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Sex by Chocolate




Title: Sex By Chocolate
Author: Jade
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi, lemon
Disclaimers: Don't own, don't sue, don't ask, don't tell

Heero strode into the living room, and came to a standstill; Duo was sitting in the middle of the living room, surrounded by candy.

Glancing up and seeing Heero's expression, or lack of it, Duo offered, "Hey, Hee-chan! We have all this leftover candy! Want some?" Of me, he added mentally.

Why did everything Duo do or say sound suggestive? Heero thought to himself. It must be wishful thinking, he chided himself. He steeled his resolve; Duo would just reject him. "Candy isn't good for you. I told you not to buy so much."

"But leftover candy is half the fun!" Duo pouted, "Too bad we didn't have many trick or treaters."

Nearly mesmerized by Duo's sensuous lips, Heero mumbled, "I don't understand the whole Halloween thing anyway."

Duo licked some chocolate off his fingers, wishing it was Heero's erection he was licking. I'm hopeless, he thought, Heero is oblivious. "I don't know the origins myself, I just remember that it was almost the only time we ever got candy at the orphanage." Duo looked wistful.

Baka, Heero chided himself, now you've made him sad. Heero wanted to take the braided boy in his arms comfort him, but Duo would probably hit him. For the life of him, Heero couldn't think of a thing to say that wouldn't give away his feelings. "Hn," was all he said as he fought the arousal that loomed as he watched Duo's tongue caress his fingers.

"Come on, Heero," pressed Duo, "Have you ever even tasted chocolate?"

I'd rather taste you, Heero thought, but said, "No."

Come and lick some off my body, thought Duo, but said, "One piece won't hurt you."

I'd like to have a piece of that ass, mused Heero, and surprised himself by saying, "OK."

Duo was surprised as well. Maybe he should ask Heero something else since he seemed so agreeable. "What do you want, then?"

You, thought Heero. Instead he said, "I don't know. You choose for me."

Duo grinned, imagining putting chocolate on his… and stopped that train of thought before his arousal got any more noticeable. Looking at all the candy, he finally chose a piece of Dove dark chocolate, wrapped in shiny foil. Not too sweet, incredible texture. He held it out to Heero, who looked at it dubiously. "Want me to, uh, unwrap it for you, Heero?" Duo almost stumbled over his innuendo.

Oh, god, yes, thought Heero, but answered, "No, I'd rather do it myself." He pictured unzipping Duo's pants, reaching into those silky boxers that drove him mad.

And would I ever love you to, thought Duo. His pants were getting tighter by the minute, and he shifted slightly to hide this fact. "Here."

Heero realized his arousal was getting bigger, so to hide it, he sat down on the floor beside Duo, and took the candy from him. Their fingertips brushed as Heero took the chocolate, and a shock ran through both boys at the contact. Their eyes met, then they both quickly turned away, both surreptitiously trying to hide their now raging erections.

Heero concentrated on unwrapping the chocolate, which suddenly seemed to be too much for his normally dexterous fingers. Finally, he succeeded, and dubiously eyed the small, dark square. He looked at Duo.

"Go ahead eat, um, it," Duo nearly giggled.

Heero frowned at Duo, but carefully bit off a small piece of the chocolate. His eyes widened. The taste was amazing. It was sweet, and rich, and coated his tongue with delicious silk. He had never imagined such a taste. Food was fuel, pain and simple. It wasn't meant to be this good. He looked at Duo. Just like no one was meant to be that beautiful. It wasn't fair.

Duo peered anxiously at Heero. He had a strange look on his face. "Do you like it?" Duo asked hesitantly.

Heero was still savoring the small bite. Words failed him, so he nodded. The only he could think of that would have been better than chocolate was if he were eating the chocolate off Duo.

Duo eyed the chocolate, jealous of the fact that it got to be in Heero's gorgeous mouth and not him. Maybe it was too much sugar, or not enough blood flow to his brain, but Duo ached to touch Heero. He needed to touch him, feel him, in the worst way. Duo felt completely reckless. He made a snap decision.

