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Ok, this one came about from a remark by Kimmie about chopping wood, and too much lemon candy. It just "came" to me... Happy New Year!

Mmmm... it's the good dream again. Heero's on top of me, pumping into me, harder and harder... making those sexy grunting noises... he's getting close, and so am I...

I wake up slowly, ok? I'm not a morning person, like Heero. It's a good thing he gets up before me, so he doesn't see the way the dreams affect me. Sometimes I have to take care of the problem before I even get out of bed, I'm so turned on. Couldn't have him seeing that, now could we? Damn, sharing a room with him is killing me... I can still see the dream as I stretch in my warm cozy bed, hear the sounds Heero was making... Hey, I'm awake and I can still hear him.

I look around, to see if anyone's in the room with me. Nope, the Perfect Soldier is long gone, bed perfectly made and cold. But his pillow still smells like him... wait, I'm getting distracted again. Easy to do that when you're hard as a rock and obsessed with your partner. I can still hear Heero, and he's not here. Odd. I look around the room, and catch sight of the scene out the window. It looks like a fucking Christmas card out there, perfect snow on perfect trees.

Weather is still new to me; they didn't bother with that much climate control on L2. Snow is beautiful, but the cold I can do without. I like to wear as little as possible, and it's too damn cold for that.

But wait a minute; the sounds seem to be coming from outside. I go closer to the window, then make a detour to the bed to grab a blanket; the cold air seems to emanate from the glass. Back to the window I go, and look out; and look, and look...

I found Heero. And the noises. The small cabin we're using as safehouse only has a wood stove for heat, and we must have gone through the wood that was left here. Heero was chopping wood.

I wrap the blanket around me and settle on the small window seat to watch, mesmerized, hard-on still throbbing in my boxers. Oh my god. The ax he's using is almost as big as he is. It must be below zero out there, and he's still dressed in the spandex and tank top. He's not human. Not that I'm complaining at this point. Those arms are bulging with muscles, and he bends over a lot...

This is *so* not helping my arousal. But I can't stop watching, and listening. The sounds I heard are him grunting with effort, each time he swings the huge ax with all his strength. It has the rhythmic sound of sex, and Heero has all the precision you'd expect of him. I bet you could set your watch by the elapsed time between those swings, and the grunts. My mind wanders as I think about what else he could apply that precision to, fucking me senseless... And watching Heero get all sweaty from his exertion doesn't help either. I don't even realize what my hand is doing until it's in my boxers, stroking myself in time to Heero's chopping. I can't help myself as I moan softly, heart and cock aching as I watch the boy I want so much... who's completely oblivious to me. But I can't tear my eyes away, even if I wanted to. Which I don't.

I know it's pushing my luck, sitting here at the window, watching Heero and jacking off, but I can't help myself. Like he'd even notice, or even care. The only time he notices me is when I screw up. I've always been attracted to the silent, cold type, but this is ridiculous. Heero takes coldness to an extreme.

But he sure doesn't look cold now. In fact, he's so hot he... oh, god, he's taking off his shirt. It's soaked with sweat, and must be bothering him. My cock gets even harder in my hand, and I can feel the moisture gathering at the tip as those muscles flex. He discards his shirt and puts his hands behind his head... my hand speeds up as he stretches casually, my eyes roving from his arms, his torso, his flat stomach, downward to the waistband of those tight spandex shorts, soaked with sweat too, and it's all too obvious he's not wearing anything underneath... Oh, shit, right now I'd sell my soul, if I had one, just for a few sweet moments underneath him.

I stroke faster; I'm close, so close, and I yearn for completion even as I know it won't be enough, won't ever be enough, unless he's the one doing it to me. Even so, I sure as hell ain't gonna stop now. He's picked up the ax again, starting to swing, making those noises again, beautiful face contorting with effort... the sounds are what finally drive me over the edge, and I close my eyes, the better to imagine he's here with me, not outside, on the other side of the glass and a world away. I groan myself, as I climax, aching pleasure shooting from my erection and all over my boxers and the blanket. I whisper his name as the feeling subsides, leaving me feeling sad and empty as ever. I open my eyes slowly, reluctant to abandon my little fantasy world. I look outside; with a shock I see that he's not out there any more. My heart pounds but I can't move; orgasm has robbed me of muscular control.

