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An End and a Beginning 

Duo no Miko


Warning: The following story contains scenes of homosexual interaction and gay sex.
Please turn back if you feel you may be offended by such material.

Note: This story takes place between the last 2 scenes of the last Gundam Wing 
episode (don't worry about spoilers though...I think)


Move it!
I can't risk being trapped in the explosion. Not after fighting for everything... Before I wouldn't have cared, but that was before, before I had friends, before there were people I cared about... I just wish this pounding in my head would go away.

Somehow I was able to change Wing Zero into bird mode, and somehow I was able to escape. Somewhere I think I hear Duo scream. Duo. I smile at that companion, my friend... I just wish this headache would go away.

When the confusion is over, we land our five gundams on Earth. My mind feels like it's been pounded by a sledgehammer - but I push this pain aside as I've always done. I have to be strong, I have to endure. I open Wing Zero's hatch and climb out. Duo races towards me. "Heero!" He screams, wrapping his arms tightly around me. I feel his silky hair against my cheek - so soft. Damn. I push those 
thoughts aside. Duo has always just been my friend, nothing more. It was war, I couldn't afford to have had those feelings for anyone...besides, what would Duo think if I told him that...I loved him... Damn.
"I'm alright ok?" I said, a little more fiercely than I should have.

"Ok, ok..." Duo says backing off, a hurt look in his eyes. Damn. I didn't mean to hurt him. I'm just angry... angry at my own feelings for him.

The other three, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei, had already climbed out of their gundams.

"Heero! I'm so glad you're alright!" Quatre says eagerly, even though he looks like he's been to hell and back. He seems to limp slightly, but Trowa rushes to his side to support him. I almost smile at them. They've been trying to hide their relationship from everyone, but its so obvious...or is it? Or do I just 
see in them what I wish I could have with Duo?

The next few hours are a blur as people celebrate their escape from that metal thing we destroyed. Quatre invites all of us back to his compound to rest. As soon as we arrive I just head to my room and collapse onto the bed, letting sleep consume me.

I wake hours later. It's pitch black outside. My headache's gone. I yawn and stretch. I feel filthy; I should probably go take a shower. I grab my tank top and shorts, and head for the bathroom adjoining my room.

I turn on the water and peel off my flight suit. I climb in and let the warm water wash over me. I lose myself in my thoughts...

Suddenly the shower curtain opens and a very naked Duo is standing in front of me!

"YAA!" I scream in surprise.


Duo laughs, "Well, that's a first. I didn't think anything could surprise you."

A mischievous grin spreads on his face as he climbs into the shower with me. My jaw drops. WHAT THE HELL?!? Before I could say anything, Duo puts a hand over my mouth. He still has that huge grin on his face.

"Hey! It's over! Everything's over!" Duo says, "We should celebrate!"

Duo takes his hand from my mouth and puts his lips on mine. My mind whirls. Duo?!? Has he always felt like this too? Duo ends his kiss to breathe and I take 
the opportunity to speak, "Duo?" I ask him in confusion. He smiles at me.

"Don't tell me you've never felt it." He tells me knowingly.

"Yes. I...I love you Duo." I blurt out before I could think of anything else, before I could stop myself.

Duo's eyes widen at my admission. He smiles at me again, eyes holding mine. Then he wraps his arms around me, whispering in my ear, "Heero! I love you 
too...I...damn. I can't believe you said it though! Damn!"


I wrap my arms around Duo, taking his chin in my hand. He's smiling from ear to ear, tears welling in his eyes. I smile back at him. We stand there for a few 
moments, water pounding on us.

Duo stirs against me, a mischievous smile spreading on his lips. He grabs the shampoo bottle and squirts some onto my hair. He begins to massage my hair - his touch sends electric shocks through me.

Finished with my hair, Duo starts to unbraid his beautifully long hair. I help him, combing my fingers throughout the entire length of his hair. Duo sighs with pleasure. I smile, happy that he is too. I squirt a small amount of shampoo on my hands, trying to work up a lather in his hair.

"That's not enough, you'll need a lot more." Duo tells me.

