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Lemon Joy

Tiercel & Galadriel


I bounced into the room, humming as loud as I could manage without sounding like I was trying to hum as loud as I could. If that sentence makes no sense, you haven't met my roommate and partner, Heero stick-up-his-ahem! Yuy. At first, I tried to irritate him to see if he would at least change expression. I dropped *that* idea when I realized he only changed expression in battle, and the one he's got then is kinda - um - freaky. Now I just irritate him to see how many times in a day I can get him to say "Omae o korosu." (My record is 42, but that took a lot of special effort. Do you know how *hard* it is to find live ducks in this town?)

As usual, ol' stone-face was sitting at his laptop, waiting for a mission. Sometimes I wondered if he'd ever learn that the computer didn't really *need* him to sit there and glare at it for it to deliver messages. It's not like it was running Windows, after all.

Of course he didn't react to my presence at all. God forbid he should pay me any attention; it's not like I'm the only friend he has or anything. Since my humming wasn't getting a reaction, I flopped loudly onto my creaky bed and tried singing out loud instead. Off-key. "I'm just a gigolo, and everywhere I go..." That was sure to get something, right?



I was working at my tenth attempt to compile the latest Linux kernel (42.8.0) when that braided baka bounded into the room, humming. I focused on the mission at hand - upgrading my laptop - when he flopped loudly onto his bed and started singing some horrid song -- off-key, no less. I recognized it as one he'd sung before.

I considered my normal response, and almost gave him an 'omae o korosu' without a second thought. Then I had an idea.

I decided to beat him at his own game. "'Cause I ain't got no-body."



I expected at worst to be ignored still, at best to receive an "Omae o korosu" to add to the tally I was scratching on the wall. Nothing could have prepared me for what *did* happen. "Huh-Hee-Wha-Huh?" was about all I could manage to splutter out, sitting straight up on my bed and staring at him. My partner, my predictable, never-smiling, serious partner, was *singing along.* Suddenly my eyes narrowed and I drew my gun. "Who are you, and what have you done with Heero Yuy?"

He turned to look at me, and I nearly dropped the gun. I'd seen his eyes, his face, thousands of times. I'd seen him angry, mad, glum, angry, insane, and angry. But now - those incredible eyes held just a touch of something like mischief, and the corner of his mouth twitched, almost imperceptibly. My God, I suddenly realized, he's beautiful. Absolutely - beautiful.

Not that I hadn't thought this before, you understand, being a normal red-blooded teenager in a fairly enlightened age, with the full complement of surging hormones. I thought I had the attraction under control - which in my case usually meant no open drooling - but - but - uh - was I narrating something?



I turned to look at him. My plan was working. I hid the half smile that was playing around my lips and stood up. I walked around the desk, locked the door, and walked back toward the bed. I'd been waiting for this for a long time.

It must have been that ridiculous braid that caught my eye, or those deep blue eyes, but when we were stuck together as roommates, I decided it was definitely the braid, which he undid every day to wash his hair, which cascaded seductively over his shoulders, down his back, below the towel wrapped around his waist. I wanted to touch it, to feel it against my skin. I had a feeling that it would be silky and soft.

Now I had the chance to find out for myself. I stepped closer, then sat down on the bed next to him. I was so nervous. I knew he was very protective of his hair. I had to figure out the best way to touch his hair and not get killed. I hoped the method I chose wouldn't get me killed, either.

I put my arm around him and pulled him close. I drew his face close to mine and kissed him.



YES! All higher brain capacity shut down as his lips gently closed over mine and my hormones went into spin cycle. My whole body was quivering, and the only thing keeping me from grinning was the prospect that grinning would interfere with this kiss... I whimpered slightly and opened my mouth just as he opened his. Our tongues met and slid across each other, sending jolts of raw sensation through my entire body.

All my thoughts were crazed as the kiss grew more and more frantic, my mind skipping through memories and fantasies like that data disk Wufei once used for sword practice... Heero stepping out of the shower, rivulets of warm water running down his chest and into the low-riding edge of the towel around his hips... Heero's surprisingly gentle hands stitching up a deep gash in my thigh as I controlled myself by imagining a naked Professor G... Heero's body moving above mine.... That last image sent my brain off into a whole new direction as I tried to brainstorm possible lubricants in the room. WD-40, toothpaste, the leftover guacamole... His other arm slid around my waist and all thought stopped.

I brushed my fingers through his hair and cupped his head to bring it closer. I ghosted the fingers of my other hand under his tank top and across his stomach, making the muscles there tremble. He broke the kiss to stare at me, and I couldn't read the expression on his face. Oops... had I pushed a little too fast, maybe? I mean, what did he expect to happen - I'm a 15-year-old boy *and* a soldier; neither is exactly known for restraint, right? I gulped and waited for him to lower the boom.



