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Oatmeal Cream Pies


A flat headed spatula went flying by Heero's head as he opened the over door, glancing in the direction of the flying utensil.  Duo waved with a
small grin on his face.

"MY BAD!"  Heero only kept his staid appearance and sighed, slamming the door shut.

"Duo, now if you want to do this you'll have to do the rest yourself."

Duo bounced up and down happily in his chair, grinning from ear to ear. He pounced up onto his feet and ran over to Heero, clutching onto his koi's
strong arm.

"Don't worry Hee-chan!  I'll make you the best oatmeal cream pies you have ever tasted!"  Heero only nodded and gave Duo a worried glance, leaving Duo Maxwell alone with cooking supplies probably wasn't a very intelligent idea.  However Quatre had somehow convinced Heero to allow Duo to make Heero's favorite snack...Oatmeal Cream Pies (tm).  Heero reluctantly headed into the television room, letting the kitchen door swing shut.  A vision of Duo in a pink apron was the last Heero saw before retreating with the other pilots.  Trowa glanced up from his book and smirked at the dark haired Wing pilot.

"Is it safe?"  Heero only grunted and shook his head nervously.  Heero Yuy was never nervous.

"As safe as we can hope.  Quatre, this is all your fault."  Heero replied quietly as he plopped down onto the couch next to a very annoyed looking Wufei.  Heero made eye contact with the Chinese pilot and they both returned equal glares.  Quatre sighed and peeked into the kitchen from the small window.

Duo was running all over the place, a bag of flour in one hand, a measuring cup in the other and his black outfit was nicely powered in sugar and flour.  The braided one rushed over to the recipe and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"The does Quatre do this sort of crap.."  He mumbled, struggling to figure out everything exactly.  " cookies?!  Whoever heard of such a thing." He continued to talk to himself, reading and pouring ingredients at the same time.  Quatre watched with equal amusement, feeling a little sorry for the Deathscythe pilot.  Cooking was not one of Duo's specialties, however he had insisted on making these cookies for his and Heero's one year anniversary.  Kind of a sentimental thing, well at least
Duo thought so.  He smiled to himself and rubbed flour from his face.


Quatre's eyes went wide, the moment of disaster was quickly approaching. He watched Duo carefully lift out the tray of eggs and counted out four, balancing all four in one hand.  Quatre held his breath as Duo actually got the eggs onto the table before dropping any of them.  Of course that didn't
stop him from knocking the milk over and watching it land with a huge splat upon the floor.

"DAMMIT!!"  Duo's cussing was heard throughout the house, Heero glanced up quickly and stood, going to check on his koi.  Quatre stood in front of the door with his arms spread out.

"No Heero, he wants to do it himself, he's fine.  He hasn't set his hair on fire or anything."

"Give him time."  Wufei's smartass remark came from the TV room, Heero turned to glare at him one quick time and turned his attention back to the kitchen.

"Let me make sure he's okay."  Quatre only shook his head and pushed Heero back into the room, setting him in between himself and Trowa.  Heero looked
a little lost for words as Quatre and Trowa made silly, lovey-dovey faces at one another.  Not wanting to disturb their flirting he went up to the kitchen window to get a good look at the Chef Duo in action.

"Mixer...electric mixer...Hee-koi said I couldn't use one..."  Duo replied to himself with a slight pout.  He grabbed a big wooden spoon and stared at it blankly.  "It's going to take me forever with this piece of stone age cookery."  Heero watched in amusement, a small smile appearing over his cheeks.  Duo looked unbearably cute in that pink apron, his face and hair caked with flour and sugar.  Heero made a mental note to himself to personally remove that sugar from Duo's body later.  ^_~  Duo continued to run around the kitchen, spraying some cooking spray on the pan to keep them from sticking.  He rolled the dough out on the table, getting a few pieces of it stuck to his elbow, much to his dismay.  He struggled with that for a few moments, eventually getting fed up with it and tossing it toward the ceiling.  It hit with a hard thunk and stuck.  Duo blinked in amazement and put his hands on his thin hips.

"Well I'll be damned."  Heero only smiled and stifled a tiny laugh.  Duo stared up at the dough, which had begun to slowly make it's descent back to the floor by the force of gravity.  With a sticky plop the dough released it self and fell atop of Duo's forehead.  The braided one only sighed and began pulling sticky dough from his face, cussing all the way through.  Heero only licked his lips eagerly.


"Heero.."  The dark eyes turned and focused on Quatre's impatient figure, his serious eyes gazing upon Heero.

"Let Duo be, he doesn't need any criticism from the peanut gallery." Quatre grabbed a hold of Heero's arm and dragged the unwilling pilot back to the couch.  He sat down with a very unhappy expression on his face, glaring back and forth at Quatre for ruining his peep show.

