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American Maid



Duo stared at the winning hand in disgust.  Heero had cheated, he just knew it!  Spearing the Japanese pilot with a rebellious look, Duo awaited his first orders.  He now regretted agreeing to the prize for losing the game... two weeks of total obedience to the winner.

Heero smirked at his victim.  He fully intended to put Duo through the paces in the next two weeks.  If things went the way he planned, he would finally claim the braided boy for himself before the two weeks were up.

Duo cursed Heero under his breath for the hundredth time as he went  into the kitchen to fetch his "master" a cold drink.  Heero had made him
clean the whole house, especially their shared room to *his* expectations and now he had to wait on him like a servant! A servant who had to kneel at his feet when he wasn't fetching something.  He vowed
revenge a dozen times over, not only against Heero, but also against his highly amused team members.

Heero smiled at Duo's seething expression, the boy was too beautiful with his eyes shooting sparks like that.  He grew serious, however, when his computer beeped, indicating that there was a mission.  Looking over the report, he had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud. Schooling his face into its usual impassive mask, he summoned the others
for a meeting.

Four pilots looked totally stunned before the questions began to fly. They were to infiltrate a high ranking Oz officer's home and steal a data disk with vital information.  The exact location wasn't known, but the disk was neon green and would be easy to identify once located.  One of them would go undercover a security guard, while one would be a
visiting military leader with his two aides, and the last pilot would go undercover as an employee of the Officer... as a maid.

Wufei flatly refused to even be considered for the role of the maid. Quatre had suggested that he, Trowa, and Duo draw straws, when Heero
interrupted them.  "Duo will be happy to go undercover as the maid, won't you Duo?"  He smirked as Duo glared at him.

Heero looked quite handsome in his military outfit.  Trowa and Quatre were dressed in plain black pants and white shirts as his aides.  Wufei was already in place as a security guard on the grounds that left only Duo.  He was also already in place in the mansion and Heero couldn't wait to see what he looked like.  When he had asked Wufei if he had seen
the American, the other pilot had blushed and then experienced a nosebleed, so the braided beauty *must* look good.

Duo fumed silently as he dusted the bookcase in the library with a pink feather duster.  He'd been dodging his "employer" all morning.  The man was doing a pretty good imitation of an octopus whenever he was around Duo.  Duo felt his skirt fly up as he passed a floor vent and reached back to tug the too-short uniform down.  He vowed to get the
Japanese pilot back if it was the last thing he did!  He never noticed that he was no longer alone in the room.

Heero actually had to wipe a bit of drool off his mouth as he gazed at his partner.  Duo was dressed to kill in a *very* short maid's uniform. The upper portion of the outfit gave the impression of a prim and proper house servant. It was long sleeved with the lower sleeve fitting tightly from wrist to elbow, with lace puffing at the edges.  The upper portion
of the sleeve fluffed out and led to a high neckline.  The entire outfit was black with a pristine white apron over the top, and *then* there was the bottom half of the outfit....

The lower half was a flared skirt over a ruffled petticoat that was so short they barely covered Duo's upper thighs.  Heero was getting a good look at the long shapely legs of Duo Maxwell.  The final part of the uniform were lacy schoolgirl socks with soft, strapped dancer shoes on delicate seeming feet.

Heero silently sat down behind the large desk and waited for the chance to let the vision of loveliness know he was there.  He got his opportunity a minute later when Duo leaned over to dust a lower shelf.
Staring at the now-exposed, firm bottom covered in fine lacy panties, Heero reached out and groped a well outlined globe.

Duo jerked like a scalded cat as he felt a hand grope his ass.  He could fell a blush spread across his face.  Eyes blazing death for the one who took such liberties with his person, Duo whirled around to give
the hentai a scolding.  Words died in his throat and eyes widened impossibly as he saw who had molested him.  "HEERO?!!!"

