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You Wash My Back, I'll Wash Yours



"I'm going to take a shower, Hee-chan!"  Duo announced. The two were stuck in a safehouse, awaiting their next mission, and Duo was getting a little antsy.


 "A shower."  Heero replied.


"Yeah.  Ya know, water, soap, getting clean?"  Duo grinned.


 "I thought we were going to discuss the preliminaries of-"  Duo cut Heero off, not wanting to get into technical stuff now.


"Well, I really gotta wash my hair.  It's getting all ratty!"  Duo grinned slyly.  "Unless you want to wash it for me..." Duo trailed off suggestively.

"Omae o korosu".  Heero growled.

"Okay! But don't say I didn't give you an open invitation!" Duo chuckled, heading into the bathroom. Heero shuddered.  Just the thought of Duo all wet and sudsy, in the shower made him groan.  He bit his lip in frustration.  For weeks now,
Duo had been openly flirting and teasing with him.  Heero knew it was wrong for two pilots to get involved, never mind the fact that they were two *boy* pilots, but Duo was so tempting.  Heero would often catch himself staring at Duo when he wasn't aware of it.  Those violet eyes, that long, chestnut hair...Heero suddenly stood up and snapped his
laptop shut.  His mind made up, he strode into the bathroom.


Duo sighed as he stood under the hot spray of the shower.  Heero was priceless all right, he laughed to himself.  Just the look on his face! Duo reached for the shampoo, and felt a cold rush of air invade the
bathroom.  He whirled around, *not* expecting to see Heero.  A gun to his head, an OZ solider, hell, even the grim reaper himself, but *not* an exquisite, *buck naked* Heero Yuy.  Duo almost dropped the shampoo in shock.  As if that wasn't enough, he hardened immediately.  The two stared at each other for a minute, blue boring into violet, when Heero spoke up.

"Well, did you mean it?  You're invitation?"  he asked huskily. Duo shook himself from his stupor and pulled Heero inside the shower. Duo's lips sought out Heero's, and his warm lips melted against his. Heero kissed back, tentatively at first, but than fully surrendered to Duo's ministrations.  Their lips opened wider, and two soft tongues began battling with each other, until the two broke for air.  Heero, still reeling from the sweet moistness of Duo's mouth, plucked the shampoo from the shelf Duo had hastily deposited on, and squeezed some into his hand.  He turned Duo around and gently began to massage it into his scalp.  He gathered all of Duo's crowning glory in his hands and sensually washed it, from the roots to the tips, and enjoyed every second of it.  Duo, from the sounds he was making, was also enjoying it.

He leaned back against Heero, and shut his eyes.  His eyes popped back open when he felt Heero's hardness rub into his backside.  It was all too much...Heero washing his hair, the hot spray of the shower pouring down on them...Duo felt as if he would die and go straight to...well, wherever he was deemed worthy to go.  Heero pushed him into the spray, to wash off all the shampoo.

To Duo's delight, Heero had grabbed the shower gel Duo was so fond of, and began to work up a lather.  Heero inhaled deeply.  The scent was honeysuckle, and intoxicating.  Only Duo would have such a scent about him.  Heero slowly moved his lathered hands down Duo's shoulders, across his chest, and stopped at his nipples.  He caressed the hard nubs,
gently, with callused fingers, and continued his explorations further down Duo's body.  Duo's skin was baby soft over his ridged muscles, and he moaned as Heero's hands sought out different territory.

"Ahhh...Heero.." His knees were trembling, and Heero tightened his grip around Duo's waist with one arm.  His tongue darted into Duo's ear, and explored it thoroughly.  Duo purred with the wet invasion, and began rubbing against Heero's hardness.  Heero's soapy hand reached down to grasp Duo's erection, and slowly began stroking it.  Both of them were
panting, the feeling of pleasure overtaking them.  Heero's thumb circled Duo's velvety soft tip, feeling a slight stickiness there.

 "Uhnn...Heero...can't take...much more of this."  Heero answered him by slowing down a fraction, and a quick nip to the neck.  He released Duo's
hardness, and Duo whimpered softly.  He turned Duo towards the wall, and Duo rested his arms on the cool tile, in an effort to support himself.

For a moment, Heero just looked at him.  Water slicked, hair pasted wetly down his back, Duo looked like a water sprite out of some fairy tale.  A very erotic water sprite, but he made for a gorgeous picture, indeed.


Heero's arms encircled him once more, and he took Duo's hardness in his hand again.  "Duo." Heero whispered in his ear over the running water.  "I want you to come.  Come right in my hand."

Those seductive words coming out of Heero Yuy's mouth shot a jolt of white hot pleasure right through Duo's body.  Duo wondered for a fleeting second if this was a dream, or if perhaps an OZ solider really
did shoot him in the head earlier. But OZ solider wouldn't be stroking him, bringing him to higher peaks of pleasure, and chanting his name in his ear, while saying, "Mine.  You're mine, Duo."

"But Heero, what about you?"  Duo asked breathlessly.  He was so close to release. He wanted Heero to experience this pleasure, also.

 "Just you.  Please Duo, please come for me." Heero moaned, and rubbed against Duo once more.

That did it.  Duo threw his head back on Heero's shoulder, and cried out.

"Uhnnn..God!  Heero!"  Duo climaxed, his seed shooting into Heero's hand, and over the tile.
Duo opened his eyes, not quite remembering when he had shut them, and tried to regain his senses.  Heero turned him around and pulled them under the spray of the shower once more.  They washed off, their eyes never leaving each others.  Duo placed a feather light kiss on Heero's lips.  Heero did not say anything, but Duo detected a hint of amusement in his eyes.


After the two had toweled off and dried, they stepped into the bedroom. The two had been silent for some time, and Duo shyly spoke up.  "Ne, Heero.  That was wonderful.  But, what about you?"

To Duo's surprise, a smirk broke out on the stoic pilot's face.  He reached out and jerked the towel off of Duo's lower body, and pushed him down on the bed.  He slowly climbed atop of him, and pinned him down, crucifix style.  Duo smiled in delight.

"It's my turn now."  Heero purred.


Well...what do you think?  I can't help it!  I'm a big ol' perv, and I needed a break from 10 page papers, and the other angst-ridden stories I am in the process of writing.  I hope you guys liked it!  Ja ne!

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