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Private Lessons


Cheesy Title, I know, but it'll have to do until I come up with a 
better one. anyone have any ideas?
man, this took me a month to finish!

Duo was staring at the open package mutinously. "Heero. . . what the
fuck is this. . . I'm not wearing this, no way , no how."

"Oh you are gonna wear it or risk making me angry. Besides, you lost
the bet fair and square. Trowa and Quatre have been going at it like
rabbits for the past three months, you said they haven't had sex, and
I said they did. Now, you have to be my slave for the day."

"But-but. . . this is embarrassing." Duo turned bright red, the
hairs on the back of his neck standing up. 

"Don't worry, no one will see you but me anyway. I'm not going
anywhere, just sticking to the bedroom tonight. So chill and put it

Duo opened his mouth to protest once more and clamped it back shut,
trudging to Heero's bathroom to change. "Stupid damn Heero thinks he
owns the world, make me do all these embarrassing things. . . " He
put the clothes on in no rush, not wanting to go back out and face
Heero. Before he walked out of the door, he looked in the full
length mirror that served as the shower door and blinked rapidly,
startled. This was definitely embarrassing.

He was dressed to kill in a schoolgirl uniform, a plain white blouse
tucked into a little red and green plaid skirt that hit mid-thigh. 
He was even wearing a little matching tie of green, and a pair of
black thigh high tights. Heero didn't even forget the underwear, and
underneath the striking ensemble was a pair of bikini cut cotton
panties covered in tiny red flowers, and a matching chemise that
laced up the front with a little red ribbon. Duo banged his head
into the mirror a few times before drawing a deep breath and walking
out the door. 

"Okay, I'm wearing the ridiculous outfit, what do you want now? You
want me to go out and embarrass myself in front of the rest of the
group, right?"

Heero turned in his seat and looked Duo up and down. "No, that's not
exactly what I had planned." He stood from his chair and walked over
to Duo, circling him, scrutinizing every inch of Duo's outfit, making
sure it was perfect, snapping the stockings, tucking in the blouse,
brushing the wrinkles from the skirt with his hands. Duo tolerated
it all, but with increasing annoyance.

"HEY! I'm not a mannequin you know. Who did you buy this for
anyway? Relena? I don't think it's her style." Heero looked up,
staring intently into Duo's face.

"No, I didn't buy it for Relena, I bought it for you. Why do you
think it fits so well?" "How the hell did you get it to fit so well
anyway??? Have you been sneaking glances at my clothes?"

"A good pilot observes everything."

"Yeah, right. You're just a pervert, that's all." Heero hit Duo on
the behind, hard. 

"OWWWWW!!! What the hell was that for??" 

"Because, you were being a bad girl."

"Uh. . . I think you're seriously deluded now, Heero." Heero grabbed
Duo's shoulders and turned him so that they were face to face. 

"From now on, you will call me Teacher. Do you understand?"

"Yup seriously deluded." For that, he got another spank on the
behind. "All right!!! All right!! Teacher already!" 

"Walk over to the bed, Duo." Duo got a bad feeling but did what he
was told, walking to the edge of the bed until his knees hit the
mattress. He felt Heero kick his legs open and spread them wide.,
pulling his hips away from the bed. 

"Uh, Heero? This wasn't part of the bet, was it?" He felt a hand go
up his skirt and he jerked and gasped.

"I told you Duo, that I am your teacher, and you are not to refer to
me as Heero. You will have to be punished for that."

"WHAT?!" Duo moved to turn around but Heero grabbed him by the
scruff of the neck and forced his face down onto the bed, so that he
was still standing with his rear up in the air. Heero grabbed Duo's 
wrists and tied them together behind his back with the twine he had
hidden under the bed. 

"You're a very bad girl, Duo. I'll have to punish you now." Duo
whimpered as he felt Heero's hand on the back of his thigh, rising
higher underneath his skirt. 

