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Easy Rider


This fic is a birthday present for my favorite yaoi disciple, Ged. I'd better not say how old he is; but he asked for a fic where Heero gives Duo a special birthday present; I "came" up with the rest of the details. Since Ged and I share an obsession for the J-pop singer Gackt, I added him in as well. If you don't know who he is, you should; Gackt is a yaoi fan's dream come true. And his music is great as well.

Heero sat at his laptop, watching Duo out of the corner of his eye. The braided boy had his headphones on for once, bopping to a silent beat, but Heero still knew what song he was listening to, for two reasons. One, Heero could read lips and recognized the lyrics Duo was singing; and two, Duo had been listening incessantly to the same songs for days now, over and over. Duo had a new obsession, and its name, or rather his, was Gackt.

Duo had tried to get Heero interested in the Japanese singer, playing the songs for him and showing him the videos. Heero admitted he was talented, but Duo was obsessed. Heero didn't quite understand. Duo would sit and watch the video he'd downloaded over and over, face glued to the singer's gyrating hips, sighing, "Kawaii..." every time he saw Gackt simulate the actions of the sexy lyrics with his equally kawaii male bandmates. Heero had to admit he was slightly jealous; though he hadn't yet been able to admit his feelings for Duo out loud, he wished Duo would react to him that way... Gackt was sexy, but to Heero, his longhaired roommate was the most beautiful thing in the world. Heero sighed; even though he knew that Duo was attracted to boys, he thought he would just have to admire the longhaired pilot from afar. Heero brightened as he read his incoming email; he had managed to find a pair of tickets to the sold-out Gackt concert that Duo had been pining over. Duo didn't know how much time Heero had been spending searching for those tickets when he should have been working. They had cost a great deal of money, but that was no problem; he had just skimmed the money from one of the OZ accounts he could easily access. He completed the money transfer, and the tickets would be waiting for him at the box office. He would run out and get them tonight. Tomorrow was Duo's birthday, the same day as the concert, and Heero was going to surprise him. Duo didn't think that anyone knew his birthday, but Heero had made it a point to know everything he could about the boy he fantasized about. He couldn't wait to see Duo's face when he told him.

Heero glanced up, and groaned; now Duo was dancing, imitating Gackt's dance steps, complete with thrusting hips, singing out loud: "Aishitemo iikai..."

The next day, Heero let Duo sleep late; luckily, there were no missions, and they had the safehouse to themselves.

Duo stretched languidly, savoring the warmth of his bed. He opened his eyes lazily, and silently wished himself a happy birthday. He snuggled under the covers, wondering where Heero was and why the other pilot had let him sleep in. Usually he complained vigorously when Duo slept long, all but dragging Duo out of bed. Not that Duo minded that much; at least Heero was paying attention to him. Duo snorted; that sounded pathetic, even to him. Duo was hopelessly in love with his cobalt-eyed partner; he loved watching the videos of Gackt because in them, the singer's ever-changing hair was shorter and brown and he sometimes wore blue contacts, making the Japanese singer resemble his gorgeous roommate slightly. Duo entertained himself by imagining it was Heero on the stage, dressed in skintight pants, thrusting his hips and singing to him. Duo decided he was hopeless, but he just couldn't help himself. Thoughts of his partner brought on the usual effect; now Duo's cock ached and he thought about Heero even more. Duo's hand stole under the covers to squeeze his hard length through his boxers, moaning softly and thinking of Heero touching him.

The door flew open, and Heero came stalking in, dressed in his usual spandex, looking beautiful as ever. "Good morning, Duo," Heero said, surprising Duo even more by handing the longhaired boy a cup of coffee.

Duo looked suspiciously at the coffee, then Heero. "What's going on?" he demanded. Heero was being much too nice. He took a sip of the coffee; it was perfect, laden with sugar but no cream. Just how he liked it.

Heero would have laughed out loud if he could; Duo was adorably confused. Heero just wanted to take him in his arms and... "The coffee isn't good?" he asked innocently.

Duo frowned; Heero was acting decidedly odd. "It's perfect, thank you, Heero. But what's up?" Other than me, his hentai mind supplied helpfully as Duo remembered to keep the covers over his lap. Duo almost gasped as Heero moved closer, sitting on the edge of the bed. Heero was so close, he could easily reach out and...

Heero smiled slightly; he couldn't help it. He was doing something nice; he was about to make his friend very happy. Even though Duo would never want to be more than his friend, Heero still wanted to be near him and make him happy. He reached behind him, pulled the tickets out, and said, "Happy Birthday, Duo."