Duo was doing rather well on his own, or as well as could be expected. He had somehow finally gotten the dough to form a cookie shape, making about a
dozen he happily threw them into the oven.  He brushed the flour and sugar combination off of his dark black pants and bright pink apron.  He smiled to himself and sat down on the stool, flipping through the cook book to figure out how to make the cream part.  He squirmed around anxiously as he
pages flipped back and forth, his mission to find the cream recipe had failed.  He frowned and scratched the top of his head in confusion and aggravation.  "Dammit."  He thought to himself.  "What the hell am I supposed to do now."  He glanced around the mess of the kitchen and sighed.

"Hee-koi won't like them if they don't have the cream filling."

Heero sat on the cough, rocking back and forth, bored out of his mind. He could still hear Duo moving pots and pans in the kitchen, probably making the mess even bigger.  He sighed and jumped up from his spot, much to the dismay of Quatre who was right on his tail.  Trowa and Wufei only looked up
momentarily as the two pilots ran themselves into the kitchen door, both falling onto the polished wood with a loud thump.  Duo jumped back in surprise and stared down at the the blonde and his koibito.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?!"  He squealed as he whapped them both with the wooden spoon.  Quatre retaliated and dashed out the door.  Heero, however, jumped up and caught his Duo in his arms and held onto him.  Gazing into his violet eyes.  Duo smacked him one hard time on the ass with the spoon, trying to discipline him and get him out of the kitchen.  Heero only smiled and pressed himself against the boy more.  Duo couldn't resist, he relaxed into Heero's embrace and stared at him lovingly.

"Hee-koi, what do you think you are doing in here?"  Heero only growled at him and nuzzled at his neck, kissing a small trail down the soft skin.  Duo only responded with a heavy sigh as he pushed the incredibly sexy one away from his now sweating body.

"We can do that later Hee-chan!  I gotta finish preparing the cream filling for your cookies."  Duo replied with a grin, turning his back on the cobalt
gaze.  Heero grinned to himself and hooked a finger in the back of Duo's pants, pulling him back into his arms.  Duo yelped and dropped the spoon, laughing to himself as he felt Heero's body against his again.

"Do I get Duo Maxwell homemade cream filling..."  Heero whispered into the blush-tinted ear as his fingers inched their way down Duo's pants. Duo's face lit up and he held back a giggle, feeling Heero's cold fingers tracing the tops of his boxers he turned in his lover's arms and smiled.

"Well if that's the kinda filling you want...then my baby gets what my baby wants."  He grabbed Heero by the wrist and slung him back into the TV room. Wufei snorted at him and smiled to himself.

"He wasn't in the mood for Horny Yuy, ne?"

Heero only shot him a glare and turned to Quatre and Trowa.  Both just smiled an apologetic smile as the boy sat back in his original spot.  He pulled his knees up to his chest and smiled in privacy to himself.


*45 minutes later*

Duo emerges from the kitchen with a triumphant grin on his face, carrying a huge plate full of oatmeal cream cookies.  He set the plate down on the center of the coffee table and climbed his limber form into Heero's lap. Heero nuzzled on Duo's neck, kissing and licking away the sugar as the other three reached for a cookie.  Heero gazed up at them and glared.

"I get the first one."

Duo, with an embarrassed giggle, reached over and grabbed Heero a cookie, shoving it into his face with a smile.  Heero slowly took a small bite, tasting only the oatmeal cookie at first, then his tongue made contact with the cream filling.  He leaned up and kissed Duo on the cheek with a slight laugh.  All eyes turned to the couple.

"Heero laughed..."  Trowa spoke softly as he lifted the cookie to his lips and slowly took a bite from the cookie.  Quatre and Wufei all followed suit.  After a moment of chewing Wufei's eyes enlarged and he glared over at Duo. Quatre and Trowa replied the same.  Large eyes and a slightly sick look took on their faces.

"Duo.."  coughed Quatre.  "What exactly did you use for the cream filling? The cookie part is delicious, but the's a little bitter-tasting, kinda tangy."

Duo only smiled a huge smile and kissed Heero on the nose.

"Homemade Duo Maxwell cream filling, by request of the wonderful Heero Yuy."  Heero sat happily munching on a cookie, trying not to laugh at the
expressions the other three were now making.  Wufei's eyes watered up, and he quickly bolted from the room.  Trowa only nodded slightly and
swallowed the cookie.

"Excuse me."  He quickly walked his tall form from the room.  Quatre, on the other hand, just stared in disbelief.

"That stuff actually bakes?!"

Heero and Duo only shrugged their shoulders and smiled.  Quatre placed the cookie down back on the plate and dashed upstairs to the bathroom, where he could be heard brushing his teeth several minutes later.  Duo looked at his lover and sighed.

"Ya' know if Trowa had made the filling, he would be scarfing those things down."

Heero only nodded in agreement and eagerly wolfed down another cookie.

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