"Please. . . Teacher. . . I promise to be good. . . I'll be good from
now on, don't punish me." Duo held his breath as he felt Heero's
hand playing with the rim of his panties, running his finger along
the edges over and over again. He felt his skirt being raised, his
behind bared for Heero's scrutiny. 

"Such nice panties you have on, little girl, however, they aren't
regulation panties, are they?" Heero slid his hand under the side of
Duo's underwear and ran his fingers along Duo's crack, loving the way
Duo's ass wiggled, trying to get away from his touch. Duo released a
soft moan of pleasure. He lightly brushed Duo's virgin hole with his
fingers, careful to make it seem like an accident. Duo's whole body
shuddered, he clenched his cheeks together. 

"I'll have to add on more punishment for this new violation of the
rules, Duo. . . " His hand slid from Duo's ass to the front of Duo's
panties, cupping Duo's quickly rising member, kneading it. Duo
groaned and thrust his hips forward. 

"Teacher. . . what are you doing to me. . . " 

"I'm punishing you, Duo, because you're such an insolent girl. I'll
have to teach you how to be obedient to your elders." All of a
sudden, Heero's hand gripped the fabric of Duo's panties and ripped
them off, the force of the action jerking Duo's body and making him
yelp. Duo blushed, staining both sets of cheeks a delicate pink,
when he realized that his ass was exposed to view. "There. Now we
have taken care of that minor infraction, but now we have another
problem, because wearing no underwear is also in violation of the
rules. Do you have another pair with you, Duo?"

Duo shook his head and pressed his heated face to the bedspread. 

"That's not very good. . . we don't approve of such wanton ways in
this school. . . why what if a gust of wind were to blow up your
skirt? Then all your secrets would be exposed to anyone's sight." 
Heero cupped one creamy rounded globe and squeezed. 

"Aaahh. . . teacher, please, please don't. . . "

"Don't what? Do this?" Heero spanked that one cheek hard with the
palm of his hand, then kneaded the red flesh. Duo grabbed the sheets
in bunches into his hands and moaned into the bedspread. His knees
felt weak, and he was worried that he would collapse onto the bed. 
Heero spanked him again on the other cheek, once again kneading the
reddened skin. "I haven't even begun to start yet, Duo. . . I must
discipline you well, so that you'll become a good girl, you want to
be a good girl, don't you?"

"Yes, yes teacher, I want to be a good girl." 

"Very good, then you'll have to try and take anything I do okay? I
promise it will be for your betterment. "

"Yes teacher." 

Heero caressed the creamy skin of Duo's ass before beginning a
barrage of slaps, no one hitting the same spot twice, not stopping
until both his palm, and Duo's ass were a bright cherry red. Duo's
muffled cries were spoken into the bedspread, his ass writhing about
wildly. Finally, Heero was done, and he massaged the sweet flesh
gently, taking away the sting of his slaps. "You were a very brave
girl, Duo, I'm proud of you." He leaned forward and pressed a kiss
on one red cheek, licking the sore flesh. Duo's eyes snapped open
and he moaned, pushing his bum back against Heero's face. 

"Teacher. . . "

Heero continued to suck on the soft skin, laving it with his tongue,
covering every inch with his saliva, going from one cheek to the
other, then, finally, parting them and touching his tongue to the
tight pink ring. He circled the rim, over and over again, Duo's
moans exciting him and encouraging him to continue, until he forced
his tongue slightly into the opening, feeling it gripping him. He
stood up and undid the bonds that held Duo's wrists, pulling him up
by the waist and motioning for Duo to sit at the edge of the bed. 
Duo did so, blushing furiously from the feelings that were new to him
but excited him, looking down to the floor, scared to meet Heero's
eyes. He knew that his cock was hard and stiff as a board now,
pushing up the front of his skirt, but he sat demurely, with his legs
closed. Heero frowned and kicked them open. 

"It is good for you to sit with your legs closed, but for our visit,
I would prefer that you will keep them open. "

Duo parted his thighs wider, his eyes still glued to the floor. 
"Yes, teacher." 

