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Substitute for the Real Thing



Heero settled into the plane seat with a relieved sigh. He had been sure that Duo was going to make his life miserable because of this trip, but his lover had been very considerate... especially last night. Looking over his shoulder, he noted that Quatre and Trowa had settled in as well.

A month ago Heero had been contacted by Relena Peacecraft. She had been concerned about the security around her residence due to several recent death threats and one assassination attempt over the last two months. She had asked Heero to come and assess her current security system and upgrade any flaws in it. He had agreed.

Heero remembered how pissed Duo had been when he'd refused to take him along. He had chosen Trowa as his back up because he hadn't wanted to listen to Relena and Duo be snide to one another. Relena did respect Duo as a person, but she deeply resented him because Heero had chosen him over her. It hadn't helped matters that Trowa had insisted on taking his koi, Quatre, with them.

Heero had spent two nights alone on the couch when he had announced his choice before Duo had relented and their relationship had returned to normal. He hoped this task wouldn't take long because he missed his mate already and they'd only been separated two hours! He was definitely becoming soft!

The plane had been in the air for an hour and Heero was working on his laptop when he got a priority message from Duo. Feeling his heart race with fear, he quickly opened the missive. Duo's cheerful face filled the screen and he began to speak.

"Hello, koi. You didn't think you'd get off so easily, did you? I have a very special gift for you that will make you think twice about leaving me behind again. Don't try to disconnect the video feed because I also sent a virus within the context of this little message that will wipe out your hard drive if you try to terminate this message before it plays in it's entirety. You might also want to switch to your headphones as well. Enjoy your punishment my love!"

Heero scowled at the beautiful image and waited with trepidation to see what his twisted lover had come up with as punishment. His mouth dropped open as Duo slowly stripped off his top and ran a teasing hand down his chest and into the waistband of his pants. He slowly drew the pants down to reveal a hard erection and long willowy legs.

Duo stepped gracefully out of his pants and stood gloriously nude before the video camera. Reaching up, he released the silky mass of chestnut fire that unraveled from its braid to float delicately around his body. Then he turned around and bent over, giving Heero an unrestricted view of his delectable bottom. Slowly, he stroked a hand over the ripe globes before giving each cheek a firm spank.

Heero moaned softly as Duo straightened up and his hair covered the ripe fruits. "Poor baby, where you are you can't touch them, or lick them, or bite them." Heero growled low in his throat at Duo's words. He watched as the fey beauty went over to something that was taller than he was and covered with a white sheet.

Duo gently drew the sheet off of the hidden object to reveal a statue of Heero. It was a perfect reproduction that captured the grace and beauty of every inch of his body... in the nude. The face was just as perfect with lips slightly parted, and the head was full of unruly hair. Heero's gaze traveled further down, the statue was leaning back on its elbows on a table that doubled as its stand. Suddenly Heero's eyes widened and a tense "Duo, omae o korosu" could be heard as he took in the fact that the statue sported a generous erection.

"Do you like it, Heero-koi? My friend Jane made it." Duo lovingly stroked the marble erection and smirked, "she added this to it last week... after you informed me that I wasn't wanted on this trip. I've decided that since you're gone, I'll need a something to keep me satisfied. Do you like your substitute? I thought I'd give you a demonstration."

Heero watched as Duo reached to the side of the statue and picked up a cup. He slowly drizzled the contents over the alabaster erection. Heero gasped as he recognized the substance as melted milk chocolate and realized what Duo was about to do.

Quatre suddenly jerked awake as he sensed tension in Heero, leaning up to check on the silent boy, he caught sight of the computer screen. Eyes widened as he took in the scene and he fell back into his seat and tried not to burst out laughing. Looking at his confused lover he whispered, "Remind me never to get Duo mad at me. His sense of revenge is devastating."

Heero groaned and squirmed in his seat, totally aroused as he watched Duo lick and suck the chocolate off his doppelganger. A limber tongue slowly stroked up the outside of the rock erection before engulfing it and sucking more chocolate off the firm appendage. Duo looked directly at the camera as he continued to lick up and down the length of the statue's arousal, then went lower to lick the sweet substance off the stone balls. Just as Heero thought he would have a reprieve because the chocolate had been licked off, Duo dribbled more of it on the statue.

Heero was slowly going out of his mind. He silently cursed his lover for being a sadistic bastard. Again and again, Duo licked and sucked on the statue's erection. Heero could feel his own arousal jump with each sweet lick and sucking motion. Finally Duo stopped his torture and finished the act by seductively licking his lips clean.

"Having fun yet lover? But wait, I'm not finished." Duo reached to the hidden side of the statue again and drew out a very familiar tube.

Heero just about came out of the seat as he watched Duo apply a generous amount of lube to his double's hardness. Duo crawled up the length of the statue and placed his knees on the low table. He was in a perfect position to impale himself on the alabaster penis.

Duo raised his rump into the air and ran a fingertip around his hidden pucker, then inserted a long, slender finger up to the knuckle. Moaning loudly, he began to thrust it in and out, taunting his watching lover. "Don't you wish you were the one I was getting ready for? Ooohhh, it feels sooo good lover, and it will feel sooo good when I fuck myself with your double!" Duo added another finger and then another, until he was thrusting back on the three digits and moaning loudly with the pleasure.

Heero was so hard, he knew he would come with the slightest touch, but he *couldn't* touch himself, not in this public airplane. The man in the seat beside him was waking up, and Heero quickly shifted the laptop to the side so the screen was hidden from prying eyes. Heero was VERY grateful for the concealing lap tray his computer was on.

Heero watched spell bound as Duo lowered himself onto the statue's manhood. Sweat broke out on his forehead and he bit his lip to keep from groaning at the moan of pleasure Duo released as he impaled himself.

Duo started out slowly with his rhythm, but soon was speeding up the pace as he slid up and down on the full organ, hitting his prostate with every downward thrust. Looping his arms around his lover's sculpted double, Duo began to thrust faster and faster, building towards a climax. He made sure his moans of pleasure were loud and frequent. He was so close now. Turning slightly to make sure his face was visible to the camera, Duo thrust up and down four more times before screaming out in ecstasy.

Heero watched jealously as his koi came, his creamy seed sacrificed to the stone doppelganger. He felt a wetness and was stunned to realized he had come just from *watching* his lover's orgasm. Duo's voice drew him back from his shock.

Duo was exhausted and sated. Looking into the camera for a last time, he gave his parting shot. "Enjoy your trip Heero, I'll entertain myself here while you're gone. I'll try to save some for you, but who knows.... I might like the substitute better than the real thing. Later, koi."

 Heero glared at the now blank screen. An announcement was heard that all laptops had to be shut down and lap trays put up for landing. Heero was horrified as he realized he now had a huge wet spot on the front of his pants. He pulled off his jacket and placed over his lap as he got ready for the landing.

His luck held out as he managed to keep his jacket covering his front all the way to the hotel room. He glared several times at Trowa and Quatre as they snickered all the way from the airport to the hotel and he just knew they had figured out what had happened.

Heero undressed and showered as soon as he got to the room, images kept filling his mind of Duo fucking himself on his likeness and against his will he found his hands beating a furious rhythm between his legs. Leaving the shower, Heero began to plan. Duo was going to pay for this! That image was going to haunt him the entire time he was away.

Getting out his computer, Heero went to the Hentai House web site and began to plan his revenge. He fully intended to make sure Duo was worn out by the time he was finished with him. He would show Duo that NOTHING could compare to the real thing!


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