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Even as Heero awoke, he knew there was something wrong. Very wrong. It was taking too long to recover consciousness. He felt groggy, sleepy, disjointed.

Normal waking traits for an average human, but terrifying for the Perfect Soldier.

His mind raged against the foggy haze holding his consciousness down, throwing himself against the metaphysical barriers with numbing force.

He was rewarded with a brightening of the fog surrounding his brain, and then a gradual dispelling of it. Scent awoke, filling his nostrils with the soft, not quite cloying smell of vanilla.

Taste awoke; he scowled a little at the scalliony aftertaste in the back of his throat. He'd been drugged somehow.

Sight awoke. His eyes shot open, gaze darting this way and that in the semi-dark room.

He tried to sit up, and then froze as sensation awoke. He'd been chained, spread-eagle across a bed in a darkened room.

He quelled his quick rush of rage and panic and studied the restraints carefully, examining them for weakness. The cuffs encasing his wrists and ankles were about eight inches wide, conforming to the contour of his skin as if they'd been molded expressly for him. There was a thin layer of thick silk between the metal of the cuffs and his skin, cushioning him from the rough touch of the steel, but offering him no chance of slipping free.

The cuffs were connected to the metal bed frame via several stout, taut chains.

Heero eyed the chains and the way they connected to both the bed, and the cuffs, searching for some weakness, some vulnerable link. What he saw made him frown again.

The chains were painstakingly welded to both the cuffs and the bed frame. The whole contraption felt suspiciously like something tailor made to suit his body, and none other's.

He tried to use the tautness of the chains as leverage to pull an arm or a leg free, bunching his muscles and arching his body with a muffled shout. Not so much as an ominous creak rewarded his efforts.

Someone chuckled darkly in the doorway, voice low and threatening.

"Feel free to thrash all you want. It won't do you much good. I made sure to have it made out of gundanium. Not even you should be able to break that."

Heero glared at the shadowed figure standing in the doorway. He knew that voice. He'd never heard it hold that particular tone of veiled menace or sultry suggestion before, however.

An atavistic shiver of raw heat raced up his spine. It wasn't quite fear, it wasn't quite panic, and it wasn't quite rage, but it certainly wasn 't anything like his normal calm, calculating focus. It must have showed on his face, for the figure chuckled again and lit a candle to join the dozens set about the room.

As the flame leapt to life, Duo slipped into the room, his eyes dark and hooded, and a tiny, malicious smile hovering at the edges of his hungry mouth.

He licked his lips, watching Heero struggle against his restraints with predatory need.

"Oh yes. Please feel free to resist all you want."

Heero felt his eyes widening as he took in the sight of his on-again, off-again partner. Gone were the thigh-flared riding style pants and black and white priest's shirt. Gone was the rakish baseball cap and low cut military style boots. In fact, the only thing Duo's current attire shared with his normal state of dress, was the color.

As Duo carefully set the now burning candle on a small shelf set into the wall, the soft glow of the flickering flames seemed to caress the tight black leather of Duo's pants. By contrast, the soft cotton of the skintight black turtleneck seemed to swallow up the feeble light, keeping his torso, arms, and throat in a constant shadow. The boots, which looked to be black suede, appeared to flow from the braided pilot's toes, past his slim ankles, up his shins and sculpted calves, to terminate just above the knees in a pointed cuff. As Duo turned back to face him, Heero noted how the black attire rippled over his partner's lithe, athletic frame like a second skin. Images of a panther, all sleekness and power wrapped into ebony fur, leapt to his mind.

There was definitely something feral and dangerous about the way Duo stalked across the room to stare down at him. It only served to reinforce the predatory image taunting Heero's brain.

"What's going on, Duo?" he finally demanded.

Uncharacteristically remaining silent, Duo merely shifted his weight, turning a little to stalk back the way he'd come, circling around the bed to view his captive from every angle. Duo cocked his head contemplatively, his braid swinging languidly across his shoulders as he peered down at the bed.

"Not quite right, yet," he murmured quietly, more to himself than to Heero.

"Duo." Heero growled warningly.

He barely saw Duo's hand flash out. It was nothing more than a pale blur followed by a swift shadow. Heero's only indications of the action were the sharp sting in his cheek from the slap Duo administered, and the surprisingly firm forearm pressing down across his throat.

"You're really in no position to be making any demands here, Heero," Duo practically purred as he leaned just a little bit more against that arm constricting Heero's breath.

