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Dangerous Games


Part One

It was between missions, and all the pilots were in desperate need of a break. Duo in particular felt the need to blow off some steam. He had been paired with Heero on the last mission, and the stress of hiding his attraction for the cobalt-eyed boy was wearing on him. Duo was looking forward to getting out and having some fun.

Wufei declined, but Duo managed to convince Quatre and Trowa to go out to a local dance club. As long as they could be together, the two lovebirds didn't much care where they were, truthfully. Now for the hard part: convincing the Perfect Soldier he needed to go with them. Duo knew he would never have a chance with Heero, the boy was probably straight as an arrow, but hope springs eternal. Duo was head over heels in love/lust and reason had no place in it. Duo also hoped to get a chance to see him in another outfit. Not that he didn't love to look at Heero's spandex-clad ass, but in his numerous fantasies Heero wore all sorts of outfits. He wanted to see what other clothes the other pilot had.

Duo's mind whirled with plots and plans; how would he get Heero to agree to go? Just then, Heero walked into their shared room, startling him. Duo had been sprawled across his bed, deep in thought about his favorite obsession, and said obsession just walks in. Duo, never being one to stop to think too much, blurted out, "Hey Heero, me and Q-man and Trowa are going out tonight to this cool club and it would be really fun if you would come with even though you probably don't want to but it would be fun to just get out and--"

Duo paused for breath when he realized Heero had spoken. "What did you say?"

Heero sighed. "I said yes, I'd like to go."

Duo stared at him, dumbstruck. "You would? Cool!" Duo regained his composure, bouncing up off the bed. "Thanks Heero!"

Heero watched as Duo ran out of the room to tell Quatre and Trowa the good news. Truthfully, Heero had been hoping Duo would invite him along. That way, he would have more time to admire the braided boy from afar without having his attention divided by a mission. He had had feelings for Duo since they first met, but Heero had been trying to suppress them, because he didn't want to jeopardize either their friendship or their cause. He knew such feelings for another boy were wrong, but he couldn't help himself. He dreamed of Duo; dreams that left him aroused and frustrated. He knew he should stay far away from Duo, and let his training take over; get the longhaired boy out of his mind. But he couldn't do that; he arranged missions so they would be together, and if possible arranged it so they shared a room. Heero knew he was just tormenting himself, but it was worth it for a few stolen moments watching the other boy sleep, or seeing him emerge from the shower, towel wrapped carelessly around his hips and surrounded by a mass of wet hair. If Dr. J had any clue of Heero's feelings, the scientist would have him retrained in a flash, and Heero didn't want that. He was allowed very few things that were his; his feelings for Duo were one of them. He would watch Duo dance, and fuel his fantasies for the next few weeks. It wasn't enough, but it would have to be.

Night came, and the boys gathered in the living room, ready to go. Quatre and Trowa were snuggling on the couch. They were the first ones ready. Both of them looked up, nearly in shock, when Heero walked in. Trowa nudged Quatre and the blond boy remembered to close his mouth. Heero was dressed in very formfitting black jeans and a cobalt blue silk shirt that matched his eyes. It was a simple outfit, but on the unconsciously beautiful boy it was stunning.

"You look great, Heero," Quatre managed to say. "We're just waiting for Duo now. He always takes forever. Must be the hair."

Heero nodded, and thought, I look ridiculous. Then Duo appeared, and Heero's mouth went dry. The first thing he noticed was the hair: Duo had left it loose, and it flowed around him like yards of silk. Heero's eyes roamed; Duo was wearing all black, as usual, but this time his outfit consisted of extremely low-slung leather pants and a cropped tank top, which left a good deal of Duo's creamy skin on display. Duo's cheeks were flushed with excitement as he bounded into the room.

"Ready to go? I'm so psyched! This is gonna be fun!" Duo announced as he swept into the room. He caught sight of Heero standing there, looking like a wet dream, in jeans so tight he could see... Duo stopped that train of thought before he got completely distracted. Heero looked amazing, even more so because he obviously didn't know how gorgeous he was. Duo, on the other hand, had spent hours agonizing over what he would wear, what to do with his hair, and so on. But as usual, the Wing pilot seemed oblivious to Duo's charms, turning away and walking toward the door; inadvertently giving Duo a view of how incredible his ass looked in the jeans.

