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A Dream Come True



Heero tossed and turned. The night was hot and sticky, and his dreams weren't helping any. Heero was being tormented by Duo Maxwell. A naked Duo Maxwell, who was kissing him all over his body. Heero woke with a start.

"Damn! That dream again!" Heero groaned as his erection throbbed. It had been so real... And it was so wrong. He was a boy! What was wrong with him, fantasizing about another boy? And another Gundam pilot? His organ twitched, wanting attention, and needing it badly. Even perfect soldiers needed relief. He slowly pulled off his boxers and caressed himself. If he couldn't have Duo do it, at least he could offer himself satisfaction!

Heero began stroking his hardness slowly, enjoying the sensation. He felt the sticky pre-cum and swirled it around with his thumb, and began breathing faster and faster. He imagined it wasn't his hand pleasuring himself, but Duo's. Duo's rough, callused hand gliding over his hardness, bringing him close to ecstasy. Duo's long, glorious hair draping over his nude, sweaty body. He began moaning softly, his hips raising off the bed.

Faster and faster, he jerked himself to orgasm. "Ah, Duo" he whimpered. Heero didn't realize he had moaned Duo's name that loudly. Unfortunately for Heero, Duo had heard him in the next room.

Figuring something was wrong, Duo jumped up and ran to the room. "Hee-chan, are you ok?" Duo called softly.

"Oh my God!" Duo yelped, and turned around, embarrassed as all hell. He had just caught Heero jerking off!

Heero's heart had stopped the moment Duo ran into his room. He didn't know whether to throttle Duo or to drag him into his bed.

Duo calmed down, and almost burst out laughing, while Heero pulled his shorts up.

"So, I guess the perfect soldier needs to come every now and then, huh?"

"Omae o korosu." Heero growled.

Duo turned around, and there was a hint of amusement in his eyes. He was desperately trying to forget the sight he had walked in on. Heero looked absolutely...delicious. Just seeing him writhing on his bed while he pleasured himself made Duo harden instantly.

The two stared at each other in embarrassed silence for a minute.

"You know, Heero. There's nothing wrong with that."

Heero refused to answer. Of all the people to walk in on him, it had to be that braided baka he had been fantasizing about!

"In fact," Duo purred, walking towards the bed, "I can help you out if you want." Duo said huskily.

"What?" Heero asked harshly.

Heero finally got a good look at Duo. Duo's hair was down, just like in his dream. He only had silky boxers on, and Heero noticed the tightness of them in the groin area.

'Did the sight of me turn him on?' Heero wondered. 'No, he doesn't like me!'

Duo sat down on the bed and looked Heero deep in the eyes. "All you have to do is ask."

Heero opened his mouth to reply, but Duo had seized his lips in a kiss. Heero was too shocked to react. Duo's tongue probed Heero's mouth open further, and he let it plunder his mouth.

"Mmmm...kiss me, Heero. Please" Duo mumbled against Heero's mouth.

"Duo..." Heero panted. "It's wrong!"

"It's wrong to deny yourself, Heero. You should be able to have relief whenever you want it. And I'm willing to give it to you." With that, Duo pinned Heero down on the bed and began his assault. Heero was dying inside. If only he wasn't so aroused from his dream, if it wasn't so hot out, and Duo hadn't heard him. He would *never* consider this...or would he?

Duo pulled Heero's boxers off and threw them to the side. He wouldn't be needing those for a while. He gently began a trail of wet kisses down Heero's torso. He let his tongue trail a path down to Heero's hardness. Heero's skin tasted salty like sweat, and Duo's tongue danced around the the firm muscles.

Heero's fists were clenching the sheets around him. Duo's mouth felt so good on his body! His erection pulsed and throbbed, and he *wanted* Duo to take him! Take him in his mouth and suck the life out of him! "Ohhh..." Heero groaned and lifted his hips.

Duo chuckled and complied to his silent request. His mouth engulfed Heero, and he began sucking in earnest. Heero tasted even better down here. He tasted the bitter pre-cum and lapped it up.

He let his throat relax and swallowed all of Heero. Heero gasped and began pumping his hips. Duo let Heero fuck his mouth for a minute, then captured Heero's hips and held them still.

Heero felt he was going to come in any second. He groaned in disappointment when he felt Duo's mouth release his hardness, and Duo wiped his mouth.