Dimly, I hear the front door slam; he's coming. I can hear him stalking up the stairs. Maybe he's not heading this way; no such luck. I can hear footsteps approaching, and the door flies open, slamming against the wall opposite. And there he stands. Still clad only in the spandex, and it clings... I tear my eyes unwillingly away, upward... to his face, eventually. His head is lowered, slightly, and he reminds me of a bull ready to charge. His fists are bunched. He's going to kill me. He saw what I was doing, and he's going to kill me for it. He's scowling, not much different from his usual expression. But he still looks gorgeous, and sweaty, and half naked, and my damn cock starts to get hard again, even though I'm about to die. Time stands still.

He stands there. If it were anyone else, I'd almost say he was uncertain. But not Heero Yuy; he's never uncertain. Everything's preprogrammed on that damn laptop of his. Except me. I've screwed up again, and he's going to deal with me. I still can't move.

Finally, he launches himself across the room at me, slamming the door behind him. He's in front of me in no time, and he grabs me by the blanket I've got clutched protectively around me. He lifts me as if I weigh nothing, and brings me close to his face. He speaks.

"What the fuck are you doing?" he demands. And shakes me.

I look deep into those cobalt eyes. Ironically, this is the closest I've ever been to him. Just before I die. I try to summon up some of my famous attitude. I'm Shinigami, right? I'm not afraid of death. I am Death.

"Nothing now, He~ero," I try to put a lilt in my voice, but I think it fails.

He growls. Actually growls. I didn't know people could do that. Of course, my body misinterprets it, and I get more turned on. Horny to the end, that's me. Hey, at least I'm consistent.

"Why?" he grunts out, not releasing me, and it's beginning to hurt. I must have winced in pain, because suddenly he drops the blanket, and with it, me. I'm a bit slow on the uptake, and the blanket falls to the floor, leaving me standing there in my boxers, which are, uh, sticky. That's ok, I figure he already knows what I was doing. I decide not to answer. I step back.

"Why?" he repeats, with a note of what could be desperation in his voice. If it weren't him, of course. He takes another step toward me, following.

I don't get what's going on. I'm confused, and I don't like it. He's not killing me. Yet. I take another step backwards. Mistake. I'd backed into Heero's neatly made bed, and in my confusion I lose my balance, falling back on the bed, ending up laying on my back, staring up at Heero. Again, one of my fantasies, but not quite right.

He stares down at me, and suddenly he's planted a hand on either side of my head, and in a flash he's leaning over me, straddling my hips with his legs. Hey, maybe this is one of my dreams after all. Damn, the boy is fast.

"Why?" he says for a third time, but this time he's whispering, inches away from my face again. I stare up at him, unable to think of a damn thing to say, witty or otherwise. His face takes up my whole field of vision, and my eyes travel from cobalt eyes down to perfect lips; I decide I'm dead anyway, so I'm going out with a bang; I lift my head slightly and press my lips to his; god, they're as soft and warm as I'd dreamed, even if they weren't responding.

Then it happens; Heero kisses back. If I hadn't been locking lips with the boy of my dreams, I would have gasped. As it was, I almost stop kissing him. But then my body takes over, and I open my mouth; Heero's tongue meets mine, hot and wet. We kiss, and kiss; finally I realize I'm not breathing, and break the kiss.

I pant, and stare up at him; his eyes are unfocused. My world is upside down, all preconceptions gone; Heero kissed me! I want more. Finally, Heero focuses on me, stares into my eyes like he's never seen me before. Then, with more tenderness than I would have ever believed, he kisses me. The kiss starts slow, almost languid; then I feel his tongue again, demanding entrance. Like I'd deny him anything, anytime, anywhere. I open my mouth to him like I'm giving him my soul, and in a way I am. I am lost; and if he stops now I'll surely die. But he doesn't; he kisses me harder, and I feel his body against mine. A lovely hard line meets mine; he rubs his arousal slowly up and down, up and down, against mine until I'm gasping for air. Damn breathing again, it seems like such a bother now. The hot skin of his chest presses against mine; it's no wonder he can dress like he does. His body feels like a furnace, burning up. Heero's heat burns me, but I need it like air. I arch up against him, craving more contact; he gives it to me, pressing me against the bed, still thrusting against me.

Finally, I remember I have hands, and use them; touching Heero at last. His skin is like silk; steel under silk, his muscles flexing. I start on his back, touching him as if to memorize; running my hands lower, where skin meets spandex, and lower. Down, down, my hands roam, over the curve of his ass and down his incredible thighs. Now it's Heero's turn to break the kiss; his head goes back, and he moans like in my dreams. The moan goes straight to my aching erection.