Heero blinked in surprise, fascinated by the way Duo's hooded eyes seemed to be promising him something infinitely more dangerous than anything he'd ever faced on any battlefield. His mouth suddenly went dry as an emotion that he hadn't truly felt since the youth he could no longer clearly remember fluttered up against his heart.


It must have shown in his expression, for Duo just as suddenly lurched back to his feet, allowing Heero to breathe again before the Japanese youth could become cyanotic.

"I see we understand each other."

Duo turned and continued his circling stalk, peering this way and that with a faintly amused, darksome expression playing at the corners of his mouth.

Another blur of hand and wrist, again too quick for Heero to follow, and a slim, double bladed dagger appeared in Duo's hand. The blued blade glinted darkly in the glow of the candles; the edge looked keen enough to wound the wind. Duo advanced on the bed once more, dropping a knee onto the firm surface to lean over Heero's prone form.

The knife dipped to Heero's chest, slipping between the thin cotton of his tanktop and the flushed surface of his skin. The knife was so sharp, there wasn't even a gentle tug as Duo quickly slashed through the narrow straps at Heero's shoulders. He had to suppress a shiver as the cool steel of the blade skimmed along his ribs, opening the side of his former shirt. One firm tug later and Duo had divested Heero of his shirt, wadding it up and tossing it over his shoulder to land in a darkened corner.

He stood back once more, tapping the tip of his knife against his chin absently as he contemplated this new scene.

"Closer. Not quite right."

Heero's cobalt gaze never left Duo as the braided youth completed another maddening circuit around the bed, still eyeing his captive critically.

"Black suits you," Duo suddenly commented, once again cocking his head to contemplate Heero curiously, "It suits you. But not well enough, I think," he whispered.

Something in Duo's gaze, something in Duo's voice, something in Duo's very posture, both commanding and reverent, confident and still oh so predatory, it made Heero's whole body tighten painfully against his bonds.

Heero felt the bed he was lying across shift as Duo settled down next to him once more. Belatedly, Heero realized that he must have clenched his eyes shut. Before he could open them again, he once again felt the cool kiss of the blade slowly drifting across his skin, the wide, flat part of the knife dancing across the firm muscles of his stomach and making him shiver. He couldn't open his eyes. He concentrated hard on the androgynous blackness behind his eyelids, trying to block out how the slim point of the dagger barely grazed his hip as it slipped under the waistband of his spandex. He tried to focus on how his jaw hurt from clenching it so tight, rather than the cool wash of air as the elastic and Lycra cloth parted under the blade's edge like the slipstream of air around Wing as it knifed through the atmosphere. He tried to think about anything but the firm tug that left him naked and exposed, bound helpless before his frighteningly altered partner.

Tried, and failed.

The bed shifted again, bouncing slightly as Duo's weight left it. Heero finally found the strength to open his eyes once more.

Duo stood at the foot of the bed, once again tapping the point of his dagger against his chin, his dark gaze traveling up every inch of Heero's body, studying it as a critic would study a piece of fine art.

Another rapid flick of his wrist, once again too quick to follow even with Heero's admittedly above average eyesight, and the blade thunked to a rest in the wall behind Duo, quivering slightly for a moment.

"So close," Duo murmured again, his tongue darting out to moisten his lips as he stared down at Heero.

"What do you want, Duo?"

The braided pilot blinked, as if surprised by the question, before he finally answered.

"To make you perfect."

Heero frowned in confusion.

"What the hell-"

This time, he saw Duo's hand flash out, although, he suspected that was because the braided pilot had wanted him to. As Duo loomed over him, both his cheeks began to sting: two slaps this time.

"First to quiet that mouth. Too rebellious."

Heero suddenly became aware that, although he had seen Duo's hand move, he had somehow totally missed when the braided pilot had sprang up onto the bed, crouching over Heero's bound form. Heero swallowed nervously. He'd never seen Duo move that quickly before. Just like he'd never seen this particular outfit, nor the feral glint in those hooded eyes, nor heard that steamy threatening tone in that low voice.

The scent of vanilla was thick in the air. Vanilla and beeswax. But overlying that was something more visceral, deeper, muskier. There was something inherently untamed about this scent.

With a startled gasp, Heero realized that it was Duo. The leather and sweat blended together to create a singular fragrance that not only embodied his partner, but simply WAS Duo.

Almost against his will, he felt the first stirrings of his body responding to the incredible heat of Duo's proximity. From the way Duo's braid suddenly slipped over his shoulder to thump to a rest across Heero's chest, to the flickering half-light of the room, to even the way the restraints bit into his flesh just a bit, it all screamed to him of wrongness. But it was a wrongness in a right sort of way. A way that terrified him, even as his skin flushed and his breathing quickened a bit in his chest.

