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That Same Old Song

Talya FireDancer


"Fly me to the moon. . . and let me play among the stars. . ." Duo caroled, then broke into giggles, bouncing off a bulkhead and careening down the corridor, spinning in the air.


Heero followed, floating more leisurely, face set in a grim, long-suffering expression. "Duo. . . are you drunk?"


Duo caromed off a bunker, giggling madly. "What’s it to you, lover boy?" He cast a seductive look over his shoulder, long brown braid floating around with the movement.


"Don’t call me that!" Heero hissed, looking around frantically.


"Why? Don’t you love me anymore?" Duo put on an injured expression that turned surprised as the floating braid wrapped around his face a few times. He started to struggle, thrashing around in the air and succeeding only in tumbling around in useless somersaults. He began to swear drunkenly.


Heero heaved a sigh and pushed off a bulkhead with one hand, halting the spinning Duo carefully and untangling his long braid. "Baka."


"My Heero!" Duo cried happily, glomping on to him. They began to drift towards the far bulkhead, Heero pushing frantically at the American pilot, who was planting sloppy wet kisses all over his face.


"Stop it!" Heero pulled his head back and glowered. "What if someone sees? And where the hell’d you get alcohol on this ship?"


"Why, you wan’ some?" Duo leered, nuzzling him. Heero almost cracked a smile at the innuendo, then smothered a yelp as Duo shoved his hands into Heero’s back pockets, pulling their bodies taut against each other.


"Duo. . ." Heero protested half-heartedly, as the contact caused their pelvises to rub together. "What if someone . . ."


"Shut up, Heero," Duo murmured, covering the Japanese pilot’s lips with his own. Heero began to growl in protest, then lost track of it as Duo’s hands flexed in his pockets, bumping their groins together again, and a curl of pleasure streaked up from the point of contact as his flesh began to stir.


Duo’s skilled tongue traced over his bottom lip but Heero frowned, putting his hands on the other’s chest and pushing him away. Well as far as he *could* with Duo’s hands attached to his ass. . .


"Whassamatter, Heero?" Duo pouted. He stretched to bite Heero’s earlobe, flicking his tongue out to wriggle over the soft flesh.


"Dammit, Duo, any of the others could come by and. . .and. . ." Heero sputtered, trying to disengage from Duo, who only dug his hands deeper into Heero’s pockets, hooking one leg around him.


"Get an eyeful?" Duo suggested to complete the sentence, then crowed with laughter. "Hoo boy! I bet Wufei would get a huuuuge nosebleed. . ."


"It’s not funny!" Heero snarled, still trying to wiggle free.


Duo’s brows drew up in consternation, and he looked closely at his lover. "Heero. . . are you *ashamed* of me?" He sounded woebegone, overly dramatic combined with the abandon of intoxication, but there was a note of underlying hurt and seriousness to the accusation.


A clue Heero failed to notice.


"Get off me," he frowned darkly, taking his hands off Duo’s chest and crossing his arms.


"Fine!" Duo yanked his hands away as if he’d been burned, turning abruptly and shoving at Heero to acquire the momentum to glide away. He grabbed at nearby objects, trying to increase his speed to make a quick getaway. Duo was cursing, a low steady stream of angry-sounding invective.


"Duo?" Heero stared at the back of the retreating pilot of Shinigami. Exactly how much *had* Duo had? Then he spotted a crystalline drop of. . . something. . . sparkling in the air, floating in freefall. "K’so."


Heaving another sigh, Heero pushed himself into movement, following his lover. Obviously the alcohol had gotten to Duo’s brain and he felt like Heero had rejected him. He caught up to him just as Duo reached the door of their room, and slipped in as Duo struggled to slam the door in his face – kind of hard to manage in zero G.


"Dammit, Duo, what – " Heero began, reaching for the other boy’s shoulder, and was shocked when Duo lashed out, striking his hand away.


"K’so!" he spat, eyes wide and trembling, burning with the weight of whatever liquor he’d drunk, but serious nonetheless. "You’re *ashamed* of me, is that it then, Heero Yuy? What we have between us is just a dirty. . . little. . . secret that we have to keep in the closet, huh?" Duo stabbed at his chest to emphasize the spaced-out words.


"It’s always the same old song with you, Heero – I suppose I never should’ve expected you to be more than the heartless soldier!"


Heero was stunned. Then his mouth firmed. "You’re wrong," he told Duo. *You couldn’t be more wrong, but I don’t know if I can ever say it. . . What I really want to say, and I just CAN’T!*


"Sure," Duo said bitterly. His eyes started to fill with tears and he turned away. The alcohol, it had to be the alcohol, Heero thought. "Sure, I’m wrong, I’m just drunk. . . and none of this really matters, does it? After all it’s only sex. . ."


"You’re wrong!" Heero repeated with conviction, moving forward to snare Duo in his arms. He *had* to say it somehow, or risk losing Duo. . . The brown-braided boy struggled fiercely in his grip, inflicting bruises and minor damage, during a little eternity while he pounded at the immobile Heero, who took it stolidly. Finally the American went limp, breathing heavily against Heero’s neck.