Far from oblivious, Heero had actually turned away because he had become very aroused from the vision that was Duo; and his jeans were so tight that the longhaired boy would be bound to notice. Heero tried to get himself under control as he grabbed their jackets and the keys to the car.

They all got in the car, Quatre and Trowa sliding into the back seat, Heero driving and Duo in the passenger seat. The ride to the club was uneventful, and although there was a long line, the bouncer took one look at Duo and waved them right in. Heero glared at the man as he went past.

Inside, the club was a mass of bright lights, pounding music, and writhing bodies. Duo somehow managed to secure a table, and Quatre and Trowa went off in search of drinks.

The table was a booth, and since Heero and Duo knew that the other two boys would want a side to themselves, they sat together on one side as well. Duo slid in first, then Heero. They sat awkwardly for a moment. The music was too loud to even try to carry on a conversation, so they settled for watching the dancers and stealing sidelong glances at each other.

Heero was admiring the way Duo's hair shone in the light, and Duo was wishing he could dance just one dance with Heero, when Quatre and Trowa arrived with four beers. Duo happily sucked his down, and half of Quatre's. Another round followed, and Duo was well on his way to becoming smashed. Heero was feeling slightly buzzed himself, and decided not to drink any more. He didn't like the feeling of being altered. Duo, however, was becoming increasingly more animated, waving his arms around as he tried to get his point across over the driving beat. He seemed to be trying to convince Trowa and Quatre that they should be out there dancing.

Duo was feeling manic. He had been the one who wanted to get out, but things weren't going according to his plan. He wasn't sure exactly what his plan had been, but it was supposed to involve getting closer to Heero, and here they sat, in a club that was too loud for conversation, and not dancing. Duo drank another beer, and got more desperate.

Heero was just busy watching Duo, wishing he could tell Duo how he really felt, when Quatre and Trowa finally decided to get out on the dance floor. Heero couldn't believe they were actually going to dance in public; but, looking around, he realized there were many same-sex couples as well as traditional ones out on the dance floor. It seemed to be a liberal environment. Duo seemed to be happily watching the two of them dance; he turned to Heero and yelled over the music, "They're so cute together, aren't they?"

Heero wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to that; he certainly couldn't say that he thought he and Duo would look even better together. So he nodded, and caught himself gazing deep into violet eyes.

Duo felt like something big was looming; Heero hadn't reacted badly to the other boys dancing together. But it was a huge leap from there to wanting to dance with Duo. Now, Heero was staring at him with an odd expression on his face.

Suddenly, Heero realized a strange man was approaching their table. He was tall and muscled, and very self-confident. Ignoring Heero's warning glare, the man planted both hands on the table and leaned across it to speak to Duo.

"Hey, gorgeous, wanna dance?" the man asked, giving Duo a seductive look.

Duo looked up at the man in shock. "I'm a boy," he explained, thinking the man had mistaken him for a girl.

The man smiled even more. "I know."

Duo blushed, flustered. He could see Heero watching him carefully, looking pissed off. Well, Duo thought to himself, here was one way to let Heero know of his preferences without actually telling him. He'd much rather be dancing with Heero, but this guy wasn't bad; in fact, he sort of looked like an older version of Heero, tall, dark, and handsome. One dance wouldn't hurt, would it? Maybe Heero would dance with him next. Duo looked at Heero, questioningly.

Heero was torn. Part of him hoped that Duo said yes, so he would know if Duo liked boys; but another part of him seethed with anger at the thought of anyone else touching his Duo. And the nerve of this guy, asking Duo to dance when Heero was sitting right there with him... Anger won out, and he clamped down on his emotions again, reverting to soldier mode, berating himself for allowing himself these emotions.

"Do you mind, Heero?" Duo squeaked out.

Heero looked at the man, then at Duo, and said disdainfully, "Why should I care, Duo? Do what you want."

Immediately, Heero cursed himself as he saw Duo's face fall, and he knew he'd said the wrong thing.