Heero smiled like a cat that had caught the canary... a few canaries. He opened his mouth to give Duo a command, when his computer beeped.  He quickly opened it and read the message.  The mission had been accomplished and the officer had left the mansion for the rest of the day.  The look that appeared on Heero's face was positively evil and he
could see that Duo was slowly inching towards the door and escape.

 "Get back over here Duo."  He watched as the youth slowly returned to his side.  "The officer is gone for a while and I'm in the mood for some amusement.  I want you to kneel before me and give me a blowjob."

Duo's jaw dropped as he heard the command.  He couldn't believe Heero had just ordered him to pleasure him!  He stared into cobalt-blue eyes and saw that the silent boy was serious, and so knelt between his knees.  He couldn't deny the sexual rush that ran through his body as he slowly undid Heero's pants and opened his zipper.  Heero's organ was
already hard and dewing at the slit.  Taking a deep breath, Duo took the head into his mouth.

Heero swallowed the moan that threatened to escape as he watched his erection slowly disappear into that luscious mouth.  He could feel Duo's soft tongue twirling around the thick shaft while he sucked on the head of his manhood.  Smiling wickedly, Heero reached down and secured Duo's
head and began to thrust into that hot wetness.

Duo forced himself to relax as Heero took his mouth, the act making him so hot he almost came.  He reveled in the feeling of being dominated by Heero, but noted that even as Heero was forceful; he was also careful not to injure the delicate mouth and throat.  Duo knew this was about intense emotion and surrender, not abuse.

Heero thrust faster and faster, he was so close now.  He enjoyed the braided one's submission to him but this was only the appetizer.  He yelled as he came in Duo's mouth, enjoyed the sensation of Duo drinking
him down.  Pulling out of that wet warmth, Heero began to get ready for the main course.  "Duo, strip for me. Slowly."

Duo shivered at the husky command.  He gracefully rose from his knees and stepped into the center of the room.  Humming a sultry tune, he gently toed off both shoes.  Duo sauntered over to a loveseat in the
room and sat demurely on its edge.  Running a hand slowly down a long, limber leg, he slowly drew off the kid sock.  He repeated the act with his other leg and sock, before returning to the middle of the room.

Heero licked his lips as he watched the beauty before him undo the tie to the apron, with teasing slowness he drew it down one arm and then the
other before letting it fall in a pool around his feet.  Grinning, he stepped out of the puddle and kicked the garment at Heero.  Heero sucked in a breath as he was treated to a brief peek at Duo's panty-clad

Duo drew down the zipper to the maid outfit, following the same process he used with the apron.  He walked towards his lover adding a flirtatious sway to his hips.  Soon, he stood before the Japanese pilot
in nothing more than the silk, high-cut panties.  The head of his erection peeked out of the top of the panties as he waited for Heero's next move.

Heero reached out a hand and ran it along the outline of Duo's plump fruit, enjoying the husky moan of pleasure.  He gingerly hooked a finger into the waistband of the filmy material, before suddenly yanking hard on it.  A satisfying rip was heard and Duo stood bare before his koi. Heero drank in the sight of Duo's glorious nude form like a man in the
desert drinks in water.

Heero drew his braided beauty over to the desk again and asked his love an important question; "Do you trust me Duo?"  He felt his heart overflow at the immediate answer of "yes".  Tenderly, he bent the lovely boy over the desk. With equal gentleness he drew Duo's limber arms behind his back and secured them with his tie.  Leaving the youth for a moment he took the two ties holding back the curtains and returned to the desk.  Kneeling, he secured first the right and then the left leg to the desk legs.

Heero stepped back and admired the view.  A beautiful, slightly trembling, Duo lay spread before him, bound and naked... and helpless. A lovely sacrifice to his carnal desires!  Leaning his weight on the boy's back he whispered in his ears.

Duo had never felt so exposed and excited in his life.  He gasped softly as he felt Heero's weight cover his back and then soft lips whisper in his ear.  "Do you know what I'm going to do to you Duo?  I'm going to redden this lovely ass, and then when it's nice and red and hot... I'm going to fuck it!"  Duo couldn't stop the moan of desire that escaped him at the hot words.  "Yessss, oh Heero yessss."