He opened his mouth, to demand more answers, but the warning flash he saw in that hooded gaze halted the words before they could flood forth. Without comprehending quite why, his jaw snapped shut again, and he remained silent.

Duo smiled. It wasn't his manic grin, nor was it his genuinely cheerful smile that usually warmed Heero's spirits against his will. It was yet another of those expressions that Heero had never seen before, yet it warmed his blood in a way that neither the grin, nor the cheerful smile could ever hope to.

"You learn fast. I like that," Duo replied.

He shifted then, sitting back on his heels on the bed and using the hand that had been propping him up over Heero's bound body to slowly caress along his exposed ribs, down across his abdomen, dancing over the sensitive crease between hip and thigh, continuing down the firm quads with a featherlight tough. Heero's breath hissed out of his lungs, surprised at the warm wash of pleasure that followed Duo's fingertips across his flesh. It was only by exercise of his considerable willpower that he didn't arch into that touch.

"You see? There are advantages to obedience."

Heero's gaze snapped back to Duo's face, his body tensed as he tried to break the bonds holding him immobile with a savage thrash. To no avail.

Duo's smile widened a fraction as he watched Heero struggle. His hand began its slow trail back up Heero's body, detouring at the hip to brush lightly across his half hard erection.

"Hnnng," Heero gasped, biting back a startled cry as he felt himself grow harder in Duo's grasp.

"Now. Now you're perfect," Duo purred, leaning down to lick along Heero' s jaw.

Heero's head arched back against the pillow, his arms strained against the chains, his whole body tensed and thrust upward against Duo's conquering hand.

"Why-" he started to gasp when Duo's hand tightened warningly around his cock. He bit off the question with a stricken moan.

Duo nipped at the hollow of Heero's throat, leaving a bruise and a faint red welt as his teeth closed over the glistening flesh. He lapped at the sheen of sweat now enveloping Heero's body before he drew back and contemplated his prisoner again.

"Does Death ask you if you want to die before He takes you?" Duo asked rhetorically, "No. Death just takes what He wants, makes it His own."

Duo paused then, closing his eyes briefly as his hand loosened a bit and stroked along Heero's shaft.

"Shinigami has come to make you His," Duo intoned, his thumb flicking briefly over the tip of Heero's cock, collecting the moisture there, and wringing another startled moan from the captive.

He withdrew his hand then, bringing it up to smear his moist thumb across Heero's parted lips. Before the Japanese youth could react, Duo shifted again, leaning down to seize those lips in a bruising kiss, licking away every trace of Heero's essence before probing further with his questing tongue.

Without breaking contact, Duo shifted his body, straddling Heero's stomach with his bent knees, and caging Heero's head between his surprisingly strong hands. He lowered himself, pressing his chest down until he could feel Heero's flushed skin pulsing through the cotton of his turtleneck. He deepened the kiss further still, feeding at Heero's mouth with a ferocity that belied even the need for breath until he felt Heero's chest spasming against his own with a desperate need for air. Duo withdrew suddenly, staring down at his captive panting frantically below him.

Heero's eyes were slightly glazed as he willed his lungs to move enough air to regain his senses. Duo smiled wickedly to himself as he abandoned Heero's mouth and returned to feasting at his throat and collarbone. He shifted once again, moving further down to leave a trail of thin red welts along Heero's chest, traveling in lazy arcs to one pouting nipple. His tongue darted out, swiping roughly across the sensitive flesh, bringing it to full attention before he closed his teeth around it firmly. Heero's breath once again fled him in a harsh hiss, his hands grasping at dead air rhythmically. Duo chuckled low in his throat as he applied a bit more pressure, feeling Heero's skin yielding to him before he closed his lips over the skin and sucked just as fervently. After a moment, he glanced up to Heero's face, smiling in triumph at the grimace on the oriental features.

Triumph because it was not a grimace of pain. Not wholly at least.

Duo's tongue darted out, giving the abused flesh one last swipe before turning to lave similar attention on the other forgotten nipple. Heero's body was tense as Duo tortured him, as if he were not sure if he should shrink away, or demand more. Duo felt another of those feral grins stretching his lips as he leaned back to stare at the squirming captive.

"Tell me, Heero," he purred as one hand gently cupped a sweaty, pinched cheek, "does it feel good? Do you like it?"

Heero clenched his jaw, biting his lower lip and refusing to answer as he tried to calm his traitorous body.

