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How to Cook Duo

Lady Tora


"Good lord!" Came a scream from upstairs along with a series of coughing fits. "You call that food?"

Wufei adjusted the book he was writing in and shook his head; "There goes the neighbor hood."

Duo got sick, and any illness turned the sweet innocent amethyst eyed boy into a rampaging violet-eyed monster from hell. Or that is how Quatre described it when he was bandaging his arm from being bitten while giving Duo his medicine.

Another voice came from the upstairs room, it was strong and slow; "But you said you wanted soup, I made you soup."

"Sushi? Sushi soup? You want me to die!" A loud clattering and then a breaking noise was heard.

"He finally killed him." The Asian boy put down the pen and looked to the stairs to see a highly pissed of Japanese with a bowl of soup poured over his head and the broken tray hanging from the snag on his shirt. "Hn?"

Heero shook his head, "Hn."

Trowa giggled a bit, "Hn!"

A pair of aqua blue eyes blinked at the three and growled, "I will teach you the art of a real conversation!" He stormed out up to his room.

"Hn?" Wufei was on the verge of laughter.

"Hn…" Trowa shock his head no and made an erect finger and then made it go limp.

"Hn!" Heero's eyes gleamed; at least he knew his koibito was just sick…not frustrated.

Opening the door to the kitchen, the Zero pilots picked up the phone. With the last bit of will power, Heero called the last person he would expect to contact. "Sally?"

"Heero? This is a surprise."

"I need help with something." He slumped to the floor with the phone resting gently on his lap. "Duo is a bit sick, and I cannot cook anything for him."

"O~oh." Giving a small chuckle, Heero could hear her typing on the computer. "I sent you an e-mail with some great recipes. Cooking is not formulas, it is sheer will power to please."

"I want to please Duo…but I…hn."

"And the chain effects of Duo being sick."

"Quatre gets aggravated."

"Trowa gets nothing."

In unison, "And Wufei starts to rant."

Somehow, Heero found the courage to laugh; "If this works…I'll get Wufei to work with you…he is pent up."

"What isn't new. Nah…I'll have more fun later." Her voice sent shivers down his spine.

"You're twisted as your hair."

"Hm…thank you. I have to go now. Good luck."


Heero walked out to see Wufei's black eyes watching him closely.

"Who were you talking to?"


The dark Asian boy began to turn white from fear. "I do not know who is more frightening, her or Relena."

"I'll say Relena." Trowa picked up his newspaper and put it to the old worn out coffee table.

Heero went to the laptop to retrieve the messages; it clicked open at his command showing the title 'Beef Stew' along with a secret recipe attached. "She thinks of everything." The Japanese boy shook his head and printed both files and studied them down to the period and exclamation marks.

The air filled with delicious scents of the cooking meat stew, all the pilots but Duo wandered into the kitchen to be batted out by Heero holding a ladle in a strawberry apron.

"Oh come now Heero, don't you want us to test it?" Quatre tried to get around the perfect solider.

"No! Duo's!"

"But Heero, you could eat battery acid and it would be good to you!" Wufei inched his way up to the steaming pot.

"Back!" he began to hit Wufei on the knuckles with the ladle.




The boys began to face off till Trowa wondered in, took a spoon and tasted the soup. "Not bad Heero." He walked out as Heero turned a shade of blue, then red.


"What?" He opened the door and peered through innocently.

"Omae o korosu!"

Trowa stuck out his tongue and vanished, bangs and all behind the door.

Heero rolled his blue eyes as he put the steaming brew into a large bowl and got a drink for Duo. "Hn." he acknowledged the others to eat.

Rushing to the pot Wufei and Quatre fought a little till the Arabian tackled Wufei and got the next bowl.

The door was slightly opened as he looked at the sleeping form of Duo, so peaceful, so innocent so-

"Not you again!" Duo threw the sheet over his head.

So damn annoying.

Sitting down on the bed and placing the tray down on the nightstand…that was littered with candy wrappers and other unhealthy things Duo acquired taste for. "These will not get you better." He put a wrapper on Duo's head.

"I never had it as a kid…so I am indulging my inner child." Duo rolled up the wrapper and threw it at the other.

Heero looked at Duo and grinned, "I want to throttle your inner child."

The boy stuck out his tongue, "What gruel do you have for me now? Chocolate chicken soup? Lima beans and apples? How about-"

"Eat! Your so aggravating." He crossed his arms as the boy sniffled.

"I knew you hated me."

"If I hated you, would I go through all the trouble of calling Sally, then getting all this stuff and beating Quatre and Wufei out of the pot? Duo, if I didn't love you, I would let you sit up here and suffer from this blasted cold alone." Heero took the spoon and blew on it gently and put it to Duo's lips, "Now eat before you drive the rest of us crazy!"