Heero stepped back and rubbed a hand over the full globes of Duo ass, he was definitely going to enjoy this!  He raised his hand and brought it down swiftly, branding the white flesh with a light pink outline of
his hand.  The loud smack that accompanied the blow echoed through the room.  He smiled as he began to methodically spank the helpless boy lying before him.  He hit hard enough to cause a noticeable swing, but not hard enough to truly hurt his little one, after all this was supposed to be erotic, not punishment.

Duo squirmed as Heero's hand continued to spank his behind, each blow caused him to rub his erection against the desk.  Pleasure and light pain exploded across his senses.  Soon he was thrusting his bottom back to meet the blows, enjoying the combination of pleasure and pain. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, the steady rhythm filled his ears.  He writhed on the desk as Heero firmly spanked him from his lower back, over his bottom all the way down his upper thighs.  He could feel his backside heating up and began to plead with Heero to take him.

Heero delivered the final spanks and looked at the beautiful rosy glow to Duo's backside.  Running his hand over the warm, reddened skin, one word filled his mind, *Lovely*.  He couldn't wait to plunge his
neglected manhood into that waiting flesh.  Reaching up he unbuttoned his shirt, but made no move to remove it or pull down his pants.  The
feeling of his soft skin accompanied by the rough cloth on his now sensitive ass would heighten Duo's pleasure.

Heero withdrew a tube of lube from his pocket and generously coated his erection and fingers.  He reached out a lubed finger and began to play with Duo's pretty little pucker.  He finally pushed a finger in, feeling his love tense at the unfamiliar sensation.  Taking his time, he worked the finger in, enjoying Duo's impassioned moans as the tight ring of muscles relaxed around the stroking of his finger.  Carefully, he added a second finger and located Duo's hidden nub deep within his body.  Slowly he stroked the hot spot, loving the way Duo writhed like a cat in heat.  Working hard, he stretched the tiny opening until it was ready for something bigger.

Duo cried out in pleasure and pain as he finally felt his love penetrate him.  Heero pushed deep inside him, filling him before stopping.  Duo squirmed and moaned begging for Heero to move inside him.  He felt a true stinging slap on each reddened butt cheek as Heero admonished him.  "I won't hurt you Duo, but if I move before you've adjusted to me, you will get hurt."  Duo felt Heero slowly stroke his soft skin, those magic hands finally reaching his nipples and toying with the hard pebbles.

Heero used his hands and nipping kisses on Duo's body to distract him until it was time for him to begin to thrust inside of the boy's tight heat.  He planted playfully erotic kisses along the entire length of Duo's back.  He moaned in anticipation as he felt the beauty beneath him finally relax around his impaling organ.

Heero was in heaven as he withdrew his erection to its head and then thrust deeply back inside the willing body beneath him.  He slammed into Duo's sweet spot, dragging a strangled cry from the youth.  Again and again he thrust inside that hot body, enjoying the feel of the heat of Duo's spanked bottom as well as the mind blowing warmth inside his body.

Faster and faster the two worked together to reach a climax.  Heero thrusting hard and deep, and Duo thrusting back to meet him.  Finally, both boys cried out and Duo released his seed across the top of the desk as Heero released his seed deep into Duo's body, marking him as his own...forever.

Both boys collapsed, exhausted and sated, lying on the desk.  It was sometime later before Heero roused himself and gently untied his love. Taking the apron from Duo's outfit, he tenderly cleaned the braided boy and then himself.  He slowly dressed himself, but chose to wrap Duo in his coat rather than having him put on the maid outfit again.  Gathering his koi, they returned to the safehouse.

Once there, both boys professed their love and exchanged vows of faithfulness.  The future looked bright for both boys, they were no longer alone.


This fic is a gift for my WONDERFUL beta reader Kitsune.  It is based on one of her beautiful drawings.  It is a NC-17 Yaoi Lemon of her favorite pairing 1x2.  I donít own the characters.  This ones for you Kit, thanks for all you do!

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