I kissed him, and he didn't try to stop me. In fact, he kissed back. I'd never kissed anyone before, and I hoped I was doing it right. I felt his tongue brush across mine, and the feeling was new - like fire in my blood. Then his fingers ran through my hair - heaven! I couldn't wait to feel his hair in my fingers. Then I felt gentle, slightly callused fingertips trace across my stomach. I looked up at him.

I didn't know what to do. The sensation of his fingers on my skin was wonderful. I wanted to feel his hair twining through my fingers. I wondered if he would enjoy it like I did. I reached behind him, pulled his braid toward me, and undid the tie. He looked at me strangely, but he didn't make motion to stop me from running my fingers through it, unbraiding it. It was so soft, like running my fingers through an unwound spool of silk thread. He made a sound, somewhere between a moan and a whimper, and I drew him close again and kissed him.

I wondered if he wanted me to touch his skin like he'd touched mine. He'd taken off his uniform and was wearing a simple black t-shirt, untucked. It was a natural progression from touching his hair to lifting the back of his shirt and touching his back. His skin was almost as soft as his hair.

This time it was he who broke the kiss. I hoped I hadn't done something wrong.



This was a dream, right? One of those really, really vivid dreams that leaves a mess all over the sheets. It had to be. There's no way those fingers gently twining in my hair were really Heero's. No way that my cold, beautiful partner's lips were teasing mine until I'm shaking. I could barely breathe, much less think. His fingers ran lightly across the skin of my back and I had to pull away, gasping for breath. I could still feel the trail of that touch, as though his fingertips had scalded my skin.

"Heero..." I whispered. I didn't understand, and I wasn't sure I wanted to. He was being incredibly gentle, but I was afraid - of having all my midnight fantasies come true, or of having them crash down around me, or both; I wasn't sure. Of their own volition my fingers reached up to trace the contours of his face, running along his jawline, tracing his lips, branding the tactile memory of those beautiful features forever into my brain.

His lips captured one of my fingers and began to nibble, and his other hand reached out to continue tracing patterns on my back, beneath my shirt. Caught between terror and passion, all I could do was slump against him, pressing my face into his neck and brushing soft kisses along the length of it. I couldn't stop tears from running out of my eyes. "Heero..." I whispered again. "Why?"



He asked why. I stopped. Had I done something wrong? No, well, maybe, but I had done something unexpected. The soft kisses on my neck sent tingles through my body, stirring a warmth between my legs. I felt something wet on my shoulder. Tears? "Heero, why?" His question echoed in my ears. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him close. His body in my arms felt so natural, so perfect. I swore I would never let him go.

Should I tell him that I'd wanted to hold him, to stroke his hair, ever since we'd been stuck together as partners, from the first time he came back from the shower with his ridiculous, impossibly long, beautiful hair cascading down his back? I didn't understand this feeling, this emotion, though some part of my mind connected it to the word "love." I'd read dictionaries, with their clinical definitions of words like "love" and "friendship," but I hadn't experienced them until now. Soldiers at war are not supposed to love. Regardless, I was sitting on the bed with this object of my affection, who appeared to be upset, and I had to figure out what to do to fix whatever I had done wrong.

I tipped my head down, putting my lips near his ear. "Because I've wanted to do this for a long time."



His reply startled me so much I pulled back and stared at him. "Are you serious? - Check that, you're always serious," I answered myself. Part of me wanted to ask why now, if he had wanted it so long, but part of me knew that question had no real answer, that the combination of time and place and feeling had just led to this moment. I was still afraid, but an incredible feeling of *needing* something, some physical contact, was overwhelming that fear. A lifetime spent snatching scraps of joy from constant nightmare allowed me to push the rest of the fear away.

I caught his face between my hands and kissed him deeply, trying my best to transmit the increasing urgency of my body's demands. His response encouraged me - apparently he was feeling the same. Trying to move slowly and not startle him, I leaned back on the bed, pulling him to lie next to me. He didn't seem to object. I nibbled slightly on his lower lip and twined both of my arms around him, pulling him against me until only centimeters separated our bodies.

He gasped a little as I traced my fingers along the skin of his back left uncovered by the tank top. As he twitched involuntarily, pulling closer, the fronts of our pants met and - yes! we have contact! We pulled apart simultaneously with identical strangled sounds of startled arousal.



He pulled me down next to him, kissing me. I felt desire take over my being when his fingertips drew across my back. I moved closer to him, involuntarily. It surprised me, how good it felt to feel his body that close. I jumped back, surprised at the arousal, noting that he did the same.

I caught my breath and watched him stare back at me. I couldn't read his expression, though it appeared to be desirous. He was still leaning on his arm. I moved closer to him, wanting to be on top of him, fearing his rejection. I slid one arm under his body, one hand under his shirt, pulled him close, and took his lips in a soft kiss. I slid my other hand under his shirt and experimentally began catching his shirt in my hands as I ran them up his back.

