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1/3 True Feelings


[kowareru hodo aishitemo sanbun no ichi mo tsutawaranai
junjou na kanjou wa karamawari I love you sae ienaideiru my heart]

{Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won't reach
My true feelings are just spinning on air, my heart isn't even saying "I love you"}

They had been at the school for almost two weeks. The mission was going just fine and there were no problems. /Odd/ Duo thought as he helped Heero upload a portion of the virus and download the information that they needed. His hands flew over the keyboard with deft accuracy.

Heero was his usual rock self and had refused to even talk to Duo until he was finished. This made Duo melancholy and he had remained quiet. Well all the better for the mission. Heero finished his part and waited while Duo downloaded the OZ information.

Heero glances at his 'partner in crime' and stops. He catches a look in Duo's eyes that the cheerful boy failed to mask in the darkness of the room. Was it -- sadness?

"Done!" the boy chimed, breaking Heero out of his reverie.

"Aa, let's go then," he said, he realized that he'd been staring and looked away quickly. They headed off back to their dorm room.

Heero laid back on his bed and wondered what that glint had been in Duo's eyes? Was Duo having girl trouble? Heero could have sworn it was sadness, but why? Why would Duo be sad?(1) Duo had instantly fallen asleep the moment his head had touched the pillow.

The violet-eyed boy hadn't been talkative at all this evening. Something must be wrong. Heero looked over at the sleeping pilot of Shinigami and smiled.(2) Duo looked like an angel when he was asleep. So quiet and peaceful. Heero shook his head back and forth, trying to clear those thoughts from his head. /You want him.../ a voice said from within.

/No, he's a friend.../ he told it.

/Sure... then why think of him as an angel? Why look at him with longing eyes?/ the voice persisted.

/Leave me alone.../ with that he turned over and tried to sleep.

[nagaku nemureani yoru ga kimi e to omoi
sore wa koi na n desu to sasayaku yo
tomedonaku katari nakeru yureru todou wa
binetsu majiri no tameiki e to kawaru]

{On the long, sleepless nights, the images I send to you
whisper "that is love".
continuously shaking speech that moves you to tears
changes into a slight fever mingled with a sigh}

Duo cried out in his sleep. "Heero... please don't kill me, Heero..."

Heero slowly sat up. /Did Duo just ask me not to kill him? What could that idiot be dreaming of?/ He crept over to Duo's bed and leaned over the sleeping form. "Duo...?" he whispered.

"Heero, why? I cared so much about you... why are you going to kill me?" the boy cried in his sleep. Something glistened in the moonlight, it was a tear trickling it's way down Duo's cheek. Heero gentle wiped the tear from the heart-shaped face. Before he knew it his face was close to Duo's and his lips were brushing those of the boy who had some how stolen his heart.

That instant Duo's eyes flew open and he froze like a deer in headlights. The look in his eyes startled Heero and he backed away. Duo curled up into a fetal ball and muffled sobs could be heard.

What had flicked through Duo's eyes the moment they had met Heero's, Heero did not know, but it was obvious that the violet-eyed boy had suffered something dreadful. Heero sat down on the bed beside Duo and stroked the crying boy's arm. Duo stiffened at the touch.

"Duo, what's wrong?" Heero said... gently.

"Na... nandamo nai..." Duo said, stifling a sob.  

"There's something wrong. I know it, why are you crying?" Heero pleaded softly.

"I... I can't tell you..." Duo said, giving into the sobs once more, "You'll hate me... ""Nothing could ever make me hate you..."

"Nothing could ever make you love me..." Duo whispered so softly that Heero almost didn't hear it, *almost*.

Heero found his face once again close to the elfin boy. "That's not true..." he whispered softly into Duo's ear.

This made Duo start. He slowly turned to face the cobalt eyes that were blazing into him. They were filled with... worry? Longing? Love? Duo slowly realized what the cryptic statement meant. Heero'd heard that whispered statement and... he wasn't mad!

"W-what?" Duo asked, a little wary.

"It's not true that nothing could make me love you..." Heero's voice was filled with restrained emotion and his face was no longer a rock... he was smiling. Heero was actually smiling! And at him!

"You mean, you do... uh..." Duo chose his words carefully, "Like me..."

"Like you? Iie..." Heero said and Duo's world began to shatter, "Love you... yes."

Duo's eyes lit up and he threw his arms around the dark haired pilot, pulling him down on him. He began placing sweet, soft kisses on Heero's face and neck. Heero grabbed his chin in his strong hands, stopping his progress down Heero's chest. Heero took his lips and Duo's hands slowly slid around his neck as he kissed back enthusiastically.

Heero began to tug at Duo's night shirt, only breaking the kiss to pull the damned thing over his partner's head. Duo moved his hands down to the waist band of Heero's boxers, slipping his hands beneath the thin fabric. This produced a muffled moan from Heero.

They broke for breath and proceeded to remove the rest of their clothing. Heero pressed Duo to the bed in another passionate kiss. He sat up and looked at the thin, beautiful boy beneath him, inspecting every inch of that angelic face and supple body.

He leaned down and kissed down Duo's arched neck. He teased a nipple that was in his path. Sucking lightly at the rapidly hardening flesh. Duo moaned and Heero moved to the next, still teasing the other with his adept fingers. Heero then traced a path down to Duo's navel with his tongue.

Having teased Duo enough, Heero moved down to his lover's rigid member. Looking up into Duo's eyes, he flicked his tongue over the tip of the violet-eyed boy's swollen arousal. Duo moaned in intense pleasure, his body arching. Heero took him in, sucking slowly.

Duo bit his lip as Heero's sucking became quicker. Heero stopped as he sensed that Duo was about to come. Duo looked at his pleadingly.

"Get up and turn over, get on you're hands and knees..." He said, grabbing a tube of lotion from the drawer. Duo complied.

Duo felt Heero place one, two, three, lubricated fingers into the tight hole of his anus. He flinched against the pain. Heero slid his fingers out and slathered lotion on his erection. He placed his hands on Duo's hips and slowy entered him.

Slow thrusts at first, slowly speeding up as he felt himself about to come. He wrapped his hand around Duo's erection and pumped in time with his thrusts. They cam at the same time.

They collapsed to the bed, completely sated, a tangle of arms and legs.

As Duo's breathing settled into a sleep pattern Heero mumbled into soft, damp hair, "Ai shiteru..."

"Mmmm..." Duo murmured in his sleep... /I too, I too, love.../


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