was stretching Heero’s spandex.

Heero was unsure of what to say. Duo looked so adorable when he was perplexed. But he was bewildered himself at his body’s reaction to the porno mags and the baka’s presence. Duo couldn’t figure out the look that Heero was displaying and he was feeling a bit uneasy with the silence in the room, not to mention the fact that he felt a stir between his legs at the sight of an aroused Heero. Damn, it was similar to his fantasies.

Duo finally spoke up and broke the silence, "Dude man, if you wanted to borrow the magazines all you had to do was ask. I mean we’re all guys here and we need to release our tension once in a while. You don’t have to be shy or anything, even Wu-man does it and hell he claims to hate women…." He was suddenly cut off mid-paragraph by Heero’s soft, mouth on his. ‘Whoa, I sure as hell didn’t see that one coming’. The kiss was gentle and innocent, but it made Duo’s blood rush and boil centering in a particular nether region.

Heero broke the kiss as he felt something hard poking him on his stomach. He looked down and saw a bulge that resembled his own on Duo’s crotch. He looked back up at the American and opened his mouth to say something, hoping that it was the correct way of asking. "Duo", he began a bit hesitant and embarrassed. "Why in the world is my dick hard?"

Duo’s mouth dropped in amazement and his cock twitched at the mention of the word "dick" coming out of Heero’s terse lips. "Excuse me?" he asked almost as if he had heard the last sentence wrong and his mind was just playing tricks on him.

Heero sighed impatiently; his cock was starting to swell even more as he occasionally glanced at Duo’s bulge. "Duo", he asked almost in a pleading tone. "Please, what is this feeling, this reaction…", he couldn’t put it in words because he couldn’t understand it. It was beginning to feel painful.

A grin appeared on Duo’s face as he realized that Heero had never become sexually aroused before, until now. Perhaps he could take advantage of this situation and use it as a suitable excuse to touch Heero and that perfect body and teach him what pleasure is all about. He might even get laid if he tried hard enough.

Duo cleared his throat and tried to explain as best as he could manage. "Well…Heero, your body usually triggers that kind of reaction when you become sexually aroused. You see, your penis gets erect because it’s a way of telling you that you want sex. The only way of getting rid of a hard-on is through sexual stimulation…well….it’s not the only way but it sure is the best way to do it." Duo was feeling a little anxious. He wanted to show Heero exactly what he meant by sexual stimulation.

The Japanese boy listened at the American’s words and was intrigued by the whole sexual spur part. There was only one way to find out what that was. He stepped closer to Duo so that their bodies were pressed together from cock to chest and their faces only a few inches apart. This made both of them moan and gasp in aroused joy. A sense of pure desire stirred between them. Heero grabbed Duo by the chin and said, "Show me". Duo nodded at his request and moved his mouth forward onto Heero’s soft lips.

Duo’s heart leapt in his throat as he tasted those oh so pouty lips he had been wanting to taste for the longest time. He felt Heero wrapping his strong arms around his waste and pulling their hips closer together causing their dicks to rub through the material. "Ahh..", they both groaned in each other’s mouths. Their tongues snaking around each other as they spit swapped, flicking at each other before they pulled apart to breathe.

"You taste so good, Heero." Duo lay back on top of his bed, grabbing Heero by his tank top and dragging him along on top of him. Their mouths met again in a frenzied kiss pouring more of their pent up passion into it. Duo’s hands found their way into Heero’s spandex and past his boxers to grab at his swollen cock and the jewels that hung beneath them. Heero groaned deep in his throat and thrust slightly into Duo’s hand. Duo broke the kiss to take a look at his prize.

"Oh baby…you certainly are a big boy, Heero." Heero’s eyes were wild. "Duo, unn…touch me there…with your hand, it feels so good." Duo obeyed his orders and began to caress Heero’s big dick with easy strokes. "You like how that feels don’t you?" he said. He began to unbutton his black shirt with his other hand, exposing his bare chest adorned with stiffened nipples. "Just looking at you makes me all horny, Heero".

The Japanese boy was panting like a dog as he felt Duo’s hand increase its pace on his erection. It felt really good. Then he noticed the other pilot unbuttoning his shirt and running his fingers over his hard, frisky nipples and his smooth stomach. He bowed his head to lick at the bare chest and bite at the tempting kernels.

"Oh…mmm…" moaned the braided pilot as Heero rolled his tongue over his sensitive nipples and placed small nips on them. He used his free hand to grab at Heero’s balls and squeezed them tenderly. Heero hissed at the contact and brought his lips to Duo’s for a wet, sloppy French kiss. Duo caught Heero’s bottom lip between his teeth and began to soothingly pull at it, swiping his tongue inside. Gods! Heero was amazing considering he had never done this before. He felt Heero’s cock throb in his hands and he gradually let it go. Heero broke the kiss to look at Duo with a confused and annoyed expression.

"Sorry, baby, but this is my first time doing something other than masturbating. I’ve been waiting for the chance to do this with someone and none of it is going to be over that soon." With that said he flipped Heero over so that he was lying on top of him. "Besides I want to try a little experimenting." Heero put his hands on Duo’s neck and lower back and massaged the muscles there.