Duo's mouth fell open; his eyes went from Heero's face to the tickets and back again several times. He opened and closed his mouth but nothing came out. Finally, he found his voice. "H-heero? How? How did you know? How the fuck did you get fourth row tickets to a sold out concert?"

Heero just smiled.

Duo couldn't believe it; the surprise was too much for him. "Heero!" he squeaked again and threw himself at the other boy, hugging him hard. "Thank you so much!"

Now it was Heero's turn to be shocked; he had dreamed countless times of having Duo in his arms, and now here he was. And Heero had no idea what to do about it. He raised his hands slowly, and tentatively hugged the braided boy back, reveling at the feel of the slim body in his arms, pressed against him, the heat of Duo's body burning him...

"You're welcome, Duo."

Duo pulled back slightly so he could see Heero's face. He was trying hard not to cry; no one had ever done anything this nice for him. "Will you come with me?" he said hopefully.

"Of course, baka! Do you think I'd let you go to this concert alone? You'd get arrested." Heero replied.

Duo giggled. "You're probably right. Oh god, it's tonight! What am I going to wear? We're gonna see Gackt! Oh, my god!" Duo jumped out of bed and rushed to the closet, rummaging. Heero smiled to himself.

"We need to leave by four to get there in time," Heero informed him, watching the cute ass wiggle. "Can you manage that?"

"Sure!" a disembodied voice came from the closet. Then a disheveled head popped out. "Thanks again, Heero. You don't know how much this means to me." Really, he thought to himself.

"No problem, Duo. Just have a good time." And I will have a good time just being near you, Heero added to himself.

They did some maintenance on their Gundams and went for a jog. Then it was time to get ready. Duo disappeared, and Heero was just beginning to worry that Duo had drowned in the shower when the longhaired boy reappeared. It was Heero's turn for openmouthed surprise; Duo looked incredible. He was poured into a pair of skintight, bleached-out jeans that hugged his hips and incredible ass, and on top he wore a black mesh shirt that shimmered and showed off his smooth chest as he moved. His hair was loose and fell about him in waves. Heero's body reacted predictably, and when Duo purred, "Ready?" it was nearly too much for him.

Heero moved quickly behind the kitchen counter to hide his arousal; he was still wearing his usual spandex, which wasn't famous for hiding hard-ons. "Um, you think I should change?"

Duo smiled; he liked Heero just the way he was dressed. He couldn't think of a better way to admire that perfect body than in spandex shorts and a tanktop. Other than removing them. "No, Heero, you're fine." Oh god, you have no idea how fine...

Their current transportation was a motorcycle; though Duo frequently complained that the wind messed up his hair, he actually loved wrapping himself around Heero in order to stay on. Heero didn't mind at all when the longhaired boy pressed against him. Also, it was easy to find a parking place. They roared off into town.

The lights dimmed; the crowd roared, and Duo squirmed excitedly in his seat. He had already thanked Heero at least a hundred times, hugged him exactly seven times (Heero had counted) and was rattling on excitedly.

Heero couldn't help but notice that the majority of the audience was female; he and Duo drew their share of admiring glances, but the longhaired boy seemed oblivious. Heero thought wistfully, it's almost like a date, then sneered at his own sappiness. Duo was in lust with Gackt, not him.

Duo was thrilled; he was out, with Heero, and Heero was actually paying attention to him, exclusively. He could pretend to himself it was a date; that his beautiful partner felt something for him. He clutched at Heero's arm as Gackt took the stage, trying not to drool over the hard muscles.

The band took the stage; Duo sang along with every word. The crowd surged forward; Duo and Heero were swept along, and found themselves standing on the front row of seats, with a perfect view of the stage, barely 15 feet away.

The show was half music, half theatrics and thoroughly entertaining; Gackt worked the crowd perfectly, singing to the audience and tantalizing them with his presence.

Heero watched Duo as the longhaired boy's favorite song, Vanilla, began. It was completely sexual, and the singer's seductive aura held the audience captive. Duo sang along with the suggestive lyrics, thrusting his hips along with the singer. Gackt prowled the stage, stopping directly in front of the two boys. He sank to his knees, thrusting his hips forward in an obvious simulation of sex, and with a start Heero realized he was singing directly at Duo. Duo sang back, flirting wildly with the singer, mirroring his actions. Heero felt Gackt's eyes sweep over him, then he danced over to the guitar player, running his hands suggestively over the other man before turning around and pressing his ass against him, bending forward and gyrating his hips. The guitar player played along, thrusting against him and throwing his head back. Gackt did all this while staring directly at Duo, as if challenging him.

