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Snowed In (A New Year's Eve Story)


This is the request Akuma made of me all those eons ago. My first 2x1 Lemon. A true one this time, Akuma. Enjoy. If anyone wishes the translation to the French song, just ask. Or think of the song 'You Are My Sunshine' that's what it is. ^_^ Also, this is what came of that 60 word challenge chibi issued tonight, can we say a little over *grins*. Also, I'm frickin' snowed in, so to speak. I hate the snow.... I have school in 2 days and I kinda wanna get back cause I got exams and I wanna get my class ring.

Of all the times to get snowed in in a safe house all alone with Heero "The Sexless" Yuy, the fates had to choose New Years Eve. The night when Duo should have-- would have been partying if it hadn't been for dumb luck.

The storm had set in early and Duo had whined as the hours passed with no sign that it was letting up. Now as the midnight hour neared, all he could think of was his oblivious partner and how wonderful it would feel to be embedded in his tight channel.

Those thoughts led to a potentially embarrassing predicament and ended in him running to the bathroom, giving the excuse that he wanted to take a shower, to relieve himself.

An hour later, Duo walked out of the bathroom sated, yet empty. True his hard-on had been remedied, but it wasn't enough to just alleviate it himself. No, he wanted something more. He wanted to seat himself into-- he quashed that thought before it could progress and place him in yet another embarrassing situation.

"Damn it all," Duo muttered as he toweled his hair. He glared at the boy on the computer as he walked into the room, then turned to the closet to find something clean to wear. Picking through his meager belongings he began to sing. A soft tune that could make the clouds part and the sun shine, or so Duo believed. It was his favorite. "Tu es mon soleil, mon cher soleil. Tu me fais heureux, si les cieux sont gris. Tu ne sais jamais, combien je t'aime. Ne vole pas ma chčre lumičere," he sang. Somehow, the French song soothed him. It may have been the soft, bright tune, or the memories it carried with it, but either way... it didn't really matter.

"What are you singing?" Heero asked.

Duo nearly jumped out of his skin as he turned to find himself face to face with the prussian eyed boy. "Geez~us, Heero! Make some noise why don't ya!? You could kill a guy, sneakin' up on 'em like that!!!"

"What was that song?" Heero asked, ignoring Duo's comments.

Duo snorted mentally. 'Ya ask a guy a question and 'e just ignores you, peachy. 'E's got a one-track mind.' He grinned cheekily. "Nothing, just something m-my mother used to sing to me... long long ago." Duo choked on the sentence. He didn't remember much about his mother, but he knew that she had been a kind and gentle soul, full of sweetness and light. "She used to sing it to me to get me to sleep. That's all I remember about her."

"Oh," Heero said. He turned and walked out of the room.

"Geeze, man. That guy's a stone. What was up with the question? I mean, can't a guy sing without being asked about it?" Duo babbled turning back to the closet. He looked thoughtfully at his chosen outfit. "Well, it might've been the fact that it was in French...." he shrugged and proceeded to put his clothes on. "Eh, whatever."

"Burrr! It's cold!" Duo said, shivering, as he entered the small den.


Duo jumped about a foot in the air, screaming, then turned around. "You know, you're making a habit of that."

Heero just snorted. "Why were you singing that song?"

"What does it matter? If you really wanna know, it cheers me up, that's why," he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I translated it," Heero said.

"Yeah, so?"

"It's a love song."

"Duh!" Duo said, exasperated. "Look, Heero, I dunno what you're getting at, but--"

He didn't finish the sentence, as his lips were crushed in a clumsy kiss, all passion and no finesse. 'So the boy's new at this game, all the more fun for me,' Duo thought.

Heero pulled away after a minute, looking perplexed.

"What was that for?" Duo asked. "I mean, not like I didn't like it, but... well?"

"I-I don't know," Heero admitted.

"First kiss, huh?" Duo teased slightly, his voice a breathy whisper. Heero nodded. "Want me to show ya how it's done?" Again a nod. Duo leaned forward and pressed his lips to Heero's, running his tongue along the bottom one in askance. Heero opened his mouth slightly and Duo plunged in. Heero's mouth was sweet and clean, untouched until now. And Duo savored the sweetness of unspoiled goods. Slowly he pulled back. "See?"

Heero nodded again. 'He seems to be out of tongue,' Duo mused. 'Or rather, tongue tied, there was definitely a tongue in there, mmmmmm.' Sighing, Duo turned away. "Look, I'm not going to do anything you don't want." 'Even as much as I want to.' He began to walk away when he felt a strong hand grab his shoulder and turn him to face passion filled prussian eyes.

"What... makes you think... I don't want it?" Heero asked quietly.

Duo looked at him cynically, hiding hope. "Do you? Do you really?" Duo looked him straight in the eye. "Do you even know what you are asking for? Huh?"

Heero looked unsure, then his expression hardened. "I know what I want."

"Oh, really? And that would be?"


Duo couldn't speak. Heero wanted him? Well, hell. Take what come your way. But... "Are you sure? I mean this is... it is... Aw, hell. All I've ever wanted, since the first time I saw you, was you. Nothing else mattered, but having you. And I never thought I'd get it. And now you just calmly tell me you want me, too. Aw, fuck."

"Precisely," Heero said. "Shut up, baka, and fuck."

Duo gave him a sardonic look. "Fine." With that he launched at the boy. "You want fuck, you got it."

Duo crushed his lips to Heero's causing the latter to gasp, which gave Duo the perfect opening to plunder the silky, warm cavern. He ran his hands up and down the muscled chest, pushing the green tank top out of his way. He kissed down the strong line of Heero's jaw and proceeded to latch onto a nipple. Heero groaned, driving Duo on. Getting tired of foreplay, 'I never much was into that anyway.', Duo stripped them both of their clothes.

Stripped naked, Duo proceeded to stretch Heero, quickly, pressing his chest against the wall. Hell, he'd been hot and horny all day, and, damn it, he was gonna be inside that tight heat as fast as he could without hurting the other. When he was sure Heero was stretched enough he removed his fingers and Heero made a displeased noise at the loss. 'Very nice,' Duo thought. 'This will be fun.' He lubed his aching shaft and slowly entered Heero's virgin heat. 'Mmmmm,' Duo thought, 'he's tight. Luscious.' He began to move in and out.

The friction of Heero's tightness was too much, Duo quickly lost any rhythm he had and was pounding the other hard. Vaguely he wondered is he'd pound Heero though the wall, only vaguely. He reached around and began to pump Heero's shaft in a harsh rhythm, he wanted the other to come before him. It worked. After just a few pumps to Heero's engorged member, Heero came with a cry, his muscles clamping down on Duo. That sent Duo over the edge, spilling his passion deep in the Perfect Soldier.

They collapsed, slumping against the wall and sliding to the floor. Duo carefully pulled out and leaned against the wall.

Heero looked at him. "That was nice," Heero said.

"Yeah, nice," was all Duo's passion blown mind could produce.


"But what?" Duo asked, afraid Heero was gonna kill him now.

He coiled a lock of Duo's hair around his finger. "But... Next time, I do you."


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