"Do what you want. Just don’t stop. I want more. Show me." He thrust his hips up to Duo’s.

"Un! Oh you bet I will. Ever heard of getting head?" asked Duo. Heero shook his head. "Did you like it when my hands were fondling your dick and your balls?" Heero smiled and nodded. Duo grinned naughtily. "I thought so. Well, now we’re gonna try something that feels 10 times better than that." Heero wondered how anything could possibly feel better than what he just experienced.

Duo kissed Heero briefly one last time on his lips before he turned his body over so that his cute, little ass was facing Heero’s face, and Heero’s huge hard-on was right in his face. Duo grinned hungrily at the meaty rod in front of him and he licked his lips in anticipation. "This is what we Americans like to call a 69 position. It’s like a ‘you do me a favor and I’ll do you a favor’ sort of thing. Unzip my pants Heero." Heero grabbed at Duo’s ass through his jeans and gripped the firm globes before sliding his hand down to find Duo’s zipper. Finally Duo’s chaffed cock was free from its confinements and he let out a loud moan as Heero took a hold of it in his hand.

"Ohhhh…now just lay back and do what I do. You’re gonna enjoy this". Duo grabbed Heero’s cock and gave it a few experimental pumps before brushing his tongue over the sensitive head and giving it a long, sloppy lick.

"Ahhhh….do that again", said Heero. Duo smirked and licked the top of his dick again with the flat part of his tongue, rolling the head around it. Deep, sexy moans escaped from Heero’s delicate mouth encouraging Duo to proceed. He took a hold of Heero’s balls, before plunging his mouth down as far as he could go without gagging on Heero’s manhood. The next thing that Heero knew was that he was being enveloped in a warm, wet, delicious cavern. His penis swelling to its limits. Heero spread his legs further apart as Duo began bobbing his head up and down languidly, while caressing his balls with the palm of his hand, teasing the living hell out of him. It felt incredible and he wanted more friction on his cock. Duo just took his time tasting the throbbing flesh in his mouth running his tongue over the base, under it, drilling inside the slit at the head.

Well, two can play at that game. Heero wrapped his lips around Duo’s cock. Unlike Duo, however, he didn’t take his time savoring the morsel. Instead, he began to dip his head down over and over and over as fast as he would dare without inflicting pain on the other boy. Duo’s eyes widened in surprise and a harsh scream erupted from his lips. Heero whimpered as he heard the other boy’s cry of pleasure and he sped up in his ministrations. Duo couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to be given a blowjob. It was perfect. Just like Heero. Driven with need, he stopped teasing his sexy boy toy and began to suck on his cock earnestly. Wanting to practically swallow it. He tightened his lips around the flesh and sucked on it like his breath of life depended on it.

Both boys were moaning with desire and the need for release. Duo could taste Heero’s pre-cum on his tongue. It was better than any snack he had ever had before. Salty yet sweet at the same time. Heero could also feel something tangy dripping onto the back of his throat. Whatever it was, he craved for more of it. They could both feel the pleasure building up just about ready to burst. Then with one last final, major suck on each other they both came in one another’s mouth with a strangled shout of ecstasy. Filling their mouths with hot, creamy, seed. Heero was caught off guard and some of it leaked from his mouth. Whatever was left he swallowed. Duo had been well prepared for what was to come (he-he) and swallowed Heero’s seed gratefully. They remained completely still panting and sweating. Finally, Duo rolled off and fell beside Heero. He crawled up to his side so that they were facing each other.

He looked deep into dark, glazed, cobalt eyes. Heero was so hot, he couldn’t resist the urge to place a kiss on those red, engorged lips. It was better when he felt Heero respond to his loving act and got kissed back tenderly. "So what did you think about that?" Duo asked. Heero looked at him with a predatory gleam in his eyes. Duo stared at him feeling a bit intimidated.

"Duo…that was nice, but according to my body…there has to be something more than that." Duo looked at Heero with a whole new attitude.

"You’re such a horny, soldier boy Hee-chan." He gazed down Heero’s body and realized that he was sporting another major stiffy. He grinned at this new perspective. "My, my. Well, I guess I am gonna get laid after all."

Springing off the bed, he ran to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of lotion. The sight that greeted him had his jollies up, ready to go on to round two. Heero was lying on his bed completely naked, except for that mischievous smile of his. Duo almost drooled on himself at the display. He looked better than any pornographic model in his magazines. This was Heero Yuy. An Adonis. Duo stripped out of his clothes as quickly as he could manage, his newly hard cock swinging back and forth in the process. Heero licked his lips as he took in Duo’s nudity.

Crawling his way up to the bed he attacked Heero’s form and kissed him savagely. Their tongues and hands roaming all over each other’s body. Heero grasped Duo’s rigid cock and began to stroke it firmly. "Duo, I love the way you make me feel. I’ve never felt anything like this before. You cause my penis to feel like it’s on fire. Tell me what can I do to make it more intense. Tell me."

