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Zestfully Clean


It was late in the afternoon when all five pilots arrived at their hideout from a complicated mission. They were all dead tired and filthy. Fighting OZ mobile suits and soldiers was not exactly a joyous day in the life of a person, especially when you were only a teenager. Once they were inside of the safe house, they all headed straight to their rooms. A relaxing, warm bath and plenty of sleep their main focuses at the moment.

Heero and Duo walked into the room that they were assigned to share and dropped their exhausted bodies heavily on their respective beds. Even Heero was too tired to do anything, but throw himself on his bed and let his body succumb to sleep. By the time their heads landed on the soft pillows they were off to a world where war didn’t exist and they could live their young lives like ordinary people.

About 30 minutes had passed when a soft knock at the door awakened Heero’s sleeping form and he dragged himself out of bed to open the door.

"What is it?" He asked in an irritated manner at the figure that had disturbed his slumber. Duo had also slipped back into consciousness at the sound of someone knocking at the door.

"Sorry to interrupt." Trowa stated apologetically. "But there seems to be some sort of technical difficulty with the heater and I’m afraid you guys have only about 15 minutes to shower before all the hot water runs out."

Heero was less than thrilled at the unexpected news and he simply nodded at Trowa and closed the door.

"Well, I guess that is that," Duo said standing up and grabbing a towel from his duffel bag.

Heero turned around to face Duo with a death glare. "Where do you think you’re going?"

Duo shot him a ‘what does it look like’ face and threw the towel over one shoulder for emphasis. "To take a shower, duh."

"Like hell you are! We are limited to the hot water available in this safe house. I’m not going to let it go to waste on that ridiculous amount of hair!" He said pointing at Duo’s chestnut braid.

"Hey! Back off, Ice Queen! I can spend as much time as I want to on my hair, in the shower, and in anything I damn well please! So fuck off!" Duo shouted back angrily.

Heero’s eyes narrowed dangerously. "Not as long as we share a room you can’t! I’m going to shower first and that is that!" He shoved Duo out of the way as he headed towards the bathroom.

Duo grabbed Heero by his tank top throwing him off balance and making a quick run to the open bathroom. Heero recovered effortlessly from the assault and roughly caught the end of Duo’s braid in his fist, pulling it harshly.

"Shit! Ow! Let go of my hair, mother fucker!"

"Make me you pathetic insect."

Duo was wincing from the discomfort and trying to remain as still as he could, which meant he couldn’t struggle less he wanted to be scalped. "Heero stop it! That’s not fair!"

Heero’s features remained impassive as he slowly opened the palm of his hand, setting Duo’s confined braid free. Duo pulled away aggressively and nurtured his sensitive scalp. "Bastard! Don’t ever touch my hair again!"

Heero shrugged his shoulders indifferently. What was wrong with them? They were acting like little children fighting over the last chocolate bar at a candy store. Perhaps, they were just too stressed out.

Heero closed his eyes and sighed heavily. "Duo, look, why don’t we just shower together?"

Duo looked at Heero incredulously. "Together?! You…me…in the same shower…hell no!"

"Have it your way then. If you don’t take a shower with me, you don’t take a shower at all." With that said he sat down on the edge of his bed and began to remove his shoes.

The braided pilot was indecisive. He wanted to freshen up and feel clean, but then again, he didn’t want to be naked inside the shower with Ice Cube here. It’d be too weird. He couldn’t just run into the bathroom and lock the door, due to the fact that with Heero’s current mood, the Japanese boy might break it down. There was really no other choice. Damn it all.

"Ok, ok, Heero. You win. But make sure to keep your eyes to yourself," he warned the other boy. He then proceeded to remove his shoes and clothes as well.

Once they finished undressing they stepped into the tub and turned the showerhead on. The hot water was still running. Duo stepped under the mist of water and let it run all over his soiled body and hair. Heero pushed Duo back a bit so that the spray would hit his body as well. Both boys kept their eyes to themselves as they had said they would. The situation still felt a bit awkward though. Duo let Heero have more access to the shower once his hair was fully wet. The longhaired boy grabbed the bottle of shampoo and applied a huge amount to his mane. Working the lather throughout every strand. Heero took a hold of the Zest bar and began to scrub it all over the front of his body. As he went to reach for his back he realized that he wanted it to be perfectly clean too. He had heard that you could get pimples on your back if it’s not washed properly. If that happened he wouldn’t look as good as he does in his tank tops.

"Oi, Duo."

Duo peered up at Heero through his foamy bangs.

"Wash my back."

Duo looked indignant. "What am I your servant?"

"Do it."

Duo clicked his tongue in annoyance and grabbed the Zest bar from Heero’s hand. Why was he being so nice to the bastard anyways? He rubbed the soap in circles along Heero’s back until the lather began to form. He set the bar of soap down and then placed his hands over the sleek back and massaged the suds into it.

That caught Heero completely out of guard and he tensed at the feeling of the gentle hands on his skin. After a few seconds, his body began to accept the sensation and it relaxed under the ministrations. In fact, he relaxed too much. Heero rapidly became aware that he was enjoying the feeling of Duo’s hands on him too much. "That’s enough," he stated warily. He turned around to rinse his back and soak his hair, but was slightly interrupted by Duo’s head on the side washing the shampoo off of his long hair.