Slowly, Duo opened his small mouth and took in the hot soup. "Hm…this is pretty good. About time you get something ri-" Heero shoved the spoon in Duo's mouth as the long haired boy savored the taste. This went on for an hour of Heero gently blowing on the hot soup and placing it gently in the awaiting mouth of Duo who made little happy noises as he moved his tongue around, slowly mashing the vegetables and taking in every little spice. He would try to name them all, but Heero would just put the spoon back in his mouth. "Heero…full. Stop!" He giggled as Heero tried to force another spoonful.

Putting the dish back on the tray, Heero licked Duo's lips, which held a small droplet of the gravy. "It is fun to do things for you. Glad I didn't kill you."

"Hm, me too. What other recipes did you get from Sally?"

"Oh a real good one, but I don't know if your ready for it: being sick and all."

He got up on his side and glared with deep-set violet eyes, "I am fine now."

Heero shot Duo a hungry expression, "You know, I didn't get anything to eat yet." His eyebrow went up as he crawled on the bed and straddled Duo's body beneath the covers.

"Really?" the American's voice squeaked.

The Zero pilot only nodded his head and bent down for a deep soft kiss. "I'll call this new recipe, How to cook Duo." The large blue eyes began to warm up and overflowed with seduction.

"How to *What *!" Duo felt the sheets beings ripped off his body and the other standing over him with lust in his eyes. Heero nibbled on the tender fleshed ear as he heard Duo murmuring his name.

>Bring to a boil<

He went down and gently licked the outside of Duo's boxer shorts and nipping the second flesh enough to get the American moaning loudly. His head was thrashing about on the bed as he tried to lift his hips higher to Heero's ministrations. Slowly, the boxers came off, Heero was careful not to touch Duo's weeping arousal.

>Reduce heat to a slow boil<

As the boxers went flying to one part of the room, from both their standpoints, neither of them cared. Heero began to blow gently cold breaths onto Duo's erect member. The long haired boy began making mewling noises as he wanted some sort of contact, but all he received was the wispy breaths and the ticklish nerves of feeling close to something. Heero inched his way up to Duo's mouth and chewed on the soft lip. Duo's tongue came out fiercely as Heero sucked on in it, moving it in and out of his mouth in the motions that Duo wished his now throbbing cock would be treated.

"Hee…ro. Pleaz?" He panted and groaned. But Heero's eyes showed he would be relentless till Duo was cooked up to perfection. A warm mouth kissed Duo's nipples gently and then grasped the flesh between his teeth and bit gently as the other was being pinched and pulled. He moved back and forth from the left to the right of Duo's beautiful chest.

"You are almost ready." Heero looked at Duo's heart shaped face as it turned to moan out beautiful noises from that slender throat.

>Cover till meat is tender<

Kissing his way down, till he felt something hard touch his chin, Heero nuzzled the erect shaft and placed his tongue on the base and licked up to the small slit that was oozing with precum. With one quick swipe, Duo filled Heero's entire throat to the brim with hot flesh. He looked up to see his beloved's face contort into a mask of pure pleasure. Heero began to hum every time the cock touched the back of his throat, making Duo buck his hips wildly for more sensations. Duo's mouth opened into a silent scream as the orgasm shot through his body making him go limp, but all nerves tingling and screaming for more. Heero lapped up the remaining jet of white stream from Duo and began removing his clothing slowly.

>Add in vegetables and slowly stir<

Heero leaned over to the tray and pulled out the hiding bottle of lube and snapped the bottle open. It was perfumed with the scent of sandalwood and caressed Duo's nose.

"Hm…I know that." His eyes were closing lazily till he felt a painful intrusion below.

Heero warmed the thick liquid in his hands and gently ran his slicked finger around the rim of Duo's ring and pushed slightly forward. The other jumped awake at the feeling and Heero began placing two fingers, then three and thrusting to that one little area by the prostate. Duo jumped and pushed Heero farther to hit that spot inside one more time crying out his name in vain. Heero slipped his fingers out, listening to Duo whimper at losing the full feeling of Heero's intrusions. Picking up each leg, the Japanese boy kissed the other's inner thighs as he placed them high on his shoulders. With Duo's delicious body displayed before him, Heero slowly thrust inside of his koi. Pushing down, Duo threw his head back and panted Heero's name, as the rhythm became more urgent and quickened at the closeness of each other's orgasm. Heero bent down to kiss Duo's mouth, pinning the erection between rubbing stomachs. Duo came first, he body clamping down on Heero and covering the both of them in white ribbons of silky liquid. Heero screamed as he pushed one more time filling Duo with his seed and falling over the luscious body beneath him.

Catching his breath, the American looked up with amethyst engorged orbs, "What's for dessert?"

With a wiry grin, Heero turned to the angelic voice, "Peace and quite." He nuzzled the soft throat as Duo hummed them both to sleep.

The End >^.^<

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