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Talk Dirty to Me


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Heero stalked around the safe house; Duo was due back any time now, and Heero couldn't wait. Their mission had gone successfully, and they had split up afterwards to hide the gundams. Since the two had discovered each other, they had found a good way to relieve the stress of battle; find the nearest semi-private place and they were all over each other.

Heero felt himself get even harder as he thought about what he wanted to do to Duo; bury his hands in that hair and drag the other boy close, rip off his clothes... he was hard as a rock now. Both of them always came out of a battle with lots of extra adrenaline, nearly panting with need to lose themselves in each others' incredible bodies; young bodies that were capable of doing it again and again, all night.

Duo had radioed that he would be a bit late; he had to lie low for a few minutes to avoid an OZ patrol. So now Heero waited impatiently, trying to ignore his raging erection by watching television. It wasn't working.

The previous occupant of the house had apparently thought industrial furniture was trendy, and among the other oddities in furniture, the chairs in the living room were dentist chairs. Heero decided they weren't too bad; after all, they reclined...This train of thought led to more naughty thoughts of his longhaired lover, and Heero couldn't stop his hand from straying to his bulging spandex. He tortured himself by lightly rubbing his hard length through the material as he lay back in the chair. He moaned softly, thinking about all the things he wanted to do to Duo. He couldn't stand it; pulling out on the waistband of the shorts, he slipped his other hand inside and stroked himself, moaning louder.

Heero lay back in the chair and thought about Duo; every moment that his mind was not occupied by a mission, it was filled with thoughts of the violet-eyed boy. Heero knew he was bordering on obsession; but he couldn't help himself. Duo was his every fantasy come true, ethereally beautiful yet willing and able to participate in every erotic activity the two could dream up. Burying his hands in that flowing hair, burying his cock in that sweet body; making love to Duo surpassed anything he had ever dreamed of.

Heero pulled his spandex out of the way with one hand so he could stroke more quickly; torturing himself, with no intention of climaxing except in, or on, his lover's perfect body. He groaned as he thought about his lover; Heero needed nothing but the image of Duo, hair loose and kneeling before him, to bring him dangerously close to climax. Heero squeezed his length roughly, stroking too slowly to bring himself off. He heard a noise, and turned to see Duo standing in the doorway.

"Hi lover," Duo said in a voice gone hoarse with desire. "I see you started without me." Duo was already shedding his clothes, erection straining his pants.

"Sorry, Duo," Heero panted as he admired his longhaired lover, pulling his hand out of his pants. "I was just thinking about you."

"No, don't stop," Duo answered hungrily. "I want to watch you."

Heero moaned at the lust in Duo's voice, turned on even more by the other boy's words.

"One thing, though," Duo continued, dropping his shirt on the floor and approaching Heero's chair. "Take off your shorts. I want to see everything."

Heero quickly stripped off his spandex and looked up at Duo. Duo stood at the foot of the chair, clad only in tight black pants and the gold crucifix that hung around his neck.

"Do it, Heero," Duo whispered. "Let me watch you touch yourself."

Heero moaned as he started stroking himself again, every pleasurable feeling now heightened by the fact that the sexy longhaired boy was watching.

"Spread your legs," Duo commanded, and Heero complied, hooking his legs over the arms of the chair. "Oh, that's nice, Heero. Faster."

Heero moved his hand faster, now thrusting upward with his hips as well. Duo squeezed his own rock hard arousal through his pants, unbelievably turned on by the scene before him. The Perfect Soldier was an incredible sight, lying back in the chair, wearing only his tank top; shirt pushed up, legs spread apart, dripping cock in his own hand, head thrown back and mouth open with need.