Heero decided to take another bite, and just as he was about to put the chocolate in his mouth, Duo abruptly… took it. Right out of his hand. Heero stared at Duo in confusion.

"You like it? You want it back? Come get it then," Duo challenged, leaning back out of reach. Why the hell am I doing this?

What the hell is he doing? Heero thought. Then he thought, fuck it, if I attack him maybe at least I can touch him… "Ok," Heero said, and launched himself at Duo, trying to snatch the chocolate back.

Duo laughed delightedly as Heero's weight bore him to the carpet. This was more like it! Duo rolled, keeping Heero from pinning him, and striking out at Heero's supporting arm to make him collapse. Heero saw this coming, though, and used his other arm to sweep Duo's arm above his head. Heero tried to pin the hand, but Duo continued to roll, this time locking a leg around Heero's and rolling partially on top of him. Heero took control, however, by continuing to roll, flipping Duo back underneath him, ending up with a leg on either side of Duo and one of Duo's hands pinned above his head. Unfortunately, or fortunately, somewhere in the wrestling match they both forgot about keeping their lower bodies separated, and this fact occurred to them both nearly simultaneously as hardness met hardness. Pressed together from thighs to chest, there was no way to hide. Time stood still as realization hit.

Oh my god he's going to kill me he can tell wait a minute what's that oh fuck he's hard too what the hell is going on oh shit he wants me! Duo's mind raced faster than his mouth for once. All that came out was, "Heero?"

Heero couldn't think at all, all he could do was feel, feel the arousal pressing against his, feel Duo's heart pounding in time with his; he stopped trying to think and pressed his lips to Duo's, too fast to stop himself. Heero felt his sanity flee as Duo opened his mouth to him. All that existed was this moment, this feeling, this taste of Duo mixed with chocolate, this icy fire burning through him.

Leaving the point of no return far behind, Duo flung his free arm around Heero and rocked his hips up and Heero invaded his mouth, hot and sweet. Rewarded by Heero thrusting back and moaning into his mouth, Duo ran his hand down, down, to touch the body he had dreamed of.

Heero realized he had a free hand too, and slid it underneath Duo's shirt. Duo's skin was as soft as it looked, and as sensitive. Heero rocked his hips in answer to Duo's and brushed a nipple, making Duo gasp so much they broke the kiss.

For what seemed like an eternity, violet met cobalt, drowning in liquid depths. Heero held his breath, afraid that Duo had changed his mind. Then Duo produced the missing chocolate, popped it in his mouth, and proceeded to return it to Heero, personally.

Their lips locked for long minutes, tongues warring, hands roaming and erections throbbing. Gasping for breath they parted, unwillingly.

Heero couldn't get enough of this feeling, kissing Duo. Just the promise of what lay ahead made it all the sweeter. But Duo wasn't as patient.

"Clothes. Off. Please," the braided boy panted.

Heero was only too happy to comply, suddenly anxious to know what Duo's naked skin felt like against his. Sitting up, they both managed to struggle out of their clothes more quickly then seemed possible. Soon, nothing stood between them save two dripping arousals. Lowering his body onto Duo's again, Heero savored every square inch of skin that was pressed together.

Duo felt as if his body was on fire. Heero's skin against his was too much; yet he needed, craved more. All the months of wanting, dreaming, fantasizing about Heero crystallized into one pure need; the need to be as close to Heero as possible, no barriers, not ever again. He needed Heero inside him; needed it like he needed air.

Heero looked down at Duo, thinking of all the times he'd dreamed of this; yet never in his hottest dream had Duo looked as good as he did now, in real life, in his trembling arms. He needed to take Duo, make him his, in the most intimate way possible. Heero shivered as he realized that nothing was going to stop them.