His response was favorable, allowing me to take the shirt over his head, which wasn't a simple task, with his hair being down. His bare chest was as beautiful as I'd remembered it, but now I had the opportunity to touch it. I traced a line starting at the base of his throat, down his chest, stomach, and to the waistband of his pants. A soft moan encouraged me, and I planted soft kisses on his neck, the cleft in the base of his throat, down his chest, stopping and gently sucking his nipples, which elicited a deep groan. His arms came up behind me and started taking my tank top off.



Fear was gone. Thought was long gone. All that was left was the pulsing need running through my body, centering between my legs. I pulled the tank top over his head as his teeth grazed across one of my nipples, making me gasp and arch my back. I leaned forward and set my mouth at the juncture of his neck and shoulder, applying pressure with my lips and tongue. Our breath was coming in pants now as I ran my tongue up his neck to nip and suckle his earlobe, even as my hands ran down his sides to his hips and pulled his body sharply against mine again.

I could no longer tell which one of us was making which sounds as I instinctively rocked my hips against his. Even through layers of fabric the pressure against my most sensitive flesh made me whimper his name. Oh, the fabric had to go. Now. I locked my eyes on his and began to peel the Spandex down from his hips. "Tell me if you want me to stop," I whispered to him in a husky, strained voice I didn't even recognize as my own. He snorted and began unbuttoning my pants as we claimed each other's mouths once again.

We were clumsy and unpracticed, hands and elbows all in each other's way, knocking noses and teeth together as we stripped each other down. I couldn't have cared less. Clothing went sailing across the room, and I thought I heard the lamp clatter against the floor, but neither one of us seemed to care as we settled our bodies against each other once again and our bare flesh met. How could anything feel like silk and steel at the same time? The sound of my name escaping his lips made me open my eyes to look at his face... his eyes were half-shut and dazed, his swollen lower lip caught between his teeth. He was shiny with sweat. He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.



Lying before me, naked, shameless, beautiful, was the person who had opened the crystalline cave in which I had sealed my emotions. I felt heat, fire, flowing through my veins, focusing on one spot between my legs. "Duo," I breathed, unsure whether I had spoken aloud. When he opened his eyes and gazed into mine, I realized I had spoken my thought. I held my lip between my teeth, wondering what to do next. I'd never done this before, and I'd certainly never ... no, that wasn't true. I had imagined it many times, holding him, feeling his body beneath me, the warmth in his body. I'd recently begun preparing myself for a moment like this.

I had made a mission plan, and I was going to carry it out.

I knelt over him and kissed his neck once more. I slowly - torturously - made my way to his nipples, then down his chest and stomach. I paused just below his belly button. I wanted to make sure he wanted it. A whimper, a soft moan, and my name gave me the permission I sought.

I took him in my hand, gently stroking the shaft. I took it in my mouth and was met with an involuntary thrust of hips and a deep moan. My hand traced a lazy path on his thigh, toward his balls. The taste was odd, but not wholly unpleasant. It was salty, a little, but it was acceptable. My hand wandered from his balls back to the small opening in his bottom. As I traced my finger across it, he whimpered, and I felt his entire body shudder. He protested when I sat up, letting him go. I stood up, walked across the room to my nightstand, out of which I drew a small tube.

"Do you want this?" I asked, hoping for a positive response.



He had to ask? I stared across the room at him, at the tube he held in his slightly trembling hand, at the twitch of his mouth that said he was as uncertain of me as I was of him. Oh, Heero... I smiled and stretched one hand out to him. "I want *you*," I whispered. For an instant, his eyes closed, and I could see something crystalline shimmering on his eyelashes... tears?... and in three quick strides he had settled back down on the bed and was leaning over me, our mouths meeting once again.

His hands trailed down to my hips, and I couldn't help but whimper as he traced slow circles with his fingers in towards my straining erection. Torture. This was slow, burning torture, and in a desperate attempt to make him do something, *anything*, I reached out with my hand and ghosted my fingers along his length. His hands froze for an instant, and I grew bolder, circling him with my fingers and tracing every inch, running my other hand down his side to hold his hip as he tried to move.

My eyes were caught between closing in pleasure and staying open to watch his beautiful face, more mobile than I'd ever seen it, move through a thousand expressions in an instant. With a small laugh I caught his legs in mine and used the leverage to flip us over, no small feat in a twin bed, and hold his hips pinned down with my hands as I flicked my tongue along the tip, catching the drop of liquid that had already squeezed out. His hands clutched convulsively in the sheets as I circled his head with my tongue, then pulled it into my mouth, suckling lightly.



Oh gods... I never imagined anything could feel so divine, so wonderful, as the way his tongue felt stroking me on the sensitive area. I groaned, and my hips thrust upward, deeper into his mouth. Gods, but I wanted him. I stretched my hands out, reaching for him as far as I could. I scratched my fingernails down his back, reaching to the round firmness of his butt before I could stretch no further.

