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How to Cook Heero

Lady Tora

Sitting haphazardly at the kitchen table; dress in all black except for white socks; Duo had on leg propped up on the tabletop and the other curled up underneath him. The paper was draped over the stretched out leg as he was munching on a tube of cookie dough. He was too involved happily feasting away that Duo didn't see Heero look at him strangely.

"What are you doing?" Scrunched up blue eyes gazed at the center of comfort that was his koibito.

"Reading the paper, want the Commerce section?" He pushed out some of the paper till they came crashing on the floor, scattering about.

"No, I mean what are you eating?" Heero pointed to the tube that reminded him of the packets of already prepared meals that had the texture of sawdust and tasted worse. He had no idea why Duo would want to eat that stuff when the house was stocked in things that had more taste then a large bowl of Plaster of Paris.

Duo looked at the tube and grinned slightly, a plan came to mind, "It is cookie dough, actually Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie dough to get technical, the breakfast of champions." He took a large suggestive bite and made the hauntingly erotic happy sounds.

Taking the hint rather quickly in the game, "May I try some?"

Nodding slightly and sucking on a sugar coated finger, Duo held out the tube. Heero pushed away the tube and went straight for the American's mouth, opening it slightly to get out the tiny piece of the sugary substance that had captivated him.

It slipped onto his tongue all hot and sweet from Duo's sizzling mouth. The Japanese teen gave a large cat-like grin as he chewed up the offering and saw the completely delectable  cherub face that begged for more treatment like that.

"I think that smirk said you like, ne?" Duo said breathlessly.

Only nodding his head Heero reached out again, only to be pushed down to the newspaper covered floor as Duo ascended over him.

"Now now, my treat, my rules." His sweet cute smile turned into a vivacious and dominant look of pure unadulterated lust…and frankly, Heero loved it.

The dainty teeth began to nip and bite at the creamy dark skin as Duo went to the collar of the large green tank top. He began to tug a little with his teeth and growl as he pulled till it made a little snag. Taking the cotton blend in both hands, the air filled with a large ripping sound as it was casually thrown into some direction. Crossing his arms and leaning in as if to kill, the bright violet eyes shimmered, "My my my, what a delicious sight." The grin never left his face as he picked up the tube of cookie dough again and placed small cold dot's on Heero chest, causing him to jump a bit from the direct coldness on his sensitive skin. "Aw, was that cold? Let me warm you."

Duo's long tongue grazed across his chest, leaving twitching yearning nerves on fire. He took the doughy offerings in his mouth, along with a pert nipple and gently fondled the rising arousal in Heero's pants.

Groaning and grinding against the gentle ministrations, the blue eyes began to close and flutter: engrossed in pleasure.

Slowly, the little thief unbuttoned the tight jeans and pulled the zipper down, slowly releasing the weeping arousal from its confinement. Still smiling Duo wrapped his braid around Heero's manhood and began to slowly pump up and down.

The texture of the hairs, tiny little brushes that tickled him to the large strong bond that griped him and threw his world out the window so fast that he didn't have time to even gasp. Heero pushed his hips forward by instinct, only to feel the coldness of cookie dough again touching his body, but not his chest this time.

"I don't know why you need this on you, you're already sweet enough." Duo's eyes flashed mischief as he licked the crown like a lollipop; short soft licks then long slow ones that gathered up the gooiness covering his koibito's manhood. By the time Duo cleaned up Heero, he could hardly keep the other's hips down from receiving maximum pleasure. Wrapping his hand around the long shaft, Duo began to slowly engulf Heero as he hummed and smiled on.

The Japanese boy felt his breath catch in his throat as he let out a long groan of enjoyment. Looking down at the bobbing head, he saw Duo looking at his reactions and gave him a wink. That was too much for him to bear, Heero lurched his head back as his filled the still smirking mouth full of his seed.

Sitting up and licking his lips, "You know, I like the taste of you better then chocolate chip cookie dough." He crawled up the spent body to prove it, letting Heero taste himself in the kiss with a hint of the cookie dough intermingling with the heady aroma of Duo.

Pulling tighter for the kiss, Heero slipped his hand around Duo's taut behind and gave a gentle squeeze.

"You think I would forget?" A thin eyebrow went up as Duo began to slowly undress himself, taunting Heero's mind and body. Slowly the buttons unhooked to show the soft skin hiding beneath, and then tossing the shirt in the same direction as the tattered tank top flew.

The Japanese teen watched in sheer fascination as the slim hands began to dance all over the chiseled chest in agonizing circles and down the pattern of soft down-like hair to the small button on his pants. It made an audible click as the zipper slipped across the track and revealing Duo's anticipation.

Crawling on all fours, Duo's eyes flashed with carnal hunger as he ripped off Heero's pants from around his knees and began to lick his way up to his lover's now hard arousal. Nibbling the inner thighs, Heero was lifted onto Duo's lap. Taking a large clump of the sugary goo, Duo began to warm it in his hands and began to insert a small bit into Heero, slowly at first to get the lumps of chips to melt properly, but he was too hot that they melted on contact.

Slowly inserting one finger at a time, Duo began to stretch his love for the next step. Heero began to groan as he rocked back hitting the treasured spot, but whimpered as the fingers left him.

Duo pulled Heero to hover above his arousal till the tip was at the perfect spot.

Feeling the tip of the head, Heero dropped himself and groaned as the sweet mix of pleasure and pain engulfed his body in waves, but the pleasure took over as he rocked back signaling Duo to drive him home.

Pushing slightly, Duo began to take himself out only to charge back into Heero like a man possessed. He liked the tight heat, the closeness of Heero's embrace as he panted, the sweet whimpering noises the erupted his throat as he hit Heero's prostate over and over till he couldn't take no more. The muscles began to quiver and shake till the clamped down on Duo, the tighter friction began to push Duo off the steep hill. But it was the sound of Heero's voice as he called out his name as he came forced Duo to thrust one more time till he felt the ribbons of fluid release from his body and engulf the sweat soaked body.

Falling backwards, Duo laid on the spread out papers as Heero slowly tried to get up.

"We sure know how to make a mess, ne koi?" Heero shifted and pulled out some of the cookie dough from his hair.

"Well, I guess we can take a shower and then clean this place before the others get home. Don't think they would appreciate the decorations." He got up slowly, stretching his cramped leg. Duo looked closely at Heero's ass and began to laugh. "Wow, Wang is down by 5 percent." He smacked the add that was imprinted on the cheeks. "What do mine say?" Duo turned around for Heero to see.

"Um, looks like the Dow Jones made a slight increase." He put his arm around Duo as the headed for the showers.

Exhausted, Quatre went to the kitchen to get some well deserved after work tea. "What happened in here?" The thin eyebrows knitted together.

"Why is there whipped cream on the ceiling?" Trowa pointed to the white mass above Quatre, but it fell in a large clump on op of Quatre's face.

"It ain't whipped cream." Quatre groaned.


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