I pluck at the waistband of Heero's shorts. "Off," I manage to croak, my infamous verbosity abandoning me. He nods, and clambers back off the bed; I feel bereft without his weight on me suddenly. But then I get over it; another fantasy comes to life as Heero peels off the spandex at long last. He is even more beautiful than I thought. I gaze at him in all his glory; I could almost die happy now. Almost. I amend that, because naked Heero is now tugging at the waist of my boxers. I raise my ass, and he whips off my boxers; now it's his turn to stare, and he does so, with what I could swear was hunger in his eyes. For me? Apparently, because then he's back, parting my legs with his knee and giving me more of that lovely friction, cock to cock.

Now I'm moaning, losing my cool and not caring a damn bit. His hands are on me, touching me; working down. A hand teases a nipple; I arch up. Then it happens; his hand wraps around my aching erection, and it's all over. I've lost all control, if I ever had any; my hands are all over him, touching, caressing, squeezing. I spread my legs wide, wantonly; his hands wanders lower, brushing my entrance. I'm sure I scream, then, but I can't be sure. The normal laws of physics no longer apply to us.

Heero touches me again; I feel coolness, and his finger slides inside. Lube? Where the fuck did he get lube? Then I stop caring, because another finger has joined the first and he's searching for something. I moan, and thrust back against his fingers, wanting more. Then he finds what he's looking for, because I'm of the bed and screaming, "Nnnnnnnnn!" Always the intelligent comments from me. I look at Heero, and he's smiling. Smiling! Just think, all I had to do to get an emotion from him was... now he's putting in another finger, and I forget what I was thinking. Oh, oh, oh, oh... yes, that's it, I need more. Then the fingers are gone! I open my eyes and look at him accusingly.

Then I forgive him, because he's kneeling in front of me, between my legs, stroking his huge cock with lube, and smiling at me. I pant intelligently, and raise my knees, spreading my legs apart further. He doesn't move. I whine, "Heero!"

He just looks at me, and says, "Tell me what you want."

I gape at him. I think it's kind of obvious. But what comes out of my mouth is, "You, Heero. Inside me. Please. Now. Please. Fuck me!" I almost don't recognize my own voice, so full of need.

Heero finally lowers himself and whispers, "Then that's what I'm going to give you," and he's in me. Glorious, hard, hot, thick, and he's sliding in; opening me, filling me, and I think I'm going to die. Not from pain, no, but from the fact that Heero is doing this to me, taking me, fucking me.

In and in and in, and he's still pushing; I've never felt anything so good before. Then he's all the way in, and he stops. I look up at him desperately. I know I'll die if he doesn't move soon. "Please," I manage to say.

"God, you're so tight, Duo, I don't want to hurt you," he says, gritting his teeth.

I want to scream, HURT ME, but what comes out is, "You're not. Do it, please. Do me."

Heero moans, then, and it's the sexiest sound I have ever heard. He's moaning for me. My mind still refuses to accept this. Then he says, "You don't know how long I have wanted you, Duo," and he starts to move. My mind screams, why the fuck didn't you tell me! But what comes out is a strangled moan; he's thrusting now, strokes lengthening as he goes, and he shifts his angle. I see stars; he's hitting the spot now with every stroke, as expertly as I knew he would. He's as Perfect in bed as in everything else; and he wants me, he's fucking me. Overload. I think too much. Time to stop.

Heero's pounding me into the bed now, and I'm screaming for more. He's moaning, and the sounds are even better than in my dreams. He's moaning for me. Every stroke, every thrust is better than the last; I wish I could feel this forever. More more more, oh god if it gets any better I'll die. Then he grabs my cock and pumps it, and I don't die; but I scream. His name. At the top of his lungs.

It's too much; I look up at this godlike boy who's taking me and I come. I come harder than I ever have; I think I'll surely die now, as I feel my hot seed pulse and pulse and pulse; the world disappears and my lower body explodes, on fire. I know I'm screaming his name, but that's all I know; time doesn't exist for me anymore. I clutch his arms and I climax.

He throws his head back. I can feel him in me, still pumping as I release; then the sweetest sound of all; he moans my name as I feel him fill me with his hot passion. He thrusts on, and I watch his beautiful face moan my name in ecstasy. For a moment I can swear he says he loves me. Then he finishes, and looks down at me. Me, sweaty and covered in sticky seed, hair everywhere and he says I'm beautiful. Beautiful! I almost laugh, but then he's collapsing next to me and pulling me close to him. I sigh and snuggle into him. I have no idea what just happened, but right now I don't care. I just want to be here with him forever.

And I could swear, as I drift off to sleep in his arms, that he says it again. He loves me. It must be a dream.

The End

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