Even had his eyes been open, he wouldn't have seen the hand move. One moment Duo's fingers carefully soothed his face, from brow to jaw line, and the next, that gentle touch was replaced by a sudden stinging fire as Duo slapped him once again.

"Does it feel good?" Duo repeated, voice firm with menace as his fingers dug warningly into Heero's throbbing cheek.

"H- hai." he finally managed to gasp.

Duo's fingers drew away, brushing lightly across the reddened skin.

"And this? How does this feel?" Duo asked, shifting his body up to reach below him and between his legs to grasp Heero's cock firmly. Without waiting for an answer, he pumped his fist down the thick shaft once, twice, a third time.

Heero cried out as his body shuddered in Duo's grasp. He pressed upwards, trapping Duo's arm between them as he fought to maintain some semblance of control. Duo tightened his grip.


"G- good," Heero stammered obediently.

"Good?" Duo replied, sounding mildly affronted. He tightened his grip again.

A harsh cry of pain escaped Heero's lips, his head thrashed against the pillow as he panted for breath to respond.

Duo maintained his hold, staring at the bound youth with fascination. Heero's eyes were squeezed tight shut, and a single tear escaped to slip almost unnoticed down the still flushed cheek. On impulse, Duo released his grip, leaning forward to catch that tear with his tongue, lapping it up greedily. His eyes slipped closed as he rolled the salty drop around his mouth, savoring it.

"Hmm.." He finally opened his eyes once more to stare down at Heero, "Delicious. Every inch of you."

He shifted again, bringing his knees inside of Heero's thighs while his mouth fastened on the bronzed flesh and nipped its way down across the firm chest to the equally firm abdomen. His tongue darted into Heero's navel, swirling around the divot teasingly before diving in again and probing. His hands slid down sweat-slicked skin, ghosting over the precise ridges of Heero's ribs, gliding over the tense abs, to flex against Heero's hips. Duo spared a glance at the writhing youth's pinched face before his mouth returned to its explorations. As he scooted backwards, he drew his cheek against the steel-in-velvet heat of Heero's arousal, leaning into it like a cat, scent-marking its territory. He turned, lavishing a languid lick along the underside of Heero's cock, savoring the taste.

As much as he wanted to simply devour that tantalizing prize, he restrained himself. Heero was too close to the edge. Duo wanted to be sheathed in his partner's tight heat before he would allow him his release.

With a regretful sigh, he turned away, flexing his fingers into Heero's hips painfully, hard enough that there would be bruises soon. He was rewarded by Heero's startled exclamation of pain.

"Not yet," Duo warned darkly, giving Heero's hips one last squeeze for emphasis.

Heero swallowed back another startled cry as Duo released him and slipped off the bed. He heard the soft rustle of clothing, and opened his eyes to see Duo carefully slipping the suede boots down his sculptured legs. They landed with soft thumps in a corner where Duo kicked them, followed swiftly by the turtleneck. Clad in nothing more than a pair of black leather pants that were so tight that even Heero's own spandex left more to the imagination than Duo's pants, the braided pilot strode out of the room, leaving Heero bound, and unfulfilled, across the wide bed.

He returned after a few moments, a large bolster pillow clutched in one hand, and a white tube in the other. He advanced on the bed, a dangerous gleam in his eyes. As he joined Heero on the bed, once more kneeling by his captive's head, he peered down into cobalt eyes. Duo carefully deposited the tube beside his knee, in Heero's full view, before turning the slip a hand under the Japanese youth's back. Ignoring the way the restraints pulled at Heero's wrists and ankles, biting into his skin despite the silk lining, Duo lifted Heero's hips high enough to shove the pillow into the new void space. He carefully arranged it, adjusting it precisely before lowering Heero back down onto it. Heero bit back another hiss of pain as his back arched painfully, his hips thrust upwards at an uncomfortable angle, and every inch of his body painfully exposed. Duo nodded in satisfaction as he turned back towards Heero's head and slowly started undoing the laces on his pants.

Once unlaced, he slipped the tight leather over his own hips, pooling the black clothing around his ankles before negligently kicking them off towards another dark corner. Duo's own arousal stood proud, drawing Heero's gaze for a moment, before his eyes darted back to Duo's face.

Duo smirked and reached down, drawing one graceful finger down his own length as he locked gazes with Heero.

"Like what you see?"

Heero's eyes snapped closed, and a rush of color flooded his cheeks.

Duo's hand flashed out again, wrapping around Heero's cock and gripping tighter than he had before.