Duo pushed past Heero quickly so the other boy wouldn't see his disappointment. He should have known better than to think Heero felt anything more than annoyance for him. Well, he would show Heero. He would dance with this guy, and have a great time. Leave the Perfect Soldier sitting all alone at the table. Maybe the Queen of the World would come along and keep him entertained. They deserve each other, Duo thought miserably, deliberately not looking back at Heero as he put an extra sway into his walk on the way to the dance floor. The man smiled at him. At least someone appreciates me, thought Duo, and grabbed onto the man, throwing himself into dancing to the driving beat.

Heero buried his face in his hands, willing himself not to watch Duo hang all over the man, but unable to stop himself. Just when he found out he actually might have had a chance with Duo, he had royally screwed up. He had only reinforced the image in Duo's mind of him as a cold, uncaring bastard.

Duo threw himself into dancing, trying to lose himself in the music and forget about the way his heart felt. At least he had his answer now; Heero obviously didn't care about him, and he could give up that silly fantasy. Duo started as he felt the man's hands wrap around his waist and pull Duo against him; the man was obviously happy to see him. At least someone wants me, thought Duo, and he thrust back, dirty dancing for all he was worth and giving the whole club, Heero included, quite a show.

Heero couldn't tear his eyes away: the scene before him was tearing him apart, but he still had to look. Duo, his Duo, pressed against another man, obviously enjoying himself. He's blown it, if he had ever even had a chance to blow. Heero laughed at himself; as if an incredible creature like Duo would ever even look twice at someone like him. Heero grabbed another beer and downed it in one gulp; his anger grew and he glowered at everyone in sight.

Duo kept trying to steal glances at Heero, to see if the cobalt-eyed boy was watching, but he never managed to get a good look. The man he was dancing with was very skillful, always managing to press against Duo while keeping the beat. Duo started to get uncomfortable with the man's roaming hands; when one tried to snake its way inside his shirt, Duo decided to cool things off a little. He told the man he'd be right back; he needed to go to the bathroom. The man nodded, and Duo made his way to the men's room.

Heero watched with barely restrained fury as the man's hands walked all over Duo; but Duo didn't seem to mind, so he could do nothing. Then, Duo headed off the dance floor, presumably toward the bathroom. He watched Duo as he swayed through the crowd, luminous among the masses. He was about to turn away, and make his way home alone, when he noticed the man Duo had been dancing with follow Duo, with a predatory grin on his face. Heero had a bad feeling; he quickly slipped through the crowd, following.

Part Two

Duo walked into the bathroom, sighing at the relative calm. He turned on the water to splash his face, so he didn't hear the door open behind him. He didn't know the man was following until he felt him press his hard erection against his ass, and grab his hips.

Duo jerked upright, looking at the powerful man in the mirror. He tried to pull away, but the stronger man held him tight.

"Good idea, coming in here to be alone, honey," the man said, smiling. "My friends are going to make sure we stay alone."

Duo started to get worried, and said, "Hey, why don't we go dance some more. You're such a good dancer," he continued as he started to edge toward the door.

"I think I'd rather dance right here," the man said dangerously. He grabbed Duo by the hair and spun him around, shoving him against the wall and pinning him there with his body. Duo struggled, using all his strength, but it was no use. The man was much bigger than he was, and obviously knew what he was doing.

Heero arrived at the bathroom door and started to reach for the handle, when a man stepped in his way.

"Bathroom's broke. Use the other one."

Heero glared at the man, who was joined by another muscular character.

"Get out of the way. I'm going in this one," Heero warned, sure he had seen Duo go in this one. Alarms were going off in his head.

The two men laughed at being threatened by the short teenager, who didn't look threatening at all. "Fuck off," the first man said, and gave Heero a shove.

Heero was not in the mood. He grabbed the first man around the wrist that had shoved him, breaking it and throwing him against the wall with a sickening crunch. The man slid down the wall and didn't move again.

The second man had time to prepare, and he threw a punch at Heero's face. Heero dodged the punch easily, using the man's momentum to help propel him into a throw, and the second man soon followed the first into unconsciousness. Heero was barely breathing hard as he kicked the bathroom door open. The scene before him made him see red; time stood still as adrenaline surged through his veins.