Heero started kissing Duo lower and lower, blazing a trail down Duo's chest, pausing to tease a nipple, but continuing inexorably down. As Duo realized what Heero was doing, he started breathing faster; the world narrowed even more, to include only his body and Heero's mouth. Arching up to meet those lips, Duo moaned with need. Then Heero's tongue darted out to taste Duo's arousal.

Heero savored Duo's taste as well as the erotic pleas that he produced. He needed to hear Duo make more sounds. But one thought from his usually well-ordered mind managed to break through, and in a flash he was up and out of the room.

Duo whined; where had the wonderful feeling gone? He raised his head and saw Heero coming back with a tube, and smiled. Nothing to hinder them now. Spreading his legs wider apart, Duo asked without words.

Heero accepted, kneeling between silky thighs to find his paradise. Lowering his head again, Duo felt Heero's mouth on him at the same time as he felt lubricated fingers enter him. Drowning in sensation, Duo spread his legs wider, giving Heero access to his body and his soul. No words were necessary or even possible; Duo pushed against the invading fingers, wanting more, and Heero supplied it, all the while ravishing Duo's arousal with his mouth. Soon they were both more than ready.

Heero sat up, positioning himself; gazing at the boy who would forever be his first love, there was only one other thing he needed. Heero looked into Duo's eyes as he slowly reached for his braid, asking permission. Duo nodded, and helped Heero loosen the silken waves until they surrounded him. Now everything was perfect, the scene etched into memory forever, the night Heero and Duo first made love.

Leaning forward on one hand, Heero guided his aching erection with the other, nudging just against Duo's entrance. Duo gasped at the pressure; then Heero was in, his tip pushing forward slowly, Duo's body accepting the insistent hardness and embracing it.

Deeper and deeper into paradise Heero pushed, not stopping until he was buried in Duo, two bodies as one. Heero needed his iron control; Duo's tight body gripped him like a vise, squeezing him tight and asking for more. Never, never had he imagined anything this good, this right. He waited until Duo was ready.

Duo lay back and gazed up at the boy who was taking him. Heero looked like a god, all straining muscles and sweat-sheened skin, eyes closed and mouth open in concentration. As Heero slid deeper, Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's back, urging him farther still. The pressure, the promise of ecstasy built, and Duo moaned, begging wordlessly for more.

Finally, they were both more than ready, and Heero began to stroke. Back he pulled, nearly all the way out, until Duo felt bereft; then he plunged back in, a cry torn from his throat as Duo's heat gripped him again. Over and over, faster and faster, Duo meeting every stroke eagerly.

Every thrust felt better than the last; Heero lost himself in the friction. He changed the angle of his thrust, needing to be deeper. He could tell from Duo's reaction that he'd hit the right spot. Duo went from moaning to outright screaming; filled and stroked until he thought he couldn't bear any more pleasure. Then it got better still; Heero had taken Duo's rock hard cock in his hand and was stroking it rhythmically.

Duo's cries and tightening muscles nearly made Heero climax, but he held back with his last ounce of self control. Teetering on the brink of ecstasy, Heero refused to succumb before Duo. Squeezing Duo more tightly, he pounded and stroked.

Duo wanted it to last forever, this amazing feeling of Heero inside him; but it was out of his control now. The boy giving him ultimate pleasure was demanding he climax. He could resist no longer, and the world dissolved into pure white coursing heat as he emptied his passion with a cry of his love's name.

Only when he saw and felt Duo's climax did Heero allow himself to surrender to the inevitable. He thought his lower body would explode as climax took him where he'd never been before, and he filled Duo with pulse after pulse of his passion.

Sated at last, the two boys, now lovers, collapsed in a sweaty embrace. Heero smoothed back Duo's hair, and looked deep into violet eyes. "Ai shiteru," he whispered.

"Love you too, Hee-chan," murmured Duo. He closed his eyes, then opened them again. "Remind me to give you chocolate more often!"

The End

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