Duo smirked and accepted the challenge, still mirroring his actions, and Heero finally felt those hands on him like he'd dreamed of. He couldn't help becoming rock hard instantly; and when Duo rubbed his ass against him there was nothing he could do.

Duo was having the time of his life; Gackt was singing to him, and he really hoped Heero would forgive him for this later, but he couldn't help himself. The singer kept encouraging him, and Duo wanted desperately to touch Heero. So he thrust his ass back against Heero, imagining what it would feel like to have Heero's hard cock rubbing against him... Duo gasped as he felt the hardness against his ass. His head whipped around, hair flying, as he stared at Heero incredulously. Could it be?

Heero blushed; he was caught. What would Duo think of him now? He knew Duo was just playing, that this meant nothing... then those violet eyes were on him, and he couldn't meet them. He dropped his eyes, mouthing, "Sorry."

Duo looked at Heero; he had never seen the other boy blush. Heero wanted him? All his dreams came true in an instant; he grinned happily. "Heero!" he called, but the cobalt-eyed boy wouldn't look up. Heero looked so upset. How could he let Heero know he returned those feelings?

Heero felt Duo take his hand, but he still looked away, not wanting to see pity in the violet eyes. Then Duo placed his hand on... Heero looked up in shock as Duo placed Heero's hand on his own erection. Duo was hard too! He opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly Duo's mouth was on his, and they were kissing desperately. The crowd around them cheered enthusiastically as the two boys kissed. Even Gackt cheered them on.

They kissed, hot and sweet and hard, and it didn't matter where they were. Heero's hands slid down Duo's back, touching the silky hair at last, and the firm body. His hands came to rest on Duo's ass, the subject of many fantasies. It felt as good as it looked, and Heero pulled Duo tighter against him, gripping the perfect ass firmly.

Duo moaned into Heero's mouth as he felt the other boy's hands on him; he had dreamed of this, of Heero touching him everywhere. Now it was happening, and Duo never wanted it to stop. He wrapped his arms around Heero, savoring the feeling of the powerful body; Heero seemed to be made of hot marble, a Greek statue come to life.

The concert was ending; the singer said his farewells, Heero and Duo couldn't keep their hands off each other as they made their way out of the stadium. Heero had never been happier to drive a motorcycle; it was fast, and Duo would be close to him the whole time.

They reached the bike; they paused to ravage each other's mouths once again. They broke, gasping. "Heero, get us back fast..."

Heero gave Duo's ass one final grope before sliding into position on the motorcycle. Duo snuggled up behind him, wrapping his arms tightly around the other boy and grinding his arousal as hard as possible against him. Duo slid one hand down to brush over Heero's hardness; the cobalt-eyed boy moaned and said, "Duo... stop or I'll crash this bike..." Duo moved his hand upward slightly, and they were off.

The vibration of the engine so close to his throbbing need was too much for Duo; it heightened his arousal so much that he was moaning continuously. He couldn't help himself; his hands started to wander over Heero's chest, dipping in his tank top to toy with a nipple. Heero gasped and swerved. Duo stopped briefly, but was soon driven back to his exploration by passion. He buried his face in Heero's neck, breathing deeply, taking in Heero's scent. Then he noticed the bike was slowing, pulling off the road. Duo frowned; he knew they weren't home yet. Heero pulled the bike into a rest area, then continued off the road into a bunch of trees, winding the small motorcycle back and forth until they could no longer be seen from the road.

Heero stopped the bike and let Duo get off, then he got off the bike, turned to Duo, and growled, "Come here."

Duo moaned at Heero's tone, and stepped up to the other boy. "What?" he whispered.

Heero buried his hand in Duo's gorgeous hair and pulled him hard against him. "You were bad, teasing me like that, Duo..."

Duo smiled, pressing himself harder against Heero. "Sorry," he said in a tone that made it obvious he was anything but sorry.

"I don't believe you," replied Heero, and claimed Duo's mouth roughly, thrusting his tongue inside as his hands traveled all over the slim body. Duo melted into the embrace, running his nails lightly over Heero's arms, surrendering to Heero.

They rocked their hips together, pent-up desire driving them to the brink of desperate need. Duo broke away, gasping for air. "Heero... want you so bad... take me please..."