"Looks like it. You probably go through a bottle a week!" I tease him, putting more shampoo in his hair. My god! He has so much hair! Isn't it heavy?!? Hmm - 
whatever, it's so beautiful, so long, going to his knees.

Duo moves under the stream of water, washing the lathers away. I move towards him, placing my open mouth on his. He puts his tongue into my mouth and I savor the slick, hot feel of his tongue against mine. He strains to put his tongue deeper into my throat. I choke as it touches the back of my throat, but I want more.

Our arms intertwine, we are worlds away. Breathing doesn't matter. I only want to taste Duo's lips, mouth, tongue, to hold him close to me forever.

Duo moves back slightly, I stare at him in confusion until I see him with a bar of soap in his hands.
"Let's get you cleaned up Heero, you need it after what you went through in Wing Zero." Duo tells me grinning.

"I need it? What about you?" I ask laughing. We fight for the bar of soap, but Duo is determined to keep it so I let him. He rubs the bar of soap between his 
hands, working up a lather. He rubs it all over my back and chest. I take the bar from him and wash his abdomen and back. Smiling, I work up another lather with the soap. I kneel on the shower floor, taking Duo's shaft in my hands. I hear him gasp as his penis stirs. I use the lather on his shaft, gently rubbing 
it in my hands. I hear Duo breathing deeply, letting an occasional cry escape his lips. I look up at Duo, he has his eyes closed, leaning on the wall. I feel his arousal grow hot and hard, its skin silky against mine. Duo screams, but before I could make him come, he stops me.

"Heero...turn around." He tells me.

I smile at Duo's plans. I feel him bend down over me, taking the bar of soap and working a lather on my buttocks. He inserts a finger inside me. It's a painful, 
but wonderful feeling.

Duo inserts more fingers into my anus, stretching me to accommodate his length. He removes his fingers and I feel the tip probe the tight ring of muscle. 
Suddenly I feel him enter me, his whole length inside my anus. His width feels much more painful, much more wonderful than his fingers. His hand reaches out for my penis. He pounds into me, pumping my shaft with his hand in unison. The friction of Duo's arousal against my anus generates incredible heat. Duo tenses as we both scream, coming at the same time.

I'm exhausted. We sit on the shower floor, in each other's arms. We let the water wash over us. After a few moments, Duo gets up saying, "I hope you're not tired Heero..."

Surprised, I look up at him, yet another mischievous smile playing on his lips. Well, I'm not *that* tired. I smile to myself and stand. We get out of the 
shower and Duo takes my hand, leading us back to my bed.

I giggle like a child as I gently push him onto the bed. We're both still wet. Duo is on all fours as I spread his legs a bit more. I take my hands and spread his buttocks. I blow into the tight hole of Duo's anus. I hear Duo breathe in sharply. I continue to blow and duo is hard again. I take his shaft in my hands 
and gently stroke it, rubbing my growing arousal against the slit between Duo's buttocks. I feel myself grow hard, and harder still, feeling the soft skin of 
his buttocks against my arousal.

Keeping a hand on Duo's arousal, I slowly penetrate that tight ring with my arousal. I hear Duo say through gritted teeth, "Now!" I slam my arousal into him, savoring the tightness I feel. I slam into Duo 
again and again, while I rub the slit at the tip of his penis back and forth. I tense for a moment, feeling an incredible wave of heat and pleasure go through 
me. I come. My seed erupts into Duo, spilling onto his buttocks. Then Duo comes, his seed spilling all over me and the bed.

Both truly exhausted this time, we collapse onto the bed in each other's arms. I kiss him softly on the lips.
"Duo..." I whisper.

'What is it Heero?" He asks.

"I still can't believe we waited this long to tell each other." I reply.

"Yeah well, we had to fight a war." Duo tells me.

"You thought the same thing?" I ask, surprised, I never thought Duo was the kind to push his feelings aside as well.

"Well, that, and you'd have probably tried to kill me for distracting you from your mission." He replies back with a laugh. I laugh with him.

"But the fighting's over now." He says, "We have the future to look forward to...together."

---The End--- 

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