The man Duo had been dancing with had the longhaired boy pinned against the wall; Duo was struggling, that much was obvious, and the man... Heero's rage grew as he saw Duo's shirt was torn, and the man's hand was reaching into Duo's pants. The man's other hand was holding both of Duo's against the wall above him. Duo looked over the man's shoulder, and saw Heero.

"Heero!" Duo cried out. "Help--" The man snarled at the interruption, and savagely backhanded Duo across the face.

"Shut up, bitch," the man growled. "I didn't tell you to talk. Leave us alone, little boy. Me and your pretty friend here have unfinished business."

"Get your hands off him now, and I won't kill you," Heero said softly, controlling his anger and channeling it into concentration.

The man laughed outright then, and turned his back contemptuously, returning his attention to molesting Duo, grinding his hips against the violet eyed boy, making him cry out in pain. Heero clenched his fists. And launched himself.

The first thing the man felt was Heero's arm around his throat, cutting off his air. He released Duo to grab at Heero's arm. Then his legs were swept out from underneath him, and he crashed heavily to the floor. Heero released the man's neck and let him fall, stepping back to quickly check on Duo. The longhaired boy had backed into a corner, but he seemed to be ok.

The man, angry now, climbed back to his feet, reaching in his jacket and pulling out a knife. He flicked it open and brandished it at Heero. "You wanna play? Come on, then," he snarled.

Heero smirked, and in one smooth move, performed a spinning kick that both knocked the knife out of the man's hands and knocked his head into the mirror, cracking it. The knife flew across the bathroom, clattering against the wall. The man staggered away from the mirror, leaving a bloody streak. Heero didn't let him recover; he punched the man so hard that he literally flew across the room, nose broken and blood gushing.

Heero followed, picking up the unconscious man by the collar and preparing to hit him again. Duo cried out, "No, Heero! He's out now. Leave him alone!"

Heero turned to look at Duo. "He hurt you," he said simply, as if that explained everything.

Duo shook his head. "It was my fault! I was trying to make you jealous, and I pushed it too far, and he got the wrong message, and..."

Heero dropped the man, who slumped back to the floor bonelessly, and stalked toward Duo. "Don't ever say that," he snapped. "Nothing you did gave him the right to touch you against your will. Nothing," Heero repeated forcefully. "The fucking bastard deserves to die."

Duo stared at Heero, wide eyed. "Why do you care what he did, Heero?" Duo tried to sound defiant.

Throwing caution to the wind, adrenaline still pumping through his body, Heero stepped forward until he was as close as he could get to Duo without touching him, and said what he should have said a long time ago. "Because I love you," he answered quietly.

"You... you do?" squeaked Duo, stunned.

Heero dropped his eyes. His heart was pounding and his body was reacting to being so close to the beautiful boy, but he wouldn't behave like an animal. Like the man who lay bleeding and unconscious across the room. No matter how much he wanted to take Duo in his arms and...

Duo surprised him by launching himself into Heero's arms and pressing himself tightly against the other boy. Duo hugged Heero tightly, all the pent-up frustration and violence of the earlier events changing directly into passion: passion denied to him since he had first seen the other boy. Duo had been scared of what the bigger man had been about to do to him, then frightened for Heero's safety, then stunned by Heero's brutal actions and tender revelation. Emotions warred within him; but the only thing he was sure of was: "I love you, too, Heero!"

Heero struggled to take in what Duo was saying, and his body reacted automatically, wrapping arms around Duo to pull him even tighter. Both boys gasped as their rock hard arousals ground together, undeniable proof of their mutual feelings. Duo thrust his hips against Heero, moaning sweetly in his ear. Heero pulled back so he could see the other boy's face.

"Duo? Oh, god, Duo, do you know what you're doing to me?" Heero groaned as Duo dropped his hands to Heero's firm ass, grabbing it and pulling their erections even harder against each other.

Duo panted, unable to believe he was in Heero's arms and unable to get enough of the feeling, said, "I certainly hope so."

"You turn me on so much, Duo," moaned Heero, trying desperately not to ravish the other boy right there.

"Good," smiled Duo. "That's what I'm trying to do," he added, kissing Heero's neck while pulling Heero against him.

"But..." gasped Heero, fighting for control. "He... was going to... I don't want to be like that," he finished, trying to explain.