"Ahem…" Heero stated plainly.

Duo scowled at Heero and stepped back so that the perfect soldier could finish cleansing his body. Heero moved himself under the showerhead. Duo grabbed the Zest bar and rubbed it on his arms and chest. He looked up and his eyes focused on the figure before him. Heero looked so…so…different when he was dripping wet. The way his hands caressed every part of his body in order to get it clean. The way the water would run down his muscles and drip sensuously down his thighs to his feet. The way his long, wet lashes closed over his eyes…

Duo was too lost in his thoughts to realize that he had become hard just by looking at Heero’s soaked appearance.

At that moment, Heero finishes with his hair and opens his eyes to find Duo staring at him directly and sporting an impressive erection. His eyes widen in shock and then narrow suspiciously. "What the hell are you thinking about?" He asks crossly.

Duo suddenly snaps back to reality and looks down. His violet eyes enlarging in horror! His mind racing with panic at the sight before him! "None of your damn business, needle dick." Heero looked about ready to kill him at the insult. Oh-oh. Perhaps that wasn’t the best answer.

Heero moves forward and grabs Duo by the arms forcefully, bringing their bodies dangerously close to each other. His hands clenching in a bruising force around Duo’s slender arms. "I’ll ask you again. What the hell are you thinking about?"

"Fuck you!" Duo shouted.

Heero places his mouth over Duo’s and begins to kiss him vehemently. Duo’s eyes widen in astonishment and he aggressively pushes him back, breaking the kiss. Duo looks infuriated at Heero, his chest panting heavily. Heero’s expression is passive and without regret. Duo steps up to Heero and looks at him straight in the eyes. Without warning he grabs Heero by the back of the neck and crushes his lips to other boy hard.

Heero wraps his arms around the slim waist and mashes the entire length of their body together from groin to chest. They both moan at the delicious friction between their sleek bodies.

Their tongues spar for a while, until Duo drops to his knees and takes Heero’s cock in his mouth. He swallows the semi-erect member as far down as he could manage and begins to suck on it hungrily; the swollen, meaty flesh becoming heavy and hard in his mouth. Duo hums in appreciation, sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through Heero’s cock. Heero thrusts his hips forward, wanting Duo to take it all in his sweet mouth. Duo accepts the forcefulness and bobs his head down deeper, until the entire erection is jammed up his throat. Heero throws his head back and cries out at the wonderful sensation of the damp warmth.

Duo’s hand steals down past his stomach to his own need and gives it a few harsh strokes. Heero grabs Duo by the back of his head and pulls his mouth off of him. He lifts Duo up to his feet and kisses him roughly on the already engorged lips. He then flips him over and makes him lean against the tile wall with his legs spread open. He takes a hold of his partner’s stiff cock and strokes it slowly, while his other free hand smoothes over the bar of soap and covers it in foam.

Duo is positively writhing from the pleasure he’s receiving from that talented hand. Suddenly, he feels a finger penetrate his virgin hole and he forces his muscles to relax; the constant hand pumping his manhood a good distraction from the slight pain. Heero fingers him for a while before another finger joins the first. Duo is so aroused by now that he could care less about the stretching and immediately wants to move on to the fucking.

"Heero, forget the prep. Just do me, now!"

"Whatever you say." Heero covers his own cock in lather and places the tip of it just outside the ring of muscle. He considers the options of either going slow or fast. Duo seems pretty desperate and impatient so he quickly decides on the latter. He grabs onto Duo’s thin hips and shoves his big cock up his ass in one swift motion.

Duo bellows out a mixture of pain and pleasure. "Ahhhh! Heero! Christ, you’re big!"

Heero slips out of the excruciating tightness, then rams back in as hard as he can without hurting Duo any further. "Duo…you’re so damn tight…mmmmm…" Soon he begins to thrust into Duo without pulling out; his throbbing erection now being swallowed by that sweet ass in front of him. It felt so unbelievably good.

Duo was pushing back and meeting every thrust with urgency. Heero was hitting a special spot within him that made him want to get fucked harder and harder, over and over. What an amazing feeling. "Heero…uhhh…go faster…and higher…make me come!"

Heero banged into the willing body faster. The whole length of his dick red from the friction and the blood accumulated into it. He wanted to come too. Just a little more time.

Duo could feel Heero increasing his pace from behind. The Japanese boy was screwing him so hard that he could feel the other boy’s balls slapping his ass with every thrust of his cock. It was just what Duo wanted. To feel that big dick massaging his inner walls and making him go wild with need. It was the only thing that mattered at the moment. He felt Heero’s hands roving all over his chest and playing with his nipples. That was the point of no return for Duo as he emptied his creamy seed on the tile wall in front of him. "Yes!"

Heero’s self control vanished as soon as he heard and felt Duo come. He let out a long, throaty growl as he spilled his seed inside of Duo’s passage.

Once the aftershocks subsided, Heero pulled himself out of Duo and moved over to the other end of the shower to turn it off. The water had begun to run cold. He then turned around to grab his towel, but instead found himself face to face with Duo.

"Faggot," Duo breathed out in Heero’s face.

Heero gave him an undaunted half grin. "Same to you."


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