"Here?" Heero asked, looking around. He wanted Duo so much he almost couldn't think.

Duo nodded. "Please?" he begged, unzipping his jeans, showing Heero there was nothing underneath but wet hard Duo.

Heero moaned; just looking at Duo like this was almost enough to make him come. Almost. "Yes..." he answered, "but..."

Duo frowned, then fumbled with his pack, tied onto the motorcycle. He triumphantly held up a small bottle of lotion. "Is this what you were thinking of?"

Heero smirked. "That will work. Now get those jeans off before I rip them off you."

Duo smiled, and wiggled, and the jeans were gone. He stood in front of Heero, clad only in his shirt and his shining mass of hair, and said, "Better?"

"Much," Heero growled, and practically ripped off his own shorts.

"Mmm, Heero..." Duo licked his lips as he looked at Heero's hard cock. "I want to taste you..."

"Later," Heero said shortly, stalking up to Duo. "Right now I need to fuck you," he straddled the motorcycle again, facing the other way, "Hard," he finished, pulling the longhaired boy onto the motorcycle with him, facing him.

"Oh, god, Heero, anything," Duo moaned, completely lost in need. He opened the bottle of lotion, poured some into his hand, and coated Heero's erection thoroughly. Heero threw back his head, hissing at the cool lotion and Duo's hot hands on him.

"Duo... hurry..." Heero gasped, gripping the sides of the motorcycle tightly.

Duo stroked him, smoothing the lotion on thoroughly. Duo thrilled at the feel of Heero's cock in his hand, hard and throbbing for him, and him alone. He would have loved to make Heero climax like this, so he could see the beautiful face awash with pleasure he had given him, but he wanted Heero inside him even more. So he stopped, and carefully climbed onto Heero's lap, straddling his legs, holding onto Heero's strong shoulders as the other boy positioned his arousal.

Heero fought for control; Duo's erection pressed into his chest, his hair surrounded them, and the ass he'd wanted for so long was slowly lowering itself onto his waiting cock. It was almost too much; he felt Duo's tight entrance against his hardness and he moaned.

Duo felt the hot arousal against him, pressing insistently; it felt huge. But he lowered himself, and the slick head slipped inside, making him gasp. Finally, he had what he wanted; Heero was taking him, holding him, fucking him. He forced his muscles to relax, and let himself slip lower; gravity did the rest of the work and soon he was fully impaled on Heero's length.

Heero moaned, deep inside Duo and living his fantasy; incredible tightness surrounded him and he ached to move. But he waited; without prep, Duo would need time to adjust. He ran his hands over Duo, slipping his hands under the shirt to touch his chest and nipples.

Duo gasped, and said, "I'm ready, Heero." Bracing his feet on the pegs, Duo raised himself up and dropped back down. Both boys almost screamed from pleasure; they were both aroused beyond belief by now. Both knew this couldn't last long. Heero gripped Duo's hips; he lifted the other boy up easily and dropped him back down, and they both moaned anew.

"Oh, Heero, you're so strong..." gasped Duo as he gave up control to the other boy, letting him use his incredible strength to fuck him senseless. Faster and faster Heero pumped into Duo, shifting angle slightly each time until Duo screamed; he knew then he had found what he was looking for. With all the precision he could manage, he pumped into Duo, hitting the perfect spot each time, until Duo was sobbing his name.

Heero paused, grabbing Duo's hand and directing it to his own cock. Duo got the idea quickly, stroking himself with ragged rhythm as Heero began to fuck him once more.

"Heero... I'm going to..." Duo moaned desperately, stroking himself faster.

Heero continued to drive in and out of the other boy, groaning, "I want to see you, Duo... come for me please... you're so tight..."

Heero's words drove Duo over the edge; screaming Heero's name, he climaxed hard, spraying his passion all over them both, muscles clenching around Heero's cock.

"Oh, Duo..." Heero lost his control, pumping Duo full of his seed, gripping Duo's hips hard enough to bruise.

Duo collapsed on Heero, draping himself over the other boy's shoulders, sobbing his name. Heero held him close, gently slipping out of Duo's body and kissing away the tears of passion.

Slowly, they came back to their senses, realizing they were half naked, sticky and sweaty, sitting on a motorcycle in the trees. "Duo?" whispered Heero. "Happy Birthday..."

Duo smiled. "Thanks, Heero," he said happily, kissing his lover. "It was the best birthday I've ever had."

The End

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