"I don't like repeating myself, Heero," Duo warned.

"Hai!" Heero finally cried out, nearly shouting his answer.

Instantly, Duo's grip slacked off, stroking gently, carefully rewarding his captive's obedience.

"You're mine, now. Do you understand?"

Heero panted for breath again, chest heaving as he opened his mouth to answer before Duo could punish him.

"H- h- hai."

"Say it."

He closed his eyes, Duo's hand on his aching shaft driving him to distraction as he tried desperately to order his thoughts. An instant before he felt Duo start to flex his hand, the words burst out of him.

"I- I'm yo- yours."

Duo smiled, withdrawing his hand so he could move to crouch between Heero's spread legs. He reached up and grabbed the tube, opening it and squeezing a smear of the clear gel onto his fingers. Heero's body shuddered slightly as Duo reached forward and teased at Heero's tight entrance. Duo smeared the lube against Heero's tense skin, pressing forward just a bit before retreating and adding more gel to his fingers. As he leaned forward again and pressed the first finger in, he purred dangerously.

"You belong to me now."

Heero needed no prompting; he still ached from the last time.

"I b- belong to yo- you n- now."

Duo smiled, pressing a second finger in to join the first. He stroked and stretched the tight passage until he felt Heero begin to relax against the intrusion.

"You belong to Shinigami."

"I belong t- to Sh- Shini. gami."

Growing impatient with his own flagging self-control, Duo withdrew his hand, retrieving the tube and gathering a fresh dollop of lube to slather his aching cock with. Once satisfied with that, he pressed forward, almost lying atop the recumbent youth. As he pressed forward, slowly sheathing himself in the tight ring of Heero's passage, he allowed a groan of purest pleasure to escape him. The last of Heero's defenses crumbled against that, and Duo felt his captive relax against his intrusion. Pressing his advantage, Duo rocked forward, impaling Heero with his full length in one, swift thrust.

Heero's hips snapped off of the pillow as he arched up against Duo's intrusion, his jaw clenched tight, muffling his sharp cry of pain and pleasure. Duo didn't give him a chance to relax, but withdrew right away, almost completely, before slamming back into his bound lover with a savage growl.

"You belong to me!"

Heero thrashed against the chains once more, biting his lower lips so hard that he drew blood. It was a moment, and another thrust, before he could answer.

"I b- b- belong t- to y- y- yo- you... oh!"

As Heero stammered, Duo levered himself up a bit, changing the angle of his attack, until he felt Heero suddenly spasm against him as he brushed that place deep inside his lover that drove even the memory of pain away.


"F- Forev-nnng!" he stuttered, ending on a guttural moan.

He could feel a tidal wave of heat and raw sensation building within the pit of his stomach. It rose to a fever pitch as Duo thrust into his body with almost brutal force. Heero could feel himself being swept up into the vortex of the wave, being carried along by it until he could barely even feel the rest of the world which had to be floating so far below him. Dimly, as if from a great distance, he felt Duo's hand close once more around his neglected erection, pumping it in time with his thrusts.

It was as if someone had lit a match to his soul. The world suddenly exploded, the wave crumbled and churned, carrying him with it once more as it crashed to a finale. He felt himself climax over Duo's hand and his own stomach, and his whole body seized up, denying him even the strength to breathe until the moment passed, leaving him spent.

Duo felt Heero's body suddenly convulse around him, tightening against his cock with exquisite force. As Heero spilled his seed over Duo's hand, and Duo thrust one last time into that crushing velvet heat, his own climax overtook him. He exploded within Heero, filling him with his essence, marking him within and without with liquid fire.

"Mine." he managed to gasp as the last of his own climax finally ebbed away, leaving him spent and drained.

"...yours." Heero managed to mouth, too exhausted even to murmur or give a token struggle against his restraints.

With a tired sigh, Duo withdrew from his lover, collapsing beside the Japanese youth and draping an arm possessively over his stomach. He stretched out, pillowing his head on Heero's still manacled arm, and wrapping one leg around one bound leg. His free hand drew abstract designs in the milky fluid congealing on Heero's abdomen.

Heero was startled out of that state between sleep and wakefulness by Duo's matter-of-fact voice.

"You can't escape Death, you know. Shinigami keeps what's his."

"Hn. Forever," he reflected in a near inaudible whisper.

"Bound together," Duo agreed.

After a few moments, Duo's hand stilled against his stomach, and, with a contented sigh, his breathing evened out into sleep.

Bound, Heero mused as he let himself drift back towards unconsciousness. Forever.

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