Heero closed his eyes, holding Duo with gentle, inexorable strength. He wasn’t about to let him go. Not now or ever. But. . . could he say it!? He knew that Duo needed to hear it but. . . but he. . .


"It kinda' hurts," Duo said conversationally, almost reflectively, "To think that you don’t want anyone to ever associate the two of us together. What I feel for you. . . I don’t care if the whole world knows it."


Heero loosened his grip, freed one hand to take hold of Duo’s chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. "You *are* wrong," he said quietly, his voice growing thick in his throat. Somehow, he forced the words out, past the constriction, past the barriers that had choked him for so long already, which was the only reason Duo could be doubting him now.


"Because. . . ‘cause I, I. . . I l-love you, Duo." His voice shut down at the very end of it, but he’d done it! He said it!


Duo’s eyes went very wide and utterly, utterly still. Then an expression of enormously ecstatic proportions broke out over his face. "Heero! You said it!" He looked awed, and his face shone.


Unable to bear the look in Duo’s eyes, so open and unguarded he might’ve been in danger of weeping himself – if he weren’t Heero, that is – Heero kissed him. Duo responded passionately, wrapping his arms around him, tongue delving into his mouth. He hooked a leg around him again, and they lazily began to spin across the room, Duo’s hands roaming over Heero’s skin under the tank top, Heero slipping his hands under the waistband of Duo’s pants.


Heero crushed Duo’s lips under his own, assaulting him, tasting him, exploring him and the other pilot encouraged him with an eagerly responsive tongue and the hungry, eager noises in the back of his throat that Heero loved. He claimed his lover with the urgency of his kiss, pulling him close, sucking the air from his longs as a sea of emotion, a fucking tidal wave, swept over him and left him gasping and shuddering in its wake.


They broke for air and Duo held him close, a little concerned. He was consumed too, by alcohol and the passion Heero kindled, but not too far gone to miss his lover’s trembling. "Heero?"


"I’m okay," Heero replied, breathing deeply and, more amazing than what he’d said before, he smiled. Just a little one. But it was still a smile. "I’m okay Duo. . .maybe *really* okay now, because of *you*."


Duo returned the smile, eyes alight with wonder, and rubbed his nose against Heero’s, a loving gesture. He kissed him briefly but firmly. Heero pulled away, eyes intent, hands working over Duo’s shirt, undressing him. He tossed the shirt into freefall, running appreciative eyes over Duo’s torso, then his hands, then ran them down the bare skin of his back, slipping them into his pants again.


They kissed again, slowly, tongues moving lovingly together, against one another in long slow swipes until Heero tightened his grip on Duo’s ass, beginning to quicken the pace. They caught fire together, lips kindling a passionate rhythm and Heero pulled back, the other pilot protesting the loss quite vocally until Heero shoved his fingers in his mouth, effectively silencing him. Duo blinked and began to suck furiously on his fingers.


He tensed as Heero’s mouth closed over a nipple, melting immediately as the twirling pressure of a tongue was applied. "Ooh that’s nice," Duo mumbled around his fingers.


Heero teased it with his tongue into a hard little nub, pinching the other one with his free hand then tickling both with a light touch of tongue and fingers. Duo inhaled sharply.


"Oh. . .Heero," he murmured indistinctly, then nibbled at his fingers some more.


Heero pried his fingers out of Duo’s mouth and moved down further, smiling slyly as he reached the navel after placing a trail of hot, flickering kisses over Duo’s taut stomach. This was one spot that made Duo *squirm*.


"Ah. . .ah. . .ah. . !" Duo panted, arching his back as Heero dipped his tongue into the little well several times rapidly, a flickering tease, then licked around the rim. Duo’s hands gripped his shoulders, grabbed handfuls of the dark green tank top.


Heero wiggled his tongue in Duo’s navel once more, fingers busily occupied with the drawstring of Duo’s pants, then he tugged at them impatiently. He sent the black pants floating across the room after the idle shirt, joined quickly by his boxers.


He ran his fingers along the length of Duo’s erection, already upright and firm and Duo made an involuntary noise in his throat, straining towards him, wiggling a little, encouraging him to apply further pressure. Heero almost chuckled. Not yet. He wanted this to last.


Heero bent his head, running a tongue over the silky skin of Duo’s thigh, hands moving to grip his ass firmly, kneading the cheeks. Duo moaned a little, his hips gyrating forward as Heero kissed his way across one thigh and transferred his attentions to the other, ignoring the upright proof of his passion completely.


"Heero, please. . ." Duo’s voice was low and it caught in his throat.


Heero’s only reply was a husky chuckle as he gripped him more tightly, moving his mouth now to the hot flesh of Duo’s scrotum, taking one round morsel gently into his mouth, tongue tracing a slick pattern.


"Dammit, Heero, you’re torturing meee. . ." Duo half-whined, half-moaned.