"Oh, no Heero." he whispered seductively. "I'm not going to let you come like that." Duo positioned himself above Heero. "Even though I would love to taste you, I have other plans for you, now that I finally have you where I want you."

"Wh-what?" Heero asked, still panting.

"You see, Hee-chan, I've wanted you for such a long time. But you never showed any interest. Until tonight," Duo murmured.

Heero didn't answer, just stared into Duo's violet eyes.

"I guess you had the same thoughts about me. Otherwise you wouldn't have cried my name when you were pleasuring yourself!" Duo said before he kissed Heero again.

He managed to pull his boxers off and felt the slight stickiness on his own member. He rubbed some of it on his fingers and gently let one of his fingers trace Heero's anus.

Heero gasped, and Duo slowly, teasingly traced his anus. He bit Heero's neck and slipped the finger inside.

"Uhn!" Heero grunted.

Duo gently explored, reaching for Heero's sweet spot.

Heero tried to rub his erection against Duo, but Duo moved away slightly, tormenting him. While Heero was distracted, he slipped another finger inside, stretching him further. Pleasure wracked Heero's body as Duo's finger found his spot. A third finger was slipped inside, and it probed, exploring. Heero thought he was going to die. All of these feelings at once were both delicious and frightening to him.

"Heero..." Duo whispered.


"I want you. I want to take you. Please, let me. If you don't, I'll stop right now and leave you alone."

Heero looked into Duo's eyes, which were quietly begging. He wanted release badly, as did Heero.

"Take me, Duo." Heero moaned.

Duo's fingers slipped out, and he positioned himself by Heero's entrance.

"Are you sure, Heero? I don't want there to be any regrets." Duo worried.

"Please, Duo, please!" Heero moaned desperately. "I want you! I want you to come inside of me! I've always wanted it!"

Those words sent a jolt of pleasure through Duo and in one smooth thrust he plunged into Heero.

Heero gripped Duo's shoulders painfully as he was entered, and let a hiss of pain escape his mouth.

Duo stilled, and let Heero adjust.

"It'll only hurt for a minute, koi," he soothed.

He kissed Heero, and Heero bit his bottom lip gently.

He began thrusting slowly, not wanting to hurt Heero too badly.

Heero felt unbelievable. So tight, and hot...Duo forced himself to stay in control and moved slowly.

Just then, Duo hit Heero's sweet spot, and Heero bucked underneath him.

"Duo!" he cried out. His legs wrapped around Duo's hips, squeezing gently.

The pain faded and Heero only felt pleasure. A pleasure that was driving him insane. He wanted Duo to go faster, and harder.

The two sweat slicked bodies moved together in unison. Duo gently grasped Heero's erection and pumped slowly.

"Do you like this, koi? Is this what you wanted to happen?" Duo purred.

"Oh, yes, Duo, yes!" Heero moaned.

"Does it feel good? Tell me, Heero!" Duo sobbed in ecstasy.

"Duo, please. Harder, faster. I want you to come in me!"

Heero's words aroused Duo further, and he began thrusting viciously into Heero. He pumped Heero's hardness faster, and felt his release coming.

"Oh, Heero-I'm going, I'm going to-"

With a strangled cry, Duo's head snapped back and he felt Heero's seed flood his hand and shoot over their bellies. He released his own seed that buried deep inside Heero, and he saw Heero's eyes roll back. The two boys shook with the force of their orgasms, and collapsed, exhausted.

Duo gently pulled out of Heero, and lazily leaned over to grab a tissue. He cleaned themselves as best as he could, and buried his head on Heero's chest.

The normally stoic pilot was breathing heavily, eyes closed. Duo worried for a minute that Heero was harboring regrets already, but he felt Heero's arms snake around his body.


"Yes, koi?"

Heero paused at being called 'koi' again.

"Thank you."

Duo chuckled.

"I've wanted to do that with you for a long time."

Heero ran his hand through Duo's sweaty hair.

"Really?" he asked quietly.

"Yes." Duo admitted, chewing on a strand of his hair, nervously.

Heero's arms tightened around Duo, and the two snuggled into each others' embrace.


"Hmm?" came the sleepy response.

"No more fantasizing about me. From now on, you get the real me."

Duo smiled devilishly, and Heero smirked.

"You don't know what you're getting into."

With that, the two boys let sleep claim them, and dreams overtake them.


Well...I'm not terribly good at lemons, but I like that Duo turned the table on Heero. Those naughty boys! I hope you liked this! Jezebel

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