"Mmmm….Heero I want you to fuck me hard." Duo’s words had Heero wild with desire.

"Duo I want to fuck you, but I don’t know how." Duo took Heero’s nipples between his fingers and pinched both of them simultaneously. The Japanese pilot hissed at the sensation. "Then I’ll show you."

Duo snatched the bottle of lotion that was on the bed and squeezed a large amount of it on his palm. He smoothed it over all of his fingers, then lay back down on his back with his legs opened and his tight ring visible to Heero’s captive stare. "Watch me, Heero. This is what I want you to do to me. Only that it won’t be with your fingers." Duo then took two of his lubed up digits and penetrated his tight, ring of muscle. A look of sheer pleasure and pain transfixed on his angelic face. He slid them in carefully, feeling the walls of his anus surrounding his fingers. Heero looked on intently at the erotic scene before his eyes. He wanted to make Duo feel like that. Duo then began to slide his fingers in and out repeatedly and faster. Thrashing his bottom around at the incredible feeling. He looked over at Heero and noticed that he was subconsciously stroking his member. He added a third finger and stretched his hole more. Lifting his bottom a little higher he managed to hit his sweet spot causing him to cry out. Heero couldn’t take much more of this torture…..of watching Duo. Having a clear idea of what the braided pilot wanted from him, he grabbed the bottle of lotion and pressed a huge dollop of it on his cock.

He then stopped Duo’s fingers and removed them from his ring. He picked Duo up from the waist and brought the teasing devil on top of him so that now Duo’s entrance was only inches away from his aching cock. Heero looked into Duo’s violet eyes and Duo nodded vigorously. "Does it look like you have to ask?" With one swift movement he thrust up and slammed his engorged cock into Duo’s tight entrance. "K’so!!" Heero gasped as his member was surrounded by tightness. He could feel Duo clenching wonderfully on his cock. Duo let out a loud groan and began to ride Heero desperately. Losing his mind with the sensation of being filled by Heero’s impressive cock.

"Yes….yes…God yes..". He sobbed as his lover boy’s staff slammed into his g-spot. He placed his hands on Heero’s chest for support. Heero began to thrust into his tight ass harder and faster. "Unnn…Duo..". Heero growled as Duo’s muscles gripped his penis in a tight heat. Duo began to meet his thrusts more forcefully and was practically bouncing on top of Heero, slamming himself down harshly. He bent down to capture Heero’s lips in a frantic kiss. Heero thrusting into the longhaired boy at a vehement pace, his hips snapping up in rhythm to their mad dance. "Shit…yeah….just like that baby! Fuck me hard!" Duo’s vocal cries of pleasure made Heero nearly lose what little control he had.

He flipped Duo onto his back. The braided boy swung both legs over Heero’s shoulders. Heero held on to him by his creamy thighs as he began to pound him into the headboard. Duo couldn’t take much more. This position made him feel more friction and soldier boy kept hitting his prostate dead center. Heero’s hands tensed on Duo’s legs almost at a bruising point. He felt his balls start to tighten and his cock was throbbing viciously. He pounded as hard and as fast as he could inside of the longhaired boy.

Duo’s screams were getting higher and louder by the moment. He knew he was hanging on the edge. He reached down between their bodies and stroked himself roughly. His breathing coming out in short, high-pitched cries. His mouth hanging open in an act of pure rapture. His eyes shut tight as he pumped himself for all he was worth. Then, with one last stroke on his member he came all over his stomach and Heero’s chest. "Heero! YES!!" Hearing Duo’s completion undid Heero’s own. Thrusting one final time he, too, exploded within his lover’s sweet body.

"Fuck yeah!!" he shouted hoarsely as his seed spilled.

He landed on top of his sticky, sweaty devil. Completely drained and satisfied. He let out a deep, shaky breath. They lay still for about 10 minutes before Heero rolled off of Duo. "How was that, honey bunny." Duo glanced at Heero with tired, glossy eyes. His whole face still flushed from their recent activity.

The Wing pilot looked at his partner and grinned. "I could ask you the same thing, pixy dixie." Duo let out a soft chuckle. He didn’t think sexy spandex over here was into pet names.

"So you fuck once and now you think you’re an expert, " Duo snorted playfully. Heero reached out his hand and caressed the side of Duo’s face.

"I had a good sensei." Duo blushed at that comment. "Well hey, it was my first time, too, but I wasn’t completely oblivious to the subject of sex, especially when I had your ass taunting me," he stated.

The Japanese boy took a hold of the longhaired boy’s hands and placed them in his. "Thank you for making me feel this way. I love you, Duo." Duo’s face had ‘shock’ written all over it. Heero felt that maybe that wasn’t the correct thing to say.

Duo’s face then beamed and a huge smile spread on his lips. He scooted closer to the Wing pilot and kissed him lovingly on the forehead. "Me too. I love you." Heero took Duo in his arms and embraced him. Placing tiny kisses on top of his hair.

Then Duo spoke up. "You know what, Heero. Next time, let’s do this with some whip cream and some cherries on top."



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