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Dance of Seduction

Lady Tora

"Words of a Fool" by Love and Rockets.

NOTES: My first PWP…third lemon! Proof these suckers evolve. This really isn't a songfic because the words don't make a lick of sense, but it is a great song because of the music; so it is playing on the radio.

The Japanese man walked in the house, setting his briefcase aside and pulling on his tie to loosen the restrictive piece of cloth. Grogginess swept over his body as he went to the den for a well-deserved nap.

In the den setting up his masterful plan to relax his love thoroughly, Duo listened for the footfalls in the hallway and hit the play button on a mixed CD. The sensuous beat filled the air as he swayed in the motions of the song, pretending it was just he and the music. Hearing the door creak, Duo began to let the music flow through him, hoping it would grab his koi's attention.

Hearing the suggestive beat from the darkly lit room, Heero peered in, gazing around with a pair of exotic blue eyes; he thought he died and went to heaven at the sight of the angel before him. Duo's cascading locks fell like a rushing stream, shimmering in soft light and pooling around gently around his knees. He watched as the suggestive man slinked and slithered, making him hard at the sight of the wondrous beauty.

//Let the demons in; let your lover fly away. Do you understand? These are the words of a fool.//

The violet eyes blinked open and closed as he felt strong arms from behind as a hand slid across the flimsy T-shirt. He sighed and put his head back against the well-toned shoulder. "Bad day at work love?"

//Let the demons in; let your lover fly away. Do you understand? These are the words of a fool.//

"Hn," Heero let the swaying body melt into his. "But something got better."

//Words of a fool//

Heero lightly brushed his hand down and grasped the fey creature's hips, bringing him closer to his burning desire. "Much better." He cooed and kissed the long neck spread out before him.

//Words of a fool//

The music began to grow louder and hard as the guitars screamed mournfully and began to meld into perfection with the shaken beat of maracas and warbling disembodied voices. Duo turned around to face his lover, wrapping the sinewy arms around Heero's neck, pulling him down for a tantalizing kiss and then began to nip and nibble on the protruding soft bottom lip.

//Gold is very pretty, this cup is made of gold. Do you understand? These are the words of a fool. Do you understand? These are the words of a fool.//

They began to grind their hips together in a sugary sweet motion as the both groaned from the delicious pressure.

"How long is this song?" Heero began to pant.

"About six and a half minutes." Duo reached for the naked collarbone.

"Too long."

Duo felt the floor on his back and something warm and heavy on top of him.

//I want touch the hand that feeds you, you take my breath away. And I look at you, and I just want to come come come come come come.//

Wild amethyst eyes peered hungrily from the deep lashes "You heard the man." Duo began to slowly unbutton Heero's shirt, but two dusky hands stop him in his tracks.

Set aflame by desire for the gorgeous creature beneath him, Heero ripped the shirt off, leaving the tie still dangling from his neck.

As if by instincts, the American grabbed the tie and pulled the sweet dream on top of him down for a soul-searching kiss.

//Just one taste. Just one taste.//

The warm wet cavern had a monster in it that fought the intruder, but submitted to let the other take the prize. Heero groaned as Duo's tongue brushed the tender nerves at the top of his mouth; over and over again while frenzied hands roamed the smooth richly heated skin.

//Let demons in. Fly away.//

Hungers raged as the two tore the remains of each other's clothing. Duo silently thanked every god for Heero to hate the confines of underwear, but all was cut short; he gasped as something warm began to slide around his pert nipples.

//Do you understand?//

Sliding his tongue around the soft peaks and then lightly nipping to full bites, the Japanese was enjoying the torture he was causing to his beloved for keeping him away from the nap; but this seemed more fun. Leaving a wet trail down to the heaving stomach, Heero went back up and blew a cold breath on the tender skin, causing the other to gasp and groan some more: music to his ears.

Finding the thick hairs to the Highway to Heaven, Heero found a delicious toy and giving it a quick lick then back up the hairs to Duo's belly button as he whimpered for some sort of comfort.

The American lifted his hips to hit his koi in the chin with his rock hard arousal.

"You want something?" The devilish grin made Duo murmur and moan. Heero's eyes twinkled as he bent down and took up the sweet hips and grabbed the perfectly placed bottle of lube off the coffee table.

//I want to touch the hand that feeds you, you take my breath away. I look at you, and I just want to come come come come come//

With one slicked finger, Heero found the tight beckoning entrance. To make the intrusion more comfortable, he took the bobbing erection that begged to be touched, fondled or all of the above into the deep recesses of his mouth.

//Just one taste//

Adding the second and third, he hit the sweet spot, Duo made euphonious sound that echoed before he came in waves in Heero's throat.

Setting his head back from the orgasm, he felt the larger intrusion that made him gasp and nearly jump in Heero's arms.

"Oh Kami-sama you are too much!" He closed his eyes and pushed deeper.

//Just one taste//

The Japanese slowly reached the hilt and stopped till he felt his lover become comfortable, then began to make slow grinding circles that caused him to hold down the other's hips from taking control. The pace quickened as Duo's voice got caught in his throat before letting out a small praise.

//Just one taste//

Thrusting harder and fast, Heero pulled the young man on his lap for further entrance as he continued the game. Nails dug into his back as he felt the hot splashes of moisture hit his chest and the choking breath from Duo as he came hard, strangling Heero's sex deep withinhim.

//Just one taste//

The melodious sounds coming from his koibito at the rise of passion threw Heero over the edge as he filled Duo up with seed. His vision splintered as he saw Duo in flashes; the long throat crying out his name during release, the deep set eyes full of passion and desire for just him and sweet mouth curved up in an sheer Shinigami grin.

//Just one taste//

The song was ending in a whisper, like their energy as they lay in a huge lump on the floor. Heero licked the soft splash of semen off of Duo's cheek and gave him a tiny kiss.

//Just one taste//

"I saw my life flash before my eyes." Heero began to nibble on the soft ear-causing Duo to stir a little and look him straight in the eyes.

"Was I in it?"

//Just one taste//

Taking the soft bundle in his arms and squeezing him tightly, "It was only you." Helping the now boneless mass up to the couch where there usually laid a large afghan, Heero took up the snuggling form.

Duo let out a small yawn and nuzzled his head beneath the other's chin, "Me too."

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