"I don't want anything hidden from me here, is that understood, Duo? 
There will be no secrets tonight." 

"I understand, Teacher."

"Then look at me." Heero tilted up Duo's head, looking into his
eyes. "Loosen your tie and unbutton your shirt." Duo dropped his
eyes and began to unbutton his blouse slowly, revealing the thin
chemise with its red ribbon. 

"I see that you're wearing a chemise, girl, that's good, you're
abiding by the rules. However, the color of the ribbon is way too
flashy, it has to go." Heero pulled out the ribbon, leaving the
chemise to gape wide open. He slid his hand in until his fingers
found one nipple, tugging it gently, watching intently for Duo's

Duo arched his neck and threw his head back, sighing. He'd never
felt anything like this in his whole life. . . 

Heero ripped the chemise open and took a hard nipple into his mouth,
rolling it on his tongue loving the way it felt in his mouth. Duo
wriggled about on the bed, trying hard to keep his legs spread open. 
His hands moved down and stole under his skirt. . . 

Heero grabbed them quickly. "You aren't allowed to do that, Duo, do
you want me to tie your hands together again?"

Duo shook his head, eyes wide.

"Then keep your hands to your sides until I tell you that you can use
them." Heero leaned back down and took the hard kernel into his
mouth, sucking it, as he toyed with the other one with his fingers. 

He knelt on the floor in front of Duo, his hands caressing the soft
skin of Duo's inner thighs, above the black tights. He hooked one
finger underneath the rim of the tights, and snapped it, making a red
mark in the otherwise pure white flesh. "Now these. . . " He
gripped the edges of the tights ". . . are definitely not regulation.
But they are very sexy. . . so I'll let you wear them girl. 
However, you'll still have to be punished." Pushing Duo's legs open
even further, he pressed his face against the flesh not covered by
the tights, brushing his lips there, over and over. Duo moaned and
leaned back on the bed, on his elbows, shivering from the monstrous
effort of not closing his legs. Heero paused in his ministrations to
look up at his student. 

"You're enjoying this entirely too much, young miss. I want you to
kneel on the bed and take off your shirt and chemise. Remember to
keep your legs widely parted." Duo did what he was told, shyly
pulling off his shirt and undershirt, then kneeling on the bed,
facing Heero, his legs parted, all his secrets exposed to view. A
delicate blush stained his skin. 

"Very lovely. . . you have a natural grace, girl. Now then, I want
you to slowly raise your skirt, an inch at a time." Heero's eyes
followed the progress of the rising skirt, until Duo's hard sex was
exposed to Heero's eyes, and he licked his lips. "So nice. . . I see
that you have become excited by your punishment." He crawled onto
the bed and knelt in front of Duo, watching Duo's face as he cupped
Duo's balls in his hand and kneaded them. "Do you like the way this

"Y-yes teacher. Very much." Heero's other hand cupped Duo's cock
and rubbed his thumb across the tip repeatedly. "And this? Is this
nice too?"

"Even better, teacher. Please. . . more. . . " 

Heero took his hands away. "I didn't say that you could ask for
more. I'll have to teach you not to be so greedy." Duo cried out
and arched his hips forward, but Heero just watched, not touching him
at all. Eventually, Heero took his own clothes off. He sat behind
Duo, Duo's braid in his hand. "Your hair is much longer than
regulation length. Should I cut it?" Duo's eyes opened wide,
frightened, but Heero just laughed. "No, it's much too beautiful to
cut. I'll let you get away with it, for now." He undid the braid,
taking some of the brown locks and reaching forward around Duo,
rubbing the tips against Duo's cock. Duo leaned over and gasped. 

"Close your eyes Duo. . . " Duo did what he was told. . . this felt
much too good to deny. He felt Heero's hot body pressed up against
his back, Heero's thighs spread, his nipples little pebbles brushing
against his skin. . . and Heero's hard arousal pressed up against his
cleft. He panted excitedly and wriggled, drawing Heero's cock deeper
into his crack, instinctively knowing what he wanted. But Heero
wasn't done yet. Heero's hand went around to Duo's front and
absentmindedly toyed with a nipple. 