Heero snorted but finally took pity on him, his mouth engulfing Duo’s firm throbbing length. Duo cried out, thrusting instinctively into the wet well of warmth that covered him and Heero nearly gagged as the tip hit the back of his throat. He recouped and began to suck on him expertly, twirling his tongue over the slick hot skin.


At the same time, his fingers delved into the crack of Duo’s rear, a finger brushing delicately over the tight ring of muscle there. Duo froze, more from instinct than inclination, as Heero inserted a finger, then relaxed as the Japanese pilot began to move his mouth up and down, distracting him. Duo hissed reflexively as another finger joined the first, probing and stretching. He tried to arch away, to shove himself further into Heero’s mouth, but the fingers followed. Finally Duo began to relax, submitting to Heero’s insistence, and a third finger entered him, paving an easier path for what was to come.


Duo’s posture shifted as he began to enjoy himself fully, reaccustomed to the sensation, and his erection was completely turgid under Heero’s tongue as he rocked lightly back and forth, then with more force. Heero pulled his head away, sensing the American was getting too close.


"Heero!" Duo complained, pumping at the air. "Dammit. . ." He pushed himself back against the impaling fingers, eyes full of wanton abandon.


Heero pulled his fingers out and Duo floated in the air, anchorless and wide-eyed, erection twitching. "Heero. . ." There was a pleading edge to his voice now.


Heero stripped quickly, sending his clothes to drift off aimlessly. His erection was hard and definitely ready. He seized Duo and kissed him roughly, suppressing a groan as their hardnesses rubbed together. Duo lifted his legs, wrapping them around Heero’s waist, pulling their bodies tightly together. As a wave of pleasure sang through him at the contact, Heero knew he couldn’t prolong it any longer.


One hand braced against Duo’s hip, and he took a hold of himself and guided the tip of his penis to the entry. Then, grabbing both hips, Heero pushed himself inside of Duo, slowly and carefully, as Duo let loose a shuddering cry.


They were both panting once Heero was fully sheathed inside of him, and began to rock his pelvis in tight, rolling circles.


Duo bit his lip as Heero began to thrust, moving gently inside of him, fingers digging into his hips. His rhythm sped up as they came closer, the regular pattern of his strokes falling to pieces as Heero finally groaned aloud, hands closing around Duo’s shaft and pumping it as his hips jerked back and forth even faster, breathing fluttering ragged from between his lips and Duo moaned encouragement as Heero’s hands sped up, satisfying and increasing his quivering aching all at once. Heero thrust his body taut against him, eyes wide and mouth open in a soundless cry as the orgasm rolled through him, hips jerking more intensely as his penis spurted forth into Duo’s tight glove.


He went boneless and pulled out, then it was Duo’s turn to groan as Heero’s mouth closed over him once more, moving in a delicious, insistent counterpoint to Duo’s rapid, shallow thrusts. Heero’s tongue stroked him, fluttered against him and Duo clenched his teeth on a shout as his passion swelled and focused and. . . exploded. Heero’s mouth kept up the rhythm steadily as he swallowed Duo.


Then it was over and Heero released him, drifting upwards. Duo snagged him in his arms and snuggled up to him, feeling limp and drained but completely, wonderfully satisfied. He had never expected for Heero to give him the gift he had just given. . .but it had been pure joy to receive, making the physical coupling truly more than just sex. They floated aimlessly in the air, content.


"I’m not ashamed of you," Heero’s quiet voice startled him on the edge of sleep. Alcohol combined with their exertions was more than Duo could handle. "I just. . .I think what we have is too private to share. It scares me sometimes." The Japanese pilot’s voice was intense, daring him to argue.


"Oh darn!" Duo wriggled to look him in the eye, putting on a show of disappointment. He knew he had to lighten Heero’s mood before it got too serious. "You mean I can’t share you with Wufei. . .!? I had, such plans!"


Heero’s look of shock and outraged indignation sent him spiraling off into giggles again. Duo butted his head playfully against Heero’s neck, like a contented, playful kitten.


"Baka, I’m not sharing you with anyone," Heero growled, arms tightening possessively around him.


Duo smiled with satisfaction, the gesture unseen in the crook of shoulder and neck. "Well, if one must submit to the inevitable," he sighed, nuzzling Heero’s neck.


He could practically feel Heero’s glower. "You must."


Duo kissed the sweat-damped skin. "I love you too, Heero." Suddenly he began to giggle softly again.


"What?" Heero sounded defensive.


"We just had sex in zero gravity. . ."




"That’s all," Duo chuckled happily, terribly pleased with himself. Heero snorted. "Fly me to the moon. . .and let me screw among the stars. . ." Adding a little spice to that same old song, he thought blithely.


Heero guffawed, caught sharply by surprise. His eyes glinted almost – if he weren’t Heero, that is – almost mischievously. "Make that ‘Fuck me to the moon,’ and I’ll take you up on the offer," was his astonishing rejoinder.


Duo’s response wasn’t in words, but it satisfied them both.


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