Duo knew his lover liked to hear him talk dirty; Duo unbuttoned his pants and moaned, "Oh, Heero, you look so good. Come on, baby, stroke your cock for me. Squeeze it. Does that feel good?" Heero nodded helplessly as his completion approached. "Oh, god, Heero, you're so close, aren't you? Look at that big, beautiful cock, I just can't wait to feel it deep inside me." Duo unzipped his pants and wiggled out of his jeans and underwear as he watched. Heero was stroking faster now, watching Duo strip, panting and biting his lip. "You want to fuck me hard, don't you, Heero?" Completely naked now, Duo reached behind him unfastened his braid, unraveling the hair and letting it hang loose around his body.

Heero groaned; the thought of Duo watching him, and the reality of the gorgeous longhaired boy standing in front of him, saying those words to him, was too much. "Duo... I'm going to..."

Duo smiled and played with his own erection. "Come for me, Heero. Let me see you come."

When Duo said those words and touched himself, Heero went over the edge. Crying out Duo's name, molten pleasure coursed from his cock, pumping again and again, mind-numbing ecstasy shooting through his straining body.

Duo watched avidly; his beautiful lover's face twisted in passion was a sight he would never grow tired of. His own erection pulsed in sympathy as Heero coated his stomach with creamy desire. He stepped closer as Heero's climax subsided.

Heero opened his eyes to see large violet eyes; Duo claimed his mouth in a gentle kiss. Slowly, the kiss deepened and they opened their mouths to one another. Heero raised his arms to wrap around Duo's neck, pulling him closer. Duo braced himself on the sides of the chair. Duo broke the kiss, and in one smooth movement he was on the chair, straddling Heero's hips.

"I missed you," Duo murmured, and leaned down to lick Heero's nectar off the other boy. He loved the taste of his lover's seed, and as he thoroughly lapped up Heero's passion, the cobalt-eyed boy writhed underneath him. Heero's erection returned quickly; once wasn't even close to enough.

Duo kissed his way back up to Heero's face, and captured his lover's mouth in a passionate kiss. He rocked his hips against Heero's, and Duo's rock hard arousal rubbed against Heero's; both boys moaned.

Duo pulled back so he could see Heero's lust-filled eyes. "What do you want, Heero?" he asked teasingly.

"You," answered Heero.

"Me?" said Duo. "You mean you want to ram your hard cock into me? You want to fuck me so hard I scream?"

Heero groaned; Duo knew exactly how to drive him wild with desire. "Yes," he hissed, thrusting his erection up against his lover's hard length.

Duo ached to feel Heero deep inside him; he held up a tube and smiled. He squeezed out some, and reached for Heero's arousal. Heero moaned in anticipation; then Duo's hand was on him, squeezing, stroking, covering the hard flesh with slippery lube. Heero arched up into Duo's hand. "Oh, Heero, you're so big and hard," Duo said as he stroked. "I can't wait to have you inside me."

Heero growled and grabbed Duo's hands. "Then do it."

Duo loved it when Heero lost himself in lust for his lover. "Anything you want, Heero," Duo whispered, meaning every word. He rose up, positioning himself over Heero's lubed arousal. Heero grabbed the sides of the chair, holding himself back; he had to let Duo set the pace of penetration. It wasn't easy, though; he could feel Duo's hot entrance above him, tantalizingly close. He wanted, no, needed, to drive deep inside.

Slowly, Duo lowered himself onto Heero's dripping erection. At first, it always seemed like Heero was too big, that he would never fit inside; but then he felt the hardness slip past the tight ring of muscle and he was being filled; opened, stretched, possessed by Heero's insistent cock. Duo's voice was altered by passion; he moaned out, "Oh god, Heero, that's so good... yes, I need you inside me."

Heero felt Duo's agonizing tightness envelop him; he gripped the sides of the chair harder, holding back his instincts with all the strength he had. Duo's sexy voice inflamed his need; the longhaired boy's perfect body fanned the flames of desire. Deeper and deeper, Duo lowered his body onto Heero.

Finally Heero was completely inside Duo; the violet-eyed boy paused, panting. "Oh, Heero," Duo moaned, "Your cock is so big... so hard... so good..."

