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"Where is that long-haired baka?!", Heero silently fumed as he searched through the complex for Duo. He had just returned from a mission and, although he would never admit it, he'd missed Duo and wanted to see him. Snarling at his lack of success, Heero began to look for one of the other pilots. Finally, he located Wufei performing katas in the back yard. "Where are the others?", he demanded. Wufei eyed Heero for a moment, noting his irritation, before replying, " Duo talked Quatre and Trowa into going into town for dancing." 

"Nani?! Which club did they go too" demanded Heero.

 "The Inferno", said Wufei. Heero stalked off in a foul mood towards one of the motorcycles in the garage.

 "Dammit, when I get my hands on that baka, I'm going to strangle him! He supposed to wait for me!" A part of Heero's mind pointed out that this was not a reasonable expectation, but Heero was not in the mood to listen. It didn't help that the Inferno was a pretty wild club where teens and young adults went to party, make-out, and pick up one-night stands. Heero wondered how much trouble Duo had gotten into as he sped towards town. "If anyone has touched him, they are dead!" He wasn't sure what he would do to Duo, if he was with someone.

Duo was having the time of his life. It hadn't taken much persuasion to get Quatre to come along, but both of them had to work hard at getting Trowa to come as well. They'd tried to get Wufei to come, but
he coldly refused. Quatre and Trowa were playing pool and occasionally slow dancing to songs. Duo had been dancing non-stop for about two hours. He'd danced with anyone and everyone and had been enjoying every minute of it. For a moment he thought of Heero and wished he was with them, but then pushed that thought away. There was no way Heero would dance with him and Duo doubted Heero would ever be attracted to him…like
he was to Heero. Duo returned his attention to his current dance partners. He was sandwiched between two very handsome identical men he had dubbed the Adonis twins. The smaller twin was grinding against him in front and the larger twin was attached to his nicely rounded rump, practically humping him. "At least someone likes me", he thought before he lost himself in the music and concentrating on dirty dancing with his partners. He didn't notice disaster approaching…until it was too late.

Heero entered the Inferno, eyes scanning the crowd for his fellow pilots. He spotted Trowa and Quatre by the pool table. He walked over and ground out, "where's Duo?" Quatre smiled and Trowa raised an
amused eyebrow, "Heero, I'm so glad you made it back safe", said Quatre. "Duo's over there" and he pointed to the dance floor where a huge crowd
was gathered in a circle. "Let me guess…he’s in the middle of the circle isn't he?" smirked Heero.

 "Where else?" teased Trowa. Heero pushed his way through the rowdy crowd as they shouted encouragement to the gyrating dancers in the middle. Heero reached the center of the crowd and gaped at the scene before him…then the green-eyed monster hit him. Duo was dressed to kill in tight ripped jeans that had strategic tears at the bottom of each cheek allowing a brief look at the blushing undercurve of Duo's delectable bottom. His top was a tight crop top that showed off a sweat sheened, tightly muscled abdomen. Duo's hair was in a loose ponytail topping off a look that made him incredibly sexy and beautiful. " He practically has screw me written all over him!" Heero could feel the lust rising as the crowd gazed at the wildly gyrating beauty.

Heero totally lost it as one of the twins gripped Duo's bottom. "They're practically having sex on the dance floor!!" he raged. Heero moved towards the dancing trio with murder in his eyes and chants of
*Duo is MINE!* roaring in his head. "I'm going to kill all 3 of them" he vowed. *Those overblown twins would die a bloody death for daring to touch MY Duo, but Duo was going to get a different kind of death tonight*. "You won't walk straight for a week after I've finished with you", Heero vowed

Duo felt a hand squeeze his bottom and grinned. He began to dance even more erotically, when he suddenly felt a hand on his arm that yanked him
away from the twins. Duo wondered who the culprit was and turned to give him a piece of his mind, when the words died in his throat. Duo met Heero's enraged glare and swallowed slowly. *Oh shit, I am so dead, no one will ever find all the body parts*, he mourned feeling the chill of that look. One of the twins foolishly objected to Duo being withdrawn from the dancing and grabbed Heero's arm. Heero turned and punched the twin hard in the face, he fell to ground out cold. The bigger twin bellowed in anger and took a swing at Heero and was knocked
out cold as well. *This is my chance to get away*, thought Duo. He made a break for the doors.