"You're not," Duo said firmly, pulling back to look deep into cobalt eyes. "I want you. I've always wanted you. I want you right here, right now." With that, he pressed his lips firmly to Heero's, opening his mouth and claiming Heero's.

Heero lost himself in the kiss, everything he'd dreamed it would be. Duo tasted like honey. He wanted to taste more. But he broke the kiss and managed to ask, "Here? Now?"

Duo pulled Heero back into one of the stalls, and pulled off his shirt. "Yes. Here and now. I've waited so long, I can't wait any longer."

"Someone could come in."


Heero stared at Duo, half naked, sweaty and hard for him, and didn't ask any more questions. Growling, he ripped off his own shirt and crushed Duo to him, skin to skin, and kissed him roughly.

They came up for air; Duo began tugging at the button of Heero's jeans. Duo succeeded at his task, reaching into the other's boy's pants greedily, wrapping his fingers around the hard flesh. Heero moaned and thrust into Duo's hand, reaching for the other boy's pants at the same time. He wanted to touch Duo like Duo was touching him.

Finally, Duo's pants were unzipped and Heero tugged them down, wanting to see Duo completely. Duo helped him, until Duo's pants were around his knees and his arousal stood free and glistening. Heero just looked at Duo for a long moment, feasting his eyes on the boy that would soon be his, completely. Heero had a thought; he exited the stall, and, pants still unzipped, shoved the unconscious attacker out the bathroom door. He then grabbed a handful of liquid soap, then rejoined Duo, all in a matter of seconds. Locking the stall door behind him, Heero kissed Duo again, then whispered, "Are you sure?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life, Heero," Duo answered, reaching to toy with Heero's nipples.

"Then turn around, koi," Heero said, and prepared the longhaired boy as he braced himself against the wall. Heero pulled his pants down, just far enough.

When Duo was ready, Heero put the last of the soap on his aching erection and pressed himself against Duo's entrance. Duo moaned impatiently, trying to get Heero to go faster. He wanted Heero inside him, wanted it now. The idea of doing it in a bathroom, in public, was turning him on even more.

Hands gripping Duo's slim hips, Heero pushed; his arousal invaded Duo's body, opening him, stretching him, and all the while Duo begged for more, faster, deeper. Duo bent over in front of him, legs spread apart, arms braced against the wall, begging; a million fantasies come true and surpassed. Heero slowly lost his mind as he entered Duo; any semblance of control fled in the face of his dream come true. Deeper and deeper he pushed; the sweet friction of Duo's muscles both gripped and caressed his hard flesh. Finally, he was completely inside Duo; their joining complete, yet just begun. Duo wiggled, driving Heero insane; he began to pump in and out, slowly at first, but unable to keep from building up to a driving pace that rattled the stall and made Duo scream his name.

Dimly, they could hear someone enter the bathroom; but either the sounds they were making or the obvious sight of two pairs of feet under the door made whoever it was leave quickly; and undoubtedly the three unconscious bodies outside the door had caused some concern by now.

Heero pounded faster; Duo met him thrust for thrust, taking each stroke, crying out for more. Duo's cries became continuous; Heero removed one hand from Duo's hips and wrapped it around Duo's erection, pumping furiously. Duo arched back against him, mouth open, eyes closed, and climaxed; Heero's name ripped from his lips in an ear-splitting scream.

The stall walls threatened to collapse around them as Heero thrust into Duo a final time; his violent release filling Duo with his long-awaited passion. Heero thought he would black out from pleasure; throbbing on and on, he pulsed inside Duo, spent at last.

Even through a haze of euphoria, Heero could hear approaching sirens; evidently his handiwork had been frowned upon. Pulling the dazed Duo into an embrace, he kissed the other boy one last time and said, "We have to get out of here."

Grabbing their clothes, they exited the stall, which was now leaning alarmingly. Grinning at the destruction they'd wrought, Duo said, "What about Quatre and Trowa?"

"They'll figure it out," Heero replied, and smashed out the bathroom window. They climbed through, and found the other two pilots waiting in the car just outside. The two boys piled in, and they made good their escape.

Taking in the state of the two boys they had just picked up, Quatre said, "Next time, I pick the club."

Duo piped up, unable to help himself, "Make sure the next one has sturdier bathrooms."

The End

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