Heero groaned deep in his throat; Duo knew just how he liked it, and loved to drive him crazy with need before fulfilling every fantasy. His perfect lips, that honeyed voice; when Duo spoke those crude words it drove him insane.

Duo knew what he was doing to Heero; it turned him on just as much. Heero's cock inside him was driving him crazy; he started to move. Leaning forward slightly, he let Heero's arousal slip out of him slightly; then he sat back down quickly, driving his lover deep inside him again. Heero gasped and his mouth hung open; Duo couldn't help but let out a small moan as he took in Heero's length once again.

"Duo," Heero moaned pleadingly, eyes closed with effort.

"What, Heero?" Duo answered, fighting for control of his voice as he repeated the action, making the stroke longer this time. "You want something?"

Heero nodded, "More."

"More? You mean harder? You want to slam your huge cock deeper inside me? You want me to scream your name and come all over you?" Duo asked.

Heero growled; he took his arms off the sides of the chair and gripped Duo's slim hips. "Tell me you're ready," he managed to say.

"Oh, I'm always ready for you, Heero," Duo said, bracing himself. "Do it. Fuck me hard. Make me scream for more."

"Oh, I will," promised Heero, and started to thrust into the heaven that was Duo. Every stroke was perfect, taking him higher and higher; better still were the noises that Duo made, squeals and moans that drive him on. Tight, hot, maddeningly tight; Duo was everything he needed.

Duo leaned forward, holding onto the back of the chair; he took every thrust and begged for more. "Yes, that's it, Heero, fuck me, take me, use me... I need more... give it to me... harder...oh god, Heero, you're so gooooooood...." Heero's cock inside him was what he craved; every time he looked at the cobalt-eyed boy all he could think about was this: the ecstatic perfection of Heero fucking him. Now, Heero's length was brushing the right spot inside him with every maddening stroke; higher and higher, deeper and deeper; Heero's pounding rose to a frantic crescendo that made him forget to breathe.

"Heero.... You're my god... take me harder... I need your cock deeper... oh, yeah, that's it..."

Heero held Duo's hips and pounded as hard as he could into his lover; every stroke took him closer, closer to nirvana. Duo's sultry voice begging for it was the final touch; looking up at the gorgeous creature impaled on his cock, Heero knew he was close. He wrapped one hand around Duo's dripping cock.

That was it; Duo threw back his head and screamed as he felt Heero's hand on him. "Oh, fuck, Heero, yes, you're incredible, do it, fuck me, pump me, make me come, I want to coooooome..."

Heero pumped faster while he pounded into Duo; it was all he could do to hold off his climax, Duo felt so good, so responsive...

Duo thought he would die from sheer pleasure; Heero's cock inside him and his hand stroking him set him on fire. He could feel his completion approach; he couldn't have stopped if he had wanted to. And oh, god, he wanted to... looking down at the perfect boy beneath him, pounding into him, he wanted nothing more than to be like this forever, perfect love and perfect lust perfectly combined. Perfect was the only way to describe their lovemaking; Duo screamed Heero's name and climaxed, pulse after pulse of sweet ecstasy gripped him as he covered them both with his seed.

Heero watched the ultimate passion grip Duo; that beautiful face, that lithe body, suffused with pleasure that only Heero could give him was what he craved. He could never get enough; Duo's muscles tightened around Heero's cock as white hot pleasure pumped from him, and Heero abandoned himself to completion. One more hard thrust and he was there; blinding sensation took over, and he filled Duo with his essence, pulse after desperate pulse. He must have screamed, but he didn't know; all he knew was Duo, and pleasure, and heaven. They collapsed together, drained for now.

It might have been hours later that they stirred from the chair; they were sweaty and sticky, but neither one cared. Heero carefully carried his lover into the bedroom, and they collapsed, exhausted, into bed, drifting off in each other's arms.

Before he fell asleep, Duo giggled.

"What?" Heero asked.

Duo murmured sleepily, "I've never had that much fun being drilled in a dentist's chair before..."

The End

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