Heero felt satisfaction as he gazed down at the twins, revealing in the defeat of his competition. *Now it's time to deal with Duo* He turned around in time to see Duo making a run for it. *Oh no Duo, there's no escape for you. Not now, not ever*, he thought. Heero calmly reached out and grabbed the end of Duo's ponytail, yanking him back by it. "OUCH", yelped Duo. Duo threw a pleading look at Quatre and Trowa, who grinned back and shook their heads no. Quatre smiled, thinking softly to himself *It’s about time!* Heero grabbed Duo and
threw him over his shoulder and marched out of the club and dropped him on the motorcycle. Duo immediately tried to get away again. Heero
pinned Duo to the ground and pulled out some rope stored in the bags on the motorcycle. He swiftly tied Duo to the motorcycle and headed back to the complex.

Back at the complex, Heero left Duo's hands tied behind his back and carried him to the room they shared. He flung Duo onto the bed and stared down at him for a moment…then bent down and drew a knife from his boot. Duo's eyes widened and he began to babble, "You don't want to do
this Heero! Why are you so mad at me?" 

"Oh I definitely want to do this, Duo." grinned Heero evilly. He leaned over Duo and began to cut off
his clothes.

"What the hell are you doing Heero", yelled Duo.

"Shut-up, Duo. You’re mine Duo, MINE! Did you think I'd let you be with anyone but me? I'm the only one who's going to touch you Duo, so you'd better
accept it", said Heero.

For once in his life Duo was speechless. When had Heero started to feel this way and why hadn't he noticed it. "I'm not a slut you know. I was just dancing with them. It didn't mean anything", pleaded Duo.

Heero smirked, "It doesn't matter, I'm going to make sure you understand who you belong to tonight." Heero gazed down at Duo's nude form, "God", he thought, "how can he be real. He's so beautiful". He
reached out and released Duo's hair from its ponytail, the silken mass fell around Duo like a veil. Heero had dreamed of having Duo like this…naked, with his hair down, helpless, to do with as he pleased.
Heero leaned over and began to hungrily kiss Duo's mouth. "Oh my god", Duo thought. "This can't be happening; if it’s a dream, please don't let me wake up." Heero's hands began to move over Duo's silken body. One settled into his soft hair, while the other stroked his nipples. Duo arched his back, pushing his chest forward to encourage Heero to continue. He had never felt like this before or been as excited like
this before. He knew he should be mad at the barbaric way Heero was claiming him, but he was in love with Heero and had been for a long time.

Heero could not get enough. Duo's moans were so sweet and exciting. "No one will ever see or hear him like this but me…NO ONE", he swore. He began to kiss his way down Duo's body to finally reach Duo's sex. It was as beautiful as the rest of him thought Heero as he took it into his mouth. Duo's moans became even more impassioned. *I won't stop until
I have his complete surrender*, Heero thought. Duo writhed wildly underneath Heero. "I want you inside me, please…I was saving it for you. You will be my first and only…koibito", begged Duo.

Duo's words shattered Heero. He stopped thinking about conquest and surrender and began to truly make love to his precious Duo. He released Duo's hands and gently reached out and cupped Duo's chin. “There's no going back after this. You do understand that don't you, Duo?” 

“Yes”, Duo moaned, “don't stop.” Heero began to use his lubricated fingers to stretch and prepare Duo for being penetrated by him. When he saw Duo was ready, he entered Duo as gently as he could. There was some pain, but it was insignificant compared to the beauty of the act; finally, Duo and Heero would be one. When Duo relaxed, Heero began to thrust inside of him. Duo felt like he was in heaven, it was
so special because it was Heero who was making love to him…claiming him.

Heero sped up his thrusts and slipped a hand around Duo's erect sex and began to stroke him. The intensity and pleasure increased until both exploded and became one. The two lay sated and exhausted in the bed.

"I love you…you know that don't you?" asked Duo. "I have for some time now." 

"I feel the same way", said Heero. "Whatever happens from here on out, we'll face it together and we'll survive because we both have something special to live for."


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