"What I'm going to do to you tonight. . . it's going to feel so good,
Duo, but you mustn't do this with anyone else but me, no one else but
your teacher, you understand?"

Duo nodded, not really paying attention to Heero's words, his lips
moist and parted as he felt Heero's other hand sliding up his thigh,
coming closer to his cock. . . 

But suddenly, Heero took his hands away again and forced Duo's head
down onto the pillow, the awkward position, causing Duo's very naked
and pink rear to jettison into the air. The skirt slid downwards to
Duo's chest, exposing all his secrets for more of Heero's

"Mmm. . . yummy. . . Duo, you don't know how long I've been eyeing
this. . . " Heero ran his hands over the two fleshy firm globes in
front of him. "I think I want to see you naked except for these sexy
tights. . . " He reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the
pocketknife, cutting the material of the skirt, until Duo's wriggling
rear and the rest of his exquisite torso were left to full exposure. 
He ran his hands up and down the backs of Duo's thighs, along the
edges of the tights, leaning down to place kisses on the tender skin.
Duo whimpered and moaned, but didn't say a word, afraid to say or do
anything that would make Heero stop.

Heero lay down on the bed and slid between Duo's still widely parted
thighs until Duo's cock was inches away from his greedy lips. "Now
here's a sight I'd love to wake up to in the morning, he murmured,
before raising his head the few inches to take the head of Duo's
dripping arousal into his anxiously waiting mouth. He sucked it
softly at first, then with more intensity, as he felt Duo wagging his
hips and thrusting downwards, unable to hold back his cries any
longer. . . 

Heero ran his tongue over the sensitive tip over and over, stabbing
into the slit, tasting the moisture to be found there, stabbing as
deep as possible. Duo's body tensed, his eyes widened to an
impossible size, and he came into Heero's mouth-the first time he had
done so without the aid of his own hands. "Oh god, oh god Heero. . .

Heero sucked until Duo's cock was flaccid, then licked at Duo's
balls, and the sensitive spot right underneath, between his scrotum
and his anus. He made sure every single drop of seed was sucked into
ravenous mouth. He stayed between Duo's thighs even after Duo came,
cupping Duo's buttocks and sliding up to lick at his belly button. 
"I'm not your god, Duo, just your teacher. No need to go quite that
far." He smacked his lips. "Duo baby, your love is better than ice
cream.* Wanna try?" He pulled out from underneath and lay on the
bed beside Duo, who was rubbing his face against the pillow, still in
shock from the intense orgasm that just shook his world. Heero tugged
on his braid until Duo turned and kissed him deep, tongues meshing. 
Heero pulled away and smiled. "Told you it tastes better than ice
cream." Duo collapsed on the bed, his legs unable to support his
weight any longer. 

"_Oh_ . . . _My_. . . _God_."

Heero smiled. "If you're trying to get brownie points by flattering
me, that's definitely the way to go." He rolled over and lay on top
of Duo, grinding his impossibly hard member against Duo's bottom. 
"But. . . we aren't done yet."

Duo just continued to lay down on the bed, dazed look on his face. 
Heero laughed and smacked the back of his thighs, grabbing his waist
and hoisting him out of the bed. "Come on. . . "

He half dragged, half carried Duo across the room where a large
settee was waiting in front of a mirror. Heero sat down, pulling Duo
onto his lap, facing away from him. Duo stared at their reflection
in the mirror, still groggy from the force of his release. 

"We make quite a nice looking pair, don't we?" He parted Duo's legs
and ran his hands up from the black tights to the soft flesh, and
back down again, hooking under Duo's knees and raising them,until
they were pulled up against Duo's chest. "Hold your knees in place,

Duo was dozing off.

Heero smacked the back of one thigh and admired the nice red
handprint it left. Duo came awake in an instant.