I trailed my fingers around his hips, toward the front of his body, dragging light fingertips along his length, since the position was awkward to grasp it. His tongue paused in its explorations, and he gasped for breath. I put my hands under his arms and drew him up, so I could kiss him. His mouth tasted different than before. I kissed him more deeply, wanting him to taste himself from within my mouth, like I was tasting myself. I scratched his back again, eliciting a throaty groan as I traced my finger between his buttocks, along the opening.

I rolled us onto our sides, propped myself up on my elbow, and looked at him. He looked incredible - his eyes were half-lidded, his cheeks were flushed, and his breath was coming in short, deep, gasps. A bead of sweat ran from his brow down toward his ear. I reached for the tube and asked, "Are you ready?"

A soft moan, and "Yes, Heero. Please." I squeezed some of the lubricant onto my finger and rubbed it on me, then some on his opening. He turned onto his hands and knees, and I positioned myself above him, and just outside the opening. >From what I had learned of biology, I knew I needed to use caution. Carefully, slowly, I began pressing myself into him.



OW! I'd been prepared for pain, but this was ridiculous! I bit my lip to try and keep myself from cursing as he pushed into me. He stopped and began rubbing a soothing hand up and down my back. "Try to relax," he whispered. "It'll help. Take a deep breath." I let out an explosive gasp of air and pulled in another one, trying to focus my concentration on the feeling of his hand on my back. He began moving forward again, this time reaching one hand around me to stroke my erection. That managed to distract me long enough for him to push all the way in.

He paused there for a moment, trembling. His hand continued its maddeningly slow caresses. "Heero," I managed to rasp out. "*Do something*." He laughed, actually laughed, and began to move back, slowly, and I felt him moving against something that made me forget what pain *was*. I cried out, sharply, and heard him whimper something blasphemous, and both of his hands grabbed my hips as he thrust himself back into me.

I was no longer aware of anything at all but our bodies. I couldn't hear the bedsprings creak, couldn't feel the rough sheets under my hands and knees. Behind my closed eyelids I was starting to see spots as I pushed back against him, as he pushed forward into me, each of us taking the other until I screamed his name and my whole body clenched and the world flashed white...



I slowly pressed into him, stopping and rubbing his back when hissing of breath indicated his discomfort. I told him to relax, then reached forward and stroked him, relaxing him enough for me to thrust in. I hadn't imagined it would feel that good. I had to stop, or I would be finished before we even started.

He pleaded, "Do something." I laughed, feeling good, happy to be with him, inside him, then started pulling back, just to where the tip was still inside, but the rest of me was outside. He said something, wordlessly, I muttered a few gods' names under my breath, then I plunged back into him, deeply, hitting the spot inside that made him moan.

I felt the warmth of his body beneath me, his hair trailing over his back between us, down onto the bed. Passion and desire took hold of me, and I heard him screaming my name as his body spasmed. I couldn't hold back any longer, and I thrust a few more times, harder, faster, until I felt waves of pleasure wash over me.

I fell forward, pushing him beneath me, rolling onto our sides, spooning him next to me. I kissed his shoulder and his neck. "Duo, aishiteru," I whispered.



I blinked a couple of times, trying to clear my vision. I seemed to be trembling slightly, and I couldn't quite catch my breath. Heero was spooned up against me, our legs tangled and his arm thrown around my waist. The unbroken contact between our bodies created a slight thrumming sensation under my breastbone. I felt his lips touch my skin and smiled. Then he breathed words into my ear that made my eyes go wide and the thrumming in my breast explode outwards, shaking my entire body.

"Oh, Heero," I whispered. I could barely speak; it seemed impossible to force words through my closed, aching throat. I closed my eyes and ran my hand along the arm he had thrown around me, ending by twining the fingers of my hand with his. "I love you," I said in English. Saying it, hearing my own voice speak aloud the words I'd been saying in my head for months, made tears spill from under my closed eyelids. I brought his hand up to my lips and kissed it, softly; back, knuckles, palm.

He pulled me even closer against him, and I felt my heart finally beginning to slow. My body stopped shaking. I sighed in contentment and nestled back a little, into his embrace. Our breathing slowed as we both succumbed to the exhaustion following our physical and emotional release. In the morning, I knew, the war would still be there. OZ would still be there. We would still have to fight, and suffer, and eventually maybe even die. But this moment, and this person, were the scraps of joy I would treasure amidst the nightmare.



The loudmouthed baka with the impossibly long hair, which was currently twined around me, loved me. I smiled. I laid the Perfect Soldier to rest for the night, as I drifted to sleep, knowing that the next day would require him to resurface to perform my duties.

Tonight, however, I held my love in my arms. Mission accomplished.


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