"I said, hold your knees in place, and look at the mirror." Duo did
what he was told. He followed with his eyes as Heero caressed the
backs of his thighs, one finger hooking into the tops of the
stockings and dragging them upwards to his knees. Then the hands
came back down again, down. . . lower and lower, approaching his
crotch. He gasped, waiting for those dynamite sensations to overtake
him again. He tilted his hips higher to aid Heero in touching his
cock. . . 

But Heero's target was a little lower. His finger brushed against
Duo's asshole, causing Duo to shiver and drop his legs. "Ah! What
are you doing?"

"Something good. Now hold your knees up unless you want me to get
mad again." Hesitant, but remembering the pleasure Heero just gave
him a few moments ago, Duo did as he was bid. 

He watched, fascinated, as the mirror reflected Heero's highly erotic
actions, his fingers, playing around Duo's anus, brushing against it
lightly. Duo's lips parted, breath coming in soft pants and gasps. 
Heero's hands momentarily left this secret place to steal up to his
own mouth, sucking on his middle finger, then very gently, slipping
just the tip inside.

He continued to watch as the finger slipped deeper inside him,
slowly, until it was engulfed fully in his ass. He gasped and
wriggled about, trying to get used to the new feeling. He winced and
watched when Heero slipped another finger inside, and pulled his
fingers apart, widening Duo's hole. They went deeper. . . as if
searching. . . 

Then he felt it. His whole body arched up. "Oh god! What the hell
was that!" But it didn't stop there, it was as if Heero had pressed
some magic button, but didn't stop pressing it, hitting it over and
over and over again. Duo's hips writhed and thrust up, the muscles
in his thighs tightening, his cock filling with blood, hardening
again, even larger than before. 

Heero laughed underneath him: "You like that, do you? Well, you'll
like this even better." He pulled Duo a little higher before
removing his fingers, much to Duo's regret. But soon enough, he
realized exactly what Heero was up to. . . 

. . . when he felt Heero's very wet, very hard tip pressing up
against his now stretched hole, pushing in. With a hiss of breath,
Duo forced himself to relax, and he watched with wide eyes as the
head of Heero's cock popped into his tight space and began to push

"Heero. . . it feels like I have to go to the bathroom *really* bad."
Duo wriggled a bit, and they both groaned when Heero's erection
furthered its entry, deeper, deeper, Duo falling down until he had
engulfed Heero's entire member. They stayed that way for long
moments, both looking at the mirror at where their bodies were joined
so erotically. Then Heero once again reached down and slipped one
finger into Duo's already engorged space, looking for the magic
button once again, finding it, stroking it, until Duo was moving on
top of him, making them both cry out. . . 

After that, there was no more watching the mirror, no more snappy
quips, puns and comebacks, just pure sensation as one boy moved on
the other, writhing, his hands gripping the side of the settee, his
legs helping him to rise and fall. Heero's hands had made their way
to Duo's once again hard and dripping cock, one hand encircling, the
other rubbing the tip. 

Duo came first, unused to the pure liquid pleasure that he was
receiving from both front and back, with loud cries that surely
echoed throughout Quatre's entire complex, and from down the hall,
Wufei raised his head and cocked his ear, wondering what kind of
night creature was making such hideous wails.

From right next door, Quatre and Trowa paused in their own fun to
listen to the loud keening wails, smiling at each other and laughing.

Heero came shortly afterwards, his orgasm silent, but marked by the
clenching of muscles and the grinding of teeth. The boys slumped
back on the settee, falling unconscious for a few minutes before they
dragged themselves up and made their way to the bed. They faced each
other, two beautiful boys running their hands over each other's skin,
reveling in the newfound pleasure of each other. 

"So, I take it you had fun, Duo?"

"You, Heero, are fishing for compliments, you know I did." Duo's hand
ran down Heero's side, to his buttocks, to cup one creamy globe,
caressing and kneading before he brought his hand down, hard. "But
next time, *I* get to be the teacher." 

End Fic.

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